China must continue to learn from Singapore

The China miracle has lasted for 30 years with double digit growth since Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore in 1978. In the last few years China's growth rate has declined to a 'frightening 6.9%'. This is alarming, according to all the doomsayers and western anal-lysts. China must start to rethink what they had done right in the past and what they had done wrong and leading to this decline. This is why I am saying that China must continue to learn from Singapore. When it was learning from Singapore, it became a bigger Singapore miracle. When it stops to learn from Singapore it is starting to show signs of decline.

The first thing that China did then was to borrow some of the top brains from Singapore like Goh Keng Swee, to help them draft out an economic blue print. China today needs more top brains from Singapore to help them in the next phase of development that Singapore had gone through after the miracles of 1970s and 1980s. Though Singapore is short of talents in many fields, the top talents are in political leadership and govt policy making. In this area Singapore has a lot of talents. China can tap on these super super talents, and they are in luck with the recent retirement of some of the best talents in the govt, big names like Lim Hng Khiang, Yaacob Ibrahim of cleaning the Singapore River fame, and the one in a billion Lim Swee Say. Then there is Khaw Boon Wan who is likely to retire soon. China can invite these super super talents to help them out in their next phase of development, maybe another decade of double digit growth.

Among the policies that Singapore has embarked, China may want to learn from the easy one first, like importing more cheap foreign talents to have drive their economy. China committed one serious mistake in stopping at one when Singapore stops at two. So China's population decline is worse than Singapore's and would be short of talents. There are many talents in South Asia and Southeast Asia that Singapore depends on. China can follow this easy path to max their economic growth like Singapore did. No need much thinking, no need to reinvent the wheel. Just take the blue print from Singapore. And china would become a multi racial country, a really international country like Singapore and the USA with plenty of bananas to chew.

This importing of foreign talents is very good for China especially in industries and fields that China is weak in. Finance and banking talents and IT talents from India are a must if Chinese banks want to earn billions overnight. Singapore banks could not earn this kind of money until they brought in Indian banking and finance talents. Likewise, Singapore would not be able to launch all the IT products and become a smart city without the IT talents from India. India talents have another strong advantage, they can speak English which Singaporeans and Chinese can't. So they would make good PRs and CEOs of China's international companies.

The next area is academic. Singapore's universities are now tops in the world, better than Beijing, Tsinghua, Fudan, Jiaotong and other top Chinese universities. China can learn from Singapore to put their top universities as the equals of Cambridge and Harvard and be as highly ranked as NUS and NTU. It only needs a bit of tweeting to have more foreign academics and students and the results will show. Just bring in the foreign academics, provide them jobs and good pay, discard some of the local academics, and the ranking for Chinese universities would swell, to the very top. China has more money and paying/buying foreigners is not a problem.

Another great policy that is cut out for China is asset enhancement. China has recently built a lot of public housing for its people. Using the same asset enhancement formula, China can also double the assets of its people in double quick time, and the Chinese people will be rich over night and be very grateful to the Chinese govt. Every Chinese would also become millionaires, asset rich. One caveat, China's lease term is only 70 years and the properties will become zero value faster.

The growing affluence of Chinese citizens have led to many traffic problems with more cars on the roads. Singapore have solved all traffic problems with COEs, ERPs and all kinds of fees and electronic parking system. The traffic situation in Singapore is excellent compares to other big cities. And Singapore is also starting to encourage its citizens to ride bicycles. China can learn from these policies and encourage its newly rich citizens to go back to riding bicycles for a greener and clean environment, like 40 or 50 years ago. Riding bicycles is progress, owning cars is bad.

And another thing, China must not keep the pay of its political leaders so low. It affects their dignity especially when they met up with Singapore leaders that are being paid in the millions. China should seriously consider raising their leaders salary to millions so that they can have more dignity and not to be looked down by Singapore leaders.

This million dollar salary thing is not just about dignity. It is also to prevent corruption. If China were to pay their political leaders millions, then the corruption problem will go away. No more corruption in China, just like no corruption in Singapore. Xi will no longer have to spend time catching corrupt leaders. Wang Qishan would not have to fret about not catching the tigers. Everything will be fine.

There are really many many things that China can still learn from Singapore like how to manage MRT problems in big cities. China may not have such problems now, but it will when the train system gets old. So it is best to send a team to Singapore to learn how to tackle train breakdowns and delays before the problems surfaced. Singapore has plenty of experience in this area.

China also copied Singapore's CPF system but not full scale, make the Chinese workers contribute more to their CPF. They should as this is a cheap source of funds to help fund big govt projects or redirect into China's Sovereign Funds to invest overseas. It can also be assigned as China's national reserves, and if needed, the money can be used to buy insurance to benefit the people. No need to worry about paying back. This can be delayed by all sorts of schemes.

Just one more point, though there are many more that China can learn from Singapore, is the opening up of China's financial system and stock market. Just learn from Singapore and China would have a very vibrant stock market connected to the whole wide world, and can trade in everything, best in derivatives using computer tradings, super high tech and super efficient. Just a word of caution, China must make sure their main boards are filled with blue chips and not super penny stocks that are worth 1c or less. That would make China's stock market a joke.

I could go on, would continue some other time when China's economy starts to decline further. 6.9% is really bad.A 2/3% growth rate is just about right, the same as the USA and Singapore, mature economies. Then China can declare that it is first world, and the western anal-lysts would said China has arrived, and its economy is safe from a meltdown.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Lao Huan Siong, Sinkieland to learn from China. It's very hard Lah. What if most of the policies that China copied from Sinkieland is wrong, the effects will be very great! The part on foreigners talents, maybe this part China can learn from Sinkieland even though China is not short of talent, by bringing in good talents that China lacks from around the world this would help leapfrog China economy & its defense strategies to be a force to be reckon with in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Correction: " Sinkieland to learn from China?"

Amended: " China to learn from Sinkieland? How could it be? ..u mean u r an ant trying to teach an elephant how to dance? "

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

To say that China has to learn from Singapore today is like saying that the grandfather has to learn how to suck eggs from his grandson. The Chinese are fast learners. They even outshine their teachers. Singapore was once its teacher. Their roles are now reversed. China is making geometrical progress while Singapore is stagnating. The whole world is now trying to learn from China how to grow from rags to riches.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48, your comments revealed how shallow is your thinking process, if at all you are able to think.

You don't even know what uncle is talking about and you dare to comment?

Stop talking and no on would know how stupid you are.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, uncle RB, in Sinkapore, when you tell a joke, you must tell the audience you are telling a joke. If not they think you are serious and believe every word you said literary without engaging their brain.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies had lost their sense of humour since LKY's time. They do not even know what is facts and humour.

One man's perversion had generations of SINKIES after him full of perverts and psychological imbalance beans.

Every man for themselves.Do not trust the next guy besides you. He may be plotting to harm you. No one owe you a living.Just be apathetic and like the three monkeys. Hear nothing,Speak nothing and Talk Nothing. Just grab as much as you can and be blinded to the plight of your fellow men besides you.

For donkey years been celebrating and singing hypocristally "We Are Singapore, Singaporeans!"
With traits of Kiasooism, Kiasisim,and what's ssim.

China to learn from Sinkieland especially the Yault to rename Nanjing as Saynonan.

Learn from LHK how to dump the Economy.

Learn from LHL how to fix the Opposition.

MPs self praising like holding two jobs as MPs.16k allowance, mind you allowance only can feed 100 unkos and aunties collecting crockery in hawkers centres.

One week one time MTPS bullshits sessions.Ponteng Parliament and lije dump parrots just enjoyed the air con and later happy hours in the CLUB.

Minsters with myriad other appointments that added to their already bludgeoning salaries not including other perks.

MOT, the sinking and demise.

Learn from China? China - bullet and space trains. SINKIE land still trying to solve their breakdown problems.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When I write a piece like this one, it will drive many people bonkers. What is happening to RB? Heard of 真真假假,假假真真, when one reads something, be very mindful of what one is reading to understand what the author is trying to say without saying, or reading between the lines. What is said and not said, what is real and not real.

The main media has been putting up all kinds of real and fake news to confuse the readers. It is important to know who is the author, the news agency, where the news is coming from, what is the content, what is the intent or objective of the article.

Just imagine what would have happened to China if it would follow what I wrote. Think about it. Would it be good for China or would China go down the drain?


Anonymous said...

@You don't even know what uncle is talking about and you dare to comment?

Stop talking and no on would know how stupid you are.@

..r u another lao huan siong??>

Anonymous said...

@RB 10.52am

Uncle RB, don't worry lah..CHina Xi Jing Ping is not 'Xi Bei Stupid' lah, at his position & authority he still so benevolent enough to let his henchmen meet Sinkieland's Long san & his cronies & also give some jobs to this tiny red dot island, probably Xi is more wise than Sinkieland's Long san.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some of you may remember what I wrote in the past about my blog. It is thought provoking, it challenges one to look at things in different ways. Never read my posts literary. I can't be writing in the style of fairy tales when everything is two faceted, good and bad. When good, must be good, when bad must be bad. The prince is charming and handsome and clever and good. The princess is beautiful and nice and kind and all the jest. And they lived happily ever after.

This blog is not about fairy tale fictions.


Anonymous said...

..uncle Rb, ur blog is indeed thot provoking. For daft Sinkies like us is very hard to think wat r real or fake. Ur blog has made us dafts Sinkies sometimes feel 'gee wheez'. Probably one of the day if u could share with ur new book on ' How to tell what r real or fake?' & probably a murugun minionster can learn from u & there is no need a Selac Comedy, its a waste of time & monies Lah.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you, RB. China should continue learning from Singapore. The foremost important lesson to learn is to punch above her weight.

Just imagine, if a tiny fart like Singapore can punch above its weight, how much more weight would China be if she were to punch above her weight? Singapore would have suffered a direct "Knock-Out" punch when LHL insulted China time and time again.

On Singapore side, Lee Hsien Loong should retire and hand over power to his son. After that he should offer himself as China' Economic Consultant and offer his wife Ho Ching as China's Sovereign Wealth Fund CEO. I am sure if China were to engage the teo of them, China's GDP would be hitting 20% every year, if not more. And Singapore would also benefit from the spin-off. And USA would be shivering it her pants.

How wonderful would it be! It's a win-win situation, is it not?

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Mr Ginger.

If China were to engage these two foolishfellows, in no time they be back to the times when they have to crawl under the feet of the imperialists.

Signboards: No Chinese and Dogs Allowed in every joints. Three quarters of the POP would be living as beggars.

Takes another hundred years to be freed from the YOKE.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

How about China to learn from Singapore how to recycle retired paper generals to become ministers or CEOs. Also learn how to lock up the people's savings using Minimum Sum scam. Can also try to master the art of how to change an Indian to become a Malay President.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have actually written a short piece on how to recognise fake news, fabricated news, distorted news etc. Would post it next week.

Tomorrow got a must post piece on Wan Azizah that must come first.

Ginger and Virgo are the fastest to catch what I am writing about. Ann is also getting there.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Redbean, I knew you wrote with tongue-in-cheek. Love your sense of humour especially "ANAL-lysts" saving China from an economic meltdown.

Anonymous said...

'When it stops to learn from Singapore, it is starting to show signs of decline' unquote

You mean to say should not continue to learn from Singapore as it (Singapore) is showing signs of decline?

How to figure out why a 6.9% growth economy should continue to learn from a 3.5% growth economy?

It's a joke, right?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are so generous. I thought it was 2.5%

Anonymous said...

2.5% was massaged fake growth for Shit Times' propaganda. Real growth was only 0.5%, which explains why the country is now in debt and the desperate move to increase taxes like no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

How come the growth rate come down so fast? Which is real, which is fake and which is alternative?

The world is really complicated.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Damn .... RB has proven that sinkies are STUPID by the number of people that don't get it, and only so few do...

Frankly a Pri 5 kid should be able to recognize SATIRE after a couple of paragraphs.

No wonder you all deserve the govt you voted for.

80% votes for PAPies next GE ... this one not fake horrr!!!

Anonymous said...

The world is very simple because Mother Nature is very simple. It is men (and women, and nowadays the shemales and he-females) that make the world complicated.

Animals never kill their own kinds. They only kill other animals for food. Have you heard of cats killing cats? No, right? Have you heard of lions killing lions? Very rare, right?

Have you heard of men killing men, or humans killing humans? Yes, everyday, without fail. They kill with hands, knives, guns, drones, planes, ship, bombs, missles, poisons, chemicals, insecticides, bacteria, viruses, and even nuclear and hydrogen bombs.

Humans kill not just for food but kill for fun, for revenge, for egoistic and sadistic satisfaction, for power, for plunder and for all sorts of other excuses.

This is how complicated humans can be.

They even cheat, steal and rob in order to get rich quick. Some break the laws in order to cheat, steal and rob. Some make laws to allow them to cheat, steal and rob in broad daylight, right in front of you, from you and for you, without fear of being charged in court or brought to prison.

This is how complicated humans have become.

At first, the land, oceans and airspace belonged to nobody. Everyone is free to roam about and settle-down wherever he/she wanted. Humans shared the land, waters and airspace freely with animals, fishes, reptiles, insects and birds. Nobody needed a visa or a passport to travel from one place to another. Then came the complicated human beans who wanted to control the simple human beans. They called themselves leaders of men and they started to dominate and control territories, calling them nations or countries. This was where the complications all started. Some beans could not be satisfied being an ordinary simpleton. They thought they were smarter and more cuuning, stronger and more capable, faster and more crafty. They thought they need not work but only use their brains to make others work for them. They thought that other beans are stupid and daft and therefore they have the right to tell them what to do, to decide on their behalf how to use their money, even to the extent of how many children they can produce of how many women they can fuck (and vice versa).

See how the world has become more and more complicated?

Once the complicated human beans tasted power, all hell broke loose. They want more power. And more power. And more more more power. Power for power sake. Absolute unfettered power! That's why you find that laws are being created. Started with the decrees and edicts of kings and emperors. Perhaps imitating the Ten Commandments.

All these laws were initially created to protect the female from the male, to protect the weak from the strong, to protect children from adults, to protect the poor from the exploitation of the rich, to protect the powerless from the powerful, and to protect the innocent from the cunning unscrupulous scum, disguised as honest-to-goodness gentleman of the century or as God's Gift to save you.

Then the laws became more and more. Became very complicated. Became a language by itself, from itself, for itself. It became 180 degrees turn-around. It became the game of the rich and powerful. It became no more to protect the weak, innocent, defenceless, poor and children. It became a very lucrative business. The rich and powerful can become even more rich and more powerful by suing those who allegedly "defamed" them until their pants or panties drop. It becomes a fun and beneficial secondary source of passive income for the lawyers and the rich and powerful. It also become a weapon of mass destruction, destroying all your potential "enemies" in one sweep, making use of the courts.

You see? How complicated has the world now become?

Anonymous said...

Wau lao a, copied Sing super open-leg FT policy China in no time will have additional 2.6 bln FTs plus 1.3 bln locals. Add up 3.9bln. China will be super super global power vs USA 0.35bln people. RB brilliant!!! Better quickly seek Pinkie to offer to Xi. Modi will be so thankful to you for sloving India overpopulation n poverty problem. RB for Nobel Peace prize.

Anonymous said...

USA also must learn from Sinkieland.

1. Convert the present political system to Par-lee-men-tree Demonstracy.

2. Dissolve all political parties. Only have one dominant political party called Trump Action Party (TAP).

3. Only let others form small political parties and make sure they cannot get funding, mass media outreach, local or foreign talents, etx.

4. Only the ruling party can have foreign talents to be Ministers.

5. Trump shall be the President to hold the Second Key to the US Treasury.

6. His son, Trump Junior, shall be appointed Prime Minister.

7. Trump's wife shall become the CEO in charge of all US Govt Investments. Name the investment organization as Trumasek Holdings and make it a private entity so that the American people cannot demand for accountability and transparancy.

8. Let his wife go round the world shopping for highly priced large companies that are about to collapse and keep them for one or two years and then sell them a loss or declare bankruptcy. Then write off the losses annually.

9. Trump then appoints his relatives, cronies, minions and sycophants to hold important posts to control them like military commanding officers commanding military camps.

10. Trump can also appoint his personal lawyers as Attorney Generals, Prosecutors and Judges.

11. Trump Junior can appoint his friends and private secretaries as Ministers and Labour Chief.

What do you think? Like that good for USA?

Anonymous said...

Anwar is to be fully pardoned and released.

Najib and wife tried to run-road to Bali, pretending to go for holidays, but was stopped by Immigration Officials at Subang International Airport.

Najib and wife, sons and son-in-law now under house arrest pending full investigations in to corruption and murders allegations.

All ministries and judiciary shall be purged of Najib's cronies and spies. (Trump should learn from Mahathir).

Virgo 49 said...

Aidoh Nasib!!

Why fly?? Kena stopped!

Should know as a Malaysian to secretly go via Melaka by ferry to Indonesia.

No Airline Passengers Manifests.

Some more can load many many luggages of Gold, Diamonds and Rungiits.

Learn from Mr City Harvest by Sampan.

Now chia liak already.

Anonymous said...

The devil is starting his nonsense again, wanting to decide everything for Harapan, even the appointing of ministers when his party got the least seats among the coalition.

Anonymous said...

Maybe China should implement
gst like because trillions reserves is not enough and it helps the poor!