Who would you employ, degree mill or legit university?

Many people have wisen up to omnipresence of fake degrees here and all over the world. It is real, no joke. And many have started to question the value of the degree and the intelligence of the graduates, degree mill verses legit university.

Employers are interested in good and intelligent graduates. And this used to be a graduate from a reputable university, best an Ivy League university. It used to be that simple. A good graduate from such universities means a tested and proven one. No need to look further.

Things have changed so much. Today a degree from an Ivy League university could be a printed fake degree unless one do due diligence to check it out. And there are also many fake degrees with degree mills with very similar names to Ivy League universities.
So employers have changed tack. The piece of paper is not important anymore. It is whether the candidate can do the job. I believe anyone can now be an engineer or doctor or software expert without going through the mills of a legit university. The proof is in the pudding.

I think employers could have been seriously looking at those with degree mill degrees to check for intelligence, creativity, street smart, and the ability to take short cuts. A degree mill graduate has all these qualities, including the communications skills to get pass whoever is on their way. It takes a lot of ingenuity to get that degree mill degree, of getting it cheap and fast, saving so much effort and money. This is surely a measure of intelligence out of the box. And better still if they can con, I mean convince, the employer that a degree mill is ok. The employer would definitely benefit from such clever employees, to be able to cut cost and cut corners and talk their way out even in a sticky situation.

Getting a straight jacket legit degree graduate is at best an honest, decent conformist, run of the mill graduate, who would just follow all the rules and system. This kind of employees can be easily replaced by robotics, cheaper and more reliable.

Unlike this robotic type of employees, a degree mill graduate would have the confidence to bluff his way through any situation and has a lot of guts to do things and get things done, at the quickest, shortest possible time and cheapest cost. That is the real value of such employees, highly creative and ingenius.

No wonder there is now a new thinking, don’t waste time chasing that degree. Got degree good, no degree better. Some employers are now looking at other things than just a piece of paper. This is the real world, the new ethos, new work ethics.

Oops, did anyone say cheating is the flavor and desired quality to survive in this fake new world, where fake is the in thing?


Anonymous said...

Actually, putting the arguments about degrees aside first, when you watch the documentaries about the food factories, or other manufacturing facilites, you cannot help but wonder how are humans going to fit into such facilities in years to come when everything is done by hugh machines.

Perhaps tens of millions of jobs have gone the way of the dodo birds due to such montrous machines sitting inside manufacturing facilities, with few humans in sight.

When humans become redundant in future manufactuing jobs, even going back to agriculture is out of the question. Farms do not need human labour anymore as well.

What does the future hold?

Goh said...

My bortartcheh poor towkay dun believe in any of such papers .Tell him what cert you have no use one.To him, these so claim Tua Or Sheng who produce papers are majority chia sai, brain enter water or Tua pian Sian.

Whatever position , half the battle is won if you can speak his type of dialect.
Becos he cannot understand English well.Can only communicate in his dialect n Singlish.But good in judging and selecting who can work .
Those gonggong who try to show their paper to him will not be selected.
Almost all whom he selected work till today since he started his business.
So..moral of story..besides willing to work hard, go learn dialects .
Its more useful and practical than paper.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Who would you vote for?
Pro Alien Politicians or Pro Singaporean Politicians?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, how can you said paper no use. All our super talents and ministers got swee swee papers and that's why they are paid millions.

Don't insult them ok?

Anonymous said...

"Budget" Qualifications?

Will obtaining degrees and PhDs
from these "universities" soon
be the NEW NORMAL?

Especially the emphasis recently
is less on paper qualifications.

I hope having these degrees and
PhDs are legal.

Degrees from these "universities"
would come in very handy as they
are very much cheaper and very
very much "fasterer" instead of
wasting 3 to 5 yrs at the
traditional universities.

We have budget airlines and
hotels. What's wrong we now have
"budget" qualifications?

The new slogan can be:
"Everyone can NOW Be A Graduate
And A Doctor"!

Whether such "budget" degrees and
PhDs are for "real" or as a hobby,
they are not really that bad.

Don't U think so?


Anonymous said...

Please lah RB, it is those employers who choose to and also found it is in their interest and to their benefit to employ some fake degree foreign talents.

So who are u to say otherwise? Are u an employer?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:54, I must agree with you. There are a lot of benefits to employ fakes. Doing business is very strange today. Hiring fakes is good.

I have just written a piece about investing in loss making companies and making huge losses to make huge money. Now isn't this brilliant?

Anonymous said...

".... it is those employers who choose to and also found it is in their interest and to their benefit to employ some fake degree foreign talents."
May 08, 2015 10:54 a.m.

If these employers want to employ Aliens, they should relocate to China, India or the Philippines.
Please leave Singapore.
Or maybe we should change our laws to make Yew leave?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies who are legit U grads are more expensive.

Expensive never mind, but also not necessarily proven to be as good as or better than those foreign talents from degree mills.

So if I were an employer, I would take a chance by hiring a foreign talent degree mill holder.

And if proven good like fake MBA foreign talent staff hired by IDA , then heng ah! (lucky strike lottery)

Goh said...

Anon 10.03am
I said my towkay employer said that lah.
As for me, paper is just something that give you the chance to penetrate the organisation to prove your worth.
In private sector you will be make to leave or kick out if you dun prove yourself to be beneficial .Meaningless to feed those chia leow bees.
Dun know about others.
Chia leow bee or not sometimes due to shortage of talents,we just have to bear with it.Half a loaf is better than no bread.

Anonymous said...

Recalling now, actually PM had been telling us of the fake degree all along. He said no use getting degrees (real degree) and learn to acquire skills instead. He just fergot to tell you what skills?

Goh said...
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Virgo 49 said...

No wonder his ministers tell you not necessarily to have degrees.

They knew all these fake degrees flying around from these foreign talents.

But words say backwards, it needs talent and xperience to con others. Especially the cheapskate employers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I only employ the BEST person for the job. Those who've worked for me in the past will know that I pay above "market" rates, but only for the "right" people. My competitors have always accused me of "spoiling the market", which in my book is great: anything to "upset" the competition is a plus for me ;-)

To me the "right" person is more an intuitive thing than it is proof of "accredited" study. I had one guy DEMAND some astronomical salary because he studied at some fancy US institutions and his family spent over $300k (as if I fucking care!). The fucker had balls, I give him that. No work experience, fresh out of uni, with one helluva attitude.

There are people like the guy just mentioned who BELIEVE that just because they have a fancy degree from a fancy school, which cost a small fortune, deserve the fucking earth, sky and the moon, and the boss who is paying them to kiss their holy arses.

To them I say : Good luck. Oh, BTW, the guy mentioned above---fucked off from Singapore (he couldn't make it) decided to "try his luck" in Malaysia, and has faded into obscurity; and last I heard was suffering health issues. That's what you get for having a "bad attitude", and continue believing that you are an ENTITLED, "special" person who is head and shoulders above the rest of humanity.

So I don't really care if you have a "fancy" degree. In fact, if you're from a degree mill, you're more "interesting" to me. You show that you're motivated, perhaps "impatient", willing to "buck the system". Maybe you just want to get your foot in the door, and then PROVE by delivering HARD EVIDENCE that you are indeed a damn good employee, and making ☛
ME ☚ enough money to justify your continued employment.

Degree mill? Bring it on. There might be some notable qualities in the people who get their "credentials" there.

Anonymous said...

Recalling now, actually PM had been telling us of the fake degree all along. He said no use getting degrees (real degree) and learn to acquire skills instead. He just fergot to tell you what skills?
May 08, 2015 11:35 a.m.

The skills needed to join the "correct" political party?

Foreign Thrash With Fake PhD said...

Hello, Mr Red Bean,

You live in Sin-gap-ore, right?

Yes, SIN GAP ORE, the name tells it all. It is a place where people SIN, where the GAP between rich and poor is very wide, where the Gar-men dig into you as if you are an ORE of Gold Mine. Be-fitting name - SIN GAP ORE - right?

Now, after being Conned for at least the past 50 years, you still not wake up?

You have in your Cuntry, all the fake Generals, all the fake instant pseudo Politicians, with fake Policies pretending to help the Poor but actually to squeeze them of every drop of blood until dry,

And then when you are due for retirement, withhold your CPF Live-long Savings and only give back in drips and drops, giving you no choice but to continue working until you drop dead.

Then if you make a bit of noise too loud for their comfort or embarrassed them too much, like the poor innocent young Amos Yee, you get arrested with handcuffs and shackles, immediately charged in Court, imposed an extremely heavy-handed bail and include it with a series of ridiculous conditions to boot,

And then somebody could be sent to give you a big tight slap across your face and intimidate you with "Sue me, go and sue me" in front of all the reporters and cameramen ready to take videos and report on how you were whacked in front of the State Courts, just as you are about to enter it???

And then that criminal intimidator is reported to have been arrested but no further news about that fellow at all - A TOTL NEWS BLACK OUT! Not even brought to Court to be charged the very next day, as was done for Amos Yee? No picture to show who he actually is? Given only one questionable "fact" - man age 49? Which does not tally with the image everybody saw on Youtube video clips, which was a man in his early 30s ..... So, is this fake or real?

So, is this a Real or Fake Cuntry?

With Real or Fake Politicians?

With Real or Fake Policemen (Cardboard or Robots)?

With Real or Fake Systems?

So, the degree mill thing is only one of the numerous fake things you people in SIN GAP ORE have been experiencing. It is nothing new actually. Only the latest Fab. That's all!

Even your so-called National Pledge is just an "Inspiration". Fake or Real?

Your so-called Visionary, fake or real?

Your affordable housing, fake or real?

Your News in your Main Media, fake or real?

Your "Inclusive Society", fake or real?

The list goes on .....

This is written for Red Bean only. But if others wish to join in the discussion, please do so at my pleasure.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahhaha, How can I dispute with your allegations? I carefully chose the word 'allegations'.

There are so many things I want to write about Amos Yee, just too many that I give up with the idea of writing.

But I am sure this is a case where there is no need for me to write anything and everyone knows what I have written.

Come to think of it, it is a miracle, a kind of communication where no spoken word is needed.

Anonymous said...

The PM got saboed and his govt is being made to look so bad to the whole world.

The best part of the deal, he did not even know he is naked.

Anonymous said...

Who would I employ?

I will employ SAF scholars and Generals.
Even PAP MPs.
Because they are so good, so cheap and they always do the "correct" things.

Anonymous said...

Local Universities produce lots of howlian graduates and the families of the graduates are just as howlian.
NUS Graduates and their families will say NTU is second grade uni and its' students are inferior to NUS. Those private unis are not even worth comparing.
Not only are local uni graduates howlian, they cost more to employ.
Vis a vis a fake degree employee who can do as well as a local graduate, is it not better to take in fake degree holders, especially those from overseas? They are cheaperer, happy to do overtime cos office is better than a rented room that is shared. It will be good if they invite superiors to holiday at their hometowns when they return home for vacation etc.

Anonymous said...

I believed that we should just closed all the Uni and let students buy all the fake degree. This will save time and money. The rest just learn on the job.

Anonymous said...

Very good idea. And the campus land can be used to build properties and sell to foreigners to make more money. Never if all the properties are sold to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

WTF now we have chaotic embraces order.

Anonymous said...

RB, what a stupid question you have asked. Of course it goes without saying. The candidate I would employ would be one who would be more productive, would work without any MCs, no military training call-ups and most important of all who is cheaper.

What a dumb question you have posted.