Malaysian GE – Lessons to be learnt

The Malaysian GE is exciting simply because the politicians are politicians, not school boys and school girls that would not talk to each other or would not want to friend with those that belonged to other parties and indulged in talking bad about each other. Being politicians, the main objective is seizing power, through the ballot box to set the agenda of the country, is above everything. They did not go into politics to stand for election just to run a constituency or a town council, and be bashed around by the ruling party. In politics it is either you win or lose, especially in third world countries when political power resides in the hands of political gangsters.

What can the school boy and school girl politicians in Singapore learn from Malaysia? The first thing is to be able to put aside their differences and work together to win political power. There is no political enemy forever, but the unchanging object to win political power.

Look at how Mahathir and Anwar and the non bumi parties jumping into bed together to fight Najib and UMNO, they were sworn enemies at a time. Moral principles? In politics, moral principles are used only to con the people, to look good. In reality, many were the most devious crooks you ever know, putting on a façade of decency and high morals, honour, justice and fairness. These are only to deceive the people. What the politicians said and do are two entirely different things. Look at Donald Trump and all the women he knew and all the lawsuits. What morality is one talking about, honourable, respectable, dignity?

When would the Singapore politicians grow up and fight the political contest as politicians and put aside their egos, their differences and personal dislike of one another and be real politicians? Of course there are genuine scoundrels that should be kept far away. In Singapore, the school boy and school girl politicians are angels compare to those across the causeway. There is no reason why our little angels cannot get together, hold hands and kiss each other for the sake of fighting an election.

Do not be contended with just selling lemonade in a school carnival. Go for the real stuff, with one goal, to march into parliament in force, if needed to, with other politicians from different parties. If they cannot see this goal, cannot put away their differences, then every GE will be the same, school boys and school girls playing adults and pretending to be politicians.

Would the next GE be the same as before? They still have a couple of years to think it through. Look at the Malaysian GE carefully and learn what there is to learn from the real politicians, grow up and stop kidding yourself.


Anonymous said...

% What can the school boy and school girl politicians in Singapore learn from Malaysia? %

Good pertinent question for Sinkieland to learn from Matland.
Perhaps From the Najib vs Mahathir saga, Sinkieland's Leeder can learn is to never pass power to anyone that he would never knew he would pass to some Tom or Dick or Harry or Jib else he /she will have to live to fight another long battle to get 'the new one leader' down, or mayb they never wanto listen to u 4ever Liao. Look like Sinkieland Ah Long already knew that & he will hang it on as long as he like till the 'one' agree to handover his power to his beloved son of the same family line. What Jib san can learn from Sinkieland is electoral boundaries redrawing so that BN is advantage & have a 'fengshui' master experts to tell him the exact auspicious date that they would likely win in elections la.

jjgg said...

Singapore politics is a big joke.. the oppos haven't acquired the thick skin necessary to reconcile their differences.. the ruling party got all the thick skins.. look at some of them.. it's as if someone told them that their fathers have been punished erroneously and for that they will have an easy passage for the rest of their lives.. so the children will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of their father's hard labour..so for that.. u will have son n daughter supporting the government's narrative against their parent .. so the oppos must be more thick skinned.. forget the differences n fight the good fight.

Anonymous said...

What to learn?

Sg is like that liao.

The masses will only kpkb kpkb kpkb and kpkb.

But when come to voting.........die die PAP!

This is Sg! Sg is really like that liao.

Just look around you, PAP is everywhere!

Where are the opposition parties? Where? Where?

PAP is now toooooOOOOOOOoooooo BIG to fail!

Some even forecasted a 79.9% for PAP at the next GE!

Possible? Why not they asked!

We shall see.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Malaysian politicians fight like brave lions. No hiding behind a GRC skirt. Malaysia also have a multi-racial society. Its government does not resort to using GRCs to win shamelessly. This is the most important lesson the pusillanimous PAP must learn. All the minor PAP MPs from the GRCs are spineless and faceless. Only WP MPs from Aljunied GRC are heroes. They won despite overwhelming odds. PM Lee must learn to win with honour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Malaysian GE, just like the US presidential race will prove, yet again, that demo-crazy is overrated, and that "people power" is no guarantee that the top office of The State won't go to the least worthy people--- a TV "billionaire" in the US, and an open kleptocrat in Malaysia.

Elections don't work lah. They never have.

Anonymous said...

According to Chinese political philosophy if a government is bad and incompetent it will forfeit the Mandate of Heaven and that is the people will be empowered by divine power and the power of Heaven and Earth to revolt and bring down the bad and incompetent government.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Politics is an extremely dirty game. It is about grabbing power by any means. The end result (winning the mandate to govern) justifies the means. In many countries, it can also mean life and death of innocent people being massacred by hit-squads, assassins, snipers, drones and military tanks, even invasions by foreign forces under whatever pretext and false-flags.

In countries where violence has been denounced, the challenge for power is said to be through constitutional means. What is Constitutional whe the Constitution can be changed at will at any time, like kids playing with LEGO toys?
What is the use of high-ranking people swearing to protect the Constitution when they do not have the power, neans nor will to do so? It just becomes a joke.

Moreover, political activities do not only happen in public view. Most of the political maneouvres happen behind the scene, behind closed doors, under the table, in the cupboard, in the bedroom, and even in the gutters. A long-standing ruling political party would have established band very strong base with tentacles everywhere. It would have plugged most, if not all, of the legal loop-holes.

It would have dominated all governing agencies, and academic, civic, cultural, labour, religious, social and political institutions.

It would have full control of the mass media, military, para-military, police, intelligence and security forces.

It would have enmassed an inexhaustible huge fund to spend beyond and above what all the opposition parties combined can afford to spend together.

And most important of all is that it would have monitored, screened, lured, channelled and gathered all available talents the country can produce for its own political interests.

In addition, without fail, it would have brain-washed the masses and tweaked the electoral and political systems to its favour over time.

What else would a ruling political party do in order to ensure that power always remains in its hands?

Only daft and naive people will not believe that all such activities, and more, could not have taken place. Some of them openly. Some of them in secret, usually under the guise of national security or survival. But in actuality, it's always for personal or group benefits. Never for the sheepish voters!

Anonymous said...

The land is a little piece of snort which was prematurely aborted and by fluke become a country. It was governed well by a very qualified and competent first generation leaders though with some good luck and Heavenly Grandfather's blessing. But subsequent leaders prove otherwise and there are rumblings before it faces a major quake as per mandate of heaven. There are too many opposition parties with leaders though highly qualified and intelligent but totally lacking in wisdom. They are also full of their own egos and narcissism and each and every one of them thinks he is a potential PM material. What an egregious thought? If only they can be humble enough to unite and form one cohesive opposition party it will be good for the snort island country.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Whenever politicians say it is for national security, 99% it is for their own safety and security.

Anonymous said...

Comparing GEs of Singapore with the GEs of Malaysia is like comparing apples with oranges. The Malaysians are very vocal but Singaporeans are sheeples and do not even squeak like mice. Singaporeans are good at KPKB at coffee shops but when it comes to GEs, they kwai kwai put X for the PAP. I say that is stupidity. RB is right, there isn't a cure for stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Sinkee, may not have hope to change government. There are one RC within a 300m radius distance. These RCs report to one CC. The CC in turn reports to PA. PA reports to PMO. Not possible to beat these strategies & formation.No points have oppositions. Just wait for nature to happen, that is implosion. We should accelerates the process by giving them 100% vote. Like the dividing of cells in a safe mother's womb, now there are three possible babies choices to be born as pm. There may be an abortion if the preferred pm required the same DNA. If this happened, we should celebrate as the process is further accelerated. We can just console ourselves that the new pap is opposing the old pap. Very ah Q.

Anonymous said...


" The Malaysian opposition chief Mahathir Mohamad welcomed foreign direct investment from East Asian economies like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea during his 22-year tenure as prime minister, so why is he so nervous about the billions of dollars of Chinese money pouring into the country now? .."

The link,
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Hezbollah, Amal and allies claim Lebanon election sweep - Al Jazeera

'Weak Palestinian leadership' undermining national goals - Al Jazeera

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ginger said this,

'Only daft and naive people will not believe that all such activities, and more, could not have taken place. Some of them openly. Some of them in secret, usually under the guise of national security or survival. But in actuality, it's always for personal or group benefits. Never for the sheepish voters!'

Matilah sure would not agree with this statement. To Matilah, you can't cheat an honest man. The world is so beautiful, with K pop and young people partying everyday without a care.

All the oldies here are worrying for nothing.

Anonymous said...

The correct axiom should be:


Honest people have always been cheated by dishonest people.

The con men are always going for honest and sincere but naive, daft, stupid and ignorant people.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 07, 2018 10:46 am
Rb //Leo81 has posted a piece on Profit versus non profit using academic theories and principles which is all well and fine in the context of the classroom.//

Uncle RB,

This is the best complement lah

Leo81 approaches from academic perspective.

After that you can pick up from there and approach from the "straight shooting" dimension.

If quoting from textbooks, how to sue the textbooks till pants (or skirts) drop? (Isn't that a "risk" Ah Hia mentioned in PaLEEmen?)

So spare some thoughts for the younger generations in the world they grew up cos yall oldies are not the ones who went through what they did and how their "minds are shaped" etc.

If yall oldies personally experienced what the younger generation went through in their lives especially the formative years (in pri sch, sec sch, JC and uni), who knows you will also be writing the way the younger generation will write?

The teachers, lecturers and professors of your era are those probably from gks generation and generally their minds are free from the control and influence of (iron-fisted) technocrats in those turbulent era or early years?

So how can your generation and the youngers generations have the same mindset and talk or write the way you do?

They are moulded the way they are courtesy of your generation who put those people in charge of their education and how they are conditioned, is it not?

Before scoffing at the works (or writings) of the younger generations, you should go to the schools and talk to the students. How many are willing to speak their minds like your generation? What does that mean? It means they might know but won't vocalise it, isn't it?

It may not be correct to assume the younger generations (including Leo 81) do not know what you wrote.

But as mentioned in the beginning it is good that oldies like you can complement and take up from such topics and shoot straight from your mouth if it doesn't get you into trouble.

Sounds reasonable?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 07, 2018 10:48 am
... continue from above

Different people, different roles?

At least some make the point to "speak up", albeit in a way they feel comfortable to do it?

Do you expect many to be like Aung Juan Soon Chee or JBJ?

If you are the parents of these younger generations, would you rather they do it like Aung Juan Soon Chee and JBJ or the way they do such as Leo 81 or even the way your own or Virgo 49 or other oldies children do?

In any case, in the end, did Aung Juan Soon Chee or JBJ accomplish anything (of great significance or pivotal for the future geneations up to now) for the way they spoke up or did (not withstanding the huge sacrifice they made)?

Nonetheless, it may be good for this little red dot for you all oldies to link up with the younger generations such as Leo 81 for the greater good of all and make this little red dot GREAT again?

But then again, many may just want to kpkb in textbook style from the sideline and not do more than that? Many or rather most of their peers wouldn't even bother to do that cos they don't even see the point, is it NOT?

For many of the younger generations, who knows they dun care if the system rots into utter decay? It was your generation who created such a situation and hoping for some younger generations to take up the shit and become a "martyr" in the process? Siao ah? Clear the "(stinky) pang sai" of the earlier generation?

As far as many of the younger generations are concerned, if this little red dot really "sinks", then sink lah? So?

The world is so big. No other place to go?

In the classroom social history textbook, wss it not mentioned the early immigrants came from China with just a belt (other than the only clothings on them as their belongings) and (still) survived?

So what makes one think the younger generations with what they have cannot survive in this whole wide world if this little red dot (eventually) "sinks"?

The system cannot escape blame for what the younger generations are now, can it? This cut, that cut ... you think the younger generations dunno? Their eyes pasted stamps? There are no MCST management in this island? There are no construction business and contractors? There are no small time contractors who offer even as little as miniscule sum of $50 or $100 to building maintenance technicians, supervisors, even building executives, asst managers and managers for whatever intentions and are accepted? Why certain brands of goods are on certain shelves? All based on the market mechanism?

Uncle, what is in for the younger generations if they rat out certain things other than losing their pants/ skirts? For what? To CLEAR the SHIT left behind by the oldies generation?

Anonymous said...

#&*@% Just wait for nature to happen, that is implosion. %@*&#

It is not iF but whEn

Too littLe toO laTe alreaDy

hA hA hA hA hA

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9.09pm, when dealing with asshole like you, I do not need to be a gentleman. I will continue to delete your rubbish post here whenever it appeared. I know your agenda and intent.

What I posted was nothing vicious or an attack on Leo81 as you would want everyone to believe. You are just a scum trying to creating ill will here.

Now go and fuck off forever from this blog.


Anonymous said...

Boring election ... will be the same on Thurs as 3 weeks ago ... Nothing changed.

More interesting if Taliban, Isis or Hezbollah voted into power.

Anonymous said...

Sinful human nature cannot handle a combination of power, riches and fame especially given enough time, their flaws will show up. It is wise & necessary to have effective checks & balances on ruling politicians especially those who shamelessly ownself check ownself and ownself pay ownself and ownself psycho ownself big time.

Virgo 49 said...

Looks like the RAHMAN myth is coming True.

End with Najib as half time at 0021 hours shown PKR with DAP leading Parliamentary Seats.

Unless they combined with PAS with more seats.

Mahathir gonna give Najib and Sinkie land HELL.

Virgo 49 said...

After 60 odd years, BN became the Opposition Bench.

Whether PAP be in Sinkieland Opposition Bench??

Virgo 49 said...

Sin Opposition should take a leaf from the Malaysian PH and be a coalition's force against the Pay And Pay.

This way, have chance to be the Government


Anonymous said...

Another lesson from Boleh country is better retire early when you pay yourself & wife a lot, a lot of money plus hike taxes & tariffs like nobody business. If not when kena lost power & voted out, running away from airport also kena stop, and money most likely made to cough out. Retire early like Woody is wiser.