Malaysia, the end of an ‘Emperor’

Chinese history has lots of stories of fatuous emperors or high officials that met sorrowful and tragic endings. And what followed after such a demise were the persecution and execution of all the relatives, cronies and accomplices that abused power under the patronage of the fatuous emperor.

The fall of Najib is a similar case in point. This is not new, the fall of Marcos and Suharto also led to the same story of the rounding up of the henchmen that did the dirty work for the dictators. In Malaysia case the persecution is going to be quite widespread as the corruption of power was widespread and many cronies were involved, in the take and also abused powers to persecute those on the wrong side of the power house. And there is also a Mahathir that is bend on taking out all the dirty bedfellows, to drain the swamp. This time it is real, very real, unlike Donald Trump that is all talks.

The fate of cronies, relatives, accomplices that rose to positions of power, that did what the power wanted them to do, and willingly doing while enjoying the wealth and glory, would be the same. They would be taken down, one by one, by the new power holders.

This story is nothing new. It happened all the time, in every country, without exceptions. When a fatuous ‘emperor’ took the seat of power and planted all his relatives and cronies into position of power and authority, and abused the power for the benefits of the emperor and families and the inner circle, they better make sure that they stay in power forever. Unfortunately there is no such thing as forever when abuse of power is concerned.

It is only a matter of when, not if, as they said, that all emperors must meet their tragic ends, and so would be their lackeys, and relatives, no one would be spare. It is very sad that such things are still being repeated in modern history and many greedy and power hungry cronies are willing to play their roles for a moment of wealth and glory only to end in shame and humiliation. Maybe when wealth, power and glory come easily, they were blinded and think that it would never end.

There is no exception, and history would always repeat itself. Nothing last forever. Mahathir is working extremely hard for a 92 year old man, to bring justice to those that abused their position of trust and power, feasting on the people’s money and wealth, stealing the people’s and country’s money as if the country and money belong to them and it is their privilege to help themselves.

The strange thing is that the fatuous ‘emperor’ and his relatives and henchmen knew that it will come, a matter of time, but throw caution to the wind, hoping and praying that it would not come, that they can be the exception.


Anonymous said...

Yes! The stories painted are nothing new.

Yes! They happened all the time, in many many many countries.

But, not in Sg!



Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, how great it will be when your titled is changed to 'Spore, the End of Emperor ' Long & his cronies era. It will be another 2 days holidays & after that investigations into that Emperor & his cronies past corruptions & misdeeds. It will be the people jubilation in Sinkieland, will it happen in the next GE or future?

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies Emperor/Empress Falls, I let off firecrackers. See that Clown CCS giving pep talks.

Like talking to new recruits wet behind the ears and pants.

My God, 4G Pioneers. My Foot. Generation of spoilt brats.

Demise of Sinkies Land soon.

jjgg said...

Requires a spark.. Malaysia already plenty sparks that cindered n then became raging fire..was 1mdb .. tax hikes .. n years upon years of cronyism.. growing inequality. . Singapore? .. the impending blasts may be louder as asset value plunges on older hdb estates .. cpf still untouchable and newer n newer infrastructural projects like t5 n tuas all bo liao rubbish designed for somebody's pipe dream. (U mean got civil servants with enough balls to suggest no limit investments?).. so.. its all there.. the impending implosion coming coming..

Anonymous said...

Karma will come calling. No one will be spared. Those who think otherwise will one day meet the Najib and Rosmah fate. Here in Singapore the situation is quite different, Singaporeans are sheep, unlike their Malaysian cousins across the Causeway. Things are so tightly controlled and Singaporeans are so timid and kwai, after nearly 60 years of brain washing. it might take another 100 years. The straw that broke the Malaysian camel's back is still very far away in Singapore. Singaporeans can tahan another 100 years. Hoping that the next Singapore GE will change the situation? Like they say, " Tang Koo Koo ".

Anonymous said...

"But not in Singapore"? Not true. Think again.

It happened to the fatuous Sultan of Temasek (Singapore previously) when the British "bought" over the island under the barrel of the gunships.

It happened to the fatuous British Governor of Singapore when the Japanese "invaded" Singapore in just 7 days.

It happened to the fatuous Japanese Imperial Military Administrator of Singapore when the British returned.

It happened to the another fatuous British Governor of Singapore once again when colonialism collapsed and the British Empire together with it. The British had to withdraw East of Suez to give Singapore at first self-government and subsequently independence.

The next chapter of the demise of fat cats in Singapore is akan datang (coming soon).it is not never or if, but when.

I dare to bet 100% it will come - the question is "When?".

Anonymous said...

All the writings are not only on the wall but all over the Internet in Cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It may happens in Sg!

But, only...unless..... there is an internal split between the military and non-military politicians!

Otherwise.....PAP is now tooooo00000ooooo BIG to fail!

So....a split is the only BEST hope!

We shall see.............haha..........

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Called it retribution or karma. The fate of all evil doers is death or imprisonment. Najib is going to pay a heavy price for his avarice. Unlike Anwar whose imprisonment was politically motivated, there will be no miscarriage of justice in Najib's case. This is a clear example of he who laughs last laughs best. Najib will receive no sympathy.

Anonymous said...

..before a Tsunami come everything will be come and normal. Sinkieland's Tsunami will also come one day, it's not If or 'Tan GU Gu' but only WHEN. A Australian Prof already predicated it will come the soonest-- next GE or just a couple of few more elections between 5 and 20 years time, the PAP are now too frighten even Kee Chiu also thank Ah Low of is contributions (woah suddenly so friendly lio), a oppo beating the ruling party will come when gst or other taxes inceases to an unbearable point for Sinkies, let's wait & see.

Anonymous said...

The split will be coming...
Probably, a Doctor...a Dr Mahathir look alike...his name in Sinkieland is Dr Tan Cheng Bock. He already got 'block' to be a Presi-tan once, is he gonna be blocked forever? Is he really a coward to go against his ex-bosses ? ..me no fengshui master or geomancer expert. Somebolee predicted his name Tan Cheng Bock sounds like ' Tan Lai Block Cheng Hu ' or ' Tan Kee Bock Cheng Hu' meaning a Tan coming to block govt or change govt. Which is why Long san so eager to get rid of him to join as elected president in the last PE.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> It is only a matter of when, not if, as they said, that all emperors must meet their tragic ends, and so would be their lackeys, and relatives, no one would be spare. <<

Here's an example of the Just World Fallacy, a well-known human psychological "quirk" which leads people to cheer on so-called "justice" when there the illusion of good vs evil plays out to a favourable ending.

I don't think Najib and cronies are going to suffer too much---certainly not in proportion to their kelptocratic activities. There will be a Show Trial and some Malay wayang-wayang to appease the mob.

Then life will go on.

>> Mahathir is working extremely hard for a 92 year old man, to bring justice to those that abused their position of trust and power, feasting on the people’s money and wealth, stealing the people’s and country’s money as if the country and money belong to them and it is their privilege to help themselves. <<

Please lah Uncle, Mahathir is doing no such thing. He is simply removing the COMPETITION. 😎

It'll end up being another "Cherita Melayu" and the Chinese will end up, once again being the "greedy evil-doers".

Anonymous said...

Change of government is a path every democracy may go through. A day when Singapore is coming of age as a independent and mature democracy.

The meaning of being independent is where the government returns all the powers to it's people.

Levers to influence the citizens voting pattern via the state - media to allow the ruling party maximum coverage is hardly democratic .

What about Singaporeans complaints against the purpose of people's association ?

If the ruling party is truly committed to Singapore n it's well being, then it should NOT fret
or grudge against the wishes of its people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. I also think that it a RUSE that Anwar will one day be PM. Mahathir said long ago, that because of Anwar's homosexuality (actual he is bisexual) that no way will he be PM.

Although Anwar has received a full pardon from the Agung, I have my doubts that he will be PM, or that he will last as PM if he manages to secure the job.

Malaysia is still a culturally backward, socially neurotic and conservative...like 1950's conservative. It's like:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.
In a few minutes we will be landing at KLIA, Malaysia.
Please set your watches back 20 years, and your brain back 50 years...at least. Thank you. Selamat Datang!"

The younger folks may not have any issue with Anwar, but definitely the religious and those opposed to "gender diversity" will express themselves against Anwar's stewardship of the nation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1157:

>> A day when Singapore is coming of age as a independent and mature democracy. <<

That day is a long way off. Probably a generation or two. The politics won't change until the culture changes.

People are making a huge COGNITIVE ERROR in thinking the politics of Malaysia has changed. It hasn't. The "Father of Cronyism" is back at the helm. Anwar has spent the last 11 years in jail, and was only pardoned in the last few days.

The thinking in Malaysian society is still backward. The so-called "politics" only APPEARS to have CHANGED. Just because UMNO was thrown out of office doesn't mean that they are extinct. Far from it. Be prepared for a phoenix rising from the ashes. In no time they'll be back to their dirty motherfucking tricks.

What's to stop Mahathir taking control of UMNO once again?

The culture in Malaysia hasn't changed. Therefore the politics---being downstream from culture---won't be changing much either.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a comment posted in Malaysiakini.com concerning a comment by the new MB wanting to deprive funds to the opposition MPs, ie UMNO.

'Anonymous Malaysia 2018: In a true democracy, the opposition leader should
be accorded recognition. He or she should be given an office, staff, car
and other facilities befitting an opposition leader.

Another important point is that all state assemblypersons should be equally
funded for their work on the ground. To deprive them of funds is morally
wrong. So it matters not whether that person is from Harapan or BN or PAS
or even independent. Be fair to all! Work with that spirit in mind.

This should apply to all states, without exception. We should never punish
the opposition. They are elected by the people; they are the voices of the
people. Why don’t you try being a gentleman instead?'

The politics of Malaysia is still very fluid and anything can happen. Anwar may not be the PM he thought he is going to be. Mahathir too may not be the PM though he thinks it is his for the next few years.

DAP and PKR can boot out Mahathir from the coalition. Mahathir has only 13 seats. Yes, he may join forces with UMNO again and add the 79 seats to make 92 seats, still short of a simple majority.

There could be a realignment of forces and the parties in Sabah and Sarawak may come into play to balance the power of a Mahathir/UMNO coalition.

PKR and DAP must play their cards carefully. The recent statements by Mahathir and Daim did not bode well for Anwar and PKR.

The devil is still the devil. Cannot hide for long before showing its horns again.

Anonymous said...

Not wise for Malaysia to have a homo anus poker, proven in court, as a Prime Minister . . .

Anonymous said...


" So no, I do not agree that Najib remaining in power will be good for Singapore by any yardstick. As for whether Mahathir is the answer, I defer to the old adage – only time will tell...."

The link,
Scary how well-educated Singaporeans could espouse short-sighted ...

TR Emeritus cleared of Malware accusation « Editorial ...

Learn From Malaysians! Vote For Change! « Opinion « TR EMERITUS

Preference for corrupted just because they are friendly to Singapore, is ...

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Chan Chun Sing thanks Low Thia Khiang for his contributions; says ...

Anonymous said...

The ruling progressing crooks, the cheats & their cronies are usually successful and highly educated so their self-justification to delude and deceived themselves are even stronger. Therein lies this historic pattern of historic tyrants & his corruption and cronies, walking blindly until they swiftly and suddenly fall off the cliff.
1. Hero & heroic & sincere sacrifices
2. Enjoy the power, money & fame
3. Subtle love for power, money & privileges get entrenched & start passing that to family members & expanding cronies
4. Network get bigger & bigger, hole dig gets bigger & deeper
5. Oppressed alternative views & their messengers & surround themselves with eunuchs
6. Oppressed and squeezed more & more citizens, while "eating" more & more.
In short, "don't know when to cut loss or take profit and walk away".
It should always have ended at the 1st generation but.....all are mere men, weak, proud egoistic.

Anonymous said...

lord of the ring...return of the king.

Anonymous said...

From the State Times Review, excerpts:

The newly-elected Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Wan Azizah, hit out at Singapore’s 151st-ranking media Straits Times, for publishing a fake news to destabilise the new Malaysian government.

The Straits Times quoted an anonymous “top PH leader” in it’s article titled “Cracks appear in PH over posts in new Cabinet”:

“Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail – whose party holds the most parliamentary seats in the coalition – is deputy premier, but sources told The Straits Times that she also demanded other senior portfolios for the party. This included the coveted finance portfolio, which Tun Dr Mahathir announced in a press conference on Saturday would instead go to Democratic Action Party (DAP) secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

“She did not question Guan Eng’s capability, but said that a Chinese should not take the role,” a top PH leader said, referring to ethnic political considerations in government posts in Malay-majority Malaysia.”

The new Malaysian ruling government said the Straits Times is spreading rumours to influence it’s politics:

“The claims in the ST article were “completely fabricated and false”. We strongly believe that the finance portfolio must be based on ability,” the leader said, adding that PKR believed Lim, an accountant by training, was suitably qualified for the post. But we don’t appreciate the narrative and claims being made against PKR, painting us as troublemakers. We believe this report is part of a concerted attempt to drive a wedge between PKR and the people, and PH, to push us out of the pact.”

Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong is a good friend of toppled-PM Najib Razak. The loss of power of Najib Razak resulted in a renegotiation in a number of bilateral deals, including the High Speed Rail and Johor-Woodlands MRT line.

The Singapore government may have a number of laws dealing with fake news, but only individuals critical of the government will be charged. State media Straits Times, CNA and The New Paper have in recent years posted several fake news to gain readership, but the Singapore government has never once press charges against them.

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from The Independent:

The coalition partner – the People’s Justice Party (PKR) – is taking issue with an article that the Singapore broadsheet published this morning, entitled ‘Cracks appear in PH over posts in new Cabinet’.

Anonymous said...

If the disease is widespread, especially when the administrative and executive branches of the Government are drinking from the same trough as the legislative, the cleaning out will have to be thorough as well.

It would be illogical to leave behind the roots of the rotten tree, knowing that these elements are bound to create trouble by throwing spanners and time bombs that can do lots of damage, not to mention infecting those who are not of rotten stock.

But cleaning out on such massive scale will doubtless cause much disruption of the system if it involves those from the very top to the bottom. It is not an easy task when it comes to doing it

Here in Red Dot, even the passing on of the Town Council baton already shows how difficult it is for the incoming party, especially when those who do the passing on do not co-operate but bent on throwing spanners into the works and make it difficult for the one taking over to do their work.

Anonymous said...

Now you see the losing party's supporting people start blaming, complaining and suing each other when the game over. What a sad state, it is an expected retribution.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian politics have not changed and will not change with any new government. That is very true.

Malay rights will remain the main focus of whoever comes to power, and there is very little that the Chinese and Indians can ever hope for, in their fight for same equal rights as the Malays. What MCA and MIC could not do under UMNO for six decades, will DAP be able to do so under PH? I think it is a unattainable dream.

The difficulty of MCA and MIC to do so in BN was because they are not the parties calling the shots. UMNO dictates and UMNO represents the Malays and have the Malay support most of the time. The reason MCA and MIC are together with UMNO in BN is because UMNO also needs Chinese and Indian support as well and they made full use of the alliance to fulfil this.

DAP still cannot dictate or change the balance of power. The only possibility is when they become the main politically supported party ie winning the most seats, which is an impossibility. Not when the Malays are enjoying their special rights, and they will never give up this privilege by supporting a non-Malay party. They would be better off going for PAS.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Najib is going to pay for his crime and also for the crime of his father, Abdul Razak, for masterminding the May 13 genocide of Chinese minorities. Mahathir had confessed that the riot was UMNO's strategy to force Tengku to give up power to Razak. They sent Malay rioters everywhere to attack the Chinese to cause civil strife. The Chinese were the scape goat of their ploy to seize political power.

Would Mahathir make amends for his part in the May 13 genocide and tell the truth to the Malay Malaysians so that this curse will come to an end. If not, the ultras would always think of doing another May 13 and blame the Chinese for it. This is Mahathir's last chance to do some justice to the Chinese community and to atone his sins for being part of the massacre.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "hopeful" 1030:

>> Najib is going to pay for his crime and also for the crime of his father, Abdul Razak, for masterminding the May 13 genocide of Chinese minorities. <<

I doubt that will be the case.

Malaysia is a very racially-biased society. That's just a fact. Chinese are villified and envied, because they work harder, earn more "real" degrees, are more intelligent (you can't even say that!), and have a knack for forming capital, growing capital and preserving capital for generations.

The Tenkus and Datoks, like the Razaks, belong to old, well-connected Malay families...i.e. the "elites". As such, in this racially-biased (toward Malay social order), there is a degree of untouchability like you will find in similar tribal-style cultures where there is a defined social order (like aristocracy, monarchy, nobles etc).

The idea of "democracy" in Malaysia (not an actual democracy, but still better than Singapore which is totally controlled) is only a petina of "modernisation"...the political underbelly is still very much a tussle between Malay-factions, and Islamic influences with a smattering of ethnic Chinese involvement here and there.

So the politics are going to be much the same until they rid themselves of the shit-stain of RACE-BASED culture.

Anonymous said...

Inevitably highly controlled society are not innovative, lack productivity regardless of how much money & scholars you throw in. The obsessive controlling master mind himself is a self-possessed in-secured man like his in-secured woman buying people yes with money.

Anonymous said...

Now Perkasa, the Malay Rights Group, is telling Mahathir not to have a non-Malay Finance Minister. That tells us a lot about the racially biased mentality of Malaysian politics.

Was not Tan Siew Sin a Chinese Finance Minister in the Malaysian Cabinet of Tunku Abdul Rahman?