France and Australia – Two white devils colluding to maintain western hegemony in the Pacific Ocean

‘No country can be allowed to dominate the Indo Pacific, the leaders of France and Australia said yesterday…China’s push into the Pacific…could upset the strategic balance in the region.’ AFP

What is Macron and Turnbull talking about? Turnbull said France, an European country, is a Pacific power. Why, because France is still holding on to several Pacific islands as their colonies, just like the Americans. The Australians also have special influence over several Pacific islands and cannot accept China investing in these islands and gaining influence in the region.

What is this strategic balance in the region that will be upset? It is the dominance of European powers over the Pacific islanders. They want to control these islands and maintain their influence over them.

These Europeans coming from far away Europe still want to rule over the Pacific Ocean and are branding China as the hegemon when they themselves have been the hegemon of the region and the whole world.

Little powers like Australia and France still think that they are great powers and with 3,500 men could win a war in China. They are dreaming. The only European power that realized that the game has changed is Britain. They were urged by the Americans to sail the new HMS Prince of Wales into the South China Sea as a show of force. The British knew that this act could see the sinking of the Prince of Wales one more time, this time by China, not by the Japanese. They scooted off.

The French, after their humiliating defeat at Dien Bien Phu by the Vietnamese with the support of the PLA, still did not learn any lesson and still think they can be the gangsters to rule over the Asians in Asia.

China should start by stopping buying raw material from Australia. China does not need Australia. Australia without China would go into recession. They are suffering now when China has stopped all official visits from Australia. The Australia trade fair in China is also cancelled as all permits applied by Australian ministers were not approved. Even in the Boao Forum Australia was disinvited.

China is waiting to launch many more anti Australian move if this little country misbehaved. And it is misbehaving very badly. Watch what China would do next to the descendants of British convicts.


Anonymous said...

At the least oz is not buying the submarines from Kawasaki

They want to build it which oz steel in south oz to slow down de-industrialization . Jobs for Australians.
Election coming may be..

Anonymous said...

French submarines ,American weapon systems ,technology transfer by France, construction in Australia.

Their premier and defence ~foreign ministers were seen balancing on a submarine .

Anonymous said...

People had ruled the much world for centuries in some countries. They still cannot cut away the last vestiges of colonial rule. Look at their flags.

Maybe it is cheaper dun need pay millions of dollars of salary to swear in the minister like here!

Anonymous said...

Australia provide the hinterland for the US military needs in the event of war ,a southern flank to protect US vessels

India has endless human resources which Jap and US are trying to use against another Asian country!

Which is why they rope in India to do the heavy lifting to counter China.

Hence you have this quad strategic to strangle China. Idea coming from..

India and Japan ,another quad member, are bedfellows since second world war

So far there is no news that European countries have joint this quad alliance other than some wayang kulit sail past recently into the south China seas by oz n UK warships.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all:

Aussie submarines are awesome....at least on paper. In reality, they are LOUD. 😂 What's the point of trying to sneak up on a Chinese warship in the Indian Ocean when DEAF people in Canada on top of a mountain can here you? 🤣

To understand Australia, you have to burn all your mainstream econs text books, and check reality at the door before entering a fantasy island (a very big one). I have lived here for over 40 years, so I am used to the fantasy this island-continent-cuntry runs on.

Minimum wage: ~ AUD19 per hour. | Average weekly earnings : ~ AUD 1, 600 (~ AUD 40 per hour for 40 hr week)

Nevermind the taxes. Consider yourself a private sector entrepreneur. Now look at your labour cost. Don't forget, you have to pay super annuation (like CPF) on top.

There's all sorts of other regulatory nonsense which costs a bomb in compliance and certification. You can't even cut hair or clean toilets without a "license" now. You have to attend a "govt approved course" to get "govt certification" or stay unemployed.

Macron and Turnbull are great pals because they are both extremely wealthy men with backgrounds in finance and venture capital. Also, Australia celebrated ANZAC Day last week....fucking WW1 ended 100 years ago, no one who served is still alive...and they still have a ceremony every year in France. WTF? 😡

Just like the history RB spruiks about White vs Yellow/ Brown wars of the past, past conflicts are not relevant except for the mid east, and the Korean Peninsula. The Korea's will be settled soon, N Korea will boom like E. Germany...and the Mid East will continue business as usual with Saudi Arabia and Iran still determined to annihilate each other...ie. "business as usual". Go Dubai lah. Fuck Russian hookers, snow-ski at the shopping malls... have a good time.

Wars are over-rated. Even China knows this. That's why they don't care about other cuntries making "threats". China has money, and is getting more money, to buy more stuff. They play the LONG GAME. That's why they're long Africa, and very long gold, and oil.

History is over-rated. Maybe not 20-50 years ago. But in a GLOBALIZED world, the fucking history of your fucking cuntry....eeeh...no one cares lah. Anyway, it's all on Google now. Not important, unless you are over 50 years old, and on the way out anyway. We're not divided like that anymore. Now we fight on Twitter and Facebook.

People like Turnbull and Macron could be thrown out next election. Judging from the voters in France and Oz, that is likely to happen.

The modern culture of the world is more universal than territory specific. Japanese anime culture is everywhere. Black American hip-hop culture too. American teens listen to Korean Pop (K-Pop). Everything is mixed up now.

Mandarin is spoken in cuntries with near-zero Chinese culture. For e.g., it is taught in Aussie schools. In fact, many argue that it should be compulsory. Even in my kampung Perth, bi-lingual schools are growing...i.e. part of the curriculum (not just language) is taught in Mandarin. You go to any playground, and you here Mandarin. When your brain adjusts to your eyes, you become aware that the kids speaking Chinese are white. 🤣

Fuck your history lah. The world is different now. And today's children don't want any of the shitty past of humanity. They have a much better world now, and a brighter future than any of us can even begin to imagine.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

China already won lah. Not one shot fired by either side Fucking hell, the former "white Australia policy" well-known "racist" cuntry now has Mandarin in schools. Chinese culture is producing BANANAS in Australia

🤣 他妈的! 🤡

Winners of Chinese writing contest at a bilingual Perth school. Notice 2 blond kids, one dark-skinned, and 2 kids who look like they could be Chinese. Source: here

Anonymous said...

Second time in a week the Singapore state newspapers' articles here have pour cold water over Modi XJP meeting in a scenic lake in China .

Japan must be petrified to see this but it is Singapore media we are reading who printed one article by Bloomberg view written by Mihir Sharma 24/4/18.

It seems to imply that India should not be too close to China because of its political system and the right friend should US and Japan! Because they are democracy.

Anonymous said...

Today associate editor Ravi VELOOR of Singapore State controlled media wrote one article and says that the China -India wayang kulit will not last.

This is the first time he is using a local expressions in his articles.

He likes to boast about his friendship with DBS CEO in his articles .

Anyway his not so China -friendly stance is evident in his so called analysis. Read all his articles lor .

Granted he has a right of expression after all this is Singapore right?.

At least twice he injected negative thoughts into India China detente today.

Anonymous said...

Dun understand Why some people in Asia just loathe the idea of Asian century

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wah lan eh, Matilah, I thought with age you will have grown wiser. But your diatribe above just showed how naive you are. If life is single faceted, then I would agree with you. What you are looking at is one face of life, the hedonistic face where everyone is enjoying life and making the best out of it.

There is always a saying among the soldiers. Without the soldiers guarding the safety of the country, you think the ordinary peasants could be partying without a care.

The Middle East alone will tell you that this ugly face of human kind will not go away, killings, wars and dominance.

The recent events that could lead to open conflict, not in the ME, the Americans wanted to strike NK and trying to con the Chinese not to interfere. If China has agreed, Kim is gone by now.

The daily provocations in the South China Sea with gunboats is real and can blow up anytime.

The so called missile attack hoax in Hawaii was just as real and dangerous, could have been WW3.

The American rhetoric, the hegemony shit coming out from Macron and Turnbull are not as innocent as two 13 year old virgins.

The Doklam Incident and the Maldive Incident could easy lead to war.

You think they are not real. The CIA and Mossads are history, no longer doing the dirty works to start wars.

You are so stupid, beyond redemption. I am saying this also in response to naive comments in the thread on Malaysia GE.

My goodness, going senile so early?

Anonymous said...

A superpower is birthing and suffering from birth pangs. That scream ricochet around the globe.

It's a pair of twin two superpowers arriving

China and India will be the mighty lords of Asian ring.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, one is already a super power, the other still a beggar screaming for attention as a super power.

You read Veloor's article about what India was trying to do in the Maldives until they found out that China's Special Forces already inside Maldives and they backed off.

Anonymous said...


" Consuelo Thu, 05/03/2018 - 22:28

- The Fed doesn't have as strong a hand as it did in 2008

- China and Russia weren't the 'allies' then, that they are now

- China had a fraction of the leverage it has now in 2008 regarding trade

- Permanent geopolitical shifts are now underway

- U.S. Debt & deficits rising rapidly

- U.S. itching for a conflict; a. to ensure $USD recycling, b. to feed MIC-related GDP "

The link,
Gold- The End Is Near, Ready For The Opportunity? | Zero ...

I know which country the US will invade next (Op-ed) — RT Op-ed

Syria & Iran Prove There's No Chance For North Korean Peace | Zero ...

Netanyahu: Don't Look Here, Where We're Shooting Children—Look ...

French President Emmanuel Macron vows to stand against Chinese ...

Anonymous said...


" This article however will examine the origins of the first "Cold War." I will be relying on a forgotten classic on the topic "The Cold War and It's Origins" By D.F. Fleming which he wrote to oppose the madness of his own time which like today threatens to plunge the world into a ..."

The link,
The Origins of the Cold War - Anti- Imperialist U - Blogspot

Anti- Imperialist U: America, The CIA, and Fascism

Lest We Forget : Anti-War MP. Robin Cook - the bridge

Cuban missile crisis 50 years on: from the archive | From the Guardian ...

Bay of Pigs, Cuba: CIA's unlearned lesson in regime change — RT US ...

Anonymous said...


Wars now only important to leaders/people with nothing to lose & everything to gain by killing as much "other people" as possible. E.g. Your rule/govt about to be overthrown, $10 million "insurance" payout to your family after you detonate your body vest, 99 virgins in paradise and all that.

Except for wars between 3rd world, deadbeat, nothing-to-lose countries (e.g. Syria) ... today's "wars" between developed countries are limited skirmishes ... at most a few thousand dead & wounded.

Developed countries' peoples & leaders have too much to lose & everybody knows it.

Very good example: If M'sia & Johor taken over by fundamentalist groups, and they cut off water supply to S'pore.

Do you think today S'pore will mobilise all 500,000 troops & launch the 40-year old war plans to invade JB? Dream on ... even half of the troops will take cover & surrender after seeing a few of their buddies explode & become chicken parts or pork chops.

At most S'pore will use RSAF, commando teams for surgical strikes & attain some level of air superiority over Johor. Pretty hard & 100% be prepared to lose quite a lot of pilots to advanced Russian SAMs. Most of the commando teams will also be suicide 1-way missions.

The rest of active battalions will just stand-to & harden the borders.

And then KPKB like hell to UN Security Council to intervene.

Anonymous said...

How serious is France regarding the Paris Canberra Delhi axis president Macron proposed?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans and the West are very happy and eager to go to wars for several reasons.

1. They can hit the enemy and the enemy too weak to hit back.
2. They can fly in bombers and cruise missiles and drones, very few casualties.
3. They fight in other people's land.
4. They still believe in their own superiority and the rest of the world must be ruled by them.
5. They believe in might is right.
6. They will keep other countries always in trouble fighting and destroying themselves while they sell them the weapons and control them.

My answer to anon 7:29pm. The 3 countries mentioned are a joke.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 04, 2018 7:29 pm
//How serious is France regarding the Paris Canberra Delhi axis president Macron proposed?//

No $$ no talk?

Despite this (futile) opportunistic attempt to be the Bonaparte of the 21st century to rival/ oust the German?

He thinks he so smart others all stupid?

But good lah, more competition will keep pple on the toes?

On one side is a USD17 trillion economy?

This axis is looking at sthg close to China GDP ...

Another possible axis involves the Japenise?

Xi, Wang, Liu etc would have their hands full for quite sometime?

Looks like they won't let China have it so easy and walk away with the "world cup"?

Internally, the soccer fraternity team work is not there yet and thus the Chinese din even make it to Moscow 2018 though the host is just across their borders and they have to watch from the side (with many regrets)?

The imperial west (are like sharks that can smell weakness and blood thousands of miles away) can see the internal problems and will most likely exploit and milk them to the max?

It will be a long way before China can get into the final a 2nd time (the last was in 2002) and even then probably wont get past the FIRST ROUND (in a final)?

Likely will be a long and arduous road bef China can even make it to last 16 or quarter finals, much as semi finals or finals?

World champion (whether in soccer or otherwise)?

Probably the west wont let them have it so easy (if history and the record of the Chinese performance thus far is anyth to go by)?

Probably much more to come and the hawks in Dotard, Navarro, Lightizer etc would likely scheme up more ways to get their old allies to encircle the dragon and thus pitting 4 against one or more?

Old Mao (though with 1 million troops) used the tactics of at least 3 to 1 against Chiang and his (4 million strong) KMT in almost every encounter and win big?

With US, and at least 2 other axes encircling China like hyenas against a outnumbered lion, often even the lion has to make a retreat and concede their lunch hunt?

What more with many internal problems and the west are (definitely) aware of them?

Anonymous said...

Wait till you see the European countries go broke one by one. And the African and Arab immigrants are already in their countries to cause more trouble before taking over all the countries in Europe and convert all the infidels to Islam.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I say uncle, you should do more meditation lah. Your mind is wandering into all sorts of negative territory creating visions of horror and atrocity which exaggerate the state of our world and our species.

I essentially have a F.T.W. Policy. (Fuck The World). This I find, keeps me very sane and mind clear of negativity. Other people can enjoy the stupidity of their choices. I can't control their monkey-minds. I have a choice to "better" my own, with practice. The world is not insane. People who inhabit the world are fucking insane, and many of them hold seats of power.

It is not so easy to start a war these days, despite our crazy ability to pour intense creativity and engineering skill into designing modern weapons and military tactics. Also, when conflicts do erupt as they do from time to time---we are a war-like ape-species---these conflicts are tend to be contained to specific regions.

The ideas I have about the Middle East and WW2 are not entirely my own. I developed them from the work of another "nut case" (aka radical out-of-the-box thinker with brilliant ideas and self-made fortune made to back up the correctness of his "crazy thinking") named Richard Maybury who writes a (libertarian-styled) newsletter called the EWR (Early Warning Report). In Maybury's work, he develops the idea of Chaostan---which is where you live, and I occasionally visit 🤡

The big powers chest beat annd dick-size each other, but stop short of direct hostilities. What they prefer to do is fight "war by proxy", roping in some "fan-boy" state, usually totalitarian with a mad dick-tator at the wheel. Proxy wars are the "in-thing" now. Get some lackey to do your fighting. You just buy defense stocks, gold and play the bonds....and kick back in you non-Chaostan cuntry.

>> What you are looking at is one face of life, the hedonistic face where everyone is enjoying life and making the best out of it. <<

Exactly 90% on the money, Redbean. You are 10% off. That's the way I roll. F.T.W.---Foxtrot Tango Whiskey, Fuck | The | World.

Your 10% off (mistake) is your assumption that everyone gets to do this. No they don't. It is a combination of luck, good choice, genes and being born in a special time in history, and being able to stay alive (most important!).

The world is not fair. No one and nothing are equal. Apparently, you are the one who perhaps needs to up the wisdom, especially at your age. 🤪