Empire of Lies - making dangerous viruses is called gain of function research

The irony is that while thinkers, scholars and ordinary Americans are saying 'America is a terrorist state', the Residents still infesting the Swamp are claiming they are freedom protectors and upholding democracy. When others in the Middle East fight for their freedom against the USA installed stooges, they are branded as terrorist.

What do we call those who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines? Who were those people who blew up the bridge linking Russia with Crimea. Putin called them 'International Terrorist' and he is perfectly right.

The trouble is that the Evil State will never call a spade a spade, but twist around using 'word salad' popularised by Kamala Harris, to musk many things that were apparently wrong with their system, but inventing nonsensical answers to parry or deflect away the blame for their mistake.

One such example is recession, which they are trying to re-define themselves, while the whole world have to stick to one definition of what constitutes a recession, while the USA is trying to invent one definition that fits their agenda for their own use. So, never expect the USA to admit falling into recession today. Just using words to steer the problem away will solve the problem.

Another more sinister move is inflation. There is now a new definition being used - 'Super Core Inflation'. It is a very telling move that the world better take note, which they are now going to use, by removing the key components of inflation - food, energy and housing cost from the calculation of inflation. These three are the most important key elements of inflation, and the most compelling, and removing them means inflation figures in the USA will ultimately tank.

That they are eyeing inflation of 2%, which if they used the normal way of calculation by including food, energy and housing, will never be achieved in a thousand years. Raising interest rate to tame inflation has obviously failed and is hurting the economy. Using the Super Core Inflation calculation will allow them to achieve the 2% target, but that will be one big lie and really pulling wool over eveyone's eye.

So, by hook or by crook they have to pull the inflation figure down to fool the ground. The reality is, will people continue to be fooled when inflation figures fall, but cost of living remains in the stratosphere?



Anonymous said...

The EU leaders are lying about their ability to solve the energy crisis in Europe. Ursula von de leyen claims that the EU has the energy problem under control. Is that so? Looking at the hollowing out of industries in Germany, the moving out of manufacturing to elsewhere, it does not look like the energy problem has been solved.

The cheap energy reliant chemical industry in Germany has practically been destroyed for good, with some closing shop or moving out to China and USA where energy is much cheaper. If the Ukraine War drags on and Russia continues to cut oil production, Europe is going to the dogs.

As I always say, even if the Ukraine War ends, Europe will not be able to pick itself up ever again. Not when cheap Russian energy is now moving East towards China, India and even to the Middle East. How is Europe going to compete with Asia, when the USA keeps selling to Europe expensive oil and gas to keep their industries going?

Ursula born the liar can continue her spinning to fool the Europeans, but the reality speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

The forces of change are in full swing. The decline is self inflicted and unstoppable.

First the US hollowed its own industrial base to China.

Now the US coerced, and the EU willingly accepted the hollowing of European industries.

China did not do anything to bring about this decline of the West. And China did not go to war with Europe, did not fire a bullet, while the Americans continue to have unending wars and firing endless bullets and dropping endless bombs only to destroy themselves in wars their created. Unbelieveable, but that is how things are evolving.

The decline of the West is happening and happening very fast.

Not a layman said...

Aiyah, RB! You are obviously not an economist. Supercore inflation has been around since 1975. It is not something which lay people like you use, but economists (especially in US academia) use in their analysis.
I don't expect your readers understand economics, but maybe you should read up on Eckstein or Gordon. Even MAS economists analyze supercore for the US because of how it influences our forward policies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Article was posted by Anonymous.

Today everything is political and fake news to suit the interests of whoever it intends to serve.

Not a sucker said...

Even US inflation data by supposedly state department experts are fake.

Anonymous said...

All datas are fake to serve a political objective.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been many people complaining about the price increases of food on social media that shocked them out of their pants. Those are real eye openers. And yet the official inflation rate is only reported as 6.5%. It boggles the mind how they came up with that figure. Is that the reality?

Virgo49 said...

Now they raking up the Wuhan Virus Lab by PRCs.

Aiyo, if really true, Americunts also involved what.

China's spokeswoman said don't anyhow say and say hoh!

Slap u then your know.

Virgo49 said...


All the Americunts liars in action.

Rejoice and enjoy

Anonymous said...

Since the balloon hubris has more or less died down, they need a new diversion and going back to COVID diverts attention away from their debt issue, inflation issue, classified documents issue, train derailment and chemical leak issues.

China better not get too deeply involved in Ukraine issues as they are trying to find fault with whatever China does. China should just sit back, enjoy the cheap energy that Russia is providing and grow the economy. That also helps Russia in a big way. The Evil Empire and its doggies are prevented from punishing China for buying cheap Russian oil, because India is doing the same thing and punishing India is out of the question for now.

Everything is not working according to plan by the USA.

Teck Huat said...

Red bean- you say there is so much fake news but you repost something from someone you know nothing about. Did you check the truth before repost from an anonymous source?

We must be vigilant and identify fake news when we see it. We cannot be a tool of these imperialists. If you cannot verify something you should delete those specific paragraphs. Don't need to delete all. Cannot simply tai chi, and say ζˆ‘δΈηŸ₯道. He write one.

Someone spoke about scammer here (at least I think it is here, could be TRE). We cannot allow scammers to infiltrate us and cloud our clear minds. Singaporeans are already having a hard time.

Virgo49 said...


Clip of Hairy, oops Hilary Clinton's exhortation for the Russians to replace Putin.

Putin shud also up one for MORE Jan 06th Riots.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Teck Huat, welcome to the blog. Are you the same Teck Huat that I knew many years back?

Fake news or real news, one has to make a judgement. Some fake news are so obvious and so silly that one can tell straight away. What I posted or copied from, or youtube clips, the readers would be able to make their own judgement.

I have never said something I posted is absolutely the truth.

The readers here are smart enough to tell the difference, just like the Americans condemning their own main stream media. The fabrication of fake news has reached a level that it shows immediately without much need for thinking.

Virgo49 said...

UAss Economists GOOD real GOOD Shits country going to default and bankrupt.

Good Riddance Fools looked to them for guidance.

Anonymous said...

Check the truth? So RB must always check and verify the truth, for example when someone commented that a particular country blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, which everybody is talking about. Is that the truth, when that particular country that did it would not even admit to doing it, but an award winning Journalist investigated and said so. So, which side is telling the truth and what is the truth and how should RB check up on the truth that nobody even knows. Check with the White House or call the Journalist?

In that case, nobody must not even talk about it, since the truth is still unclear and subject to the perpetrator admitting it. Is that it?

Moreover, the assumption from some people is that only the MSM is the source of truth, and an anonymous source must always be assumed to be spouting all untruths. Is that the case?

Anonymous said...

Teck Just are I the same guy from class of 1980 from Anderson primary school. If u are knn still mischievous like in the past

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, not the Teck Huat that I knew. Too wide age gap.

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, what is the truth behind the Iraq War? Did Governments of the 'Coalition of the Willing' check and verify the claims of WMD and chemical weapons in Iraq as fabricated by the USA and UK? Did the UN check and verify the claims made by the USA and UK? If they did, why were they unable to find a evidence later? Those claims were made and reported by the MSM, not annonymous sources and they assumed that it must be the truth and nothing but the truth.

I can show further examples, like 911, COVID19 claims, and the Ukraine War that fact checking and verification fails on every count. The underlying reasons and not those fabricated by the Western Governments and the MSM are trotted as the truth.

Anonymous said...

All the crony state leaders went gaga when Colin Powell showed the vial of detergent in UN. All believed it was true. So quickly agree to invade Iraq. No need fact check.

After proven false, no war crimes committed. No prosecution from the International Court of Justice. And the criminal Americans and criminal members of the Coalition of Willing went strutting around like nothing wrong, nothing happened, no crimes committed.

UN also acted like daft. Western media also keep quiet after killing millions of Iraqis and murdering their President Saddam Hussein.

No one stand up to talk about principles.

Anonymous said...

And no one accused the MSM, Governments of the 'Coalition of the Willing' about not checking and verifying the evidence.

Instead of discovering WMD, they 'discovered' oil, which they were eyeing all along, like they discovered America. And they remained in Iraq because of the oil. Iraqis were also genocided in the process, just like the Native American Indians.

Anonymous said...

The most mystifying part was when Colin Powell brought the vial of purported chemical weapon into the UN, no one ran for cover. Perhaps they already knew it was detergent or just milk powder.

Anonymous said...

When all the western msm are publishing lies and propaganda everyday, including their cronies' msm, why no one ask them to check facts?

MSM can publish lies no need to check facts, social media must check facts?

You got grey matter or not? Another internet brigade loony?