Sino Indian border war - A revelation of unpleasant truth still guarded as state secret

Two weeks ago, the Australian journalist Neville Maxwell finally made part of the Henderson Brooks report public, by putting it up on his blog. The report was an internal Indian Army enquiry into its rout in the 1962 war with China — Maxwell was the New Delhi correspondent for The Times, London, at the time — but in the 51 years since the report was written up by Lt Gen Henderson Brooks and Brig PS Bhagat, successive Indian governments have refused to make it public. Only two copies of the report were thought to be in existence, although there was never any doubt that Maxwell had had access to the report for his 1970 book India's China War quoted extensively from it. In his first interview to the Indian media since he made the report public, the now 88-year-old Maxwell tells Parakram Rautela that he had been trying to make the report public for years but that nobody would publish it. He adds that he was only able to get hold of Volume I of the report, minus 45 pages, and that he never laid eyes on Volume II. And of course he still blames Nehru for the war, not the Chinese. Excerpts:
Q: You suggest India's official account of the cause of the 1962 border war is false. What, in your view, is the truth?

NM: By September 1962 the Indian "forward policy" of trying to force the Chinese out of territory India claimed had built up great tension in the Western (Ladakh) sector of the border, with the Chinese army just blocking it. Then the Nehru government applied the forward policy to the McMahon Line eastern sector and when the Chinese blocked that too India in effect declared war with Nehru's announcement on October 11 that the Army had been ordered to "free our territory", which meant to attack the Chinese and drive them back. As General Niranjan Prasad, commander of 4 Division, wrote later: "We at the front knew that since Nehru had said he was going to attack, the Chinese were certainly not going to wait to be attacked" — and of course they didn't. That's how the war began. The Chinese attack was both reactive, in that General Kaul had begun the Indian assault on October 10, and pre-emptive because after that failure the Indian drive had been suspended to build up strength for a resumed attack....

While India continues to tell its lies that it was the victim of Chinese aggression and continues to blame the Chinese for the 1962 border war, more and more information are being disclosed by independent authors using classified India documents to prove who was the real devil in the conflict.

Deny as much as they want to deceive their own people and people of the war, the aggressive and  hostile nature of the Indian govt have not changed since then, with wild ambitions to be a world power, to the extend of harbouring intention of seizing Chinese land and controlling its neighbouring states as protectorates and colonies, elevating itself as a regional hegemon.

The facts speak for itself. The so called Chinese intent to grab Indian land sounded hollow when the Chinese soldiers withdrew from India after the counter offensive, released all prisoners of war, returned all weapons captured, and returned to the original line of control...till today.


Virgo49 said...

All these So Called Classified Information and what's OSA sworn secreies are all forms of Lies, Deceits to hide the Real Abuses and Criminal Activities of those who are Guilty of them.

ABUSE OF powers etc and wrong allegations against the Innocent Parties.

For example, The Cold Storage Cold Store Episode.

Anonymous said...

Indian msm and social media are full of hypes about China invading India and many are spewing fear and hatred against China because of this border war when the real culprits that started this war were the Indian govt under Nehru. The Indians chose to live with the lie that China was the aggressor when they were the aggressor.

See how aggressive they were at Doklam and in Nepal and Bhutan and you will understand their policies and intent as a regional bully.

Anonymous said...

From China perspective or astrology, every 60 years there is a chaos or unrest especially at its borders. China regards these people as barbarians with greed coming to rob the country's treasures. In the Chinese movie " 万里长城" ( Great Wall of China) described how Chinese borders were attacked & invaded by some untamed barbarics greedy mystic creatures called Tao Tie ( 饕餮) which is metaphor of modern Barbarians coming to invade China & eat all its people up. In modern China, Communist China Party has gained all irs experiences from Mao to Xi & r all preparing for some kind of a war outbreak & they will never let its guard down,so beware of the Dragon might so great the the greedy whites or reds will be driven out of it..

Virgo49 said...

Certain Races with their Dibolacical Genes are NOT TO BE TRUSTED. These are their inborn traits of Treacheries in their Genes.

See the Whites with the Indians Facial Features and Behaviours.They are similar with the exception of their colours.

Both are Treacherous in Behaviours and Characters as thru the Years of their Aggressive Genes and Upbringing.

These are the two Major monsters that will bring Disaters to Mankind.

Just be wary of them.

Anonymous said...

Rb, u can not trust the black ants. U look at theor society with the caste system where the elites are screwing everyone below and the raping culture.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That is the natural order of things. The high and mighty would bully the poor and live off them. To avoid this, you need certain human philosophy or ideology to make human beans more human.

Singapore believes in the high and mighty, the talented living off the less talented. That is why they need millions to live a good life and telling the less talented to tighten their belts. And they got the cheek to con the poor that we are in the same boat, we are the same.

That is also why they are inviting the superior northern Indians here to replace the southern Indians. They forgot that the caste system, that the northern Indians despised the southern Indians would be a very divisive factor in our society. They choose to ignore this danger of a cultural divide based class and caste.

Anonymous said...

What India claims will be repeated by the MSM under control of the West. What China said is of no significance when the MSM brush it aside, so it becomes a non happening. It is of no use for China to claim anything, but the truth will come out sooner or later.

China, I think believes that what goes around will come around. It is just a matter of time. And they allow action to speak louder than words.