Americans going after Elon Musk and Modi

Every little accident involving a Tesla vehicle is now being blown up into big news. That indicates that Tesla and Elon Musk are also in the crosshair of the USA. There are hundreds, even thousands of accidents involving USA, Japanese and Europeans made cars every day. Why pick and choose who to demonise and making it sound like Tesla vehicles are suddenly so full of problems?

Now, Boris Johnson is also claiming that Putin had threatened to kill him with a missile strike. Good riddance if Putin does so, as Boris is the culprit who sabotaged the peace agreement in the early days of the Ukraine war. China also must claim that the USA is trying to nuke China many times before, LOL.

It has been reported that Boris Johson's recent trip to meet with Zelenskyy is even paid for by British taxpayers. Boris is not in the UK Government, yet still had this privlege of free travel and expenses paid for by British taxpayers, and he is a millionaire himself. Aren't the British taxpayers dumb? This guy is trying to make a come back as PM of Little Britain and is creating situations to improve his standing in the eyes of the voters. Boris knows that Sunak is having big problems domestically, sacking his party chairman Zahawi over tax fraud, the economy devastated by Brexit and businesses moving out to China and Europe, and he could sense that Sunak's term will not last. For Boris the clown, a little clowning around will improve his chances, as British voters are basically dumb. If he does make a comeback, it indicates that Little Britain really, really is scraping the bottom of the barrel for talents. And that is bad for the people, with the same group of clowns just playing musical chairs.

That documentary on Modi is putting pressure on Sunak, as he has to tow the Western line and condemn Modi, which he is reluctant to do so I am sure, for putting a ban on the documentary. He is trying very hard to create closer economic ties with India to compensate for the damage done with Brexit, but is now seeing that evaporating. Modi was the first person he called after winning the Premiership and is going to be a moot attempt.

As I always say, the USA and the West hates strong leaders and Modi, I must admit, is a strong leader. Putin and Xi are also strong leaders that the USA do not want them to remain in power. Biden thinks that Putin's job is up to him to decide. They also want to loosen Modi's grip on power by creating unrest inside India. The signs are all there. The Hindenburg vs Adani issue and the protest generated by the Modi documentary are just the tip of the iceberg. The CIA and NGOs are working the ground in India and you know what they are up to, and certainly nothing with good intentions.

Back to Ukraine and Zelenskyy is barking like a rabid dog that allowing Russia to compete in the Olympics in France means 'terror is acceptable'. Zelenskyy is putting moral pressure on Macron. What about Ukraine's eight long years of terror in Donetsk and Lugansk, killing more than 14,000 people? What about the USA, the biggest terrorist of the world, by any yard of the imagination, with their annihilation of Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi in Iraq and Libya, besides killing millions, all based on 'fabricated' evidence? Shouldn't Zelenskyy himself and the USA also be banned from competing in the Olympics? This guy wants to use every platform and occassion to create mischief and mayhem to capitalise on it. He even wanted to use the G20 platform, which he is not even qualified to be a member, to kick out Russia. The Indonesians want nothing of that nonsense. But Channel News America is very willing to give him all the air time to impart his propaganda.



Anonymous said...

Singaporean TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi to testify in March US Congressional scrutiny about TikTok’s privacy and data security practices.

Singapore got talent! No need import from India.

Virgo49 said...

Good morning All

Many of the UAssA skunks, dogs and puppies, actually hated to put the dogs and their puppies into the same category as the skunks as they are the most loyal and lovable living species having one that really brought happiness into our family and had passed on but because of their blind and no questioning unstinklying loyal mentalities to their keepers and masters that had to also be classified the same as nincoompoos slaves to their Americunts Evil Masters.

Also sad to say many of them are abandoned by their Masters after they are done with them on their whatsoever evil reasons of not wanting them anymore.

These imbeciles believed that Zelenskky and Urukiane is a Victim of the Russian's invasion as a BIG BULLY who just simply attacked Urukiane for not acknowledging the myriad of reasons behind it and just because Russia is a Big Country that bullied the small ones.

They believed the damn Americunts's Narrative that Russia is the Agressor in this conflict and put that Corrupted and Evil Zelenskky as somewhat like a Hero and Deity to emulate his bravery in fighting against the Russians.

Many fools joined in the Americunts Enforced Sanctions that even that lackey United Nonsense Security, should be labelled as "Screwerty" Council Members with overwhelming nay votes had to comply.

They even had that Clown as Comedian as in his real life to address their Countries Parliaments to the insults of the Peoples or Citizens Houses of Representations. The Worst is that the Main Instigator Americunts gave him a standing pricks ovation and applauded him.

Many silly unthinking nations medias televised this as the UassA's Charade and Propgranda Show. That's also Sinkiekand Channel News America.

Think I also read one of our daft Sinkies's post of condemning those and us who are on the Russia's side of the Conflict. Must be a daft Papies supporter to carry his Masters.

Any damn outbursts by that Clown is seriously been considered by the other BIGGER Clowns to please his demands.

NOT inviting Russia to so and so functions and dialogues etc as though he is even a bigger shit than that UNunited Nonsense Secretary General who I think is also a feeble washout one.

So see how brainwashed and daft supposed to be top of the animals kingdom humans are turned out to be.

Been ruled and colonised by the Whites that they till today are still been beholden to them and believed every shits that they fed them.

Till the day they been Necular Blasts by them and they will still proclaimed that its perfume to their DEATHS.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.23

Sinkieland Sinkies are still on dreamland that All is Well and Good.

That PeeAyam just simply said we hope to be able to evade the REAL coming recessions and depressions that are actually done for now but not to panic the Sinkies said so.

They will twisted in a way that how many thousands are been employed just like following the mantras of that Dotard Trump but actually thousands are been retrenched even now and then and just to make the death knell more palatable.

If now the still DPM Heng would not said that BTO flats are too costly and the mortgages are going to kill many of the deserving Sinkies who chewed more than they can swallowed.

Also, why in advance they said will have supports for the unemployed?

Good lah have six millions and see how long and how much supports they can give to the unwanted extra few millions that were instantly churned our just for the sake of their illusionary booming economy. Also for the internal economy of taxing the numbers.

Well left to see the outcome of how Sinkies will survive in this climate.

Anonymous said...

The fate of Zelensky is assassination either by Ukrainians or leading Ukrainian into this mindless war, or by the Americans when his usefulness is no longer there.

Anonymous said...

As the Modi documentary was made by the BBC, Sunak faces a big problem trying to pacify India. He is caught between a rock and a hard place. Castrating the BBC is out of the question. Neither is antagonising Modi. He is a facing his Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

Well, Boris the clown is getting ready. He knew and is making himself visible, visiting Ukraine to keep the war going and drumming up support. Boris the clown is coming back to save Little Britain. What do clowns do? Ask Zelenskyy!

Virgo49 said...

Little Britain is the First One to taste Recessions as they thought that they are mighty existing EU. The Silly sinkies wanted them to set up a Chips Manfuctutuing Industry here!

Fish and Potatoes Chips as we are only good in the Food Servile Services Industries of Tourism and Hotels and Airports.

Anonymous said...

Did we hear wrongly? Perhaps they were talking about Potato chips. Or durian chips. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Fish and potato chips already old technology. Now, with an Indian in charge of Little Britain, a new kind of Indian chip technology is available, and Red Dot, being a colony of India, and worshipping anything Indian, has been given the privilege of investing in it. Now, what new chips could that be?

CSM said...

Virgo49 You are right. I don't know whether Sinkies can survive this climate. The past few days was very cold. Had to wear sweater when sleeping. My sweater so long never use already very tight. I think must cut down my char kway teow. Haha.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CSM, welcome to the blog.