The best job in the world


This 1min 18 sec clip tells you what is the best job in the world. No, it is not selling tissue papers or driving taxis to be your own boss. It is not even lawyers or doctors or highly desirable professions that you would need to work very hard, train very hard to get a degree to qualify. And you do not need to worry about being sued for negligence or failure to do a good job. So no need to buy expensive insurance to protect your self.

In this job, you do not need to arm yourself with expensive degrees. All it takes is for you to be likeable or acceptable to your interviewers. There is also no need for a string of job experience as demanded by head hunters. This job is called politician.

And the job is so rewarding especially in Singapore. It is not that the job is not rewarding in other countries. There they are compensated differently. In Singapore, if you are a politician and in the ruling party, becoming a millionaire is taken for granted. And, although the job comes with heavy responsibilities, so far very few have been taken to task for failing in the job. The normal penalty for failing in the job is resignation or losing an election. That is as bad as it can be, and very rare indeed.

In many professions, failing to do due diligence, failing to perform or causing injury, you can be sued to bankruptcy, and also losing your licence. Oh, in this job there is no need to apply for a licence. And once you are a ruling party politician, you become an instant knows all, an expert in everything, can be advisor everywhere, and can take on 20 or 30 jobs. Not sure these additional jobs come with additional pay or perks. Think some do, and some just honorary.

As for the licences, you cannot lose your licence for malpractices or being sued. There is no licence to lose and no one can be sued as a politician, or at least so far there is no such a thing of being sued.

And there is no need for regular upgrading courses. Your ability to be promoted to higher appointments as a politician does not depend on more certificates, more degrees or certified training skills. Once you are a politician in a ruling party, you are assumed to have all the required skills for any or whatever position in the govt or in the private sector. The qualification is being a politician, a qualification that does not any degree or training.

Ok, ok, correction, politicians can also be sued, if you are not in the ruling party. Can a politician in the ruling party be sued, not sure about this. So far never heard of.

What do you think? True or not.


Anonymous said...

RB knn very true man!

Anonymous said...

Be politician no need to study that hard, no need to life long learning, no need to get so many qualifications.

Clear eyed said...

Yes, it's the easiest and most rewarding job in the world with no retirement age. Just need a thick hide and ability to treat all criticism as noise. All questions can be dealt with easily with answers such as "what's the point of your question?", "not meaningful to know", "we are monitoring the situation/looking into it", "it will take 56 man years to gather the information asked for", "what do you think?", etc etc.

Anonymous said...

A robot can do the work nicely.

Anonymous said...

They can either answer your question with a question. Don't answer what u asked or don't give u the info so u can not ask questions

Anonymous said...

Singapore would not be a proxy or stalking horse of any super power. Vivian Balakrishnan.

Really? Was Singapore coerced into any war by any super power?

Are Singapore's media coerced by any super power to publish their lies and propaganda?

If the answers are no, then Singapore is not a proxy or stalking horse of any super power.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, Politicians r for those generals or high G posts to retire or hit a salary ceiling to leave their jobs to accept the next post of a Politician, they come to try their luck under the cloak of some GeeRCee team, if they win the election then kudos to them the next 4 yrs they jus talk cock sing song sometimes appear in media or can sleep in parleement also can except dun go n screw others hol , they will Huat Huat in these 4 yrs if they do the yes sir yes Sir angkat bola here n there will the Minions or PeeAyam probably they get promoted, too bad if they r busy song or lose in erection, but then they can still goto Aunty lucie or other stats posts and seat warmer there till next erection. It's a great thing or privilege to wear that wear clothes u know as it represents the best job in the world woa piah..

Anonymous said...

Exactly true.
Best job in the world is to be a politician in the ruling party Lording over SG.
The ultimate job is to be the boss of this bunch of politicians.
And the smartest person on the island is the one who married this boss...Uu Lee yew bo?