Putin is a joke

Russian soldiers and weapons are in Syria to protect Assad and Syria from falling to the Americans or ISIS. The combination of Russian and Syrian forces was very successful in wiping out the American backed ISIS and rebel forces.

Just as the ISIS and the rebels were at the brink of complete annihilation, the Americans, UK and France struck to stop the attack by the Russian and Syrian forces. The remnants of the ISIS and rebel forces lived to fight another day.

Now what is this Putin or Russian joke? The Russians had made a deal with the Americans and the rogue nations of the West that they would not hit or shoot them down if these forces did not attack Russian soldiers in Syria. They could attack Assad or any military targets in Syria as they liked without the Russians hitting back.

See the joke, the protector of Assad and Syria, would allow them to be attacked as long as the attackers leave the Russian soldiers out of the picture, did not attack the Russian soldiers.
What kind of ally or protector are Putin and his Russian forces? What kind of a joke is this? The Americans, UK and France struck and went home safely without a scratch, simply because they did not hit the Russians and the Russians stood by with folded arms, did not fire a shot except a shouting match in the UN.

How reliable is this kind of protector or ally? Can Assad or any country rely on the Russians to protect them from the evil Empire and the rogue nations? The Russian weapons in Syria are there only to protect Russian soldiers, not Assad and Syrian soldiers. The Americans and the rogue nations can conduct war in Syria as if the Russians were not there, as long as they stay away from the Russian soldiers. And the Americans, Brits and French made sure that nothing will go wrong with their attack aircraft by informing the Russians in advance where they were going to hit so that the Russians would not hit them by mistakes.

You believe that? What kind of ally is this? Keep having secret deals with the enemies?

This whole farce is going to be repeated in Iran. The Americans and the Jews are preparing to attack Iran by heaping all kinds of false allegations against Iran. And they are going to attack, with another secret deal with the Russians. They would not attack Russian aircraft and soldiers in Iran, and the Russians and Putin would go to UN and make a few tough talks. That's it.

Iran will be invaded by the Americans and the Jews and a few more rogue countries. History will repeat itself. Putin will be a joker a second time.


Anonymous said...

Good to have jokers and clowns and court jesters around like in Sinkieland. Otherwise, life becomes very dull. Everything too serious without jokes is no joke.

Anonymous said...

//Putin will be a joker a second time.//

This will not be the last time

When China under the Qing Dynasty was attacked in 1894-1895 by the Japenise, the Russian did what?

Going forward, if China is being attacked again by western imperialist together with the Japenise and little white sheriff in Asia, what would Russia do?

Chinese have a saying:

"ROB when there is a FIRE"

Just like 1894-1895, time will tell how reliable Russia "alliance" with China is

Anonymous said...

Beside Putin being a joke, there is another person in sinkieland of the same age born in 1952 who is a JOKE

The sinkies at the wrong place at the wrong time going forward will be the collateral damage when things fall apart and beyond remedy

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Old hunch back ah ma pick card board from rubbish dump under hot sun and rain for exercise

Anonymous said...

Joke or no joke, those who still have minds of their own and NOT brainwashed day in day out decide for themselves

Anonymous said...

ThoSe whO thinK noT a joKe:


Anonymous said...

This is no joking matter. Putin already controls Trunp, and by definition he controls the US. Why would he want to fight the US when eventually it all belongs to Russia.

So he lets the US and it's allies take over the whole world and it still belongs to him. Why fight? Let the US and its allies do the fighting.

When elephants don't fight each other, the trees and bushes suffer.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Putin has indeed lost much credibility when the Russians failed to stop the attack by Uncle Sam and its two poodles, Britain and France. The Russians claimed to have shot down about 70% of the cruise missiles but it is not enough to prove that Putin has what it takes to be a powerful and reliable protector of Assad. Another attack in the near future by Uncle Sam and its poodles without a robust response by Putin will prove beyond a doubt that he is a joke.

jjgg said...

So .. putin is a joke eh.. what about the man who worked for the invaders.. and rose to lead his country for 50 years.. in that process amass such a fortune that allowed his beneficiaries to toss checks in the millions of dollars n feed the clan for generations. .who's the joke...)))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The 69.8% who voted for PAP are the Real Jokers!

Who are laughing all the way to their banks?

Anonymous said...

Knn, all the oldies quah cha png dunno can get back in full or not before sayonara?

Skaly need haircut siao liao?

In some past financial instances, investors kena haircut until $1 get back $0.05?

Jiak Lat or not?

Joking matter?

A Joke on oldies?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I said on this Syria issue before: I told you so.

Putin won't risk his cuntry for a small-time thug and tinpot dick-tater of a shitty old nation. The diplomatic back-channels are what the MSM doesn't report. What they feed the sheeple is a sanitised version of events, most of it probably bullshit. The MSM has long lost its credibility for being a "truth teller".

AS I keep saying, it is not that easy to start a war...especially a war between big powerful nuclear-armed cuntries. Because these cuntries are big, their leaders will talk big, and take out their big cocks as displays of strength and dominance...but in the end they will always respect the fact that their adversary is also a big powerful cuntry.

Political solutions always involve COMPROMISE. This is an example of compromise in action. But it is also based on calculus: Syria is not Russia. Therefore there is a LIMIT to what Russia can reasonably commit to the defense of Syria. After that limit, no more. Too bad. Russia is not in the "charity for dick-taters" business.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Read in Friday ST a report by Ravi Velloor, Indian talent now full time writing for ST because ST got no Singaporean journalist to write such articles on regional issues except about food recipes.

In his article he revealed the Indian plot to conduct regime change in the Maldives to replace the pro China president. India was ready to invade the island to support the rebels. Then they received intelligence report that the Chinese Special Forces were already in the island and would take on the invaders.

India backed down.

This is what a reliable and dependable ally should be. China has stepped up to the plate when needed to defend its allies. Same as in North Korea. Trump wanted to conduct a preemptive strike. Sent Tillerson to inform China of the plot, promising that after the invasion of North Korea, the American troops would withdraw south of the 38th parallel. They thought the Chinese were stupid.

China showed them the middle finger, told the Americans that China would send in soldiers to defend North Korea if the US invade. The evil Americans had no choice but to cancel their invasion plan.

Now the sillies are calling to give a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump, just like they gave to Obama for continuing to conduct wars in the ME and killing thousands of Arabs/Muslims. Here Trump wanted to invade NK and they proposed to give him a peace prize. Who is the twit that equated the killings of 10 or 20 innocent pedestrians with the killings of thousands, hundreds of thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims by the Americans and rogue European powers and said good and bad people also killed people, so they are the same?

What a fucking joke. The Peace Prize should go to Xi Jinping for stopping the Americans from starting another war.

Anonymous said...

If Trump and Kim can agree, the Nobel Peace Prize will indeed go to Trump. It is a no brainer award.

The Nobel Peace Prize will and can never go to Xi. He who controls the poodles gets the bone. That is how the system works.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Putin just conducted a civil defence exercise involving 40 million Russians in preparation for a nuclear war. China has beefed up its defences in the South China Sea and its border with NK in case Trump and the hawks led by MadCain decided to play with fire.

Anonymous said...


" In the midst of all this, one particularly astute political commentator gave a disturbingly prophetic insight as to how the crisis would ultimately be resolved, predicting a: “world war of an extent and violence hitherto unimagined. Eight to ten million soldiers will be at each other’s throats and in the process they will strip Europe barer than a swarm of locusts. The depredations of the Thirty Years War compressed into three or four years and extended over the entire continent; famine, disease, the universal lapse into barbarism, both of the armies and people, in the wake of acute misery; irretrievable dislocation of our artificial system of trade, industry and credit, ending in general bankruptcy; collapse of the old states and their conventional political wisdom to the point where crowns will roll into the gutter by the dozen, and no one will be around to pick them up; the absolute impossibility of seeing where it will all end and who will emerge as victor from the battle; only one consequence is absolutely certain:....."

The link,
Yes, a world war is imminent – Dan Glazebrook

Israel's Dark Age Of Terror - Biblicism Institute - WordPress.com

Remembering The Odessa Massacre: 2 May 2014 - The Duran

An Ode to Eugene V. Debs and the End of Capitalism - Truthdig

My Singapore News: France and Australia – Two white devils colluding to maintain western hegemony in the Pacific Ocean

The Saker: "The Warmakers" - SouthFront

Anonymous said...

Another Joke is The Debate On Operation Coldstore ( more appropriate name should be Operation Coldstoraged). And the Jokers are the Chairman and Members of the Selected Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehood. Plus Dr PJ Thum. Plus balls-carriers of propaganda agencies. Plus stupidity cannot cure.

Read the latest by Ex-ISD Director, Yoong Siew Wah;

Puvlished Friday, May 4, 2018

The Conundrum of Operation Coldstore

Actually I have stopped blogging since last year. Lately I have been intrigued by the persistent appeals of interested political observers to give my view on the controversial Operation Coldstore. I will make this my swan song.

I will try to give an objective view on Operation Coldstore without giving offence to any party be it the powers-that-be or the opposition. The bombastic submission on Operation Coldstore by the authentic reputed Oxford Historian Dr. Thum Ping Tjin to the Select Committee on deliberate falsehoods has created an unprecedented uproar to the members of the Select Committee as well as the public .Dr. Thum's submission seems to lack objectivity by presenting only one side of the picture without the opportunity of having the insight of the deliberations and discussions of the Internal Security Council (ISC) comprising Malaysian and British representatives which gave the approval to PM Lee Kuan Yew to proceed with Operation Coldstore. What the ISC discussed was top secret and not privy to the public. So it remained a secret how Lee Kuan Yew had been able to convince the ISC with his eloquence to give him the approval. Members of the ISC were not guillible people who could be easily persuaded.

That Operation Coldstore was mounted against the leaders of the Communist United Front ostensibly to pre-empt them from seizing power was never in doubt but that it had also helped Lee Kuan Yew in consolidating his position against his political opponents cannot be dismissed as a fact. Some of those detained can be described dyed-in-the-wool subversives but it cannot be denied that some may be less implicated.

The fact that Dr. Thum Ping Tjin is an authentic reputed Oxford Historian can never be detracted by any amount of denigration by any party though there was no lack of such attempts as seen in his six-hour questioning in the Select Committee. The Operation Coldstore controversy will go on indefintely because there can never be a definitive conclusion to it.

Read in between the lines. See what cannot be seen. Make your own conclusions.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

No amount of whitewashing by the PAP government can remove this dark stain in the political history of Singapore. Operation Coldstore has left an indelible mark on LKY. His reputation as a tyrant who had resorted to heinous means to imprison his opponents under dubious charges will remain a legal moot point. Singapore has been ruled by leaders with questionable honour since 1959.

Virgo 49 said...

This ex-ISD director had to not say what's he supposed to say.

Ex-ISD Top Civil Servant sworn to Screcry and also on Oath to safeguard Top Secrets under the OSA.

Frankly, most of them would bring their guilts and injustices to their graves.

You know, I know, rest don't know and not supposed to know.

Heavy Politicial Price to pay.

Which human beans have unbridled courage.???

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, Big Bully USA and their henchmen namely the Brits and the French Cap Young Punt in all times had been ganging to terrorize all the nations that do not toe their line.

Russia and China been too lay back and stand up to them.

That's why most if not all nations tried to get into their good books and not offend them.

This young French Cap as with most French Nationals are conceited and arrogant fighting cocks. He even challenged Dotard on his policies

Little calf do not know the wrath of the Tiger or Lion.

That's why our Pinky Loong prefer USA than China. Russia and China should be more pro active in countering the USA.

Own cronies will carry balls and nominated the Greatest War Monger for the Novel Peace Prize.

Even that daft Moon will praisd him.

Should be Novel War Prize.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Do not under estimate Moon. He knows what he is doing, he is playing his cards well. First and foremost he is a Korean, a nationalist.

Anonymous said...

2018 marks the beginning of the end

Anonymous said...

//You believe that? What kind of ally is this? Keep having secret deals with the enemies? //

Sinkies believe that? What kind of talents is this? Keep having secret deals with aliens?

Anonymous said...

//What kind of a joke is this?//

"Stupidity got no cure." Chua Chin Leng aka Red Bean

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49 May 05, 2018 8:39 am
//Shamemugan as the PM in charge of the puppet PM had said now as the Most powerful Man in Sinkieland that Ministers must do their Right Things and ignore the minority vocal.//

During recent resuffer, 3 relatively young minionsters "retired" but nothing happened to the shambody u mentioned. Not enuf positions so some retired but this one occupy 2 posts. "Interesting" .....

AnyboLEE wonder what KEE CHIU think inside?

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011
"Shanmugam had an affair - Lee Hsien Loong intervened to block messy divorce"


Anonymous said...

" Shame-mugam ex-wife accused him of adultery...."


Anonymous said...


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

Opeartion Coldstore..."dark stain" my foot lah. No one cares, and it's perfectly fine. It happened a long time ago, when the world was a different place, and people were a lot dumber and more gullible.

Today, people have better things, more productive and beneficial things to do than worry about a bunch of idiots who got done by another bunch of idiots at a time when the planets was gripped by insanity.

That was the Cold War era: the fight between "good" freedom and "evil" communism. The commies had their propaganda. The so-called "freedom fighters" had their propaganda.

There was this trope in the culture that "communists are everywhere"...."Reds Under The Beds"...classic Amrican fearmongering.

On State-owned TV and Radio (the embarrasingly fucked-up RTS---Radio Television Singapore, located in the leafy enclaves of Caldecott Hill), there were PSAs (Public Service Announcements) warning the Singapore public of the "dangers of communism".

There were other bullshit propaganda on the air too: "Anti smoking messages ("Do you smoke? No I don't! Good for you!" KNN?!? WTF??), "Eat More Wheat Campaign" (and get heart disease and diabetes), stupid useless 5 min "lessons" on speaking Malay (we know ho w effective that was)...the PAP's early attempts at social engineering was low class, low quality, made by morons for morons....fuck thank god we've progressed!

So "purges" like Operation Coldstore, The later "Marxist Conspiracy"....all political wayang lah. I don't see why there needs to be a fuss about them.

If you think the PAP doesn't have 100% control of the island, then you need to wake the fuck up. Personal freedoms like what people in more "enlightened cuntries" enjoy, won't be coming to Singapore soon....it is not in the CULTURE to allow free-ranging individualism, and therefore it won't appear in the political system either.

The PAP run a totalitarian system. The Singapore people make that choice over andover again,and for the vast majority, the political system has delivered as promised: upward mobility, education, and asset enhancement.

Nowhere in the political rhetoric has there been mention of "rights","civil liberties", "individualism"...not happening. Zero. Zilch. Kosong. Bo liau. Singaporeans do not give a shit about such "abstarctions" Amos Yee found out the hard way. Now he's not even a footnote in history.

The past is over. Move the fuck on and be right here, right now, in the PRESENT.

Anonymous said...

Russian defence spending last year was only US 63 billion dollars Whilst US spent 610 billion dollars! How to go the long haul with USA

Anonymous said...

Russian spending is even less than Saudi Arabia at us 69.4 billion dollars 2017.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1211, 1218:

Putin is very careful on how he spends his cuntry's money....which is why he himself is probably among the richest people on earth. Putin plays the LONG Game, which to me in an endearing quality.

Have a look at Russian sovereign debt levels---they are amongst the lowest in Europe. Even by global standards, Russian state debt is VERY LOW. This is a cuntry which has defaulted before, and suffered currency problems. Today, at least for the moment, Putin's has made Russia's finances strong.

The EU hates Putin. But Putin's Russia carries a lot less debt than the debt-straddled EU with rich cuntries like Germany holding the fort, whilst shitbags like Greece, Spain and France were once broker than broke. Maybe the EU should start showing Putin some respect. He has the MONEY to bail them out...if Germany starts to feel the strain.

Defense spending is one of the main reasons the old USSR went belly-up in the first place. The USSR economy was essentially directed to buy weapons and prop up the massive military....to compete with the USA. Even China...as much as it has increased its defense spending is still a very distant 2nd place from the USA's massive war-making machine which it uses to assert it's "leadership" in the world.

Putin is a smart guy. He won't go into a fight he cannot win. Or a fight where a win would be too expensive---i.e. a pyrrhic victory. Better to flip off that needy-asshole Asad---who Putin has helped immensely, and who now can fucking jolly well fend for himself, and for Putin to re-direct his focus concentrating on Russia, and how to fuck the EU. 😹

Anonymous said...

Russian defence was high at US $88 billion in 2013. Followed Europe's sanctions in 2014, it had a about 2 plus per cent taken away from it's GDP

Military spending went down since.

Anonymous said...

Russian GDP was US $ 1.52 trillion with a population of 145 Million people.

S Koreans economy was blazing at US 1.53 trillion 2017 it's population only 50 million!

Russian has tonnes of natural resources and high tech industries mAking jet fighters and nuclear submarine.

How come their economy never expand with much potential for growth?

Anonymous said...

Swiss population only 8.48 million is punching above it's weight with a GDP of a whopping US $ 681 billion more than double Singapore GDP 2017

No joke Swiss power!