American modus operandi in preparation to attack China


When the USA and collective West first started the confrontation and sanctions against Russia, and trying to rally UN members to vote against the Russians, they claimed that Russia had no supporters. Drumming this into people's mind was the usual modus operandi of the USA in every evil plot they hatched. Did they succeed? Or are countries still sleeping? Sorry, not today's world.

What did they do with Iraq with their usual modus operandi? They fabricated evidence and claimed that Saddam Hussein had WMD and chemical weapons. After mission accomplished, what did they find? Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a credible 'Chemical Ali' to show. Lots of Alis in Iraq, no doubt. And what did the UN and doggies do? Nothing, absolutely nothing, despite the millions killed for nothing and all purely based on malicious and fabricated evidence. If this is not a war crime, I wonder what is a war crime that they are talking about? Or is it war crimes recognised only under their own 'Rule of Law'?

What did they do also in Vietnam under their modus operandi? They fabricated the spread of communism by China and Russia towards the rest of South East Asia, citing the Domino Effect, if South Vietnam falls. South Vietnam did fall to the North, but did the rest of South East Asia fell to the communist?

What are they doing in Ukraine under their modus operandi? They accused Russia of attacking Ukraine for 'no reason', refusing to mention or talk about the Minsk Agreement and the 14,000 killed by Ukraine in a genocide attempt against Russian speaking citizens in the Donbass region. Even the UN did not consider those pre war atrocities, only harping on the Russia liberation of Donbass as an act against an innocent and angelic Zelenskyy and Ukraine. Sure, NATO's expansion was also a factor that Putin took into account for his actions. NATO wants to expand right up to the doorstep of Russia, which Putin cannot allow. Same as the USA finding fault with Russian influence in Cuba and confronting Russia. What is not sauce for the goose is not sauce for the ganda, to put it the other way round.

Now, what is the USA doing with China under their modus operandi? All the usual negative narratives about China and all about some thing standing out. China is evil, a threat to everyone around the world, even a threat to the UK thousands of miles away, spying on everyone, but with not an iota of proof, while the USA spied on allies in Europe with the Europeans just taking it in the groin without a whimper, despite being caught red handed.

Chinese products are now all used for spying - communication networks, mobile phones, even washing machines, refrigerators, bread toasters and balloons are in the demonisation playbook. Very soon, they may extend the list to include ladies' bras, shoes, handbags and horror of horrors, panties and marbles inside underwears. Chinese used to say, if you do not do evil yourself, you will not have fear of knocks on the door at midnight. The USA seems to have a paranoia about everything Chinese, but certainly not about asking them to buy more treasuries and hold more USA debts. 


Anonymous said...

It's the NATO MAD (Mutually Assured Desruction) world:

'It is this stark reality that the West, and particularly NATO member states, fail to grasp: The West has far more to lose than Russia in the event of a nuclear war, and should thus be far more reluctant to fight one in the first place.

Effectively, in the event of a nuclear war between NATO and Russia: NATO member states are placing 6,5 times more people at risk of incineration and radiation poisoning than Russia; placing 4 times as many cities with populations over 1 million at risk of obliteration; and at the same time squandering an astounding 22,5 times advantage in gross domestic product and 3,5 times advantage in per capita income.'

In the event of a limited exchange with the top ten populated cities being destroyed by nukes on each side, the impacted NATO population would be close to 80 million, while the impacted Russian population would be just below 30 million.

With the largest 50 cities destroyed on each side, the impacted NATO population would be 160 million versus Russia’s 54 million … a factor of 3. This impacted population ratio of three NATO citizens for every single Russian citizen remains constant for limited exchanges of up to 100 cities destroyed on both sides.

In the face of an extinction-level nuclear war, one should be reminded that 950 million NATO citizens would perish as opposed to just 150 million Russian citizens. The bigger loser here is blindingly obvious.'

Link to article:

Anonymous said...

Many major European countries cannot defies USA. The elites and riches one are afraid of their money been frozen by USA. The poors are in fear of being Nuke by USA if they resist. Ask the Japanese who were nuked in world war 2. Scared lah.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have sacrificed Ukraine and Ukrainians like they were laboratory mice. It does not bother the Americans how many Ukrainian mice were destroyed as long as Americans are safe.

The same principle would be applied to the whole of Europe. Europe can be nuked and becomes uninhabitable. Why should the Americans care as long as Europe takes the Russians with them. The only caveat, when the Russians blow up Europe, they would blow up America at the same time. You can be very sure of that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is good that the Americans shot down the Chinese balloon on the ground that it violated American sovereignty. This is the precedent that the Americans have set for the world to see. China can now shoot down any American planes or warships that violated Chinese sovereignty. And the Americans have not reason to cry father and cry mother.

Before the age of internet, the Americans were in control of all western media. And the countless violations of Chinese sovereignty went unreported and unnoticed. And the Americans conveniently kept quiet about them unless they need to use the occasion to show the world they could bully China.

They also simply forgot about how they violated the sovereignty of the native Americans by invading and robbed them of their land, the continent of North America. They also simply forgot about the violations of human rights against the Africans by hunting them like animals to be used as slaves in their plantations and to be the clowns to entertain them.

Today, with internet and social media, the whole world would keep on reminding the Americans of their crimes against humanity, their cruelties against the human race, violations of human rights and the sovereignty of other countries.

China is now getting ready to shoot down American warplanes in the South China, and also warships that violated Chinese sovereignty. China would just follow the American rules of law in these cases. You violated my sovereignty you will be shot down. Period.

There will be fireworks in the South China Sea going forward.

Anonymous said...

China does not put any interest in the Blinken visit as all the things that he wanted to talk to China, China said, keep it, China would not want to talk on them as they were China's domestic affairs. None of America's business.

Very likely China downgraded the meeting, that Xi was too busy, could not see Blinken and the meeting would be held in Tianjin, not in Beijing. So Blinken had to find an excuse not to go as there would be nothing meaningful to talk about.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.45

Xi would not lower himself to see that Blinking Binkbum.

President won't see a Sextary of State lah.

PM already give u too much face.

Anyway this be that Blinking Idiot usual talks:

"We want u to tell Putin to scale down his invasion and ask for a Peace Settlement as we are too proud to open our mouths"

In their minds: We been bashed blue and black and cannot endure anymore.
That is our real reason.

Follows:" We also demanded that you respects the Human Rights and must also follow our Ruies Based Orders" Ahem or else he stood up and flex his puny arm muscle.

Then as follows: "Actually we purposely come to appeal to you to keep buying our Tresaury Bond's lah as we need to raise our Debts ceilings.

Also if can also lend us another few trillions for us to keep ahem in our pockets as we be retiring soon in 2024.

You see how this Zelenskky kept asking us to send the tanks and planes so that he can sell them black markets and we have 50-50 agreements to put into our Bank's accounts.

So temporarily you must help us. Our Military Industries also tell us we have some commissions lah.

All these Military Arsenals best way to sapuloh and dua puloh.

Don't believe ca ask all the World's Presidents, PeeAyams and.their Defence Ministers.

That's why that Jap Peeayam also wanted to increase Defence Budget to 2%GDP as strike while the iron is hot lah before been replaced.

Just con own dafts that some countries are a threat to your National Security and them raised the Budget and then into our pockets.

OK? Just say OK?

China's Ministers: "OK but first you and your delegates must crawl thru under our legs and called us Father's.

Then.we shall bring up to President Xi to see how.

Blinking went back and Bidamn asked anxiously hows hows ah?

Mt son the Huhter wanted to buy some cracks and is impatient.

Blinking said you go and crawl under Xi's legs first and he might consider.


Anonymous said...

It only took a balloon to send all the Americans scurrying into their rabbit holes. The number one super power got frightened by a balloon. Cool. Well done China.

Anonymous said...

China can follow up with a big kite in the shape of an aircraft and let the wind blows it across American homeland. The Americans would sound their air raid warning and some may die of shock.

Anonymous said...

The balloon incident clearly is displaying the incompetent and inept USA military and obviously indicated that they were sleeping. Why allow the balloon to fly all across the USA without shooting it down when it first appeared over the horizon of the ocean? What happens if it is a balloon filled with viruses or biological agents? Isn't shooting it down more safer over the Pacific Ocean than waiting for it to float across the USA and then claiming it is a danger to shoot it down on land because of the debris? What a load of crap! Oh, oops, sorry I have begun to understand, they actually wanted to make a song and dance about it, to show the world and use the incident to demonise China and pull out Blinkens visit. They want war with China in 2025 badly.

Now Biden is said to have complemented his air force for shooting down the balloon over the Atlantic Ocean for a job well done. Shooting down a harmless balloon needs to be complemented? What kind of an air force needs that kind of praise for a basically simple and routine act of shooting a stationary object floating in the sky? I had difficulty keeping my toes from laughing.

Virgo49 said...

When the Russians Fighters flew near their planes, they the Cunts complained that they are too dangerous to fly so near.

Wow Tom Cruise Top Guns only can bluff bluff flew in Studios?

Manoeuvre too near to warn them to leave their airspace also said too reckless.

Happened also to one PRC fighter pilot.

Americunts pilots Not Top Guns but Hand Guns.

Wondering our Sinkies Land Pilots trained under them.

Also Hand Guns?

B.Seng said...

Still cannot understand why the China balloon so lousy, cannot avoid the missile? China should send a more high tech balloon or otherwise satelite. Now Biden congratulate the top gun who shoot the balloon. China should also make a movie of the J20 shoot down the F16.

Virgo49 said...

Hi B.Seng

China's when wanted to shoot down any UASSA balloon, they just have their training jet with the Co-pilot opened their cockpit hatchback and with a captulpat shot down the Americunts Balloon.

No need missle.

Just a five stone pebble or marble which their Pilots
specialised shooting birds in their countryside can bring any UASSA or any Whites Balloons.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it, the stupid Americans fired at least 4 missiles before one finally hit the almost stationary balloon. And the balloon did not take evasive action, just stayed there to be shot at. 4 expensive supposed very sophisticated missiles to take down a hot air balloon.

What a joke. And using F22, their best fighter.

B.Seng said...

Hi Virgo, I think the Chinese pilots have to be careful when they open their cockpit. The last time they flew under the American plane, the China pilot died. Luckily, the American plane also had to land in Taiwan island. They make the American carry back their plane in pieces.
Real shameful.

Anonymous said...

Multiple aircrafts, including a refueling aircraft, were involved in the shooting down of the balloon. Laughable indeed! Did they also send an aircraft carrier to support the mission?

And they were so jubilant that only one missile was needed to shoot down a balloon about the size of three buses and almost stationary. What a great accomplishment! Really a Top Gun!

Co-incidentally, Zelenskyy was reported to be able to take down all Russian missiles attacking Ukraine some time ago, using USA anti missile systems. The only question is, how did Ukraine lose functionability of most of its energy infrastructures, if all incoming Russian missiles had been taken out? Boggles the mind. Must be self inflicted.

Anonymous said...

The Multiple aircrafts involvement comes from a Reuters report, although only one, a F22 took the shot. The balloon was then just six nautical miles off the Carolina Coast. What was the refueling aircraft doing over there? Doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

The balloobgate reveals just how inadeqaute and lack of confidence the US.is. A balloon was whipped into mass hysteria by the media and politicians that almost look like a ridiculous comedy.
Or maybe that was their plan to shape public opinion and support for a war with China. That would quite sinister

Anonymous said...

Why would China want to use a balloon to spy on USA when it has multiple satellites that can do the job without the USA ever knowing it? It does not make sense, using stone age spying tactics in this high tech digital age.

Virgo49 said...


See this comical video of an Italian Critic that belittled the Americunts of their shooting down the Balloon.

Said Hello Balloon don't hits back tried to shoot PRC's Fighter Jets and will gets butts kicked.


Virgo49 said...


George Galloway said it all on the BalloonGate!

Why China had a Balloon to spy on UAssA when they had stalelites of high technology that even the Dumbs cannot detect to spy on them?

Idiots the Cunts.

Anonymous said...

More than one “Chinese spy balloon” has traveled through US airspace in the months and years preceding the most recent encounter, official sources told Fox News on Sunday. This counters claims by former President Donald Trump that his administration would never have permitted such a thing.

One balloon reportedly crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii four months ago, while another passed through Florida and Texas during the presidency of Trump, the sources claimed. Another source told Fox of four such incidents preceding the current one. RT

Other than needing an excuse to call off his unwelcome visit to China, the other reason to hype this balloon 'threat' is to play on the mindsets of the average Americans, to prepare them for a war with China. The media mania was played up daily as if America was under threat when it was and used to be a normal event.

See how mischievous and dangerous the American regime is? Everyday sabre rattling and finding something to attack China, real or fake.

Anonymous said...

The American regime, Republican or Democrat, is totally under the control of the Military Industrial Complex and serving the interest of the MIC. And the only interest in the MIC is war and American hegemony. To be the strongest military power and using military power to oppress other nation states and using wars to enrich themselves.

The people of the world, including the Americans, are just gun fodder, war collaterals. Their lives do not matter. Millions have died because of the continuous wars conducted by the American regime in all corners of the world.

And they fabricated lies that China is the expansionist and aggressive state when China is not engage in any wars for more than 4 decades. The only two wars that China engaged in the 60s and 70s were border disputes and both did not last more than two months.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they need multiple aircrafts to deal with one big balloon shows their lack of confidence in taking down a harmless balloon. They are so paranoid, panicky, undecisive and like their mentality, needs all kinds of backup dealing with a 'spy' balloon. Surprisingly they did not call Canada or the EU for support to deal with the balloon.

How did they immediately knew that was a spy ballooon, sixty thousand feet up in the sky, yet could not find out whether it was threatening enough, and have to send in a flotilla of aircrafts to deal with it. Even if it is a spy balloon as they claimed, what danger will it pose to the F22 that shot it down. And having a refueling aircraft on standy is really hilarious comedy indeed.

Anonymous said...

The tankers only confirmed that the F22 have very short operating range.

The backup fighters showed lack of confidence that one aircraft could do the job, to shoot a balloon in the sky.

Anonymous said...

One missile costs how many millions? One balloon costs how many thousands?

This is like using the Patriot missiles to knock out makeshift steelpipe rockets fired by the Palestinians.

Good business for the weapons manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

The ballon was shot down just six nautical miles off the coast of Carolina. Even if the F22 is that short on operating range, to and from the balloon is only 12 nautical miles. Why is there a need for refueling? So many holes! Boggles the mind indeed!

Anonymous said...

We never know what they are going to plant inside the balloon debris to make a more toxic and controversial case against China to solidify their accusation. Remember, false flag operation is their specialty. Keep that in mind!

Anonymous said...

6 Feb 23

Israeli forces on Monday killed five alleged Palestinian gunmen in a raid in the occupied West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, after a days-long search for suspects in a shooting near Jericho.

Hamas Islamists confirmed its fighters were among the dead, saying in a statement the Gaza-based group was mourning members of its military wing killed "in an armed clash with the Zionist occupation". Yahoo News

Be very sure there will be no condemnation from America and its stooges. Israelis killing Palestinians is ok.