Malaysians choose the devil over the deep blue sea

92 year old Mahathir won. My prediction that the Chinese votes would swing to Najib did not come true. The economic and business biased Chinese voters did not go for economic interest unlike their forefathers, decided that political power is more important. The years of abuses by UMNO and the deep seeded and entrenched powers of extremists in UMNO would have to pay for their sins and be gotten rid off. The years of distrust and unhappiness over UMNO leaders is probably the main reason why they took the chance with Mahathir, the extremist they knew, and hopefully to live with him for a brief moment before Anwar assumed the post of PM. Any change is better than to continue with the same pact of extremists in UMNO. In Anwar’s case this is classic phoenix rising from the ashes, being beaten and locked up in prison for good only to reemerge as the PM of the day, at least this is the game plan. Many visitors are taking Q numbers to visit Anwar, the de facto PM working behind bars. They would probably have to refurnish his prison cell to look more respectable as the office of a PM.

Many BN minority leaders were bundled out of Parliament with the MCA and MIC losing their key leaders to DAP. MCA is history after decades of being hapless poodle of UMNO, totally incapacitated and ineffective in protecting minority Chinese interest. DAP is emerging as the force to be reckoned with not just in Penang but the whole of West Malaysia. With its 28 seats, DAP is going to be the deciding factor in the fate of Mahathir and Pakatan Coalition. The Chinese voters have thrown their weight behind DAP. DAP would not be bullied and pushed around by the new coalition govt.

In Malaysian politics, it is politics and anything can happen. Najib’s day may not be over yet given the possibility that DAP could defect en bloc to Najib’s camp should Mahathir play his anti Chinese card again. DAP has enough seats to make the difference and be the check on the ultra ultras and extreme extremists in Mahathir’s camp.

Putting this scenario aside, knowing that behind the scene dealings are taking place now, what would this lesson be for Singapore? Would our school boys and school girls learn anything and put aside their egos and differences and do a Mahathir in the next GE here? Though we may not have someone with the drawing power and experience of Mahathir, the political scene is ripe for a change with all the unpopular and unpleasant policies still in play and being assumed as the new normal that the daft Singaporeans have no choice but to live by.

Malaysia boleh, would the Singaporeans be shouting Singapore oso can do?

Hsien Loong’s relation with Mahathir would not be as cosy as with Najib. No more durian lunches together. But not to worry, Singapore has a trump card in the Indian Malay President. She can invite the Indian Malay PM to the Istana for curry fish head in banana leaf and rebuild a new rapport with Mahathir to compensate for the lack of chemistry between the latter and Hsien Loong. Everything will be fine.


Anonymous said...

人算不如天算,its Heaven's Will that Allah has sent His Begotten Son Dr Mahathir & his coalition party to put right to the people of Malaysia under its rule of law & constitution. So how can Dr M be the Devil? Do u mean that Agong or Malaysia King is so stupid like the Sin City Halimau? Agong consulted the simple majority coalition party leaders Wan Aziza, DAP Chinese & another member before deciding Dr M can be the PeeAm of M'sia. Agong is not gullible or gong gong Lah, He got to make sure that Dr M is not there jus to seek revenge & had all the oppo parties agreed to Dr M as leader before he can let Dr M be sworned in, see how wise is Agong. How great if Sin City can hv such a President. Dr M is Allah sent to save the Msians, can Sin City be like them onlt time will tell.

Anonymous said...

customer looking for the true main chef again.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Malaysian voters have voted for an end to corruption, nepotism and cronyism. The BN was decisively beaten. It will go into oblivion. MCA and MIC will ditch UMNO. The result of GE14 is bound to have a spillover effect. MIW and their doggies are going to shit in their pants. The Opposition will draw inspiration from Pakatan Harapan's victory. The Malaysians are ushering in a new era. It is about time Singaporeans do likewise. Dr Mahathir is now basking in glory while Najib has to limp off surreptitiously to lick his wound. PM Lee may start to rehearse his baby crying act should he suffer the same fate as Najib. Anwar will be a free man after June 8. PM Lee has to play a new ball game of politics with Mahathir as well as Anwar.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I was so glad to learn that the Malaysian Chinese community gave a nice "Fuck you and now fuck off!" to the MCA.

Actually, if Mahathir and Anwar are to be believed, their "economic philosophies" make more sense and are fairer to the average Malaysian. No more crony capitalism (if you can believe that), a "merit-based" system of competition (if you can also believe that).

The Mahathir/ Anwar policies ---very pro-Western in spirit and influence---could actually make Malaysia boom again. Plus they seem to be more "relaxed" toward individual freedom, and freedom of speech than our stiff-shirts in Singapore.

In the 1970 book "The Malay Dialemma" Dr M dared to write about really sensive issues wrt to race/ culture. He highlighted the dominance of Chinese in business and areas of private achivement---like becoming wealthy.

The Malays, he acknowledged are not good at this. They were too "spititual" (code word for "fucking lazy motherfuckers" ). And so off he went onhis Malay first journey.

Many Chinese left during that time. As Education Minister, forr e.g., he forced everyone---including Chinese students---to learn every subject in Bahasa Malaysia.

This has real world consequences. There's a whole bunch of Malaysian Chinese and Indians in around their mid 30s to 40s who speak appalingly BAD ENGLISH because they were schooled in Malay under Dr M as Edu Minister.

Some of these folks have overcome their lack of English skills by training which allowed them to apply for entry into foreign English-based universities, so these people are now OK. However there are the "forgotten" who have not overcome the HUGE SABOTAGE Dr M's policy had on their scholastic, professional and personal lives.

"Past performance doesn't guarantee future results", is the warning you get on every financial product. However as humans we know damn well that very often past performance DOES INDEED predict future results, so using past perfromance as PROXY/ METRIC is not a totally whacked-out idea.

Will we get a "new and improved" Dr M? And perhaps an Anwar too?

Anonymous said...

malaysia star still shining.

Anonymous said...

Dun worry Sinkieland got Ah Bock Lah. The last time he got 'Block' during the Presi-tanial erection, if he got the guts & political conviction to make the good the lives of about 3millions Sinkies, he should not be too afraid to go against his former party & Long san. He should possessed the heart of the Sinkies to put the rights & law & order to Sinkies constitution otherwise he wud he live a life as a lost cause & in oblivion.

Ches L said...

MIW will also learn from this.
Can expect more "laws" to be enacted to clamp down on free speech.
Anything not dished out by the MIW will be considered fake news.
Sinkies be aware.

Virgo 49 said...

DAP's move to forego their Rocket Logo under the PH's flag is a wise move. The Bumis in Malaysia would think twice before they cast their votes for the Rockets due to their six decades of Divide and Rule conditioning by their Ultra Malay Leaders.

Now they voted under ONE with Mahatahir and Anwar in their minds. That's how they won.Unlike 2013, they missed their opportunity with more votes but less Parliamentary Seats.

In a way, they are also moving away from Racial Politics.

Sinkies Opposition need to take a leaf from them.United as ONE and be ready to form the Government. After the victory, they can share the million dollars salaries for next five years and be like the PAP millionaires.

But, sadly, Sinkies been ingrained Every Man for themselves for decades. Became Kia see, Kia Soo and Kia everything. So may be just a pipe dream.

However,What's happened in Matland can be duplicated in Sinkieland.

True Blue Singaporeans DONT have to look for sanctuaries to go and be proud of our own Nation.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49

>> However,What's happened in Matland can be duplicated in Sinkieland. <<

Unlikely. PAP is still the most favoured party. Many more Singaporeans are "disgruntled" by Gen 4.0 PAP, but I doubt they'll be voting for an "alternative" anytime soon. Singapore's economy is far more "sophisticated" and developed compared to Malaysia; the PAP essentially opened Singapore up to the world, which is why we have shit-tons of foreign cash.

Singapore is "open for business" 24/7...Malaysia...not so much lah. "Relac lah brudder" is still the norm. If not for the "materialistic Chinese" (Dr M's words in his 1970 book "The Malay Dilemma"), Malaysia would still be a Turd Whirled Cuntry spiralling down a dirty toilet bowl.

>> True Blue Singaporeans DONT have to look for sanctuaries to go and be proud of our own Nation. <<

Oh so you are now the "authority" on what is and isn't "true blue Singaporean"? 😂 Hahaha... Anyway, here's my interpretation: "true blue Singaporeans" are too busy making a good life for themselves to even care about other people's opinions. They are WINNING, taking full advantage of every "lobang" they can find. 🕺🏿🍷💃🏻💰

jjgg said...

Yes.. every country has it's defining moments..Malaysia just seen theirs.. wither Singapore? Over the past year.. we've seen taxes raised to an unprecedented level. New taxes.. more bonuses for miw. But wait.. we have a deficit??? Tuas port been mentioned so has T5.. no mention of all the surpluses that will be generated from closure of paya lebar n it's subsequent redevelopment. No surpluses from relocation from keppel tanjong pagar to tuas? Is this our defining moment? That we buy anything the government sell us? What is next.. not to worry ..the government can conjure projects out of thin air.. perhaps T6 .. perhaps a parallel traffic system overhead.. wtf is going on???

Virgo 49 said...

Right Matilah, Sinkies are just too selfish and don't care two hoots as long as they are doing fine.

But when the party is over and in their stupor state they find themselves sodomised, raped and deprived without a State to call their own, that's the time of reckoning.

So, better with for sight and hindsight look for a survival route to call your own.

Hope that that fatal day is not too soon.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49

>> Hope that that fatal day is not too soon. <<

People have been predicting the "fall" of the PAP for 50 years lah, as they did the fall of UMNO. Well, UMNO fell...but don't make the mistake of thinking that they are "out". Not everyone is Mahathir's fan. A lot of Malaysians from every racial and social-economic group can't stand the guy. And of course you get similar scenario in Singapore: you have PAP fans, PAP haters and folks like me who are indifferent, and as you say "selfish".

However, to me selfishness is a virtue ; "selfishness" in this context being defined as one's rational self interest---i.e. long-term focused, emotionally-controlled, and of course individual action oriented. The more we concentrate on our own defined, long term goals, the less time we have for "kachauing" others, or give a shit about their negative opinions and personalities.

Although Singaporeans berate each other, there're a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of Singaporeans who are world-class successful and just "mind their own BUSINESS", and A FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND OF THEM live overseas...on every continent, simply minding their own BUSINESS like crazy.

The PAP don't own the accolade for the success of every Singaporean, as they always hint at every pre-election speech. The "free market", Laissez Faire nature of Singaporean entrepreneurship was an idea started by Stamford Raffles. When Singapore became "economically free", it wasn't the Brits who benefited. Traders, merchants, financiers and business people (aka "selfish individuals who mind their own business) from everywhere came...Middle East, SE Asia, India, China, Indonesia, Europe. Singapore was "globalised" even before people of the 20th century even invented the word!

Singapore has a history of "everyone for themselves". This is why we are fucking rich. The PAP "helped" because politics is DOWNSTREAM from culture, and we got the same type of people as us to govern us (govt from the people, by the people, FOR the people)---people who KNOW we like our money, success and a good life. Peol and government: same same lah. They DESERVE each other! 🤡

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. It is unlikely that Singapore will be "falling" any time soon. As it is in life itself, not every year or even every decade will be "good"...there are bound to be ups and downs. People, being what they are, go crazy during the booms and spiral into depression during busts.

That's human emotion for you, which is why I don't pay too much attention to it in decision-making. emotions are simply a poor proxy for reality. Every cunt gets happy and sad, for mostly silly reasons...nothing new there.

We have reserves to last us more than 2 decades, even if zero govt revenue was collected in that time. That is a HUGE amount of money. Fortunately, we do not have the 1MDB management team looking after this "national treasure". 😹 🤪 So unless the unthinkable happens, Singapore is FUCKING SAFE for a long, long time.

The style of govt/ politics will change, when the culture changes. That is likely to take a few generations. The old generations and their "bad ideas" have to die and fade away first.

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, there is no clear unifying figure ( like Dr M ) in Sin City Inc. Not even Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say, Tan Kin Lian can beat the PAPies. Even WP also useless Lah. So Ah Long can be back to bziness & care less bout Sinkies. Even after raising GSt, Coe, Erp, water+elect+gas tariffs, car park fees, hdb flats, cpeefxx, or whatever taxes etc Sinkies will still vote for the white men/women party. Even if foreigners scold or beat up Sinkies noboLee is gonna care. Same as even if all the jobs goes to foreigners Sinkies Pmets will jus lament kpkb and stll vote the PAPies, its so pathetic due to the deeply ingrained kiasu,kiasi,kiabor,kiachenghu, kiaAhLong syndrome.This is Uniquely Sinkiapour Lah. So until a Savior come Sin City Papies will rule 4ever with u 4u May the 4 be will u, u die ur own bziness Lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP and LHL must have been highly disappointed. Banking on the wrong horse again, just like banking on Hillary Clinton to be the 45th US President. One blunder after another, without any light at the end of the tunnel, just like MRT tunnel flooded due to sheer negligence, complacency and poor leadership.

The road ahead for the PAP will not be smooth sailing any more.

1. LKY is dead. There is no Dr Mahathir of Singapore around. LKY's legacy has been besmirched and destroyed by LHL himself for trying to capitalize on it for political gains but has backfired because of the way he handled his own siblings' grouses. Instead of putting his own house in order, he went to the Parliament and made it into his own order and disorder.

2. Mis-manangement of finances has caused Singapore to fall into debt, instead of surpluses, which has never happened before. Due to this fact and other suspicions, our National Reserves has now become undoubtedly a Huge Suspect.

3. The huge losses made by Temasek Holdings, managed by LHL's wife Ho Ching, and the GIC, managed by LHL himself, have suffered huge losses by the tens (if not hundreds) of billions in recent years. Their sources of funds come from the CPF savings and Taxpayers' money. This is a Definitive NO NO NO that will forever be a black mark for Singapore's brand of leadership.

4. The reckless rush into into mega projects, such as Changi Terminal 5 and Tuas Mega Port, without budgeting and providing funds ahead, is a clear sign of lack of foresight, prudence, planning, management skills and leadership.

5. The desperate, inconsiderate, unconscionable, hefty and multi-prong heavy tax increases over a very short span of time in 2017 and 2018, and the impending GST increase, are clear signals that something is / are seriously wrong in the LHL Administration.

6. The continuous appointment of paper generals, who have clearly and openly demonstrated their inability and incapacity to function outside the protected incubators of the SAF environment, is a clear indication that lessons have not been learnt, and that MERITOCRACY has gone to the dogs, which are experts in boot-licking and tail-wagging.

7. The amendments and introduction of more new laws to curb, limit, restrict and obstruct citizens freedom of expression, assembly, movement, enterprise, intercourse, innovation, creativity and other forms of activities, are clear signs of a government at serious odds with its citizens and fellow countrymen.

8. The repated delays in identifying and training the next PM to take over leadership of the PAP and the Government is a definitive signal that something is amiss. Uncanny and laughable even.

9. The continued persecution and prosecution of Lee Hsien Yang's son Li Shengwu is a clear indication that the Lee Family Feud has not only not amicably settled but has escalated further. From now onward, whether Li Shengwu is found guilty or not, a heavy dark black mark has already been painted the present LHL Administration.

10. Last but not least, the unprecedented fiasco in the appointment of Indian-by-birth Halimah Yacob as the Elected President with an aborted Presidential Election reserved for Malays, will be a joke in the history of Singapore's Presidential Elections forever. No amount of white-wash will be able to make it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Hope M'sia will cancel HSR project & cooperate with Thai to build Kra Canal. That will also help a lot with the restive mullah Thai south.

And hope China will form JVs to do the infrastructure & sign long term agreements to use the new routes & build up the commercial centres.

In order for S'pore to get good leaders, we need a crisis. They can be from PAPpy or not. Chances are they will come from private sector, once the economy is so fucked up that nothing much for people to lose.

Anonymous said...

@Ginger 1:50pm

Out of your 10 points, only #5 is relevant to ordinary sinkies.

The rest, 99% of sinkies can't be bothered.

Right now majority of sinkies are OK --- much higher salaries than 5 years ago, no problem to afford BTO, most have good-paying 9-to-6 jobs in aircon office, a bit of price increase here & there 2% here $10 there but increase in salaries can more than cover...

If S'pore election tomorrow, guarantee over 70% will vote PAPies.

Anonymous said...

Not everything can last forever. Even political parties. They either fade away gracefully or tragically.

When they start to think they will last forever, that is the time when they will start to fall, because they become overconfident, overbearing, intolerant, over arrogant, adopt cronyism, and take the voters for granted that they will continue to vote them in.

Like Najib, you can change judges, prosecutors, deputy PMs, police chiefs, bank governors etc, but you cannot change how voters will vote based on your actions. He and his cronies will pay a very heavy price in days to come. That is why leaders who do wrong will do everything they can to hang on to power.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.13pm

Well said. The time will come for the PAPies to 'accept the verdict of the People' . If the current ruling party of the tiny island still carry on business as usual to rule against the people's will, then that time will come soonest as wat the Chinese says '人在做 天在看' & 风水轮流转 or karma will do its work like wat happen to Msia.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:13 pm

You hit the nail right on its head!

Anonymous said...

Yes, for Malaysians this election is a battle between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Mahathir, you know is not someone who forgives and forgets easily, though he talks about not wanting revenge. Cloudy days are still around for the Malaysian Chinese who bet on him. They have to remember that he was the one who side lined them when he introduced special rights for the Malays at the expense of the other races. That has remained aa very sore wound that refuses to heal for most Malaysian Chinese.

He also said that after two years, he will give way to Anwar. Let us see how this will work out, given that his son is also a player in his game of political chess this time around. We also know, for a fact, that those who succeed him are expected to carry out what he dictates or he will take them out by all means necessary. Further, he is well known to have fought battles with all his deputy PMs over his tenure and thrown them out. What if this were to happen with Anwar's wife and what this will mean for Anwar?

As for relations with Sinkieland, most people already know it will be back to the good old days of building crooked bridges.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Man plans small things. The big scheme of things is planned not by man. The return of Mahathir is a near miracle that on the invisible hand could bring about. And Mahathir is the perfect seat warmer for Anwar, the man that was deprived of the premiership so many times.

Mahathir may want to serve two terms to carry his private agenda. He may not have the time to last one day more if his role is just to pave the way for Anwar to become the next PM. He can plan as much as he wants, but it is not up to him to see it through.

When it is Anwar's time, nothing could stop it from happening, not the schemes of man.


Anonymous said...

The political situation in Malaysia has changed tremendously over the last two decades. Mahathir is wise enough to not go back on his words. Power is no more concentrated in his hands alone. There are too many factions and factors to consider.

Thete are too many unknowns at this early stage of the game. Banging on past incidents to make conclusions for future events is a no-brainer. Any political leader worth his salt would calculate each and every of his important moves carefully taking into consideration the prevailing situation and the factors at play.

It is a derp blue sea, not the devil you may think you know, because it is not Mahathir alone but a set of different leadership that will have to collaborate and coorperate in order to run the government effectively. Each of these leaders, including DAP, PAS, and PH, will want to reorganize and consolidate their own power.

Moreover, the present loosely-packed alliance within PH needs to be cemented well so that confidence in the top leadership can be unequivocally accepted by all its component groupings.

Mahathir was able to sidelined the Chinese because MCA had betrayed the Malaysian Chinese and let them down miserably iver prolonged period of time. DAP will be different. In fact, DAP is now the lynch pin to make or break the present existing PH coalition. If need be, DAP can make a move to join force with UMNO to form the majority government under a new Alliance.

Anonymous said...

If DAP is to represent the interest of the Chinese, joining UMNO may jeopardise its support from the Chinese, knowing that it will still be a minority partner in the Alliance with UMNO, and like MCA, may not have the clout to move or influence policies that favour the Malays which, over the decades, UMNO have used as a political tool for garnering Malay support.

How the situation will play out is still too fluid to judge. And how the Mahathir/Anwar part will develop is left to be seen. They are together now because they need each other to form the united opposition against UMNO. Now that the battle is over, who knows? This is politics and they were once bitter foes. Strange bedfellows!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Another option is to force out Mahathir from the PH if he goes back to his wild ways. He may or may not join force with UMNO but that would be strictly a Malay coalition party.

PKR is more multi racial and progressive in this area and a coalition with PKR is the best DAP can do. I think the combined seats of PKR and DAP is more than UMNO, and if they could bring in the parties in East Malaysia, they can form a new coalition on their own. In this sense all the disillusioned MCA, MIC and non UMNO BN seats can join PH to form a bigger coalition party.

It would really be a new beginning with a more multi racial coalition party, more progressive, and still protecting the rights of lesser well off Malays/Bumiputras. The Special Rights of the Bumiputras must be protected to win the confidence of the Malay voters.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry about Dr M wild ways, he can't stay on as PM for long due to his advance age. How long can he stll live? Nobody can live forever lest he is an immortal.

Anonymous said...

Even s short stay as PM of Malaysia, Mahathir is going to be a one man wrecking crew for Singapore/Malaysia relations going forward.

How capable are our untested and inexperienced 4G leaders when they are going to deal with the wily old fox?

Now we shall see what 'high standard politicians' our 4G leaders are, compared to 'low standard politicians and opposition' which the WP and Sylvia Lim have been branded by Grace Fu.

Mahathir will cut those arrogant loud mouths down to size.

Anonymous said...

After a while money talk. It greased most n hold together many men n women until it becomes too obvious when they become too too greedy n the dafts got squeezed until bey tahan just like up north a few days ago.

Anonymous said...


" If Mahathir & Anwar Are Willing To Pay The Price,.."

The link,
Hannah Yeoh: If Mahathir & Anwar Are Willing To Pay The ... - YouTube

Tun M answers on his choice for Anwar to be the Prime ... - YouTube

Access denied: Tun M barred from visiting Anwar - YouTube

Harapan - Filem Pendek untuk Malaysia - YouTube

Rafidah Aziz: First Time In History, You Are Going To ... - YouTube

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I enjoy the talk by Rafidah and her emphasis that all Malaysians are Malaysians and not Malays, Chinese or Indians. Pakatan Harapan stands for a united Malaysian Malaysia.
The video is post in 8:46pm above.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Rafidah Aziz's call for a change of management resonated with Malaysian voters. She is an eloquent speaker with a great sense of humour. 70% Singaporean voters are masochists and are impervious to change. The Opposition in Singapore can certainly do with a Rafidah Aziz.

Mat Salah said...

Malaysia boleh. Singapura tak boleh

Anonymous said...


" Rakaman eksklusif mulanya 'serangan' terhadap Tun M "

The link,
Rakaman eksklusif mulanya 'serangan' terhadap Tun M - YouTube

Tun Mahathir Dibaling Kerusi Ketika Menjawab Soalan ... - YouTube

Tegang! Suar dan kerusi terbang kearah Tun M - YouTube

Dr Mahathir: 1MDB Is Not Sovereign Wealth, It's The ... - YouTube

Malaysia's Mahathir Warns Chinese Investors - YouTube

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Malaysia's Mahathir Warns Chinese Investors - YouTube

Watch this video and listen to Mahathir saying that no silly countries would bring in huge numbers of foreigners into their countries or to let foreigners buy chunks of real estates in their countries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Dr Mahathir: 1MDB Is Not Sovereign Wealth, It's The ... - YouTube

In this video Mahathir defined what is Sovereign Wealth. Simply it is excess money of a state. States with excess money can anyhow buy to some extent, as the money is excess, no need to pay back. Loss never mind.

But when the fund is actually borrowed money, from the people, it is not Sovereign Wealth but Sovereign Debt. And people managing Sovereign Debt must be accountable to the creditors of the money, with proper documents to show and prove that the money is there. Sovereign Debt must be repaid and cannot anyhow hantam, buying Birkin Bags or all kinds of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

From the above, one can deduce how Spore is being run - almost everything foreigners to foreign talents undercutting the local citizens of its own rice bowl from jobs to housing to makan everything. In no time Spore is a hotel inc. Spore need a Mahathir-like opposition leader to keep the toes of the ruling party. It's a matter of time that Dishonourable Son & his cronies be replaced or sack by its people when the policies or squeezing the people dry takes effect, karmic will do its work to ensure the rule of law is installed when the time comes.