Ukraine War is a prelude to the last Civilisation War

The whole world is watching the white men trying to conquer and rule the world. They had, but losing their grips now, and trying their best to want to continue to rule and dominate the world.

Can you imagine what would happen to the Latin American countries, the Middle Eastern countries, the African and Asian countries if there is no China or Russia, Iran and North Korea to stand up to the white men today? This time, if the white men succeed in destroying Russia and China, the white men would be squeezing the rest of the world and would not allow any coloured state to breathe or break free from their grips anymore. They will call the shots and the rest of the world would just have to do as told, no chance to be free and be themselves, to think they can be allowed to prosper on their own steam.

It would be a much more dreadful world than under Colonialism. The Ukraine War is the white men's last ditch to control the world again. They know it and are all in it together, no more neutrality. It is the white men's war against the coloured people. It is fortunate that they treat the Russians as coloured people and attack the Russians first. The Russians and Ukrainians are Slavic people and can fight and kill each other, the AngloSaxons would not care.

If they could pretend to be nice to the Russians and attack China first, it would be a different story. Russia may think it would be safe to stay out while the white men destroy China. But they would then go after the Russians once China is destroyed.

The evil scheme of the white men to control the coloured people is clear to all the coloured states. Russia and China cannot fall, or it would be the end of their freedom and good life. There would be no more resistance, no one to stop the white men from dominating and controlling the rest of the world. The Arab countries know this and have thrown in their bets with Russia and China. India is still dilly and dally, not fully decided, thinking they could be safe when the white men control the world again. Africa, Latin America, Asia, SE Asia could see where their future is heading but also still not fully committed...thinking it is ok to be neutral.

The Ukraine War is a prelude to WW3, the last Civilisation War between the white men and the coloured people. Wake up, people of the world. Your future is at stake and being decided in the Ukraine War. All the white men's countries are united in this War, while the rest of the world is still divided and unsure of what is happening.

PS. They went for the 6 Muslim states first. Now Russia, next China. Then the whole world would submit without a fight. All the oil and gas and natural resources, and everything, would belong to the white men, like the colonial days of the European Empires.  Are the countries of the rest of the world ready for it?


Anonymous said...

In the rise of old European colonial powers, development was always linked to global plunder and colonialism. There is no European power whose colonial expansion was not accompanied by bloody killings.

Many ordinary people in Europe built their happiness and good life as well as the realization of their dreams of wealth and prosperity on overseas plundering. This passion for taking risks, killing and plundering has even been celebrated as the "spirit of the sea" necessary for the rise of any great nation.

Anonymous said...

Demented and crazy old Joe is saying the USA will defend 'every inch' of Nato. Why isn't he saying that USA will fight to the last American to defend Nato of which the USA is a member and leader?

If he had said that Nato will fight to the last man to defend the grouping, that includes the USA, and he is not going to say that. The USA can't even defend Ukraine with all the weapons and aid it is sending to Ukraine after a whole year, and Zelenskyy has to beg, lie and cheat to get more weapons. Some people are saying that 40% of aid and weapons (eventually sold to third parties) did not even end up on the war front, but instead in the pockets of Zelenskyy and his corrupt regime.

There are now reports that Ukraine is so short of soldiers that they are forcing 16 year olds and elderly males to go into battle. Poorly trained and inexperienced, they are being sent to face the Russians in battle, with missile raining on them, ready to blow them to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Singapore also, they may make girls do NS, while the foreigners enjoy good jobs here . . .

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.14

Don't be surprised that Bidamn had his son the Corrupted Hunter to collect the shares of the sales of the Arsenals in the Black Markets on his behalf.

Also all these Clowns knew that within a term of a few years striked while the irons are hot and lined their pockets as much as possible before kicked out.

And they can imposed heavy fines and penalities on others for corruptions on their Rules Based Orders.

Scott Ritter as an Ex Intelligence and Marine Officer had said that the Urukians young boys when sent to the front had only four hours to live before been bombarded alive by the Russians.

Fought with one hand and one leg tied with no air and land able to match Put In mighty war machines.

Any obsolete or even better ones as send by the NATO at the sidelines seeing you idiots dying are been made into scrap irons by the Russians.

The other half sold in Black Markets for retirements funds to be enjoyed later when they kaput.

Daft masses of Urukians and the Blond and Blonde idiotic Europeans are conned by their equally corrupted and incompetence and balless and vaginaless leaders.

Anonymous said...

Since 2014, after Russia realised the intention of Nato to expand further into Ukraine, Putin and Xi had already started planning their moves in anticipation of what the USA intended to do. The USA had been hyping up their intention to deal with China first, starting with a trade war in 2018, instigating unrest in Hong Kong in 2019/2020, and trying to stir up support from the Muslim world against the Chinese by accusing the Chinese of genocide against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang in 2021/2022. Both the latter two moves failed to take off, with the Xinjiang fabrication unproven.

The whole USA plan to take on China first failed, because Russia made its pre-empted move on Ukraine that prevented the USA from concentrating its attack on China. That the Liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk started right after the February 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, during which Putin visited Xi, undoubtedly to put their plan into action, was anticipated by the USA, but they could do nothing. All the calculated moves between Russia and China, the diversion of energy towards the East were all worked out well before the USA and the West used the energy sanctions on Russia.

The fact that the USA were dead intent on stopping the Nord Stream 2 from opening up or functioning, even well before its completion, was apparently clear as to what the USA intention was, and you cannot fool a man as astute as Putin. Russia did not panic, having already anticipated this move by the USA and the West by building pipelines to China for energy diversion and probably already have garnered support from India as an alternative energy market, and the Middle East members of OPEC+ and their backup on energy policies.

Moreover, that stipulation that European countries buying Russian energy must pay in Rubles was a masterstroke that the USA and the West did not see. It prevented the collapse of the Ruble into rubbles that Biden was gloating about. Anyway, Biden may not now even remember saying that, so no use reminding him.

It is a no brainer to even think that after taking down China, the USA will not pivot towards confronting Russia by expanding Nato into Ukraine. That had been the USA's intention all along since 2008. Putin and Xi are not as ignorant of the USA's evil motive all over the world.

As long as Russia and China keep up their alliance and solidify on it, any move by the USA against any one of them is not without consequences. Russia has the military prowess, and China the financial strength to weather any conflict that the USA intends to take against both of them together. Not that China is that far behind in military prowess and the USA knows that the window of opportunity to put China down is closing fast.

Anonymous said...

Correction, do not be deceived by the American propaganda war machine. The Americans and Nato are not defenders in this War. They are the attackers, they are attacking Russia and wanting to destroy Russia first and then China.

All the talks of defence or defending Europe are misnomers. The Americans and Nato are in a war of conquest. The Russians are defending their national sovereignty and existence from these warring savages. The Americans and Nato are not the victims of an invasion, nothing to defend, but invaders, the aggressors.

Anonymous said...

We never know. This coming war could be the end of civilisation, of human existence.

Thousands of years later, after earth is safe again from all the radiation, contamination and end of the nuclear winter, another cycle of human existence will slowly re-emerge, to continue with the same motion of fighting for global domination, inventing weapons of mass destruction, creating wars, killing each other, in the end even the most powerful survivor will itself face self extinction. Another law of nature? How many cycles have mankind already gone through, we do not know. Probably once in every fifteen thousand years or more. Are we approaching that now?

Anonymous said...

Some researchers and scientists predicted that we r heading towards the 7th mass extinction! With Climate change, global warming, natural disasters and many species of the animals kingdom gone...the next might be humans or homo sapiens. With the current Russian -Ukraine war, this might even morphed into WWIII and its gonna be end of World, that's why advanced nations looking to migrate to outer space, or Mars etc. humans like become like the grey aliens living in outer space in a not so distant future, and a new species of cyborgs humanoids might appear it's not Sci Fi its gonna be a reality soon , this can even evolve into Stars Wars or Star Trek kind of things, this sounds crazy but its gonna be on this track not the hundreds, thousands or millions years to come till end of this Universe or implode or reverse big bang etc...

Anonymous said...

Actually we do not know for sure. But it sounds credible that another mass extinction is on the way. How else can humans continue to survive with all those WMD being invented, continue to destroy the environment with human activities and inventing new waste like plastics and more toxic chemicals, and above all thinking of destroying one another to become number one.

Advance nations migrating to other planet is only a plan for the special privileged class of beings, not the common folks like you and me. Even digging holes in the mountains and in the ground, thinking of living through nuclear armageddon is just reserved for the privileged class, not for common folks to hide. The reality is 99.99% will remain on earth and just waiting for mass extinction.

After all, mankind is also a class of beings like all animals, some of which are already extinct for various reasons. Humans were the cause of extinction of most these other animals. But humans will likely destroy itself too in the end.

Anonymous said...

US Provocation, China Must Act:

WASHINGTON—The U.S. is markedly increasing the number of troops deployed to Taiwan, more than quadrupling the current number to bolster a training program for the island’s military amid a rising threat from China.

The U.S. plans to deploy between 100 and 200 troops to the island in the coming months, up from roughly 30 there a year ago, according to U.S. officials. The larger force will expand a training program the Pentagon has taken pains not to publicize as the U.S. works to provide Taipei with the capabilities it needs to defend itself without provoking Beijing.

The number of American troops, which has included special-operations forces and U.S. Marines, has fluctuated by a handful during the past few years, according to Defense Department data. The planned increase would be the largest deployment of forces in decades by the U.S. on Taiwan, as the two draw closer to counter China’s growing military power.

Beyond training on Taiwan, the Michigan National Guard is also training a contingent of the Taiwanese military, including during annual exercises with multiple countries at Camp Grayling in northern Michigan, according to people familiar with the training.

Anonymous said...

China now recognizes that its best bet is not appeasing Washington, but that its continued development and prosperity depends on sustaining a multipolar world where American power is diluted. China has formally identified American hegemony as the biggest source of instability, chaos, inequality and conflict in the world, mirroring comments made by Vladimir Putin.

As such, the US has no interest in accepting or coming to terms with the rise of any other country which challenges its monopoly on global power, believing its hegemony to be some sort of divine right, and leaving little hope for “stability”. It will do everything it can to try and contain China and break up its integration with the global economy. While this does not mean Beijing will do something reckless or risk-prone, it does mean it has finally woken up to the challenge it faces and is no longer, after decades of cordial ties, starry-eyed or deluded about the true nature of the American regime. RT

Anonymous said...

Crying wolf and spreading fear!!!

The European Commission (EC) has ordered its employees to uninstall the popular Chinese-owned social media app TikTok from corporate devices, explaining the move as necessary to bolster cybersecurity.

To protect the EC’s data and increase its cybersecurity, its management board has “decided to suspend the TikTok application on corporate devices and personal devices enrolled in the Commission mobile device services,” according to a statement posted by the body on Thursday.

Staffers have until mid-March to comply or else lose access to their EC email and Skype for Business apps, EURACTIV reported, citing an IT email sent to staff.

A TikTok spokesperson told EURACTIV that the ban is “misguided and based on fundamental misconceptions” about the social media platform. The spokesperson said the company had “contacted the Commission to set the record straight and explain how we protect the data of the 125 million people across the EU who come to TikTok every month.”

Anonymous said...

For certain, that is their legacy - Not of Hollywood stories, these NATO countries - France, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Sweden, the Dutch, Netherlands and Danes, but instead, a legacy of riches stolen by enslaving and stealing from others. In fact it could be argued that this is one reason why we are here today - the 3 to 500 years of stolen riches based on slave labour, theft of land, and genocides of Indigenous peoples gave these European countries ENORMOUS surplus wealth. If not for that 'legacy' of rape, torture, murder and enslavement, these European states never would have built up as much wealth as they have, along with the U.S., they wouldn't have the capacity to wage endless wars. Indeed, so much of their European wealth is based on stolen treasures that even to this very day, their European and American museums are CHOCK-FULL of the evidence of their crimes; such cultural treasures of enormous importance, mostly all stolen while they murdered their way across the world. These treasures are wanted back, and are still remembered by at least those few cultures who are still alive to tell the tale of their marauding ways - yes, these NATO countries, most of them, their wealth is represented by the murders and thefts from those who couldn't defend themselves ... similar to the Eastern Ethnic Russian speaking Ukrainians who couldn't defend themselves either, against the Ukro Nazis and Western backed neo-imperialist fascists from 2014 - 2022, as after all, many were old woman, old men and children who were murdered by the NATO trained and backed Neo Nazi battalions.

Anonymous said...

Russia should nuke Ukraine. US should nuke Russia. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Putin announced 6 countries as his nuclear weapon target. USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland and one Asian country...Japan.

Boring Observer said...

Putin announced 6 countries as his nuclear weapon target. USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland and one Asian country...Japan.

Putin make a lot of announcements about his weapons lah, give warning lah. No need to make any more lampah announcement. Just sit down and let the Russian military do their work.
Ukraine already lost. Just a matter of time. www.mail.co.uk/news/article/graphic-video-shows-ukraine-suffering-html

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog, Boring Observer.