Malaysia GE - Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Anyone uttering the word frivolous about the Malaysia GE? Yes, it is frivolous, it is about infidelity, it is about sleeping around, anyone will do, even with those that killed your loved ones or punched the day light out of you and put you behind bars. You cannot believe that this is true. This is thousands of times more than the Deng Xiaoping's black cat, white cat, as long as it catches the mouse, it is a good cat moral. Malaysia has outdone Deng Xiaoping in every way. Malaysia boleh.

The devil has his hands dripping with blood. But no one is looking at it, or at least no one thinks it wise to talk about it. And the devil is strutting around hugging the survivors and descendants of those that his bullets and butcher knife missed. Did anyone remember what happened a few years ago? Did anyone recognise the devil without his horns? They might but are not saying. They even put on a brave smile and hugged the devil as he came by.

The deep blue sea has hands dangling with money. There is money everywhere, his pockets are fulled of money and he could simply swing his arms around and everyone would be jumping for joy picking up the cash. The deep blue sea is all about making everyone rich and giving everyone a better life. He is pro economic growth, investment, to provide more and better jobs to those who want a better and richer life. He does not hide his agenda. He believes or at least gives the impression that black cat or white cat, catches mouse means good cat.

The Malaysians would have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. The Malay votes would be heavily polarised and divided. The super extremists or super ultras would be with the devil. Hope no blood will spill but you can't be sure as the devil is always the devil eternally. You can bet that tension will rise when the devil speaks. His evil schemes and agenda will be the same. The other half of the Malay votes would be with the deep blue sea. The ultras and extremist will still be with him. They can see money and prosperity and would be appeased. Other than these two factors, the devil and the deep blue sea are sama sama. You can't tell the difference between them. They would have the Malay votes equally split between them.

The game changer will be the Chinese votes. Do not be surprised that MCA will be the big winner in this GE. The Chinese voters would have to choose and it is highly likely that they would choose the deep blue sea than the devil. They know the devil all these years and know that the devil is still the devil and would unleash his devilish blow when needed to achieve his evil objective. The Chinese voters have  a lot to fear the devil.

On the contrary they see the deep blue sea more practical, pragmatic and development and growth minded. Money talks and if everyone is rich, there would be less tension and less likelihood of bloodshed. The deep blue sea would create a bigger economic pie for everyone and there will be more money to go around to make everyone happy or less unhappy.

What can the devil offer? The devil does not have any card to play except the racist card and more of the same during his reign of terror. And when he shouted all in, be afraid, be very afraid. The devil is merciless and very vengeful. The devil will not take no for an answer. Would the other half of the deep blue sea do the necessary to make the devil disappear before he could do more harm to the country and the people he hated most and exploited most to achieve his personal agenda for so many decades?

My bet, the Chinese votes would be the deciding factor and the deep blue sea looks much better to stay on in Putrajaya. And for good measures, he may lock up the devil for good.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, r u referring the deep blue sea is BN & the devils r the opposition party Anwar & Wife & Dr Mahathir or HarApan Rayat? Correct me if wrong? me no Matland political commentator.

Anonymous said...

Rb, very confusing leh. Can you be more specific which party is the devil. Otherwise I think your article is wasted as not many people are smart enough to know.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I was in KL last week, and spoke to many "average" voter types...from Grab and cab drivers, to folks in the many splendid KL cafes especially in the Bk Bintang, Bangsar and Damansara areas.

BN is going to win, no question. MCA is going to help them win because without the Chinese, Malaysia would be screwed. They are the entrpreneurs, the capitalists, the people who do the actual hard work, take risks and put their money down, so that the useless UMNO people can "free ride" themselves and their families to higher levels of incompetentcy and fake-achievement. Chinese meritocracy is the main supporter and funder of UMNO mediocrity. Got Bumiputra?

A few of my friend's asked me why I thought that 91-yr old Mat and his jailhouse buddy Anwar couldn't make it in an environment with such obvious, in-your-face corruption and kleptocracy?

I said : CULTURE. Politics of a cuntry comes from the CULTURE of the people/ sheeple of that cuntry. So, I continued, "You won't get political change until you get CULTURAL CHANGE, and that could take a very long time."

Najib's corruption is so public, no one can be excused for not knowing about it. The whole world knows about it. And he keeps denying it, but no one believes him. No one cares. Malaysia is doing A-OK in his watch. His equally corrupt and grossly obese wife is heralded as the very top of the social hieracrchy, resplendent in all the luxury and conspicuous consumption stolen money can buy. She has several Hermes Birkin Bags (look them up, they are the world's most expensive handbags).

I get the impression that Naj and wife Rose-baby are secretly admired by people. That's Straits-born culture for you. "The amount of money you have determines the respect you get, and your place in the social order. The more you have, the higher you rank." No one really cares how you made/ obtained your money. Thailand is like that. Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia too.

Singapore is the smartest: they set up banking and financial systems specifically to cater for the "funny money" stolen by savvy politicians.

After the GE May 9, 2 days of sing-song and ding-dong, then business as usual....and Ramadan! Time to visit KL again. Ramadan is when all the shiok food comes out when the sun goes down!

Anonymous said...

Uncle talking about Mahathir and Najib lah.

Anonymous said...

The m'sian cheenas are the hopeless ones ... doomed to die in matland. After this GE, you'll see more cheenas migrate to s'pore, or Taiwan or china.

southernglory1 said...

Re: Anonymous 8 : 59am

You are definitely an idiotic moron who doesn't know what is imperialism and yet you try to talk about imperialism to expose your utter ignorance. If you are a Western / Evil Empire's paid agent to disparage China and the Chinese people you and your family will be damned to hell by all the proud and dignified Chinese people. Don't you dare to besmear the highly respectable President Xi Jinping who has been elected by the Chinese people to guide China through this critical time of Western / US plot and conspiracy to contain China's peaceful development and bring down the Chinese people. We must not allow Western / US conspiracy to bring down China again as they did for over a hundred years from the Opium Wars of 1830s to around 1940s. China has now proudly risen like a phoenix from the ashes and is strong and powerful enough to destroy any Western/US - Japan plot to wage war on China again.

I strongly advise the idiotic moron to read and educate himself in history about how deeply and inherently evil each and every American president is from its first president George Washington right down to the dotard Donald Trump. They are all the same the other leaders from Europe like England, France, Germany, Italy. Spain , Holland and Russia. Educate yourself wisely before you come to comment in this blog.

Eagles Eyes

Friday, 4th May, 2018

Anonymous said...

9.59 am, hey dude who is anon 8.59 am. No such posting leh. What have u been smoking?

Anonymous said...

1. All politicians are devils. None of them is an angel. Some of them may behave like God but they are actually Satan in disguise.

2. When talking about the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea as two comparative or competitive choices, it means choosing between known dangers and unknown dangers.

You know the ways of the Devil. You know he exists right in front of you. You know what he will do to you. He will suck your blood, torture you slowly, chop you up into pieces and devour you piece-meal, and then leave your carcasses to rot and stink. Your death comes slowly and painfully. You can yell and yell, he is not bothered. He considers that as normal noises. You die your own business!

On the other hand, you do not know the Deep Blue Sea until you have chosen to jump into it and submerge yourself deeper and deeper until you feel the high pressure in your lungs, until you cannot breathe, until you feel the intense cold temperature, until you go limp and lost consciousness. By then it is already too late. Your death is guaranteed. It comes quick and swift, and painless!

3. Malaysian politics affects Singapore directly not only because of the proximity but also because our history, culture, traditions, norms, economic well-being, livelihoods, defence, foreign policies and financial markets are very closely intertwined. Whenever Malaysia sneezes, Singapore gets the flu germs. Whenever Malaysia farts, Singapore gets the smell. So, anyone who has some cow sense will never say that Malaysian politics affect the Malaysians only. That is ostrich's behaviour.

4. When talking about World politics, it is not China or President Xi Jinping who is the Devil. It is USA who is the Devil. The Devil already controls the whole world, yet he is still not satisfied. His unquenchable need for more power, dominance, control and the freedom to inflict instant death, suffering and misery at will as his punitive measures to enforce obedience and followship.

The US President represents the Devil Head. The CIA represents the Devil's Mind. The US Armed Forces, including their more than 1000 military bases around the World, including NASA and their Space Weapons, including their tactical and strategic nuclear weapons, including their covert operations all over the Whole Wide World -in Space, in the Air, under the Ocean and on Land - all these represent the Devils Arms, Legs, Horns, Tail, Claws, Teeth, Eyes, Ears, Noses and Shits.

In addition, there is The Deep State, the Shadow Government, that represents The Deep Blue Sea. It is there all the time, since the beginning of the Declaration of Independence. The US President can change hands. The Deep State is always there. It calls the shots, not the US President. Any US President who refused to obey, he is a dead man.

Wake up, kids!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

8.59am deleted by me. Not going to let him come here and talk rubbish and sell his private agenda.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 926:

>> Uncle talking about Mahathir and Najib lah. <<

I know that. But I don't agree that it is a binary choice of who is good and who is evil. (anyway, there's no such "thing" as "evil")

Mahathir might be the richest man in Malaysia. Maybe Najib has unseated him. All unofficially of course. Mahathir was the most powerful man in Malaysia, and his willing and (proven to be) very capable student was Najib. Anwar too, but he's in jail πŸ˜‚

So there's a "personal thing" too between the Mat and the Naj. Their families would have communed, broken bread, and celebrated together. Needless to say, the relationships are now in a mess. All because The Student outclassed The Master.

It's like Game of Thrones: House Stark vs House Lannister.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Ginger 1041:

Most people don't care about the "deep state" or "shadow govt". Just because you read about them on the internet, doesn't mean they actually exist. πŸ€ŸπŸ½πŸ˜›

For fuck's sake, get over this "good vs evil" trope. It is nearly halfway thru 2018, we have enough science to suggest that "good vs evil" was a bunch of nonsense directed to uneducated idiots (most people in the ancient world) and more recently to children and the religious to control them.

Mammalian primate species are social species, in that they form groups with hierarchy, whose leader is decided by "contest". Groups themselves will war with each other for food, territory or mating privileges....i.e. the females of the conquered group will be taken as mates by the victors, who would occasionally kill the offspring of the defeated.

Humans are biologically a mammalian primate species. We don't just have opposable thumbs, we have Symbolic Self Awareness, which is a complete game changer from monkeys, and responsible for human history, life, culture, art, creativity, communication.... everything which makes us human, and everything we as individual EXPERIENCE as human.

However, those unconscious, ancient "mammalian primate" processes are still there, and to some extent "drive us", which we are not aware of. In fact, we can use our cognitive skills like creativity, communication and calculation to plan and plot effective courses to achieve various "objectives"....some of them to cure disease and design new smart phones, and others to create awesome weapons and tools for manipulation of the masses.

Another axe blow to the myth of good vs evil, is that the one who is doing "evil", e.g. Hitler, thinks that he is actually doing "good" for e.g. wiping out the threat of the Jewden, and his quest is supported by millions. So then, how could he be "evil"?

Now take the historically famous "good guys" of WW2 (latest findings is that it was a con job in which millions died needlessly)---Churchill, Roosevelt...and Stalin, who killed more of his own people than Hitler.

Roosevelt and his predecessors fucked with Japan's trade (already industrialising at the time), cutting off their oil and raw materials like iron ore and other minerals. Roosevelt, a documented bigot, hated the Japs and Germans. Japan was dominating Asia, and the White Boys didn't like it. They took Indochina from the Frenchies. Ooh boy, those cheese and snail eating perfumed faggots got slapped by an Oriental. πŸ€ͺ Tak bolen tahan!

Churchill, the drunk egoist, had a boner to rid Europe of Hitler and the Nazi's. He sacrificed Singapore and Malaya to do it. He should have just left the shit alone, and let Stalin and Hitler duke it out. Stalin had the upper hand from the beginning. Hitler never had a chance.

Same with Asia. Japan might have conquered territory. However it was only a matter of time before China got big and powerful to say "Enough is enough" and obliterated Japan. It might have taken a few years, maybe even a few decades, but I don't think there was any way Japan could "colonize" the whole of East Asia. Japan had attacked Korea several times. And they had brief rules, then got kicked out. The same would have happened in Taiwan, even without WW2 coming to an end or beginning in the first place.

Japan had been doing shit in East Asia for a long time. They were known to be assholes by many other more peaceful Asian cultures. And human being are like that: you can be an asshole until one day the people "tolerating" your behaviour hit their limits of restraint, and take you down...really quickly.

So yeah, the "monkey" part of our social-animal engine, enhanced with our symbolic self-awareness and big brains πŸ‘―‍♀️🧠 makes us an awesome species. In many ways. πŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸ»

Anonymous said...

@ Eagle Eyes. Xi Jinping elected by the Chinese people? This guy is truly still affected by the pot smoked by his ancestors during the Opium War!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The m'sian cheenas are the hopeless ones <<

Actually the ones who are most likely to migrate are the Indians. The Malaysian Chinese who choose to emigrate are usually professionals and wage earners, and people who already have relatives overseas. The people is the business community mostly stay put.


Because as a smart, indistrious Chinese business person in Malaysia, you can make a shit-load of money, that's why....with very little competition, although you might have to "bribe your way" thru a few barriers.

And you do get a sense of "racial bigotry" but is is based on envy and jealousy. Cheena ini, cheena itu; apa Cheena mahu... an shit like this...all political. But as Frank Sinatra once said:

The best revenge is MASSIVE success. Without the Chinese, there's no modern Malaysia.

And as long as there is bribery, you will do A-OK. Bribery is a form of arbitrage--- the "real" price incorporates a "premium". So you have to pay a premium above the government salary the corrupt official is earning. Free market lah. Learn the language, and communicate. 🀑

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 211:

>> Xi Jinping elected by the Chinese people? <<

Please lah. Elections are over-rated, as is what we currently know as "modern" democracy (which has been hijacked a long time already).

There are numerous benefits to a soft, totalitarian dictatorship. Singapore is an on-going example of that political model. A soft (aka "benevolent") dictatorship fucking worked, sending those ivory-towered professors from social and political science faculties into chronic bouts of head-scratching. If your soft totalitarian dictatorship embraces a market economy (i.e. not too much top-down meddling), the economy will rage along generating mountains of revenue. The people won't starve, thus there will be no revolution.

You will piss off the Hong Kongers. But if you just leave them alone to make money and enjoy, they won't trouble you. Give them a PHYSICAL gold and oil trading markets, they'll shut the fuck up. Hong Kongers love good deals.

Benevolent dictatorship...yes, it can work....much better than "demo-crazy" 🀑

southernglory1 said...

RE: 12:11 pm

You are another ignorant skunk, a political naive idiot who knows next to nothing about democracy. Democracy as a system of government is not the monopoly of the Evil Empire and its insidious Western European allies. To enlighten your nutty pea size brain I will just tell you that Western democracy is a fraud, a racket to dominate, control and enslave non-western countries and to make these countries eventually a part of their empire. In the Evil Empire and the West a small minority of one percent elites hijacked power and the government through fake rigged elections where the crooks and scoundrels are elected by less than fifty percent of the population and thus at the expense of the large majority of people.

In China the essence of democracy is good governance where there are different tiers or levels of elections and the elected leaders who are from the people must serve the majority of the people. First each village must elect its own leaders to the district assembly. Then each district assembly will in turn elect representatives to the provincial assembly.The provincial assemblies will elect leaders to the National Assembly or parliament. At the parliament the parliamentary leaders will then elect the national leaders which include all the ministers,president and prime minister. I hope the idiotic moronic ignorant skunk will now understand how President Xi Jinping is elected by the people at the national parliament or national assembly. I hope to post an article on 'Democracy and Western Concocted Toxic Democracy' next week to expose the Evil Empire's motive of exporting its toxic democracy to non-western countries so as to enslave them and bring them under its total control.

Eagles Eyes.

Virgo 49 said...

Cheers Eagle Eyes,

Good to know that the so called Democratic Countries are so afraid of what's China "REAL Socialist System" that the so called Democratic Countries fight so hard against so that they can enjoy status quo and enrich themselves.

See so many so called Free Democracy Countries with their hypocrisy, corruptions and cronyism.

"Operations Cold Store" is Political Motivation for their selfish powers.

Anonymous said...

Southern Gory. Just admit you fucked up when you said Chinese people elected Xijinxping. Don't have to get so worked up when it is your own arse that you set on fire.

Anonymous said...

One cheena matlaysian female barber predicted that the cheenese will likely choose to jump into the sea cos the devil too evil le.

Too bad the rocket chose wrong launch pad to shoot into the sea?

No earthquake and tsunami in the sea so more cheenese matlaysian dun see any hope and thus open leg in sinkieland geylang somemore boyfrens ferry them from jb to the red light to earn $$$?

Matlaysian cheenese no brain nor backbone just raw brawl no use de?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

I've lived in a Western so-called "democracy" for over 40 years. It is TOTAL bullshit. Although I'm not a citizen, I registered to vote as a British subject, which is my legal "immigrant" status. My biggest regret is that I registered to vote....back in the day when I was 20-something and a hot liberal democrat who fell for all the political bullshit fed to me.

Western "demo-crazy" is smoke and mirrors. IT IS FAKE. It has long been hijacked and turned into a mad grab for power, control and people's money, by various competing and colluding "special interests".

The bloody fools in Singapore screaming for "demo-crazy" are probably one day going to get it, and then the entire cuntry will be FUCKED, except for the political class.