Space station politics and retribution

The Americans have been putting all the road blocks to stop China from participating in the International Space Station programme since its completion in 2011. On the excuse of preventing the transfer of technology, the Americans have enacted many laws to inhibit and curb cooperation or communication with China in all national and commercial organisations and in space technology. China was forcefully locked out of the ISS programme to the clappings of the Americans and its anti China allies.

China then decided to go on its own to develop its own space programme and space stations. To date China has operated two space stations, Tiangong1 and Tiangong2.  Tiangong3 will be launched either this year or next. In the meantime the Americans have lost confidence in their space shuttle programme after the explosion of the last launch in 2003 killing all 7 astronauts. Another 7 were killed in another explosion in 1986. Since then they have no faith in developing a working model to send their astronauts to space on the space shuttle or their own rockets. The space shuttle programme has been decommissioned in 2011 and the Americans have to rely on Russian rockets, for safety reasons, to send their men to the ISS.

What is significant in the space station programme is that by 2028 the ISS would be shut down, ending its useful life. It was supposed to be closed down in 2024 but its shelf life extended to 2028. By then the only space station in the sky would be Tiangong3, Made in China. China would be the owner and in control of the only space station in the sky. The Americans are desperate and have made overtures to send their men to the Chinese Space Station.

Here is the retribution. China is saying a big NO to the Americans. To hell with all your anti China transfer of technology scam. China would cooperate and allow every other country to send their astronauts to China's space station but NOT the Americans. It is not a matter of how much the Americans are willing to pay. It is politics, the politics of retribution.

You block me, I block you. That's what meanness meant and what meanness would get. The Americans would be the only man left behind just like when they made China the man left behind in the ISS. What goes around would come around.

The bigger retribution would be for China to pass more laws to protect its technology from being transferred to the Americans. China has been leapfrogging the Americans in many fields and it is a matter of time when the Americans would have to do the catch up and it would be China's turn to keep the American's at arm's length.

Just an example, the Americans are trying to build their own high speed train. The process of erecting a section of the train track took 120 days and hundreds of men on site, to fabricate, put up wooden frames, tie the steel bars and to pour concrete on the set up. It then took several weeks for the concrete to form and dry. For the same job China took just 1.2 hours and less than 20 men, with their own heavy crane designed specially for the job of laying the prefab concrete track. Everything else is done off site.

Things would get stranger when the American astronauts got caught in an ageing ISS and begging China for help. China may want to but could not as the parts were not designed to fit, China was locked out from their scheme of things and have developed their own system, and the ISS could not dock to the Chinese space stations to migrate the crew over.

PS. The Chinese GPS system is now so accurate that the Russians have abandoned the American and European system. The USA is also begging to work with the Chinese system. The EU cheated the Chinese investment in their system and this time will not be allowed to work with the more advanced Chinese system.


Anonymous said...

In not so many years time, China will be the Most Advance Nation in Technology, Science, Economy, Artificial intelligence, E commerce,
Space & Aerospace Technology,Renewable/Clean energy, Smart nations, Telecommunications...etc even Humanities will also be advanced. It will be not only a model for many countries to follow but also a leader in many fields, a UK historian had predicted that in the early 70s much earlier than the old fart or anyone else !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As a nation, I doubt that Amrerica has anything to worry about fron China as far as space goes.

All this chest-beating and dick-sizing between soon-to-be-obselete Nation States is old hat table-scarps and leftover from the Cold War and the outdated thinking of old men who were once "cutting edge" in the 1970s and 80s.

Of cource the China sat-nav system is more accurate---it is newer. The GPS system we use everyday is also a hangover from 20th century tech...time to euthanise most of the tech, thinking and concepts from that time.

So much of what we do now and are on tarhet to achieve, has "disrupted" ideas from the 1900's. So move on people!

The younger folks are caring less and lee about the power of nation states.They know how to bypass the controls of the nation states. For e.g.: 3D printing to make "banned"things like guns, cryptocurrencies to buy and sell stuff and earn "hidden income" out of the reach of State regulation and taxes, and so on.

The private sector is expanding as thousands of startups happen eveyday around the newly globalised world.

So the so-called "space race" between dick-sizing Nation States is hardly even newsworthy now. The focus on space is on the PRIVATEERS like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Peter Diamentes.

Also keep an eye on the European Space Agency....although they are "big govt", they are doing interesting things with much smaller budgets than NASA.

NASA is a nationalized industry. So it is really no different from Communist China's space agency---they are both non free market and run off the state's money stolen by way of taxes from people and businesses. In other words the "competition" is no competition at all. It is just 2 COMMUNIST entities duking it out to see which one is left standing after blowing all that taxpayer money on political aggarandisement.

You like space? The private sector is rocking. My money is on Jeff Bezos....that fucker is one frugal dude, which is probably an important factor on why he is the world's RICHEST INDIVIDUAL.

I'm waiting for oneof China's young entrepreneurs like Jack Ma...or maybe someone unknown to take up the baten of space entreprneurship.

All the important development in China wrt to AI, robotics....comes from the PRIVATE sector, which is always wherethe real action lives, because no one gives a shit about politics....making money,or meritocracy is the only metric capitalists care about.

Anonymous said...

Rb, the European cheated China more than 2 billion but China must have signed a stupid contract at that time due to desperation cause they never got the money back.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

In the past the Chinese have been playing catch-up in space technology, IT, military technology, etc. Today the Chinese have surpassed the West in many areas. China now possessed the world's two fastest supercomputers. Looks like even the sky may not be a limit to Chinese achievement. It is only a matter of time in the words of Martin Jacques who has written a best-seller, "When China Rules The World".

southernglory1 said...

USA and the West is full of narcissism as far as the development of science and technology is concerned. Actually for centuries they have learned and copied much from the east like Egypt, Mesopotamia now called Iraq, Persia now Iran and of course India and China.

A world renowned British scientist Dr. Joseph Needham once said, before European countries were drastically behind China in developing Chinese scientific advances like printing, gunpowder, pest control, the magnetic compass, mechanical clockwork, the casting of iron, stirrups and efficient horse harnesses and the rudder. Professor was so captivated by Chinese way of life and ancient Chinese approach to science and technology that he carried out research and wrote numerous volumes on ancient Chinese work on chemistry, mathematics, medicine, botany, navigation, mechanics, civil engineering, agriculture and astronomy. In the course of his research he made an astounding statement " Every modern science and technology has its basic foundation in ancient China.

The renaissance of Europe in the Medieval Age was due largely to the the influence and learning of Chinese science and technology in which the Europeans learnt from the Chinese through the Mongols,the Arab merchants and lastly Marco Polo whose reports on China fired their imagination.

Professor Joseph Needham once said " Give China a hundred years of peace and she will produce wonders in the world." Isn't Dr. Needham's prediction resounding with what is happening now.

He once charged the Evil Empire - US for using germ and chemical warfare during the Korean War 1950 -1953. For that accusation he was barred from entering America.

Professor Joseph Needham was born in 9th December, 1900 and passed away in 24th March, 1995 at the age of 94.


Wednesday, 9th May, 2018

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China would soon be passing laws to prevent the transfer of Chinese technology to the West just like what the Americans are doing today.

The new Huawei chips is 6 times faster than any American chips today.

There is a view that the top chip scientists in the MH370 went missing because the Americans did not want them to return to China with the technology and knowhow. This has slowed down China's development in chip technology. But China is moving a head very fast in this field.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Shame on the Americans," says Martin Wolf of the UK Financial Times in his opinion column Tuesday.

He says that no sovereign power could accept the ridiculous and humiliating demands being made by the US during the trade talks with Chinese officials in Beijing last week.

For China, it would be a modern version of the "unequal treaties" of the 19th century, he says.

Anonymous said...

JUST BY MATH Calculation, China's Potentials Are Exponentially Immense

IF just 1% of China's present population of 1.5 billion were top talents, China would have 15 million of such talents.

IF just 10% of China's population were to be trained and mobilised to defend her territory, China would have a 150 million military force.

IF only 50% of China's population were gainfully employed, China would have a work-force of 750 mullion people.

So is India. Therefore, the future struggles and challenges will be primarily between China and India, and secondarily between China and All Whitemen Combined.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most of you talk cockers here, I put my money where my mouth is.

80% of my own money is in china companies listed on shanghai, Shenzhen, HK, and NY.

-70% crash during 2008/2009, -45% crash in 2015 ... still investing & holding on.

Pah si buay Zhao!!

$1M now become $1.5M --- lucky got dividends to tahan. Also thanks to the big china tech companies blowoff growth!!

Anonymous said...

India has slapped a gravity defying tariffs of up to whopping 60% on chickpeas and 50% tariffs on peas and lentils
greatly impacting oz industries worth hundreds of billions. Farmers in Canada also affected.

Farmers in

Anonymous said...

During trade talks with Chinese officials in Beijing last week, the US trade delegation demanded that: (1) China should reduce its trade surplus with the US by $200 billion within two years; (2) the US government had the right to ban Chinese investors from taking over tech companies in the US; and (3) China should not take any actions to oppose or retaliate against the US or its companies.

It's hard to believe that such shameless, greedy and arrogant requests were really made by the US delegation, which claimed to be interested in "fair trade."

It reminded many Chinese people of the Opium Wars, which started in 1839. Western capitalist nations forced China to open its market to them through various forms of cheating and blackmail. Nowadays, the US wants to demolish all barriers to China's market.

Chinese people will never forget that China was forced to pay so-called punishment fees of as much as 20 billion grams of silver to white Western nations (US, UK, France, etc)during the Opium War.

And today the white US is trying to hurt China again with higher tariffs and trade deficit demands.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Americans and people of the world, listen to Jerry Day on what he has to say about the USA. Go view this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1G0ji7lkSo

Anonymous said...

Do you all know who is Chance-llor Angela Merkel of Germany?

She is the daughter of Hitler.