Having fake degree from a degree mill is acceptable in Singapore?

Below is part of an article posted in the TRE about a staff from IDA with a Masters degree from a degree mill. The netizens are questioning IDA whether this is a crime. So far no official comment from any ministry on this.

‘IDA says staff’s MBA not a relevant certificate for her working in IDA
On 2 Apr, TRE wrote to IDA for comments on the matter and asked if it is aware that one of their staff has obtained her MBA from a degree mill. TRE did not get any reply from IDA.

However, netizens continue to pursue IDA relentlessly on its Facebook page and on Tues (14 Apr), IDA finally replied.

IDA said that her Bachelor’s degree is from a reputable university and she was recruited based on the Bachelor degree. Her MBA was “not a relevant certificate for her position in IDA”, it added.

IDA further said, “We would like to share that Nisha has been a committed team member and contributed in her role as an Applications Consultant for the past year.”
IDA’s full reply on its Facebook page [Link]:


Anonymous said...

See how serious is the rot?

I don't think any minister would dare to say this is not a crime. And neither would any minister say this is a crime.

Let's wait and see how ridiculous this country has become.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Because it is so easy to get a degree these days, paper qualifications have lost their value and definitely lost their "glamour".

"Degree Inflation" is akin to monetary inflation where the central bankers print money such that the value of money becomes DEBASED and thus buys less.

The Singapore govt, in keeping with the times has downplayed (for the first time in history) the "importance" of paper qualifications. What is THE MOST IMPORTANT is the ability to get the job done and thus be a NET ASSET to the company which employs you.

So you guys are looking at this ALL WRONG. Whether or not the degree is from Ivy League of from a degree mill is becoming less important. The "qualification" is only used to get thru the door into the interview process, and then if successful into a probationary period of employment---i.e. where the employer "tries you out" for a specified time, usually 3 months. If you can do the job well, good for you. If you cannot, out you go---take your worthless degree with you.

The world doesn't owe you a living, motherfuckers. If you want to earn big bucks, create big value.

Every morning 1.3 billion Indians and 1.4 billion Chinese wake up and are ready to work their balls off to get money. They are well aware that the world doesn't owe them a living, and so they are hungry and competitive, and don't always "play fair".

So if you're soft, lazy, uncompetitive with an entitlement mentality, playing with your genitals and emotionally masturbating on Singapore forums, maybe you deserve a nice lesson in competition from the Indians and Chinese nationals, who are not only hungry enough to eat your lunch, but will elbow you out of the way if necessary.

Have the spurs stuck in yet?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is it legal/ok in Singapore to start a business just in printing and issuing degrees and PhDs to customers especially foreigners and some locals if there are demands?

Of course these degrees and PhDs MUST NOT LINKED to universities or MOE here BUT are PRIVATELY printed and issued in SINGAPORE!

Can be a good business idea if legal/ok.

Think about it especially those jobless!

Find out more! Seek advice!


Anonymous said...

Let's move on. Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

Aliens are allowed to have fake degrees.
Singaporeans will be sacked for using fake degrees.
What part of Pro Alien Policies don't Yew understand?

Anonymous said...

I think there are not enough Sinkies to fulfil the high demand for Application Consultants with IDA.

So if this foreign talent with a Masters degree from a degree mill is among the best available applicants for the position, then I think IDA has no better choice but to take her in to fill the position, tio bo? Because not filling is also not an option.

Anonymous said...

Since even the strongest Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, majority 60% has no better choice but to vote PAP in as govt, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Latest, this morning one company sacked 4 senior managers. All got same fake degree from Southern Pacific University. Immediate dismissal and given 20 mins to leave company.

All HR managers and govt agencies should start to check the CVs of their staff for South Pacific University and sack them. This is doing national service and justice to our people.

They are cheating on our children and our PMETs. So angry.

Anonymous said...

Why not PAP government create a online university called LKY University?
All Aliens must pay $5,000 for an online degree from LKY University.
Then for sure we know all Aliens have the "correct" degree for the jobs they are doing here.

Anonymous said...

How to break this chain of fakes cheating on local PMETs?

A fake CEO, hired fake HR and dept heads. Then they hired all the other fakes. What if those supposed to check on them in MOM and ICA are also fakes?

Anonymous said...

How to break this chain of fakes cheating on local PMETs?
April 17, 2015 3:49 pm

Easy lah!
Vote opposition lor.
We need a pro Singaporean government.
What we have now seems to be a pro Alien government.
True or not?
You tell me lah!

Virgo49 said...

Extra revenue besides the COEs, GST, HDB, CPF!!

What's wrong with making more monies

b said...

I am sure the gov considered con as a form of talents. This is purely deceit especially in this society where competition for good jobs are strong and this person was selected/assessed previously based on his/her extra qualifications. I think IDA must sack him/her. This person integrity is of issue and will use data obtained thru the job for improper use. THe gov should also send a strong signal/warning against those who used lousy/fake degrees. Only the very best should be allowed to work here. Sg is first class not third class.

Anonymous said...

The HR must be sacked as well. And the CEO too.

What the fark is the MOM doing? Sleeping again? Any farking minister want to say something about this?

market2garden said...

Reputable first degree plus fake post graduate sure the starting pay affected - higher pay. IDA any comment on this?

Anonymous said...

You should look into her connections. We Singaporeans have a meritorcratic belief system which at times seems to be faith based rather than empirical. So, when reality comes to town, we get so disappointed. Of course, the constant propaganda that we have a fair and just government doesn't help.

Use your eyes and see. Look around you workplace or even top schools such as RI. Often you will see some connected person whose parents "made a contribution", somebody's wife getting a cushy choh boh job etc.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I will bet you my btootm dollar that if IDA cannot stand the flak anymore, they will rid of her, wait for a few months, and get some other stat board to rehire at an even higher level.

Anonymous said...

I think the minister incharge should explain the rational of the IDA action on the fake degree case as it is of public insterest.

Anonymous said...

I think the minister incharge should explain the rational of the IDA action on the fake degree case as it is of public insterest.
Anon 6:15 am

But even if the minister do not do so, I think PAP will still win the next election with majority seats and form the next govt again.

What do u think? Or if u were the minister concerned, would u bother to explain?

Anonymous said...

This is the best chance for Teochew Ah Hia party MPs to raise the issue in Parliament, if the minister did not explain or explain properly.

And if Ah Hia party MPs fail to do so, then they deserve to be booted out in the next election as they are even worse than PAP.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is now accepting the standard of 3rd world countries, that cheating is ok, fake degrees are ok. Now you know why local PMETs cannot match these cheats on qualifiations and experience.

No? All the FTs are real, no fake degrees? When a silly people choose to believe in lies and turn the other way, this is what happens.