Sunak - The saviour of Britain



Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and All

Also there is One by One Renowned Blogger Commentor as such- "We Once Ruled Indians and India and Now We been Ruled by Indians"

What's a Joke or Retribution.

Next in line? Sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much Sunak can become savior of little britain. Apparently he was ushered to the 'hotseat' to become scape goat when the shit falls from the ceiling.
Btw, Sunak still has to bow before Charles and Camilla while the wife curtsies. What the fish!... Modi does not receive such deference from him.

Anonymous said...

PM Sunak shall have his name in history.
He is indeed selected to vacuum the Shits.
However, the Whites' intention did not materialze.
The Next UK Chief and Chiefs of many other European Countries shall be in very hot soups soon.

Anonymous said...

Getting oneself into history is something many are preparedd to die for.

Anonymous said...

The Indians are very good at taking over well run companies. Now they have started go up another level, to take over developed countries.

UK is the first. Next would be USA.

Cananda would be next, then Singapore. Maybe Singapore first, then Canada.

Anonymous said...

How many Singapore companies are run by Indians? DBS, Temasek, MAS ...