China Myanmar Border Security

China is right to ensure Myanmar does not become a stooge of the USA or EU for the reason that Myanmar shares a common border of 2,129 km or 1,323 miles with China, which can be a national security risk to China if Myanmar comes under US or EU control. Using that stretch of border to instigate instability, or even host nuclear weapons, is not something that China will tolerate. The use of Japan by the USA is already a lesson the Chinese are not prepared to be repeated.

Myanmar is liken to Ukraine, sharing a 1,282 mile wide border with Russia and if Ukraine falls to USA control in total via Nato, that is a very serious security risk for Russia. USA via NATO will undoubtedly, in fact some already claimed they have already done so, be going to install nuclear missiles inside Ukraine to confront Russia. That is one of the main reasons Russia is fighting the war in Ukraine.

China wants Myanmar to act as a buffer against any USA or Western countries attempting to install a stooge in Myanmar that will do its bidding. Lest we forget, China entered the Korean War on the side of the North for the very same reason. The fall of North Korea puts China at great risk and China had to make sure that North Korea did not fall to the South.

The same could be said about China supporting North Vietnam during the war against the USA and its Allies. Although the border between North Vietnam and China is not that wide, the fall of North Vietnam to the South, which was under USA control, is detrimental to China's national security.

That said, China therefore cannot loosen its support for Russia in Europe, as a defeat of Russia is going to weaken China's position as well as the BRICS agenda, going up against the USA military and US$ Hegemony.



Anonymous said...

The USA is now fabricating evidence that their intelligence found out that China is on the verge of supplying weapons to Russia, which China has denied. Is USA intelligence going to do another Iraq on China? One failure of intelligence in Iraq does not deserve another and the world must remember that.

With the USA now openly doing the hostile act of planting USA army personnel presence in Taiwan to train the Taiwanese, I think it is time for China to put that USA fabrication of Chinese weapons aid to Russia to reality by providing weapons to Russia. If the USA wants to create tension using Taiwan against China, China should return the favour by providing military aid to Russia and telling the USA openly.

China could also provide help to North Korea to increase its nuclear arsenal. North Korea is China's backup trump card against Japan and South Korea in the event of a conflict with the USA.

China could also openly provide military personnel to train Cubans, Venzuelans, Afghans and Africans in a no holds barred move. China should than announce that this is to counter USA and Western threats faced by these countries. Anything wrong with that, USA?

Anonymous said...

China, Russia and North Korea should conduct joint military exercises to counter the threat from the USA, Japan and South Korea.

Similarly more joint exercises with Iran and Myanmar against the threat from the Americans.

Anonymous said...

The CIA and USA backed NGOs are very active stirring the ground in Myanmar and Vietnam, the two countries the USA had been eyeing for decades to stage a regime change, which will enable to USA to confront China across China's borders.

With a regime change in these two countries, that will enable the USA to put a stooge into power and do its bidding. However, South Vietnam lost the war against the North and that puts a stop to the USA's plan. But the USA is working the ground, using the CIA and NGOs and targeting Vietnam now, using the same modus operandi they are simulataneously using against India by attacking Vietnam's financial system.

Myanmar's Military Rulers had been the stone wall that the USA faces, trying to install a stooge, even after Aung San Suu Kyi had some semblance of power. But with the instigation by the CIA and NGOs on the ground still ongoing, the Military Rulers realised the intention of the USA backed political faction of Aung San Suu Kyi had more than trying to promote their intention to promote democracy in Myanmar. It was the intended installation of a stooge with real power that was going to do the bidding of the USA, which scares the Military Rulers. But, just like Vietnam, the CIA and NGOs are still working the ground, despite the fall of Suu Kyi, by inciting protests and chaos. But unlike Vietnam there is pretty little to target in terms of financial system. Myanmar had already been sanctioned for decades and further sanctions are not going to work either like in Russia and North Korea.