Kim Trump Summit – Kim still an assassination target?

Trump may be sincere in wanting to meet up with Kim in Singapore. But behind this, how many interested parties would want to put a bullet into Kim’s head when he is here? How many would like a false flag incident to reignite the Korean War and turn the Korean Peninsula into a war zone again?

In the US there are many parties that would want to do so, the rightists, the war hawks, the deep state, the military complex, the CIA assassination squads etc etc would all have a mind of their own and would be out of control of the Trump Administration.

Out of the US there is Japan. Abe is so busy running here and there to want to put his fingers into this Summit. He is a hawk and there are many in Japan that are equally or more extremist than him and would want to kill Kim to start a big fire in Korea, to prevent a peace agreement and the reunification of the two Koreas. A bullet into Kim’s head is all it takes to blow up all the peace initiatives so far achieved.

Within South Korea there are also extremists that are hardcore anti North Korea, anti Kim and anti peace. They had assassinated Park Chung Hee when he wanted to reunite the two Koreas peacefully. These extremists would be thinking of doing something similar to kill off what Moon, Kim and Trump have been trying to achieve so far.

Kim Jong Un’s presence in Singapore would expose him to the risk of an assassin’s bullet. Singapore is not like North Korea and it is very difficult to keep everything under control. The Singapore govt would be greatly stretched to keep Kim Jong Un safe during his few days here. It is a very big challenge to for the security services to keep the assassin bullets away from hitting Kim.

Keep the fingers crossed that this would not happen here as the consequences are grave. This is the first time that Kim is venturing out of his comfort zone, out of North Korea and China, into the open field.


Anonymous said...

When is any 'woo hah' to NK Kim JN, Sinkieland will be in trouble & a potential nuclear strike on the island is become plausible, it's a lose lose for Sinkieland. The reverse to happen to Dotard is also true, let's wait n see.

SSO said...

They are also thinking of assassinating Trump in Singapore and blame it on the North Koreans as they have done to the assassination of Kim Jung-nam in KL.

Anonymous said...

I m a fan of Ah Fat Boy!

Welcome to Sg!

All the best to him!


Anonymous said...

When Kim gets bonked off, it will surely be a false flag operation.

US, Japan or South Korea will not be named, but maybe the fingers will point to China or Russia or even Iran. The silver bullet will be made in Russia or China, and they will find a sniper rifle made in either of these two countries as well. At the UN they will gang up to accuse these two favourite bogey man under the baton of the orchestra's conductor.

North Korea will send its nuke to Ah Loong first. Then all hell will break loose. Nuclearized war stocks will rise, but no one will be left to take advantage, as they will also be nuclearized.

The rest will be history to be discovered by the next lap of human archaeologist thousands or ever millions of years after us. They will wonder how did we become extinct?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To the dude who manages to get a sniper rifle, ammo and setup for the kill shot in Singapore, and then succeeds in assassinating a foreign leader...if anyone manages to do this, they are the King of The World lah.

No way lah. Do you know how kiasu Singapore is viz a viz security? Plus they will be working with US and N Korean security personnel too.

There will be dogs, drones, bomb-sniffers, satellite intel...you name it. It'll be tighter than a nun's cunt lah.

Anonymous said...

Please listen / read this morning news / paper with alertness, do not be confused by word (新 柔 地 铁) and (新 隆 高 铁). there are 2 difference things.

Virgo49 said...

Southern Glory above post shown that the Farking Americans can always backtracked on their agreements.

So, I think that the USA-NOKO and Moon Summit in Sinkieland Land will be a wake up call for Kim.

The Possibility of the Summit in the Istana is now COLD.

This egoistic pompous Pee Ayam wants to goes down in History as an International Statesman like his Father.

If Kim were to ba assassinated in Singapore, all the Mirage Credibility of Sinkieland be a SAFE place will be in the drains.

Their past insults of Johore been mugging, car jacking and what's now will come and haunt them.

CIA and other related Evil Spies Agencies can hatch any plans to kill their fella even as Matilah said the Security as tight as a Nun's Cunt.

Others might not have a chance to assassinate, but their own will do it.

Just watch the American episodes on Spies Espionage on the Netflix Series.

Anonymous said...

They will probably send a 100 megaton multiple warhead ICBM into S'pore.

3.2 million sinkies and 2.4 million FTrashes are acceptable collateral damage.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When socialism/ communism regime changes to one of a more open society and economy, there is chaos, and then after sometime...order.

In the process of change, many will be jockeying for a leg-up---essentially ZERO---to grow (or fail) to something unpredictable in size, type and scope.

In other words, those who start at ZERO have a chance to make outrageous gains.

Follow the money lah.

Anonymous said...

How much will this summit cost Singapore taxpayers who are not the beneficiaries of the meeting?

b said...

All of them are selfish assholes. They do not care about the earth, people or nature. They only care about THEMSELVES.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The main reason why Singapore has been selected as the venue for the Trump-Kim summit meeting is common knowledge: PM Lee sucks up to Uncle Sam big time. PM Lee is happy to play host as it will give him the publicity that he craved so longingly. The ghost of Panmunjom can finally be put to rest if the 2 leaders succeeded in coming to an agreement at their historic talks held in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hell, among the actors, one will surely be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize if the talks result in peace. Mahathir admitted he is not noble enough to be nominated. The man talks straight.

In any case, there is no such thing as fail safe security. As they say, the strongest chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

As Virgo said, others might not have a chance to assassinate, but their own will do it. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own bodyguard. There is nothing the CIA or Israeli Mossad cannot do.

Virgo49 said...

Now prof jayakumar like all their kind how Lian said He not surprised thst Matland withdrawn claim on PB.

They did not realize the wily Fox intention to build an island on North Rock which is to impede the shipping lanes.

Also useful for military helicopters. Also if China puts the surveillance radars there what can you do??

It's belong to them. Mahatahir's brains worked very fast.

Pinky loong will be in difficult position to say no.I already gave you face to drop claims.

You said No - international court I can bring more headaches to you.
No cooperation.

If China were to station their troops here, I cut off your water.

Actually you have enough for your own Sinkies but you itchy backsides brought in millions.

Anonymous said...

Like I say, Mahathir never forgives. He smiles all the time, but do not be mistaken.

People's character can never change. Anwar said he has forgiven his mentor, but he must be careful if he becomes PM, with Mahathir standing behind watching what he is doing. Soto-mee is the favourite dish of the top dogs in Malaysian politics. Lightning can strike thrice.

Anonymous said...

Fatty Kim should set the venue in China. Safer for him.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 5.55

ANWAR now played smart. Lie low.Recuperate wounds. Anyone impatient to take over PM post faced the wraths of him.

Mahatahir bidding for tine to install his son Murziz to be the PM.

Under Nasib, no chance. If Mahatahir could now, he be installing his son.

Likewise, Najib. Muhuddin impatient to be the PM also gets the boots.learn from his Mentor.

ANWAR's wife DPM is the barrier to Mahatahir's plans.

That's why PLUS restbays SotoMee so popular.

Yong Peng Otak popular.