Class vs Crass

For supreme irony, look no further than page 16 of today’s The New Paper (30 May) whose editors deserve a medal for placing Mamoudou Gassama’s heroic “Spider-Man” act side by side with former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s decision to sell his story about his love child with an ex-aide.

For those who just got back from Mars, Mr Gassama is the young man whose daring rescue of a boy dangling from a Paris balcony was universally seen and applauded on the Internet. The 22-year-old Malian had scaled four storeys of an apartment block to pluck him to safety. For his selfless feat, Mr Gassama received an audience and a certificate and medal of bravery from French president Emmanuel Macron.  For those who have not been reading the papers, Mr Barnaby Joyce, 50, was forced to quit as DPM in February over his affair with his then media adviser Vikki Campion. He left his wife of 24 years after getting his mistress pregnant.

Just picture the irony. One is an illegal immigrant, the other a Deputy Prime Minister until recently. One risks detention - and loss of life - to save a boy with no thoughts of reward or fame. The other compounds his disgrace by accepting A$150,000 for a tell-all TV appearance for his act of infamy. In a line, one exudes class, the other exudes crass.


Virgo 49 said...

Those Elites who conned their ways by fooling the masses always portrayed themselves as Angels.

They have Great Acting Skills which is a Natural Hypocritic Endowment to Fool others.

See our Sinkie PeeAyam who had lied down spreadeagle with a baby in his hands showing how caring and lovable he is.

Those daft Sinkies most of them por lam pars ones turned out in full force just to pose with him.

They felt so proud to be seen with him and hopefully their faces also in the papers.

Little do they know that their famous faces are been used to wipe dogs poos and lay for then to poo in the pans. Or used to wrap salted fish and eggs.

Dignity Not Measured By Pay said...

NSF serves the Nation for $600 a month for 2 years. This is class!

MP serve the People for $13,000 a month by attending MPS twice a month for 2 hours each and attending Parliament Sessions less than 10 times a year, for 5 years. This is crass!

Prime Minister serves and services himself for $200,000 a month for life! This is the highest crass!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What Mr Gassama displayed was real bravery, leaping from one floor to the next. Any slip would have taken his life away.

Hats off to this heroic man!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all the complainers

All you complainers don't know how "good" you have it with the One Party Winner Taken All System of governance in Singapore.

Here in Oz marginal income tax rate 30-45% (depending on your income---I'm talking 'decent' income, mid to high bracket), plus 2% Medicare Levy (more tax), plus 10% GST (what? Not enough...tax some more...), plus the sky-high cost of living due to many factors, one being the DEBASEMENT of the Aussie dollar to a near-banana currency.

...and then you wake up one day and read that the deputy PM is having a grand old time fucking and sucking with a younger chick, plus using the parliamentary credit card to charge up expenses, and then earns a shit-tonne of money selling his and her SALACIOUS NARRATIVE to the kaypoh media so that they can satisfy their chee kopek readers.

At least in Singapore, the PAP are really square, scholar-type fuckers. That's what a technocracy/ meritocracy is better for making money. Australia is a great place for having a GOOD OLD TIME...sex, booze, awesome outdoors and world-class food produce. But unless you are big and have a virtual monopoly in your field forget about business...go to beach instead. 😂

I tell you, despite your kpkb toward the PAP, at least they do a satisfactory job. I have always maintained my position: Singapore govt, not so bad lah. Aussie govt: fucking terrible.

Virgo49 said...

M atilah, why you comparing Aussies to Singapore??

We lived in different environments and cultures.

The fark Ang Mohs ways of lives are these.Decadence.

You telling Singaporeans it's ok as long you have enough to eat and live.You should be grateful.

What's lives with our liberties and been controlled like slaves even you have enough to eat.

Just like a home kept dog or pet with no love and had enough to eat but had to look at the Master's Face.

I would prefer to be a stray and look for own survival even go hungry as I have my liberties.

Many mother farkers who made good definitely wants others to be servile to them as they felt good like you.

But whether the riches they gained are on the miseries of others or not is not immoral to them.

Virgo49 said...

Apology; Should be What's lives WITHOUT liberties.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Decadence is fun. Dun worry, the mat salehs do not have a monopoly of this enjoyable class of adult leisure activities. Lots of fucking and sucking going on in Asia, that's why we have so many billions of people :-)

Singapore is a great place to make lots of filthy lucre to enjoy filthy leisure in other cuntries. Like I say all the time: make the best of as many worlds as possible!

Anonymous said...

Spent $16bln pubic money on Dotard n got a blue-black Qualcom is crass. Hi Dr Mat and got a blue-black HSiR is crass. Let Jinx buy high sell low sillyzen sweat money for 14 yrs is crass. Betting big on wrong horses Pigenerals, wifie, Harriry, Jib, natGass, On n On..Crass written all over....like they said "stupidity has no cure" maybe true leh for aristoCats.