Corporal Kok Yuen Chin, another young life wasted

 The parents sent them their sons, they returned them with their bodies.

The premature death of Cpl Kok of SCDF on the last day of his NS is another sad and unnecessary story of the lost of our young men conscripted to serve the country. The death of these young men is so unnecessary that I cringed at the stupidity of the comments and apologies coming out from each incident. For this death is not going to be the last and the stupid comments and apologies would keep repeating, that they would conduct and investigate the cause of death, that it should not have happened, that punishment would be meted out to those responsible, that they would make sure it would not happen again. It would not happen again, it would not happen again! The truth, it would happen again and again and again as stupidity has no cure.

The death of these young men is not due to accident, not due to accident associated with the requirements of their profession, not work related but due to silliness that are totally unnecessary. Can such silliness be avoided, cannot?

Until someone has to pay dearly for the death of our young men, by being jailed for life, nothing will change, and these sad episodes will keep repeating over and over again.
Is it so difficult to stop stupidity, even if it cannot be cure? The young NS men may be naΓ―ve and clueless of such deadly incidents, but not the old soldiers, not the officers and commanders. It is too much to expect young NS men to keep away from silly acts, but aren’t the old soldiers and officers there to prevent them from repeating the silly and painful stories all over again?

Where is the accountability other than saying a few words of sorry and condolence? Do there really care, or just care by words, just like the regurgitation of finding jobs for PMETs by continuing to import foreigners to steal their jobs, lowering the cost of livings by continuingly raising rentals, property prices, transporation, narrowing the income gap but keeping paying themselves in the millions. It appears that these are words coming from a machine in their pockets, speaking without any sense of commitment or without meaning it.

You don’t have to wait for long for another young man to lose his life unnecessarily and for the circus to start again. Next time they don’t even need to be present after a tragedy, no need to rehearse what they have to say, just do what the slow moving rail transport is doing, record whatever that need to be said, and switch it on when needed.


Anonymous said...

Why is MINDEF and it's spoilt-baby, the SAF, being protected from prosecution and suits brought forth by NSF parents due to negligence and repeated deliberate stupid/ill treatments of their sons that caused their deaths?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi MM, welcome to the blog. To your question, we need to drain the swamp.

Anonymous said...

As usual the Papies slogan--u die ur own bziness. Recently, a minion Kung said the low income better help themselves, speaks volumes of the entire Leegime, vto them & its their turn to beg & die la.

Anonymous said...

All those who never served NS should not be Singapore MPs to lord over Sinkies.

That would disqualify Putucheary, Grace Fu, Josephine, Lee Bee Wah, etc .. .

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday he is confident that prosecutors will soon have a strong case to charge former prime minister Najib Razak over graft claims at state fund 1MDB.

"We are slowly getting to the bottom of things and many of our senior officers are volunteering information accompanied, of course, by documents," Tun Dr Mahathir said in his first remarks to an international audience since becoming prime minister again after the May 9 election.

"We think that within a short while, we will have a case against him, we will be able to charge him," he said via video link to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) CEO Council Meeting in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Good morning everyone.......

The opening statement.....

The parents sent them their sons.........
they returned them with their bodies......

Very very very very sad!

😒😒😒! #@€£&#$@##!

Virgo 49 said...

This Melaka lad is daft to serve in Sinkieland National Slavery. Just for the sake of Sink island Pink I/c. Malaysian Professionals made their monies here and retired in own homeland.

Likewise me eyeing their Blue I/c. The Uniformed Services are for those who are uncoup and parasites who either be in uniforms or be Gangsters.

Unless you have no choice but to wear them.Their sadistic means to torture the new especially timid NSFs

For donkey years these maltreatments been happening and their Commanders just kept a blind eye to this.

For SAF, eyeing when called for Tea sessions.

For SCDF, taking laptops home and disappearing acts.

The Regulars boh uniform yow see had a wonderful time torturing the raw recruits and newbies.

When disasters happened, they cried crocodiles tears and tried to give Grand Send Off military honours to them.

Have what's waste time COI and later swept under carpets.

Without drastic persecution of the culprits and just slaps on wrists of what's beholding what's fuck up promotions of a few dollars, Sinkie parents are going to send their sons to an early death just like the ISIS promising them Paradise.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Apparently people are so blinded by their hatred of NS, they can't see the facts, nor choose to accept reality.

MINDEF has got nothing to do with this other than being the agency administering the NS process.

This young fella was a fireman in Civil Defense.

The direct cause of his death was fucking around with his mates. There is nothing wrong with young men fucking around, being silly and just having good old male fun with their brothers-in-arms...or simply with their friends.

However, occasionally things go wrong and accidents happen. We see this on the roads when young fellas in fast cars, hot chicks and brains running on pure testosterone...The general case is a lot of roaring engines, screeching tyres, road rage from other motorists...and a whole lot of reckless and dangerous driving by society's recalcitrant young petrol-heads.

And usually nothing happens other than a buch of youngsters having good old fun.

OCCASIONALLY, however, things go awry, cars crash, people are killed, injured or disabled for life, property is destroyed, and families torn apart by loss and tragedy.

....and then everyone loses their shit and start blaming governments, parents, the education system, Donald Trump's Hair, Adolf Hitler's moustache...anything they can pull out of their collective arses.

People scream for "more laws", "more driver education for youngsters", "road safety campaingns" (the most foolish of all)...and guess what happens? Occasionally young people end up dead and maimed anyway...because there is no cure for YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE Thank god for that!

Young men, when present in groups will continue to kill themselves and each other occasionally. It's based on probability: the more drugs, alcohol, speed, hot girls, money, status etc are involved, the higher the chance of "mishaps" occuring.

Accept crazy youngster behaviour as a fact of existance, or not. Up to you.

P.S. PMETs have nothing to do with this argument, but since RB brought them up in the same flawed argument, here's my rejoinder:

The world and peolple in the world do not owe each other a living. Adult humans survive and prosper by EXCHANGING VALUES. PMETs who are not "making it" have not looked at their value-creation systems. Maybe those "pesky foreigners" are better value-creators, which is why they have the jobs.

No govt program can really help unless they address the value-creation aspect of employability.
If you are not creating something someone else will PAY A REASONABLE PRICE for (the market price) to use, why the fuck should any employer give you a job?

Anonymous said...

the whole fire stn need to be demolished!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

NS men are not professional soldiers, t'an chiak peng. They are conscripted against their will, to serve the country. Treat them well and return them safely after they have served the country. They and their parents made great sacrifices without multi million dollar salaries. The govt owes the them and their parents extreme care for their safety and safe return and well being. Period.

To die in the course of their work, accident while performing duties, are acceptable risk. To die because of silliness and stupidity is unacceptable. Anyone could see how dangerous it is to dunk a person into a 12 metre by 2m wide well. How could this go on for so long without being stopped?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, for a stateless person, with no responsibility and obligation to fight and die for a country, you are not qualified to talk about the rights of a citizen. I am talking about the rights of a CITIZEN, not a local, a non citizen.

We have a country and citizens to defend and to protect. Unless some traitors have sold this country away, to the foreigners, then it is another story.

Anonymous said...

.go back PROPER training ground if want to train!
f..k the leader!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

Please lah uncle, I am a citizen. If you are going to criticise my opinion, do yourself a huge favour by not making yourself A FUCKING LIAR to start your argument by stating something about me you fucking well know not to be true. OK?

You are old enough not to be an asshole, if you choose to. Exercise your will with the wisdom a man of your vintage should have by now.

I did NS, I am a citizen and I can fucking say whatever the fuck I like. Sorry if that ruins your day. No actually, I'm not sorry, I'm pleased! :-)

We have a country and citizens to defend and to protect <<

Oh yah? How's that little hobby-project of your yours coming along? Got success? Got progress? ;-)

It's good that you think you're "special". Most of the cuntry (70%) of them, just vote for the "tried and proven" PAP to manage, protect the cuntry, make sure the lights are on and the rubbish cleared off the streets.

So I think your idea of "protecting and defending the cuntry and its citizens" is a bit of ego aggrandisement lah...OVER-INFLATING the "value" of what you are what you're purporting to do. ;-)

None of you are doing any such thing...especially if you think that blogging, social media and the occasional communal blow-job at Hing Lim's Speakers' Corner is going to change the motherfucking world.

Good joke lah! :-))

Anonymous said...

1)again why celebrate in such babaric ways
what the use for the club houses???
2)can fireman save us from distress???????

Virgo49 said...

Yo Matilah, you served NS or Not?? Hide in Auss Land like ostrich with Head in sand and after what's over your Enlistment Age came to Sinkieland and praised the MIN (Deaf)DEF.

What's MIN (Deaf) DEF is just an Administration Authority and you made GKS rise from his graves.

They are entrusted with the Lives of Singaporeans's Sons serving the Nation and protect your arse.

Provost or Military Police Command is definitely way above the so called Provost of the SCDF. I had seen their Provost Officers in same units as their other vocations and they are like kawan kawan.

Also, with Daft Paper Commanders in all these Uniform Units and a Doctor as Defence Minister, what's you expect???

Many detainees in the MP Commmand Detention barracks are in for the flimsiness excuses and even on personal vendetta of their so called Superiors who just have to pick on them.

My NSlavery as a Provost Officer can testified to that. Many Regulars are sadistic in nature been in as Regulars and with the lack lustre control of their Commanders misuse their powers.

Sadly, many also how lian NSFs who wanted to show their mettle to their families or friends and wanted badly to up their Ranks also have to suffer their fates of early deaths.

They have a sort of Cadre or Upgrading courses where the Servicemen wanted higher promotions or just to show off their badges attended Specialist courses for promotions as well as badges on their chests or arms like the Boys' Brigade.

So, when they are selected for these courses, they have to attend in-camp training for their badges or awards.

Some can be Officers and ORs. When you attended these courses, your Ranks are no longer inm place, you are Just RECRUITS to them.

So, the NCOs or Officers conducting these Courses are your Superior Officers even though they may rank lower than you in other Units.

So, they will make you they tekan you properly for you to attain these qualifications as they are egoistic that they are definitely better than you.

Why the Officer got dunked to Death in a scenario of being POW?? Why the NCO die in the smoke grenades incident??? Why the NSF die in the Heat Stroke???

It's because they are adamant to pass the courses due to their own agenda and some due to fears of failures as they may be subjected to punishments.

So they more they shown to be stronger and more determined than the Instructors, they will TEKAN you more and more till your last breath.

With the supports of also their Daft Commanders who had behind them, they are been immune from prosecution if things turned out to be disasters.

The Great Leaders can said that it must be realistic even in training. But they themselves are in comfy Aircon rooms.

Lastly, with the Slogan THE MORE YOU SWEAT IN PEACE AND THE LESS YOU BLEED IN WAR is the Death Knell for many who are not as Fit as the Others in training.

That's why those Keng NSFs who just have to serve boh pian survived National Slavery.

Anonymous said...

If Matilah is not living in Sinkieland, he should not comment anything on NS anymore as he is classified as Quitter by Ah Goh. 2 lives of NS have lost & its one too many, me also feel very sad & worries bout letting my children do NS in this tiny island in a few years time. We Sinkieland r not heartless, we hope the authority can do something about the safety of these NS men & not repeat it again due to some follies or sadistic commanders, nip the problem at the bud & do it safe the first time & all the time to prevent recurrences.

Anonymous said...

@ MM - 17, 2018 8:35 am:

"Why is MINDEF and it's spoilt-baby, the SAF, being protected from prosecution and suits brought forth by NSF parents due to negligence and repeated deliberate stupid/ill treatments of their sons that caused their deaths?"

The answer to your valid and justified question, that any sensible citizen must ask, is that there is NO RULE OF LAW but RULE BY DECREES, WHIMS AND FANCIES OF THE SUPREME LEADER OF NORTH KOREA, oops, I mean OF SINKIELAND.

The selective rule of law only applies to the deliberately calculated intention of ANTAGONISTIC BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS CHINA, in collaboration and collusion with the EVIL EMPIRE OF USAsses.

Anonymous said...

Rb u are right. Botak matilar is authoritative speaker for incest only as he practiced incest and proud of it.

Anonymous said...



Speedwing said...

So sorry for the young victim, his family and friends. May he rest in peace. One can only hope and pray that such incident does not repeat itself too often. If people learn from this sad event and make sure it does not happen again, then this loss of a young life will not totally be in vain.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland 70% morons deserve to die in the hands of ruthless dictators, from the very top down to the lowest rank in SAF, Police, un-Civil Defence, Silver Serpents and Grasslooters under the Command of the PA.

Anonymous said...

As usual, I bet investigations will find scapegoats at the lower end of the hierarchy, and the top will be spared, to survive another tragedy and another and another. Just like the MRT. Same old same old, and the same old excuse every time and all the time.

How to drain the swamp when the 'swamp thing' is itself part of the swamp?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.58

This time round, SCDF, not SAF, the culprits sure kena chiak liak chiak liat as examples.

The Public is getting aroused. Many Singaporeans Parents with their Sons going for National Slavery is worried.

So the Pay And Pay has to rebuild confidence. They have NO CHOICE now but to persecute those responsible. The Heads though will still be spared as the Pappies will said hard to find such puppets to run the show.

The Hen is going to give a Ministerial Speech this afternoon. Hai Kow Yew Talk Again.

LHL already shaken by what has happened in Matland. Psychologically, he tried psycho that if the sinkies were to choose others, it may not be perfect.

That's why He said that the PAP cannot rule forever and must renew and rebuild. Putting old wine into new bottles. You think they will change to serve the people???

With all these incidents and many other unhappiness, the coming GE will be a challenge to them. DO NOT TAKE THE ELECTORATE FOR GRANTED.

MAY HAPPENED overnight like Matland.

So, those suckers will face the wrath of the Courts and the AG to pacify the public.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 12.19

Are you joking? Which rock have you been sleeping under? Comparing Singaporeans to Malaysians is like comparing apples to oranges. Malaysian have guts and dare to come together to protest and fight for changes. Singaporeans are all mouth only at kopitiams and kpkb where no one can hear. When it comes to your GE you are so kwai and with a few S$ sell your vote to the people you kpkb about. Please don't kid yourself. Singaporeans are all sheep and well conditioned to obey. Sad, very very sad. So please spare us, do not compare yourselves with the Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Grass Is Greener In Neighbor's Garden

Singaporeans are watching very closely the developments in Malaysia, and rightfully concerned because of the similarities between Najib Razak's Administration and Singapore’s Administration.

Malaysia is going to abolish the GST from June onwards, ehile Singapore has planned to increase GST further by another 2% to cause more hardship for the lower income and the destitute.

While the Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad said the government has enough money to manage without the tax revenue, Singapore's Ministers said Singapore is in debt and need to borrow more money and collect more taxes.

Unlike Singapore, Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad is showing how to manage infrastructure development without raising the cost of living.

At the same time, Najib's crony, the former Attorney General of Malaysia has been arrested and the role of being the Government’s Adviser and Public Prosecutor is being separated.

The present Malaysian Government's reasoned that the Public Prosecutor's role should be taken up by a Non-Partisan qualified professional lawyer, so nobody would be prosecuted or incriminated for hidden political intetests, influence or agenda.

Malaysia’s Judiciary has released jailed Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, yesterday. The Malaysian court also ordered state media TV3 to pay him RM1.1 million in defamation charges.

The accounts of the national reserves, more notably the 1MDB, has also been openly published for public scrutiny. This contrasts with Temasek Holdings and GIC – managed by Ho Ching and Lee Hsien Loong – which are reluctant to even let the President know about the amount of reserves and CPF funds left.

The Malaysian government is also now considering writing in it’s Constitution to prevent state-owned media companies from being politically influenced and controlled.

Singapore's PM is most likely watching with concern the fate of his good friend Najib Razak, who has since been arrested and currently under investigation for corruption and other offences.

If PAP lost it’s power, Singapore's PM would probably be investigated over the CPF funds, the National Reserves, Temasek Holdings, the GIC, the Government-Linked Companies, the Peoples's Association, the PMO and, last but not least, the Elections Department and the Presidency?

However, that may only be day-dreaming for 30% of Singaporeans. The other 70% will make sure that will not happen?

Anonymous said...

"Average of 1 NS training-related death a year in the last 2 decades," - Ng Eng Hen.

This proves that NS is indeed very risky for male Sinkies as average of one NSF will die in a yearly intake.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Police raided five different residences of Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor simultaneously last night. A few boxes of documents, gifts and handbags were taken away. Investigations are still on-going.

Looks like the highly corrupted couple with be in hot soups over a boiling pot filled with chillies, peppers and onions.

All their victims are waiting eagerly for them to be charged and jailed for their crimes against the nation.

Singapore's fattened ministers and fattened top civil servants must be feeling guilty and shy for what they have been doing for years, rewarding themselves with obscene pays and perks against the intetests of their countrymen.

Anonymous said...


"... I am very disturbed by how the mainstream media always praises the character of victims who had died because of what seemed to be lapses in our system. This seems to be a smart way of diverting attention to the main issue: the root of the problem."

The link,
Media must perform its role as a watchdog and not divert attention away


Jaundiced Lenses: A Letter to Tony Blair

A military that plays by no rules but its own | The Online Citizen

Remove government immunity for negligent SAF members | The ...

Lift ban on films on ex-detainees, says filmmaker | The Online Citizen

No closure yet for Father Joseph Ho | The Online Citizen

Anonymous said...


The payout to family of NSF who lost his life in training should be at least S$10 million.

Anonymous said...

The parents of any NSF who died in SERVICE should be compensated with the amount of money the parents have spent on their son from conception to birth to the day he died. PLUS interests taxes paid to government, any all forms of services and care rendered to NSF by the parents. In addition, the compensation should cover the agony, anger, sorrow and pain suffered by the parents, grand parents and siblings. If there is a mental breakdown, by any or both the parents, all medical bills for psychiatric treatments must also be paid by the SAF, MINDEF or the Government. If possible cut from the Defence Minister's pay, so that he can wake up from his fxxking idea in his Save Haven.

Alternatively, to make it simple, the parents of the dead/killed/murdered NSF or NS Man should be compensated with $1 million for every year of the son's life.

Virgo49 said...

Tang Koo Koo.Only Ah Mohs claimed insurances compensation, they paid by millions.

Sinkies the most promoted what how many ranks ikan billis and distract attention by giving what's military funerals.

Only posthumous ranks pay of few hundred extra dollars.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, you are right. Wait long long for $1 million compensation for every year of the son's life.

They only introduced insurance for NS men recently. I had to pay the accident insurance premiums for my two kids when they were doing NS slave labour. That was adding insult to injury.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro, one time insurance companies also cherries picking.

NS liabilities in camp training they also considered no insurance coverage.

Own fellow citizens scarifications for in camp trainings and you want to place a clause for this disclaiming liabilities.

Some more what's employers support NS awards.

Virgo 49 said...

P.A. or Personal Accident insurance sure No Coverage for Military Training.

Anonymous said...

Basically, the moral of the life story in Singapore as citizens, you are nothing but digits, as clearly stated in your identity card.

As digits, you are treated as slave robots, not even higher calibre robots.

As slave robots, you are programmed to work, hard maual labour, long hours until you drop dead or 8incapacitated, with minimal energy input (money) and minimum rest and comfort.

As slaves, you have no rights whatsoever. Even if you kpkb too much, you can be incapacitated or incarcerated.

That is the position of all Singaporeans. So, stop being boastful and proud. Slaves should know fully well that you are slaves.

Anonymous said...

Saving Private Ryan.

Elderly couples with only child who died in NS training should be compensated several $millions for the grief and deprived care they will suffer through the rest of their lonely sunset lives.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo + all the other motherfuckers who can't formulate arguments based on facts]

Whether or not I served NS or whther or not I live in the same cuntry as you has got nothing todowith the issue at hand.

The irrelevant facts, when corrected are:

1. I was kidnapped by fucking Singapore's conscription and most of my time 1.5 years out of 2.5) I was OPERTIONAL, meaning, I've burned more weekends thanmost people, and also frequently got "recalled" to camp.

2. I have made it clear to you stubborn motherfuckers out there: I look after my own interets FIRST---which means I will EXPLOIT TO THE MAXIMUM the fact that I am legally domiciled in 2 cuntries (at the moment, one more on the way soon), and I apologise to no one for my self-centered "you live or die, your damn business" attitude.

3. Since the govts of all cuntries will exploit the individual, and the entire society for "the greater good" (err...there's no such thing), IMOit is highly desirable to exploit the laws of various govts for your own, selfish, individual gain.

That said...OK on with the show.

NS, like all stuff involving the military, defense, heavy specialised equipment, a lot of other people---many not well-trained or confused, comes with the additional risk---the PROBABILITY that very bad things can happen...for ANY reason; or even NO REASON at all.

Added to that is the craziness of youthful behaviourial choices, poor risk assessment, and the general dynamics of interpersonal relationships in a sturctured hierarchy of command.

Not all "superiors" are sadists, as Virgo might have us believe. Sure, you get assholes...but NS isn't the only place you'll find bullies.

A bit part of growing up to be an ADULT is developing your own skills in confronting bullies.

If they are teaching you to defend your cuntry in NS, and you still don't have the mental fortitude to deal with a bully situation, you need to go outside, chamber one round, and shoot yourself in the fucking head, because you are a useless piece of shit who will endanger the cuntry when armed conflict occurs.

Removing bad genes from the gene pool should be encouraged from the beginning, and included in the public education curriculum. If we encouraged "useless citizens" to off themselves (consider it voluntary National Service), maybe our society will be a whole lot better :-))

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, growing up in the Military Service as an Adult developing skills to confront bullies???

This shows that you bullshits serving NS.

In the Military, an ah qua with one ikan billis is a superior beast to one without one ikan billis on his uniform.

You instigated the Private or Recruit to grow up and confront the bullies.???

Unless he willing to go to the Detention Barracks. My gym friend spent two years in DB and two years in NS for defying the bullies.

The only Ones who dared to confront other ranks above him is the MP.

Given powers to confront even up to the Captains in our time.

The only chosen ones less prone tobe bullied by others except their own bastards.

We had the best food of SAFTI tough chicken drumsticks even as Recruits in the Provost Unit.

The Poor cooks will gave us the most saucy chicken drumsticks when we went for our meals.Not forgetting their salvia as spit on them.

As I said, those who are in full time uniforms are either parasites or gangsters with no available way of earning a living in the outside world. That's goes for even the Paper Generals.

There is just one little act that can put you behind bars or simply lost of some freedom called insubordination.

This farking clause in the SAF Act is misued by many in personal vendetta against some one that they dislikes

Chinese Saying : GOOD sons don't be soldiers. GOOD Iron can not be made into nails.

I bet that the SCDF regulars who ragged the Poor lad from my beloved second home is the Black Ants.

Virgo49 said...

NO sadists in the SAF? ?

SHITS TIMES : Rumours had circulated online after news broke of CFC Lee's death that he and his fellow trainees were punished the night before an 8km fast March the following morning.

At his funeral, the NSF's mother called for an immediate halt to "tekan" or punishment sessions.

Matilah have never been in the Service whikst as Recruits or other specialist training been Tekan unnecessary by the sadists instructors who may be Psychotic like him??

We have before in the BMT no dinner till 11pm for not drilling to their satisfaction and had a 8km route march the next morning without mercy.

Luckily nobody die as most of the Pioneer Batch are mostly uncouth and uneducated beasts like them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I didn't say that there are no bullies in the SAF. I actually made the point that you'll encounter bullies everywhere throughout your life...differing in style and forcefulness, but no one is going to escape them.

@ Virgo: Yes, it is a necessary skill to stand-up to bullies. I didn't say you will "win" every encounter, but you need to be able to stand up to them, even if it requires you to withdraw or "give in" because that is the best option at the time, and you can always return for the "re-match" when you're ready and the bully isn't.

I remember my first day at BMT. This was back in the "bad old days" as many of the Lau chiaus here will attest to. By comparison, today's SAF is run by babies for babies...because present generations of youngsters are SOFT EMOTIONALLY-WEAK SNOWFLAKES who can't stand a whit of hardship. I can't even call these young embarrassments of Singapore "Ah Kwa" because all the Ah Kwa's I know have rock-hard, buff gym bodies. ;-)

During my (our..lau peng's) time many more NS men died in training. Many more of them suicided by hanging and shooting. One of my own squad shot himself in the gut, but he lived so he was treated then charged and thrown into Tanglin DB for 2 years!

Please lah, just because you kena tekan doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Our culture is like that: very hierarchical. You can expect to be tekaned occasionally. Take it like an ADULT lah, and if necessary, stand up for your own fucking DIGNITY.

Got backbone or not? Soft motherfuckers! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Anyway...I got sidetracked...My first day in BMT.

First, not one of the new conscripts had a clue where they were going. And neither did their parents.

Then when we got there, we were told to fall in, in our typical selekek civilian style. I had long hair down to my shoulders then, so I was singled out and given "special attention". 😳 In fact, because I like to challenge authority and talk back, the "special attention" was continually focused on me for the entire time at BMT. 😑

I have never suffered such abuse ever, and never since BMT. Wah lau, the Staff Sgt screamed in my ears "you mother this and that"...in those days that was the "welcome" you got for your 2.5 year sacrifice and "privilege" (oh you lucky so-and-so!) of defending your mother cuntry.

It turns out, the NCOs running my BMT were from Armour. Tough mothers. Foul-mouthed too, and they murdered us during physical. Guys were vomitting. People fainted in the heat on the parade square. Those days....no limits lah. You want to talk about "tekan"? That wasn't tekan....that was just normal NS life lah!!

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah, whether softies or tough thugs is not the Real issue.

The Main Reason of these unnecessary fatalities is that the Farking Commanders and the Top Parasites on the pretext of what's training a Credible Defence Force is misusing their powers in having these young lives goes to waste unnecessarily.

There's a limit to Human Endurance and not all are the same in fitness.

What's nonsense having outside observers to have better discipline in the training methods that lead to more fatalities.

You think with outside medical observers to halt their over riding instructions, these sadists will obey them??

They must stop all these unhealthy bullying cultures.

Anonymous said...

War is serious business. Pappies, paper generals are kidding ourselves in self delusion. Can paper generals n their sons really fight a war? These scholars are thinking of ROD to a GLC as Ceo or executives n their sons are "well taken care" in some nice air con office. It is highly wasteful to spend so much money on the best military software with an army run by part time paper generals & a generation of not convinced strawberry part time soldiers. Its a neither here nor there untested army. Build a small but tough n well paid professional army with the best hardware. Soldiers should be tested n trained in actual conflicts n wars. Propaganda will not work when the crunch comes.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said. They demanded Tough Training for our Boys.

Most of the times kiasoo to push them over the limits.

Once ORD, you think they can still maintained their Push to their limits whilst they are in fulltime service???

What's the point of these senseless waste of young lives??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo 49

>> Matilah, whether softies or tough thugs is not the Real issue. <<

Well, we have to agree to disagree on that point. The younger Singaporeans are SOFT. The cannot respond like adults to CONFLICTS. In fact, I am in agreement with Harry when he insinuated that Singaporeans had become lazy and complacent, and thus his "solution" was to expose them to "hungry" toe-to-toe competition.

Every culture on the planet has a saying which says something like "Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations"; meaning 1st generation works damn hard, but by the time the 3rd generation arrives, all the wealth created is gone thru profligacy of those who inherited the wealth instead of creating it. (There is a similar saying in Chinese. Someone please enlighten..)

War IS serious business. Your forces had better be able to WIN by taking out as much of the enemy as possible, whilst preserving your own resources and people from destruction. As Patton said, war is not about dying for your cuntry, but to make the enemy die for his.. That is a point missed by most people.

Singapore's scholar generals and other senior officers do not inspire confidence. So you have a bunch of SOFT civilian-militia (conscripts), led by a bunch of SOFT military brass. However, we do have excellent HARDWARE (cos we're fucking rich), and at least our pilots can fly, and hit targets. So all is not lost. 🀣