Western myth and smearing of the Chinese Civilisation

The Chinese and the Chinese Civilisation have been the victims of western smear campaign and disinformation for more than two centuries to the point that even today many silly bananas hate and despise the Chinese and Chinese Civilisation and themselves without knowing the truth. Just view some of  the sick and silly comments of Singaporeans bananas in CNA onlines and some websites and you will know why and wondering how sick are the minds of these bananas.

As for the westerners, it is understandable as they were brought up with a diet of western history of dominance and the rest of the world are inepts and less civilised and less able than them. Some western historians and academics may harbour such negative thoughts of the Chinese Civilisation out of ignorance of Chinese history and culture, some out of their cultural bias, and some out of plain stupidity.

I will briefly explained the stereotyping of the Chinese Civilisation and try to dismiss their negative perception and interpretation and understanding of the Chinese Civilisation. To them the Chinese and Civilisation are backward and well below the intelligence of the West. This is not all. They have been passing the myth that the Chinese are aggressive and belligerent people and have been a warring state and harbour the ambition of wanting to conquer and rule the world. They have been spreading this lie and fear to nations of the world that many believe in this lie within thinking. They have been drumming this into the subconsciousness of the people of the world, especially those that read Chinese history and Civilisation written by the West.

The ingenuity, talent and industry of the Chinese need no further elaboration if one is to look at China in the last 40 years. After being conquered and ruled by foreigners for more than 400 years, being victims of invasion, aggression, wars and foreign powers plundering and looting the wealth of a once rich and advanced civilisation, China was in ruins by the late 19th Centuries till 40 years ago, ie the late 1970s. Given the opportunity to manage their own country and destiny, the Chinese people rose to right all the wrongs and all the negative perceptions of the Chinese people and Civilisation.

Some of you may be wondering why I said China was ruled by foreigners for more than 400 years. The western scholars could not tell the difference between the Han Chinese and the minority tribes in China. The Mongols and the Manchus were not Han Chinese but minority tribes of China, numbering only a few millions, a small fraction of the Han Chinese population. These were martial tribes with ambitions to conquer and rule over China and the Han Chinese. The Mongols even rode west to conquer Europe and the Middle East.

Be very clear, the Mongols and Manchus were not Han Chinese. The Han Chinese as a Civilisation has long given up wars and conquests. They have turned themselves into farmers and tradesmen, craftsmen and enjoying the arts and culture. The Chinese culture puts soldiering as among the lowest of the profession to be admired. No good sons would want to be a soldier and even if they were soldiers, their ranks in the hierarchy of the dynasties were lower than the administrative service officials. The warring DNAs of the Chinese Civilisation were long gone, lost by the 13th Century. That was the key reason why small minorities like the Mongols and the Manchus were able to conquer and rule China with populations of hundreds of millions. The Chinese have lost the desire to conduct war and soldiering was not a desired profession.

The Japanese read this very well and thought they could rule a peasant and artisan China and Chinese Civilisation. When the West invaded China under the rule of the Manchus, the Chinese Civilisation were suppressed to a hapless people. And the only soldiers were the Manchus and their Chinese conscripts. Even the Manchus by then were worn out, decadent and weak militarily.

Since the conquest and rule of China by the Mongols, 1279-1368 and Manchus in 1644-1911, the only Chinese dynasty in between was the Ming Dynasty. The Ming was famous for the Expedition of Admiral Cheng Ho, not of conquest. They too weakened and were conquered by the Manchus that ruled China for nearly 300 years.  The weakened Qing Dynasty was succeeded by the invasion of the western colonial powers and Japan.

Thus, since the 13th Century, the China and Chinese Empire were not really Chinese except for the Ming Dynasty, a rather peaceful and non expansionist Empire that even withdrawn from the world after the last voyage of Cheng Ho. They destroyed all their naval ships and became isolationist.

The expansionist and belligerent warmongering Chinese Empires were non Chinese, ie the Mongols and the Manchus. Where is the evidence or facts to call the Chinese as expansionist empire builders that sought to conquer and rule its neighbours and the world.

This myth about the Chinese and a warlike Chinese Civilisation is a western lie, a western fabrication to smear the Chinese Civilisation and to instil fear in the countries around China and the world, to demonise China. At the least, it is also due to western ignorance or deliberate distortion of history.

China and the Chinese Civilisation have never been a threat to the rest of the world since the 13th Century. Even today, China is not threatening any country. The island disputes in the South China Sea was a renewed and strong China reclaiming what were rightly Chinas, nothing more nothing less. China today still lost a lot of territories seized by the invading countries when it was weak and not taking them back. The act of taking back the territories seized by the invading countries cannot be seen as being expansionist or aggressive. These territories should return to their rightful owners, China.

China was a victim of foreigners since the 13th Century except a short spell under the Ming Dynasty. And during these 7 hundred years, China and the Chinese Civilisation were not a player in world affairs, so how can China be aggressive and expansionist? The white lie that China/Chinese Civilisation are aggressive and expansionist needs to be scrapped from the skulls of the unthinking. It was the Mongols and the Manchus that were expansionist and martial in their nature.

Where did the western colonialists get the idea that China is going to be a hegemon again? Why hype about a possible hegemon but acquisced at the behest of an existing evil Empire? Where did the rest of the world get this negative thought about China and the Chinese Civilisation as a hostile country or Civilisation? When did the simple minded unthinking bananas got this idea as well? From reading western myth, lies, and smear campaigns written by westerners to demonise China and the Chinese Civilisation of course.

Know your history and know the truth and save yourself from living under other people's lies and being made a fool of yourself and your Civilisation.

PS. An expansionist and aggressive warlike nation and Civilisation would not be so easily conquered and ruled by foreigners and invaders, for more than 400 years. If you want to know what is expansionist and aggressive, look at the records of colonialism, imperialism and the evil Empire maintaining more than 1,000 military bases across the world.


Anonymous said...

RB, me very worried when u write this article --"..The act of taking back the territories seized by the invading countries cannot be seen as being expansionist or aggressive. These territories should return to their rightful owners, China."

By the same analogy, Sinkieland will be returned to the Malaysia in a not so distance future! As Malaysia is the rightful owner of this little red dot! Probably, when Sinkieland's economy collapse, Sinkieland will be sold to the Malaysians. By then dunno the neighbor up north want it or not..

Anonymous said...

The bananas are educated in the west, especially in their universities, ivy league universities for Singapore bananas.

They have been brain-washed from very young age until their brains are already sanforized and sanitized with chloroform and psychedelic euphoria-inducing drugs to the extent they keep denying themselves of their own roots and own civilisation, taking on the western pricks as their step-fathers or god-fathers, even though their mothers may have married a genuine eastern man. This is the greatest disgrace to themselves, their family and their ancestors.

Yet, they are so proud and standing so tall, preaching western cultures of barbarianism and supremacy. In their darkest recess of mind, they secretly harbour to wish to be one of them, to be transformed into a white man, if possible to be screwed by a white man in their ass.

Worst of all is that they not only love western pricks, they keep screwing their own citizens in the name of their western step-father or god-father. They keep going to the west to seek their lords' permission to do this or that, for protection. They keep bringing gifts bought from their own citizens' money, to give to their western lords. They even worship the western lord in the name of God, the father, son and unholy ghost.

This is the tragic situation the world over with regards to the bananas, yellow, red, black.

Banana Peeler said...

Another decadent evidence of bananas' over-bloated rewards for lackluster and incompetent performance:

"Malaysia’s newly-elected government announced a 10% ministerial salaries pay cut, Singapore Ministers are now under tremendous pressure from the public to trim off chunk off their million dollar paycheck. According to the Malaysian government, the move is an austerity measure to reduce burden on public expenditures, even though the savings may not be substantial.

The Malaysian Prime Minister draws about S$92,400 a year while a Minister draws about S$60,000 a year. The savings is estimated to be only S$110,000 a year.

In Singapore, dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong draws the world’s highest salaries at S$2.2 million a year, or 22 times the Malaysian PM’s. The PAP Ministers take home S$1.1 million at least, and the total cabinet costs at least S$53 million a year.

As Singapore is now in debt due to expenses over-run from mega projects like Terminal 5 and Tuas Mega Port, Singaporeans are calling for the millionaire ministers to impose a similar pay cut.

Singapore’s political salaries is a textbook case study of a legalised corruption, where a corrupted majority ruling party re-write legislation to give themselves a massive pay raise.

According to government propaganda, the million-dollar salaries is required to deter corruption and attract “political talents”. The policy however ended up with several military generals becoming Ministers, and system-wide incompetence. Singapore Ministers eventually become obsessed with the money, disinterested in governance and completely subservient to the Prime Minister.

It is not uncommon to see Ministers, PAP MPs and even the Speaker of Parliament skipping parliamentary sessions in Singapore.

In a recent parliamentary debate last week, the state media accidentally published a camera footage of a parliament session with over empty seats.

According to laws written by the ruling party PAP, a MP needs only attend parliament once every two months to retain his seat."

The above is from the statestimesreview.com website.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, cho see liang.Attract political Talents???

These DUD Ministers not Worth A Cent in the Private Sector.

That's why got to wear Uniforms and carry balls.

Then Parachute into Parliament. Some more got to go in by back doors.

Don't know got also offered their backsides or not.

Uniformed Services are parasites with no true returns of investments and talents.

Anonymous said...

One DPM shamelessly lamented that he and all the ministers haven't got a pay rise for the last few years. With overpaid salaries of millions of dollars he cried as if he and his colleagues are making a great sacrifice.Add to the salaries they also collect further millions in bonuses, perks, performance allowance ( don't know what they perform ) and directors'fees for being appointed as (display) or puppet directors of so many companies both private and public companies. Their salaries should realistically be reduced to that pay to ministers by neighbouring ASEAN countries. If they are not happy they should get out of politics. They should not make use of politics as a short cut to riches, wealth and splendour.

Politicians serving the nation as ministers should be well paid but not to the extent not unlike robbers, pirates and buccaneers of robbing the people and the country without conscience. Politics should also be a calling and dedication to serve the country and not the other way round , once elected they behave like the lords and kings with not even an iota of conscience to serve the people and the country.

Bananas Cha Tao's and CB Tan's Spoken Mandarin Sucks said...

Anonymous May 24, 2018 8:55 am
//The bananas are educated in the west, especially in their universities, ivy league universities for Singapore bananas.//

Firstly, what is the definition of BANANA?

It is very PAINFUL listening to some 3G & 4G giving their speeches in Mandarin, scripted by others and reading word for word, often erroneously to add further insult

As for the masses, some or many old beans or oldies can't even string one full sentence in written Chinese

Banana or not banana, perhaps let Jin Ping Xi or He Liu or Qi Shan Wang decide lah ...

Sit an entrance test to prove Chinese ancestry and not a banana

Those not bananas NEED APPLY

Those did not apply zai zai liao ...

As for Dr M and his legacy, his Malay proficiency is many times better than this Cha Tao or CB Tan

Old fart spoken Mandarin is even easily better than many despite learning it as an adult

The Chinese have some phrases:

"Ren Bu Ren, Gui Bu Gui"

"Bu San Bu Si"

"Er Mao Zi"

"Jia Yang Gui Zi"

"Bu Lun Bu Lei"

These phrases taken from some Chinese modern classic writers like Ba Jin, Bing Xing, Lun Xu, Guo Mo Luo, Liang Qi Chao .....

Dun think bananas know or ever read books written by these writers ...

Dun believe can ask some OLD BEANS like Cha Tao or CB Tan or some or many 4G who PUBLICLY read PAINFUL Chinese scripts word for word often erroneaouly, 99.999% cfm BANANAS ... NO?


Anonymous said...

The stereotyping of China and the Chinese is very true. Just read the comments on YouTube whenever a new thing comes out of China, be it military plane or smartphones etc. it will immediately garner comments that belittle the product, calling it inferior, junk and doomed to failure within a short time etc etc.

I think it is a good thing and a blessing in disguise for China that the West should continue to belittle the progress of the Chinese, especially in terms of military hardware and other technology.

When a country continues to think it is superior in all fields and continue to look down on everyone else, it will soon fall behind, due to arrogance and over confidence that others cannot and can never catch up with them. Let the West fall into this trap. As they always say, pride comes before a fall.

That China's economy could rise up so fast is just the result of the arrogant mentality of the West that thinks that economic progress under communism could never surpass democracy. It did. And so that ended the long held myth of stagnation and poverty under communism. Who would have though of that? And one day maybe the world will be jolted awake by new and better military inventions from China and Russia, while the West continue with their sweet slumber, dreaming of perpetual greatness.

Anonymous said...

Political Scientist: //short spell under the Ming Dynasty.//

"Short spell"?

1368 to 1644 not 276 years?

1644 to 1911 is only 267 years?

Which period is lo(ooooo)ngER?

No wonder common observation is that lawyers and political scientists suck BIG TIME in Math?

Make them sit for a test in simple Math confirm also FAIL?

When GKS was running the economy till 1984, red dot roared like the LION KING?

When a lawyer-trained took over, aiyo straight away 1985-1986 deep recession ...

After that "blow bubble until now"?

No wonder in financial district many walking LEGS BIG BIG FAR APART?

THANKS TO CHA TAO, CB TAN and their 2G cronies cohort

The MORE TUA KEE, welcome with RED CARPET ...?

Like that how the legs walk not 2 m apart?

And how the males not end up underemployed slaves driving tua kees and the tua cunts around or become security slaves protecting the tua kees and tua cunts assets?

276 years also dunno how to count as not short spell how to prevent sliding into abyss?

Stupidty in Math got cure?

Anonymous said...

Hey RB, you no longer write for Global Times?
Hope the PAPies didn't ask you lim kopi or send you bullet.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian politician Lim Guan Eng limp XO kopi dunno how many times liao also like that mah ... some more jailed at least twice?

"If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice and pursuit of human rights, ..." --- Lim Guan Eng

As human beans, sinkies need some guts like Ah Lim lah ... otherwise red dot become pink dot liao ...? Bor lang pa chee?

If human beans bor lang pa chee whether old or not, then starting coming Mon morning change to underwear, bra and skirts go to work ... and put lipstick ....?

Also dun forget the high heels and hermes birkin hand bag ...?

This weekend dun forget go JB cheap beauty shop shave away the leg hairs before put on skirt on Mon?

Dunno the lobang perhaps can chk with virgi49, he very familiar with matland ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19pm trying to show how clever is your silly boy's little mind again?

To you, you only understand what is a shot time in Geyland, a few seconds.

40 years in a lifespan is a short time.
A couple of hundred years in a country's history is also a short span of time.
A few thousand years in civilisation is also a short time.
A million years in creation is only a brief moment in time - Stephens Hawkings.

Now, did you learn anything? Understand what I am saying?
Thank you for showing your ignorance once again.

A fool will always prove himself by opening his mouth.

Anonymous said...

@ Stupidity got no cure: //Now, did you learn anything? Understand what I am saying?//

Reserve your sermon for the daft lah

So your short spell (276 years) is measured against?

Your age? (69-yo?)

Peesai age? (53 yrs?)

Dr Mahathir age? (93-yo?)

Or since Dinosaur extinction?

U acquired the fork tongue from the white kings?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMay 24, 2018 2:01 pm

///Hey RB, you no longer write for Global Times?
Hope the PAPies didn't ask you lim kopi or send you bullet.///

You are the ONE the PAP should ask to lim kopi or eat ow tau tng.

You are defaming and tarnishing the good name of PAP without proof.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 24, 2018 3:48 pm
//To you, you only understand what is a shot time in Geyland, a few seconds.//

Aiyo, noboLEE ask you to reveal to whole world your "short spell" in Geylang lasted a "lifespan" of FEW SECONDS lah ...

What happened?

Forgot take your pills?

And financial district many "SUPER STRESSED" chio BUs standing around puffing cigarettes like chimneys ... and yearning for "quick release lah"..

Geylang outdated liao ... only mostly Blanga go lah and perhaps old sch lao kokok?

U working in financial district dunno the lifestyle?

But wait ... if cannot last for 2 to 3 hours upwards no need bother them lah ...

One local chap supposedly quite big reportedly "svc" a chio bu accountant for 90 mins during one Fri evening then turned over but shortly later kena nudged on his upper arm for more ...

Your short spell "a few second" think better go for old sch Geylang ... easy $$$ for the women folks there ...?

Anonymous said...

This anon 2:01pm is spreading fear that PAP is a bad government, always threatening the people by asking them to limkopi. PAP must watch this dangerous guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:01pm implying that PAPies resort to criminal behaviour (send you bullet) to get RB.

Anonymous said...

ISD must go get this anon 2:01pm for spreading fear and bad mouthing the PAP.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know so many PAPie supporters on RB blog. PAPies sure win next GE minimum 80%. Washed-out Party sure lose Aljuneid, confirmed & chopped!! HUAT ARRRHH!!!