Can 1MDB drag Singapore down as well

The infamous 1MDB scandal played a big role in bringing down Najib and his corrupt regime. As many of the transactions of 1MDB went through Singapore, with several banks involved, could Singapore be implicated and this cancer spread to take its toll on the Singapore govt as well?

There is a post in thestatestimesreview titled ‘Did Najib accept Singapore’s High Speed Rail project to hide 1MDB funds?’ that speculated Singapore’s involvement in this scandal. It is highly speculative and controversial of course. It is just a point of view put forth by thestatestimereview, and the author admitted that it is just a possibility, not a fact. Shanmugam would call this serious allegation.

Here are a few paragraphs of the article,

‘Following Lee Hsien Loong’s embarrassing 30-mins meeting with newly-elected Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, the High Speed Rail project along with other bilateral deals with Singapore are now back on the negotiation stage. Sending a message to Lee Hsien Loong, the Malaysia’s Economic Affairs Minister announced an hour after Lee Hsien Loong was sent out the doors of the PM’s Putrajaya building, that all bilateral deals signed by former Malaysia PM Najib Razak has to be re-looked at.
For good reason.

In exchange for hiding his stolen 1MDB funds in Singapore, former Malaysian PM Najib Razak clinched a deal with Lee Hsien Loong to extend Malaysia’s High Speed Rail (HSR) project to Singapore? Entirely plausible.

For a start, Malaysia does not need to extend it’s domestic HSR to Singapore in the first place. There is little economic benefits for Malaysia to link Kuala Lumpur and Johor to Singapore, which has only proven to worsen the rising cost of living of Malaysians. So why is the HSR extended to Singapore then?

Based off United States’s investigation, Singapore played the major role helping Najib Razak hide his stolen billions. The funds transacted through 5 Singapore banks, including Temasek Holdings-owned DBS and Standard Chartered….’

The suggestions in the article are good for reading and would make a good fictional story on political conspiracy and torrid business deals. Whether there is any element of truth in this episode only time will tell. If it turns out to be true, things would look very embarrassing as Mahathir would have no reason to hide anything if he comes to know about it. He would proudly tell the whole world the whole truth and nothing but the truth, this time with all honesty, as he has all the reasons to do so.

And if it does happen, the fall out may be tough to ignore. One govt has fallen because of 1MDB. Would it bring down another? Until proven, this is only an allegation and there is nothing more to it. It is not fake news as fake news would claim that it is true and want the readers to believe that it is true. The article said it is ‘entirely plausible’. So just leave it as that and wait for the story to unfold. No need to jump into conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Will Sinkieland's Long ah be drag into Ah Jib's 1MDB scandal?
Ans: Yes. one can see how panic is Long ah at PutraJaya other day. This loony chap is one of the culprit to help his selfie buddy hiding his ill gotten gains. It will be a very embarrassing moment when Dr M will announce to the world that Long ah & his cronies helped the then ex-PeeAm of Matland hide the Matland's funds. The whole world will know the true character & integrity of this Loony chap - Dishonourable Son with Greed for Monies with No Barriers of the very High First Order Degree.

SSO said...
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Anonymous said...

Once branded a "Dishonorable Son" by own close siblings, ALWAYS A "DISHONORABLE SON" in public mind.

Somemore the "Dishonorable Son" went all the way to form a secret Millionaires Committee to DISHONOR his own FATHER AND MOTHER, and went all the way to PARLIAMENT instead of the Supreme Court, to orchestrate a self-whitewash Shakespearen Act making ownself as Judge, Prosecuto, Defence Lawyer, Witnesses and Jury to publicly announce for himself that he is "Cleaned". Of course lifting the "WHIP" bt words but the Minions being programmed with fat rewards dared not to risk their skin and bank accounts to challenge, excep to pour in praises and more feel-good accolades for the "Dishonorable Son".

If such has been the state of affairs, how not the State of Affairs helped Najib and company to evade or cover-up?

SSO said...

One hundred percent. Without doubt in my mind. This is my own perception with pieces of news, facebook posts, twitter and sources in other alternative media, here and there, all pieced together.

I am therefore of the considered OPINION that Singapore banks especially the controlled amd connected banks, MUST have helped Najib or his relative and his cronies to transfer funds to the Swiss Banks and Off-Shore Banks with branches in Singapore.
The two of them have been TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.

Their friendship were too good to be true, in public eyes.

This is my own opinion. It may be accurate or way off. You form your own conclusions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you remove the word "scandal" from the argument, a much less biased pictureis presented.

If subjects the 1MDB narrative to Bayesian Analysis (inference), it is more than likely that Singaporean actors (whoever they might be) are/ were COMPLICIT (to varying degrees) in the positive and negative affairs of this foreign sovereign wealth bank.

Bayesian inference is great for generating probalistic suspicions of criminality. However the legal system requires HARD VERIFIABLE, EVIDENCE before making accusations, arresting people and throwing them in jail, after destroying their characters and seizing their assets.

Bummer :-)

As for "bringing down Singapore",I doubt it. People are OK with govt corruption, if their lives are generally OK.

Despite their faults and arrogance, the PAP is doing a satisfactory job in running the dog-and-pony show the world knows as "Singapore".

The cuntry and it's long-term soft-dictatorship of a one-party fake democracy has been criticised for 50+ years....and yet we are not only standing, but have essentially beat everyone in the middle-class all over the world. We have The Richest Middle Class. Even Big Cuntries like China are copying some of our "success formula". The Big USA loves our public health system, and other cuntries are also copying some of our systems.

So no, I don't think the incumbent will be tossed out anytime soon.

If Najib played a more sensible game and didn't make himself so unpopular, kept a lid on his arrogant and boastful wife, he might have won the recent election. Afterall, he was already tipped to win by a narrow margin. However, like most humans, they allow their VANITY to prevail. So he lost.

SSO said...

Najib, during the hastings of Malaysian GE14 told Dr Mahathir directly in his face, in public, the "CASH IS KING".

Such a display of ARROGANCE and BOASTFUL Attitude in conjunction with the 1MDB Scandal going on for years, with US State Department and Department of Justice getting actively interested, plus his wife Rosmah's established bad public image (akin to Imelda Marcos), and the unsolved brutally cruel murder of the Mongolian woman, rumoured to be Najib's girlfriend - all these plus other juicy stories of/by his son-in-law and children crescendo into a torrent of fire to bring Najib down.

Anybody associated with him or have been seen buddy buddy with him enjoying durians or whisky, wine, women and music together, privately or publicly, now at this investigative juncture stands to be "BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER" until and unless he/she is able to shake off from this inevitable tarnished and blemished image.

Singapore's PM and Wife are also likely targets of suspicion, common-sensically.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jib stupid ... keep the money in personal bank account & cash in his own properties ... WTF?!?!

If without the money tied to Ah Jib, he can't be charged for anything ... what? Incompetence? Negligence? No leh ... all due diligence was followed, go read all the Ministry Of Finance analysis ... this is investing mah ... where got 200% bao chiak one?!?

Even old fart & whore jinx not charged for anything right?? And they lost much more than 1MDB over the last 20 years right?!?!

PAPies clever ... their billions are washed thru Nth-level subsidiary of subsidiaries and JV of JVs, and trust funds of offshore funds etc etc.

At most only some low-level executives or clerks or stockbrokers to be castrated & hanged.

SSO said...

Goh Chok Tong's facebook posts touching on Dr Mahathir’s success have caused netizens to call on him to ‘do a Mahathir’ and join the opposition camp to fight the incumbent. Both men share similarities, having been Prime Ministers of their respective nations in the past.

At 77, GCT is 15 years younger than Dr Mahathir. Therefore, his age is not a problem. In fact, it has become an advantage.

These calls come after Dr Mahathir’s historic win prompted many Singaporeans to express their desire for Dr Tan Cheng Bock to achieve something similar by contesting the next election from the opposition’s camp instead of as an independent.

ESM Goh should seriously think about it for the sake of NATIONAL INTERESTS in the long-term. The Lee Junior must not be allowed full reign of power without consequences. Unfettered absolute power is not only bad for the Nation. It is historitcally bad for everyone else except the one who wields the power.

The pains and sufferings unfettered absolute power inflicted upon the masses usually go into silent mode and underground, for a long time, before it surface suddenly as a Tsunami that nothing can stand in its way any more.

ESM Goh should join force with Dr Tan Cheng Bock and other retired PAP MPs, and ALL Opposition Parties of Significance, to form an Alliance of Singaporeans Party (ASP) to challenge the LHL Aristocratic Rule.


Anonymous said...

The question is if Lau Goh exit PAP, he will definitely lose his PAP pension on top of his ESM salary. Doubtless he is rich enough to forego or sacrifice such benefits, but will he do it for the sake of National Interest?

The next question is whether Lau Goh is as popular to Sinkies as Mahathir is to the Malaysians and could therefore help to tip the balance of power if he joins the opposition?

Will Sinkie want Lau Goh as next PM knowing that he was the one who started the opening of the doors to let in foreigners by the planeloads and the escalation of Minister's salaries to the millions? Will he aggravate the population increase to the much talked about 10 million?

And knowing the opposition in Sinkieland, will they fight for position in the new Cabinet if they succeed? Huge egos are at play in Sinkieland's opposition camps.

Just some thoughts on the topic of doing a Mahathir in Sinkieland.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1229:

About GCT: >> will he do it for the sake of National Interest? <<

I doubt it.Firstly there is no "crisis" in Singapore. If you look in the public spaces, no one is starving or dressed in rags. People are not starving, the majority can lose 5-10kg at least. 😂

In Malaysia there are political "drivers" not found or insignificant in Singapore. For e.g.: the race thing---Malay/ Bhumi vs Chinese and Indians, economic diversity and relative size (Singapore is more economically diverse), standing in international community (Singapore's reputation is sterling, Malaysia...not so much)...all in all the "average" person is far better off as a Singapore citizen than a Malaysian, even though Singapore has challenges like space, cost of living, etc.

The purchasing power of the SGD is far superior to the RM. So even if you find Singapore "expensive", you can always take your "power money" over the causeway and get a bigger bang for your money.

Isn't it ironical that our 50-dollar note has a picture of a dead Malay President on it? And how funny is it when you use your "One Dead President" to get 3 times the nominal amount in RM? 🤪 BTW, the RM note has a picture of a living king (The Agung) on them.

Our One Dead President beats their One Living King. Therefore even if you are dead and Malay, you're better off being a Singaporean than a Malaysian. 😱🤓

Anonymous said...

Does it also mean one Dead LKY beats one Living Mahathir?

If so, based on same ligic, their one Lost-Power BN beats the In-Power PAP?

Anonymous said...

Which type of corruption is worst, blatant type of Jib or legalized type of LoonieJinx? If both types each pocket $100mln or more over their terms on citizens' money. "Legalized" type is corruption plus hypocrisy, blatant type is corruption per se. Think.

Anonymous said...

Legalised corruption is still corruption, protected by laws created by the corrupt to protect themselves from accusations, prosecutions and conviction. This kind of corruption is the worst in the world of humanity. It is the most debased and despicable, for it not only defies the laws, defies the populace and defies basic human decency, it also undermine the Justice System in the country and in the whole world, both man-made and natural.

No amount of physical punishment is sufficient as a recourse or remedy for this kind of corruption. The only recourse or remedy is punishment in Hell. Such offenders must be so tormented again and again, with respite, life after life, generation after generation without ending, till the end of Time.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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