US Sudden Imposition of Illicit Tariffs on Chinese Imports Has Deep Implications

After several rounds of talks and negotiations by the US and Chinese trade delegations they had after much consultations reached a consensus not to have trade war. But the latest White House statements on slapping tariffs on Chinese imports is a reckless move which will have widespread impact on world trade and economy. China will not accept it with folded arms but will retalliate measure for measure.

There is no credibility in US trust and honour when it always backtracks and and turns its back on treaties and agreements. No wonder native Americans always say and warn that Whitemen speak with fork tongues and cannot be trusted. They signed treaties but break them at the earliest convenience to suit their interest and agenda.

Under the US latest announcement they intend to illicitly implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls on Chinese individuals and entities linked to the acquisitions of industrially significant technology. US is placing restrictions on Chinese trade and commerce especially it dictates that China should stop its impetus on "Made In China 2025." US is behaving like its forebears the British whose treatment of a weak China in the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1850s was disastrous for China. But US should not dream of doing the same to China because it is now dealing with a China which is rich and powerful and is well armed with nuclear teeth.

US lacks sincerity in trade discussions and will walk away from further discussions just as the delegations are on the verge of achieving positive results.

US has historically always been negotiating in bad faith. It uses negotiations as a ploy to lull the opposite party into confidence while in the meantime it cranks up its evil plans to take advantage of its opponents. This much the native Americans, the Hawaiians, the Cubans and South Americans had much experience of the evil and crooked ways of the white Americans can teach us.

China is gravely wrong in supporting US sanctions on North Korea and in its denuclearisation programme. It is US strategy of holding some semblance of  stability in North East Asia to allow it time to build up its naval operations in the South China Sea to confront and contain China.

US and Japan have no real interest in a peaceful united Korean nation for that will presumably nullify US excuse of its intention of continuing to further maintaining its military bases in Japan and South Korea with the ultimate aim of containing Russia and China.

There will never be peace on this earth unless the White Americans are totally destroyed.


Thursday, 31st May, 2018


Anonymous said...

Might is right and America has it. Therefore many silly unthinking ASEAN countries fall into the trap of supporting the evil Americans.

southernglory1 said...

During the negotiations US imparted a false sense of the benefits of TPP. The effect on Singapore and Malaysia under Najib was great. Singapore and Malaysia were tricked into confidence and signed trade agreements worth tens of billions of dollars to buy American planes. Singapore signed agreements worth 19 billion dollars to buy Boeing planes while Najib signed more than twice as much. What happpened after this. US said bye-bye to Singapore and Malaysia and annulled the TPP after many years of painful negotiations. Serve them right for trusting the evil satanic Americans.

Be smart when dealing with the evil Americans.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam's duplicity gives China the excuse to hit back. A trade war between the world's two largest economics will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world. The Chinese with deep pockets are prepared to take on Uncle Sam who has fallen deeply in debts. Uncle Sam can no longer do any arm-twisting on China. The FON antics by Uncle Sam warships in the SCS is another attempt at arm-twisting. Gunboat diplomacy and Tariffs slapping will not cow the Chinese into submission. To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war between civilised nations.

b said...

All politicians are selfish. They only care about themselves. If they care about others, they are crazy. What is wrong about us leaders caring about us interest? Chinese leaders also only care about china interest.

Anonymous said...

Trump always flip/flop, leading to profitable trading pattern observed in current stock markets:

When Trump flips and market stocks drop, you buy the dips.

When Trump flops (as expected) and the market stocks rise, you sell the rallies.

We hope Trump continues to flip/flop many times!

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is constantly making up false accusations against China and encouraging and instigating some silly ASEAN countries who for their own unfounded and illicit self interests have falllen into the wicked trap of the Americans whose sole objective is to turn South China Sea and South East Asia region into the syndrome of the Middle East conflict. Thus with the choas, destabilities and instabilities created , wars fomented by the Evil Empire will follow and the result will be the ultimate control of South China Sea and South East Asia region by the white American and its Western allies. Under that scenario the Evil Empire hope to control and possess all the mineral wealth and oil resources under the South China Sea to the detriment of the Asians.

Asians must wake up before it is too late for regret. Never trust white men where ever they are.

Anonymous said...

Many American elites think that China's modernization is something that has been "stolen" from the US, and are restricting Chinese students from studying science and technology in popular industries in US.

US State Department proclaimed recently that Chinese graduate students would be limited to one-year visas if they study robotics, aviation and high-tech manufacturing in the US. Chinese citizens seeking a visa would also need special clearance if they work as researchers or managers for companies on a US Commerce Department list of entities requiring higher scrutiny, areas that are priorities in China's "Made in China 2025" plan.

The US naively believes that a country as big as China can be blocked, intimidated, and dominated. China has already created momentum in achieving progress in the areas where it must make up.

Power is a zero-sum game. The rise of Chinese power will be seen as a threat by the US.

China will become a great power within a global civilisation. Like all great powers before it, China will rearrange the global order and the behaviour of other states to its liking.

Anonymous said...

That is why Kim must never get rid of his nuclear weapons. If he does that, he will be fucked big time by Dotard.

Trump is one untrustworthy son of a bitch. His words mean nothing, just like fart from the arsehole. Face to face he will say yes, but he will reverse gear afterwards. Even with his own administration senior staff, he played out Tillerson by sacking him via a facebook post. He never even did that personally. Who can ever trust that son of a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Correction: Sorry

He fired Tillerson via Twitter, not Facebook.

Anon 5.15

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans still think they have a monopoly of leading edge science and technology. They are still in a state of denial that in many fields China has already leapfrogged ahead of them. Soon China will set up laws to prevent Chinese technology from being transferred to the Americans.

The Americans still did not learn their lesson from losing so many top Chinese scientists by their racist policies. A notable case was branding Qian Xue Shen as communist, the father of American rocketry who then left for China.

Now Chinese rocketry is so far advanced while the Americans could not develop a rocket to fly safely to space with their astronauts. More of such fiasco would come soon and fast.

There will be no place for American astronauts in the only space station in space, China Space Station, comes 2024. The Americans would then have to mothball all their astronauts in the Californian deserts.

All dressed up nowhere to go.

Anonymous said...

Too bad.
Your hdb will still go to zero.
Your cpf will still be stuck until you die.
Other then that asians are number 1.

Anonymous said...

Living In Singapore - Be Aware:

1. HDB flats has zero value at end of LEASE of 99 years. By 60th year, it will be difficult to get a bamk loan to purchase such HDB flats.

2. When you reached 55 years old, very few banks will let you take a loan.

3. When you buy a car, you pay 150% import duty, plus another 75% tax on the total cost of yhe car. Plus you have to pay for a Certificate of Entitlement (to be responsible for maintaining that car). You don't actually own that car you "bought". The government does. You own the usage and coss for 10 years.. Govt owns the rights to that car. So, if after want to continue using that car after 10 years, you pay the government another sum of money to be determined by the government at a future date.

4. When you own the usage and costs of a cost through having paid exhorbitantly for the total price and COE of that car, you still have to pay Road Tax, Insurance, Season Car Park Fees and Ad hoc car parking fees, and ERP (Electronic Road-Pricing).

5. Your son belongs to the State by law (National Service Act) from the age of 18 to 55 years old.

6. Your CPF compulsory savings, by law (CPF Act), although is your money but the government owns the usage and the rights to tell you what you can or cannot do with your money.

6. You have to pay for compulsory Medisave (or unsafe) Scheme, Medicare Money-Sucking Scheme, Medishield (Shielding the Government from paying for your medical bills) Life Insurance Scheme, and Eldercare Insurance Scheme.

7. In addition to paying for all the Insurance Schemers' Schemes, you have to pay for your children's medical insurance scheme (not publicised, done on the quiet, subtly, through sending you letters from the CPF Board, after deducting the first year's premium from your CPF Savings. Cunning or not?

8. If you are a pensioner under the free medical scheme where the government is supposed to pay for your medical bills, you are forced to pay for and insurance scheme which pays helps the government pay for your medical bills. In other words, the government needs not pay for your "free medical benefit". Very cunning or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Trump will bring the Chinese to the table.

At the end of the day, China needs markets not just to survive, but to increase its wealth. China has many big plans, and for those to eventually be realised, they need the money. Exports is something they do very well, so they will have to negotiate at some point.

Trump is being to his words. During his campaign (MAGA), he said on numerous occasions that he was going to get China (and other cuntries) to pay what they "OWE" America. And Mexico was also going to pay for The Wall 🤣😂