Is National Service and the defence of Singapore still relevant?

Ah Peng Kia:
Gone are the days when we feel pride for our country and are prepared to defend our nation so our families can enjoy liberty. What liberty is there today? You cannot even voice your disagreement without this government trying to character assassinate you (Thum PJ), bankrupt you (Roy Ngerng) or criminalising you (Amos).
What nation is there to defend when the government opens the doors to foreigners to take good jobs, and then tell you you are lazy, unskilled, or incapable?
What country do we have where our hard earned retirement savings are not ours, and can be locked up for longer and longer periods, and worse, get sucked away by all kinds of schemes and rocket high social housing prices?
And the writer is correct, why do MPs and Ministers get to be paid millions to “serve” the nation while our young sons are given peanuts for allowance to be subject to abuse by immature officers, are expected to risk their lives with “realistic training”, and even have their welfare or dignity robbed by this inept conscription system?

The above comment is in response to an article by Benny Chen in a post in the TRE titled National Service has lost its meaning. Benny ended his article with this remark, ''Our local boys are exposed to life threatening risks, low pay and poor compensation while foreigners have it all? Since the country no longer values local is very much pro foreigners, NS should either be paid market rate or be scrapped. We don’t want to risk our lives to protect ministers, elites, foreigners, PRs and new citizens for nothing!!!

Do you agree?''

I was thinking something alone the same line, that with the country being invaded by foreigners brought in by the govt, by now more than 60% of the locals are foreigners or new citizens, what is there to defend? An army is first and foremost to protect the country from being taken over by foreigners, to protect the citizens and their way of life, their jobs, their safety and security.

With more than 60% of the locals being foreigners, the foreigners have successfully taken over the country. They are everywhere, taking over the good jobs from the citizens, even given free scholarships while the citizens have to beg their parents to pay for their education by using their life savings in the CPF or selling their homes. Some have to take loans or do part time jobs to support themselves.

And the safety and security of the citizens are violated and put to risk with so many strangers and foreigners living in their midst in the heartland, with unknown background and character and soundness of mind.

What is there to defend when the country is already taken over, or given to the foreigners? What is NS and citizenship when the word 'citizen' is taboo, not to be mentioned, like a 4 letter word. The new word of pride is 'local', given more rights and privileges than citizens, no need to do NS.

The army and NS is totally irrelevant when a country is no longer a country, when there is no citizen but only locals, a term that includes foreigners that are easily converted to citizens and PRs.

What do you think? I share all the points raised by Benny Chen and the commentators of his post in the TRE. Singaporeans have lost their country without firing a bullet. What is there to defend, ''to protect ministers, elites, foreigners, PRs and new citizens for nothing!!!''


Anonymous said...

In modern day context, NS is irrelevant but a political tool to keep the male Sinkies subdued, enslaving them & brainwashing the young Sinkies Male. What is there to protect when the govt can't even protect its own citizens in peace time & in war times? Better migrate to Matland as they r more wise than the Sinkieland's govt.

Anonymous said...

"Deeply troubled by Minister of Defence’s disclosure that Singapore will send more forces to Iraq"

Your son, husband, father or brother may be sent to Iraq if Ng has his way and don't ever cry if he comes home in coffin or body bag . . .

read more at https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2018/03/05/deeply-troubled-by-minister-of-defences-disclosure-that-singapore-will-send-more-forces-to-iraq/

Anonymous said...

I agree with RB. NS, especially in the early days until 15 years ago, NS was nothing more than slave labour.

Not only were conscripts paid slave wages, they lost two and half years head-start in earnings, and in most cases their jobs were taken by foreigners. Because of their decade long in-camp commitments and work disruptions, employers were also biased against employing them, preferring to employ cheaper foreigners, which has become the norm, and who do not face long term job disruptions.

All that talk about protecting the country in the early days has been turned into a political tool and is becoming a load of crap, that they continue to propagate.

Protect the country for whose sake? Protect your HDB that is increasing in value because of asset enhancements? What a sick joke that took the whole island wide dafties for a ride!

Anonymous said...

I thought Iraq was 'mission accomplished' decades ago? How come?

And why are we involved in Iraq that has no relevance to us? We get a share of the oil the evil empire plundered?

Anonymous said...

Gross uneven employment level playing field for male Sinkies who serve NS n Reservist vs FTs by courtesy of super open-leg policy even for PMETs from Pappies. GST n tariffs suka suka hike left right centre. Up North hike GST to 6%, govt voted out. Sinkies very easy to bully by most highest paid YOU VOTED FOR THEM. Effects of kaisi kaisu kai cheng hoo.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the present situation (with 3 million foreigners to take our jobs) and future situation (with 7 million foreigners to take everything from us) do not, cannot and must not be used to justify for the defence of Singapore by the 3 million Singaporeans, half of whom are women, and one-third are children, and one-fifth are oldies.

Secondly, Singapore's Government policies are tailored to please and attract foreigners. Even the laws are being interpreted differently in favour of foreigners.

Thirdly, the Income Disparity between a Minister and a National Serviceman is sinfully and unconscionably far too great, though both are SERVING THE NATION!

Fourthly, in truth, the Wealth of Singapore is in the hands of only the top ONE PERCENT. 99% of Singaporeans do not own anything:

1. You do not own any land. All the land, even those "sold" to private developers, belong to the Government. Even Freehold land, the Government can take from you at any time.

2. Your HDB flats and condos are on 99-ywar lease LONG-TERM rental but paid in full outright (through loans) do not belong to your. They belong to the Government and Developers. You are just a sucker who live in make-belief self-delusion.

3. Your cars and other vehicles, though paid for exhorbitantly at least with 300% tax (150% ARF + 75% VARF + COE) plus the original price of the car, are not yours. They are loaned to you for ten years. After ten years, if you want to use your vehicles further, you have to pay the Government for extended usage plus more tax. So, for those who think that the cars you paid for are owned by you, you are living in self-delusion. In reality, your cars belong to the Government the very moment you paid for your COE. Only All PROBLEMS related to the cars belong to you!

4. The CPF Savings you contributed every month, thinking that they belong to you, are not yours. They belong to the Government, who controls and decides what to do with that money. You are only at the Government's mercy. You can only withdraw all (meaning 65% only, 35% "rob" in broad daylight by CPF Board giving the crab excuse that you are not entitled to the Employer's portion of the total monthly contributions) if you emigrate and denounce citizenship. Even then, you will face a lot of red-tape obstacles.

Fifthly, the National Service Act dictates that your sons or husbands, from the age of 18 to 55 belongs to the State. Only after 55, will they be reverted in legal status.

So, should you continue to champion for National Service using the defence of Singapore as an excuse?

If yes, what is there to defend? Your love ones? If you are killed by heatstroke or grenade smoke, or enemy, who will be there to defend your loved ones?

Anonymous said...

In the General Election result yesterday (May 9), the Opposition led by former Prime Minister Dr Mahatir Mohamad have secured a clear majority, 113 seats out of 222, to take over the government.

The ruling party National Front has been defeated after 60 years.

Will the PAP be defeated after 60 years?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The ONLY REAL PROBLEM with National Service is that it is compulsory.

If it were completely voluntary there wouldn't be an issue.

A city state like Singapore (even though it's not really a "cuntry") still needs to be defended against the off-chance of being invaded and occupied like is was under the Imperial Japanese.

When you make something completely VOLUNTARY, you get "real data". You get to know immediately whether your society is made up of individuals who are willing to contribute to the common wealth of the nation, or just there to see how much "free stuff" they can get.

Although NS might be bad, and irrelevant, the willingness and necessity to defend one's friends, family and way of life is always relevant.

Can the (maybe? perhaps? occasionally?) "good" people of Singapore do that without being forced? Or are they quick to hand-wave it all away with a "not my problem" attitude?

From my observations, Singaporeans, generally speaking, don't have a a terrific record of looking out for each other.

Anonymous said...

When you are the winning party's political members especially when you are a minister,or even MPs you never get to retire but stay on to collect the illicit bounty of millions of dollars. Even when they are out of politics they will always be employed as directors or CEOs of either private companies or GLCs. When they are about to kick the bucket and really retire at around seventies or even eighties or nineties they will be collecting a few hundred million dollars in booty and no doubt all at the country and the people's expense.Why do the daft Singaporeans allow this to go on and on.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Matland Dr M gonna rule as PeeAm again! R u kidding me? me jus wake it & read newspaper, Sinkieland Ah Long said wanna hv a ' constructive relationship ' with Maitland? How van it be ? During Dr M rule, he so hate Sinkieland & wanna 'skin this cat' to make sure Sinkieland economy collapse during old fart time. Now the Dr M is being resurrected from 'grave' more nightmares will come to Sinkieland soon, alamak God bless this little red island city Lah.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Malaysians! - A Victory for Malaysians Is A Courage For Singaporeans!

After 61 years in power, the UMNO-MCA-MIC combination finally falls by the hands of the 6th PM, Najib Razak (and wife Rosmah Mansor of Mongolian girl murder-case fame), the son of Tun Abdul Razak, the 2nd PM of Malaysia, and nephew of Hussein Onn, 3rd PM of Malaysia.

9th May 2018 shall be remembered that political power belongs to the PEOPLE, not politicians or political parties, or a single family no matter how much it has done for the country. This is the day Malaysians experienced the power of the ballot. So can Singaporeans if the heart is willing, though the brain can be daft.

Anger towards the current Najib Administration had brought Malaysian voters out in large numbers to cast their votes in this historic 14th Malaysian General Election.

Few Malaysians and Singaporeans would have thought they would live to see this day – the defeat of the formidable Umno-led Alliance / BN, which had held unbroken power for 61 years since independence.

This is the first time the Malaysians have seen a change of government since independence from the British in 1957.

Malaysia and Singapore are probably the only countries in the world, apart from a handful of communist states, to have not undergone a regime change. It was as good as being ruled by the dictates of only a few men of a single political party. No difference from a communist state.

Pakatan Harapan's victory is even more remarkable because of the gerrymandering, the numerous attempts by the Election Commission to frustrate the opposition campaigns, and the holding of the election in the middle of the week, which most likely resulted in a lower voter-turnout.

The fall of the BN was made possible by a wave of open corruptions and iron-hand measures that angered most Malaysians. These have turned into a tidal wave – a tide which comprised not just the major ethnic groups in the Peninsula – Malays, Chinese and Indians - but also those in Eadt Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak).

At the end of the day, the re-delineation of electoral boundaries, which Najib had pushed through, weeks before the General Election, had backfired.

Voters, frustrated with various issues, made a beeline at polling stations nationwide to reverse the efforts of the BN and its functionaries to steal this election by hook and by crook.

More importantly, this election witnessed a swing among the Malays in favour of the opposition, despite the scare-mongerings and race-baitings done by the BN.

With this, Malaysians have taken the first step of becoming a normal country. Will Singapore be next?

A normal country in which two or more coalitions would vie for power.

A normal country where power resides with the people, and not in the hands of a few elite politicians.

A normal country in which race and religion would not be instruments of deception and objects for obsession.

A normal country in which corrupt politicians made use of the laws and law-enforcement to protect and advantage themselves.

The hard work has just begun for the new Malaysian government yet to be formed. No one should be under the illusion that a new government would be able to reverse the rot that had taken root for decades by the past incumbent ruling party. There are shits to be removed, gutters to be cleared and stench to be neutralized.

For a country that is so divided, it would take time to heal the wounds, and for Malaysians to rebuild the trust for one another, and for the many institutions that have failed them to be reorientated and reorganized.

May 9, 2018, is also a reminder to all politicians not to take theeir voters/people for granted. It is a reminder that it is the PEOPLE who are their masters, and the politicians have been elected to serve them, and not lord over them.

Three cheers for Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


A normal country in which corrupt politicians CANNOT make use of the laws and law-enforcement to protect and advantage themselves at the expense of the public.

Gabra Boss-Carrier Crony said...

Sinkieland jia lat liow.
President Xi was provoked until he made plans to hit back where it hurts most.

President Trump was taken for granted that he would not be able to beat Hillary Clinton and become 45th President if USA, who now make Sinkieland PM looks like a moron

Indonesian President is not happy with Sinkieland PM over a number of issues.

Philippines' President is pro-China, therefore, can in sync with Sinkieland PM.

Now, Mahathir is back in power. Najib is goner - probably will face corruption and murder probs in not too distant future. No LKY around to counter Mahathir. Anwar will be PM. He hates Sinkieland's policies. Possibly the WATER Issue, the Crooked Bridge, the Control of Malaysian Airspace and the Horsburg Lighthouse issues will surface again.

Sinkieland will be squeezed very hard from the East, from the West, from the North and from the South, diplomatically, economically, financially, socially and politically.

Like that, how to survive? Need regime change? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sinkingpore PM said want to have constructive relationship with the new Mahathir-led Malaysian Government with Anwar as PM?

First, must construct the crooked bridge.

Second must reconstruct the Water Agreement.

Third, must help Malaysia construct Maga Port at Kedah, not at Tuas.

Fourth, must help Malaysia construct Senai International Airport to take over the contol of aviation from Sinkingpore.

Fifth, must construct the high-speed rail from Sinkingpore to Kuala Lumpur at Sinkingpore's expense.

That would be a good start for a constructive relationship.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah, some of you seem tot think that Dr M and his Pakatan Harapan are "pure as the driven snow".

Wait lah. Dr M is not one of the richest and most powerful men in the region because he's a bloody fool. He can bring it with the the best of them, and doesn't give a shit about nor give in to "white people". He looks fucking great for 92....most people aren't even breathing unassisted at that age, let alone walking around Like A Boss.

Actually I do hope he gives some hot curry to the PAP govt. I hope he insults them personally one by one on his blog :-) They can't sue him for defamation either.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Lah. ONly Sinkieland's Long Gor will get 'Sodomize' by the North Matland PeeAm Dr Mati-ah, when Anwah is let go of prison. Let the evil Ones by punished by another evil one. Let them screwed left right center & its their bziness. Alamak blesses Sinkies & Sinkieland Lah.

Virgo 49 said...

National Slavery is the PAP Orientation to have every young Singaporean Males ordained to just OBEY them.

Have you noticed the propaganda filmlet of the National Slavery?? Yet Sinkie parents especially the Chins chins took for granted that their sons were be in Safe Hands.

They have the black ants, most of then boh peng yau see as instructors and see them in the film let punishing the young birds on the floors doing pushups as punishments.

They have to tame all young sinkies to obey them with question.

Next ten to twenty years under their PS and recall at their beck and calls.

This way, break your resolve not to go against them.

Time to reside more in Matland as GST abolished. Things be more expensive in Sinkieland be more expensive when the GST is increased.

Lucky got sanctuary there. Even Malaysians working here as professionals confessed that they do surrender their Blue I/Cs.

Anonymous said...

i myself don think i can last over 70.

Anonymous said...

Lucky me. Have foreskin and foresight. I bought 3 houses in Malaysia - one in JB, one in Cameron Highland and one in Sarawak.

I saw Malaysians coming to Singapore to take advantage of enjoying the best of both worlds, I asked myself "Why not follow their example, learn from them?"

So I tightened my belt. Singch and saved for ten years. And bought my first house for a song at JB. After that I sold my 5-room HDB flat for $235,000 and converted the money to Malaysian Ringgit. I became a half-millionaire immediately. Then I went to work in Sarawak and married a Malaysian girl and we bought a huge bangalow house there for only MR$200,000.

After that, we moved to KL to work. While working in KL, we used to go to Cameron Highland for holidays. An opportunity came. I bought a 3-storey shop-house for a song. I converted it to a hotel and got my wife's brothers to help look after it.

Lucky got Malaysia as my sanctuary. Now I have 3 houses and one HDB flat. Thank you Malaysia.

Next, I am preparing to emigrate to China, Hainan Island.

Thank you PAP for making me a sucker so that I have formed my resolve to get out of the shit hole. I will make sure my children do not serve National Slavery.

Anonymous said...

Najib has disappeared. Post-election conference with the reporters was cancelled. Only three UMNO senior leaders remained to accept the defeat.

Anonymous said...

Najib made a call to his friend in Singapore.

"Brother, I need your help."

"Sorry, wrong number." Hung up.

Anonymous said...

When PAP falls, I wonder who will be left behind to face the music and bitter medicine? I think the game for PAP is also coming to its end. Mis-management of the country's finances has driven Singapore into Debt, which for the past 50 years never happened. Legalised corruption is worse than normal corruption. When PAP falls, all those on the taking with unconscionable morality and ethical principles, even though they may be completely legally covered, must be held responsible for all the ills and sufferings that Singaporeans have gone through. That has to come. That day must come, without doubt, so that the BIG BALANCE SHEET can be balanced. Justice must take its natural course.

Wish upon wish. Hope upon hope. May the Divine give the blessings.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Mahathir at 92 become Prime Minister of Malaysia again, Goh Chok Tong at 76 may feel he's still not too old to become Prime Minister of Singapore again.

Who says Singapore got no PM-calibre candidate? Lackluster 4G so-called leaders not up to the mark, Goh can always take back the PM post from Loong !

Anonymous said...

Mahathir says: "We intend to abolish laws that are unfair, including the newly introduced anti-fake news law" - legislation that Singapore's 4G PAP also conspiring to introduce!

Anonymous said...

great peple r still around don play play.

Anonymous said...

Goh Chok Tong should seriously think for Singaporeans during his old age. To fulfill his promise of the Swiss Standard of Living, he should make a come-back to recapture his pre-mature expulsion of his Premiership position in 2004. He was supposedly said to step down in 2007 but someboLee was too eager to take over control of total power so that his wife could go on shopping spree around the world with other people's money in order to become famous as one of the world's top influential figure.

Goh Chok Tong has a few unfinished tasks as PM. He owes it to the people to complete those tasks.

He should form a new party and join force with all opposition parties in order to wrestle power from the PAP. Will he have the guts and will-power to do this?

Virgo 49 said...

Ya, last time kena blow his water face by LKY as "Wooden" and right in front of cameras been snubbed and override by LKY.

Now the opportunity to do another Mahatahir and take over as PM from that useless Pinky who goes down in Sinkieland's history as the PeeAyam who lose the reign of PAP after half a century.

What's happened in Malaysia can also happen here. Now test balloons blows in air whether they want to further increase GST.

Maybe GCT wants to see that Looong defeated like Najib to go down in history aa the laat successor of the PAP dynasty.

Anonymous said...

GCT got heart to fulfill his Swiss standard of living & reverse Swiss costs of living to Sinkies?
Does GCT got the guts?
Or will he just sit at Botanic Garden and watch water?

Anonymous said...

GCT got heart to collect more money. His greed for money has no boundaries. Even the sky is not the limit. If he becomes PM again - after ousting The Fraud Dragon, he can then think of ways to increase his wealth by confiscating the World's Richest Family's secretly enmassed rotton money.