Kim Jong Un - An international statesman

Donald Trump called him Rocket Man. He returned the compliment by calling Trump dotard. And they grew to respect each other. Before this the West and western media had a field day calling him all kinds of vulgarities. But a great man, a great leader would not be dumped just by a few silly remarks or silly press.

Donald Trump, the President of the USA, has to travel across the Pacific Ocean to meet Kim in Singapore. Kim is not going to fly across the Pacific Ocean to meet Trump at his beck and calls. Neither would he have to wait outside his bedroom for an audience while Trump read bedside stories to his granddaughters.

Both men are going to meet as head of state of two independent countries and as equals. Kim is not going to come bearing gifts to please the emperor. Instead, he is going to ask Trump how much, or what can Trump offer him, for giving up his nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons do not come cheap and Trump has to pay for it.

The stature and respect of a statesman or leader is not about how much he earns or his wealth. It is how other leaders view him and treat him. Kim has met Xi Jinping as equals in Beijing. Now he is going to meet Trump and the whole world is in awe. A 73 year old man meeting a man half his age and talking terms, trading deals while the whole world watches in silence.

How many world leaders have this kind of privilege or attention from the rest of the world? Trump, know how arrogant and conceited he is, is not going to waste time talking to anyone. Here, before this meeting, Trump is telling the world of the great things he and Kim are going to do together.

Kim Jong Un has arrived on the world stage not as a Rocket Man. Trump is going to shake his hand, perhaps gives him a bear hug, and called him President Kim. Kim will respond in kind, as two leaders met and normally do.

Now who is going to say this man is mad or whatever, irrational, murderer, womaniser and what not?

But things took a turn in the last few days. Kim is threatening to call off the summit with Trump after calling off all contacts with South Korea. The silly West rose in rage with their stupid arguments that the North Koreans are like that, unreliable, full of trickery, trying some ploys to get a better deal. The silly colonised Asian minds also repeated the same kind of stupidity, without thinking except to repeat what the West were saying.

Never would these stupids ask the real question and look for the real answers. They simply stereotyped what the West said. Have they noticed what Kim Jong Un had done during the prelude to the summit? Sending athletes to the Winter Olympics, exchanges with South Korea, meeting with Moon Jae In, stopping missile tests? And these were followed by the willingness for denuclearisation, return of American prisoners, inviting journalists to witness the destruction of nuclear testing sites, willing even risking his life to meet in Singapore to meet Trump!

Were these gestures and moves not sincere? Compare them to what the Americans did. What did the Americans did in return? Nothing. Zero. The Americans still continue to conduct wargames to simulate an invasion of North Korea, repeating threats, sanctions, increasing pressure without relenting, demanding that Kim send all his nuclear weapons to the USA to be destroyed, full inspection of nuclear facilities in North Korea, not a single gesture of goodwill!

The Americans think that Kim is a naive little boy, to be bullied, that he would give up all his nuclear weapons unconditionally, so that the Americans can do a Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi on him, invading North Korea once they could confirm that it has no more nuclear capability, and murder him and his family? The insincerity of the Americans is unbelieveable. But the West and the colonised Asian minds cannot see this, blinded by their stupidity.

They think that every Asian leader would jump to joy, wet their pants, just to have a chance to meet with the American president. No way, Kim Jong Un is no ordinary stupid Asian leader that goes gaga with an American president. Trump and the Americans must show their sincerity to meet him, as equals, both heads of states of their respective countries, and to talk terms that are beneficial to both countries on equal terms, not one sided.

The Americans are expecting that Kim would go down on his knees, willingly gives up his nuclear weapons and begs for mercy. This is how arrogant the Americans and the West are. They still behave like bullies. Other Asian leaders may like to be bullied, but not Kim Jong Un.

The best part, if there is one leader Trump would like to meet up, it is Kim Jong Un. Trump is willing to travel half way around the world to meet him, Kim Jong Un. And Kim may not want to see him.


Anonymous said...

In his second visit to China, Xi flew to Dalian and spent two days with him. How many foreign leader has such a privilege of personal attention from Xi?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Kim is a lightweight taking on a heavyweight. He is definitely punching above his weight. Kim met Xi Jinping before his possible summit meeting with Trump. It is obvious that he has China's blessing. The Chinese have experienced Uncle Sam's duplicity and insincerity in negotiations after Korean War, Dien Bien Phu and the Shanghai Communique. Kim may have been thoroughly advised by the Chinese "to know yourself, know the enemy. A hundred battles, a hundred victories".

Anonymous said...

Very very short 30-minute meeting !

PUTRAJAYA, May 19 — Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today arrived at the
Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) to meet Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and formally congratulate the latter on the GE14 win.

Lee was seen entering the PLF at 11am with at least a dozen outriders.

About 30 minutes later, Lee was seen leaving PLF.

Lee was seen shaking hands with Dr Mahathir before leaving the building at 11.30am.

Read more at https://sg.news.yahoo.com/putrajaya-singapore-pm-arrives-meet-031453558.html

Anonymous said...

I think Trump also said something to the effect that if Kim does all he promised to do, the USa will allow him to enjoy his life and Kim can continue to be the leader of North Korea. Is USA GOD? Isn't this too much? It is open admission of Regime Change strategies of USA and interference in domestic politics of other sovereign nations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wake up early in morning, take a few hours to travel, meet the man then ask to f-off after half and hour. No face man!
But thick skin is good, I think.

Anonymous said...

We know what is going to happen to Kim if he gets rid of his nuclear arsenal. He will end up like Saddam and Gaddafi.

Trump mentioned that he can guarantee that Kim will continue to rule if he denuclearise completely. Trump must be thinking he is talking to a 3 year old kid.

Can Trump guarantee what is going to happen when the next US President takes over? He can not even guarantee that he himself will win the next election or even last his present term. The whole world knows that every US President is controlled by the dark side, and every US President has war mongering traits in his genes.

The facts in reality speak for themselves. Trump himself already shows what incoming US Presidents can and will do. He himself changes rules, got out of climate change, trade deals and practice anti-globalisation that his predecessors tried so hard to embrace. He changed all that. Can he guarantee the next US President will not change what he promised to Kim?

I do not think Kim will fall for Trump's dirty trick. At least not doing so will give him a fighting chance, no matter how small.

Virgo 49 said...

Happened to scroll and saw on "Netflix" the documentary-AMERICAN EXPERIEBCE: The Battle of Chosin.

The Americans have to reflex on this episode if they dared to attack North Korea and the Chinese involvement in this Battle again.

At that time, the Americans Marine Corp able to escape annihilation because of their Air superiority and the Chinese Peasants soldiers.

Now Dotard has to think carefully with the Modern Chinese Forces before he start his crazy adventure.

Different Perspective said...

I do not Kim JU will lose to Dotard Trump in the "negotiation".

As I also do not think Lee HL could get anything out of Tun Mahathir. Most likely, it would be Tun Mahathir got something out of him. Tun Mahathir must have squeezed Lee's balls so hard that he had to get out of the heat within 30 minutes. Otherwise, how could he withstood the excruciating painful experience?

Virgo 49 said...

The newbie young fox cannot overwhelmed the wily old Fox.

Even his old Man now selling salted eggs also cannot outwitted the cunning old fox.

Anwar now played safe not in a hurry to take over Premiership or else slapped with Soto Mee again.

This old fox can be a God in one moment and Devil the next.

Many downfalls are been manipulated by his plots.

Any agreements with Najib and also others in agreement with the previous adminstration will be washed away due to his personal vendetta against them.

If not the Railway Land can take donkey years to give up.

He simply has a bone to pick with LKY.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is already more than a match for Ah Long's father, another wily old fox.

And Mahathir already mentioned that Najib is afraid of Singapore, that is why he is giving too much advantage to Singapore. He also said that he will be relooking at the HSR project and the crooked bridge among others. What do you think is his mentality towards Ah Long?

Unless Mahathir really is a changed and forgiving man, I think no quarters will be given. Just like Ah Long's father. And he is still the same smiling tiger!

Virgo 49 said...

Najib is a more congenial man who is not as cunning as the Others.

Who can blamed him for amassing these Wealth when he saw Sinkieland Lee legalised massing of Wealth.

One Sin Dollar to my Three Ringgit.

Must mass billions to be at par with them.

My Rotund Rosmah loves branded bags.

My salary unable to support her extravagant spending.

Likewise, my abang at the other end. His neither male or female wife loves Big Time Gaming.

So, I have to amass the wealth by imposing GST to satisfy my wife's craze and he has to further increase GST to mass the shortage of funds for also wife's craze.

Have to cover SinikieLand One IMDB before pechai lobang and be my adek now headache.

So I say, I will con the dafts again by justifying the increase of the GST by helping the POOR.

Sinkieland dafts like my old man said are Dafts.

No worry, taking candies from children. Teachers also have to pay parking.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, the PAP knows how to feed, manipulate and control the dafts. That will be the status quo if the going continues to be good and the dafts are satisfied just with the drumsticks, for giving up whole chickens.

But, like the Malaysians, when the pain gets too intense with the cost of living bound to escalate due to GST, the HDB lease and the CPF time bombs, which is akin to cutting the pound of flesh, nobody can guarantee nothing will happen. Not immediately, but slowly building up into a Tsunami, like in Malaysia.

As the saying goes, man proposes, God disposes.

How many empires, dynasties, dictatorship or political parties can stay in power forever?

SSO said...

I think the half hour interview or questioning by Dr Mahathir must be related to extracting evidences or hints about the extent of Najib's corrupt money parked in Singapore. And what LHL know about Najib with regards to favours Najib might have asked of LHL.

I don't think Dr Mahathir is ready to talk about any other things with Singapore PM right at this juncture.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mahathir is Hsien Loong's nemesis. No one can deal with Hsien Loong or bring down the PAP. Mahathir could be the one to do it.

The half an hour of homage would not do anything to please this arch enemy of LKY. It would not change anything. What do you think Mahathir would be thinking during the meeting?

The story of Mahathir and Hsien Loong has just begun. Watch the twists and turns and the plots unfolding that would lead to hard times for Hsien Loong and Singapore. This could be it, the end of the story of PAP.

Anonymous said...

Probably, the Dr M & Ah Long meeting is like a son meeting a Ah Gong or Agong ( he isn't that gong or stupid Lah). Think that Dr M gonna teach this loony guy a lesson that the loon won't forget. For the next few months or 1-2 years, it's gonna be difficult & nightmare for the loony guy ( as he might be thinking his dad has risen to remind him something), let's wait and see..

SSO said...

It is likely Najib's corrupt activities might involve LHL and his wife either personally or organizationally in one way or another. Temasek Holdings or GIC might be dragged in too.

Keppel's corruption in Brazil and USA is an early warning indication to what Temasek Holdings or its subsidiaries can get involved with 1MDB over such a long period of time. If any cover-up is required, Dr Mahathir will never do it for the sake of LHL and wife. The reverse would be the correct assumption.

Interesting times ahead. The fall of PAP has to start from the top, the ones who have dug their own graves too deep and too wide.

Anonymous said...

Just hope there is no embarrassing deals btw Najib and Loong. Mahathir will make sure the dirty linen would be washed in public in a very big way.

Anonymous said...

Najib and wife are likely to be face at the end least 37 charges, according to the last leak from the the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Najib is to report to the MACC on Tuesday for questioning.

Anonymous said...

This could be the start of the real troubles for Najib Razak, who has so far denied all wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal.

Reports say the MACC investigation papers on SRC International (involving RM42 million) concluded in 2015 that there were at least 37 separate charges that could be made against Najib.

Former Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail was actually preparing to press charges against ousted premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak in 2015.

That was before his services were terminated “due to health reasons” as claimed by the Malaysian government under Najib.

But at a press conference three days ago, the new prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said he met Abdul Gani to find out more about what happened before he was removed.

“He claimed that he was preparing to charge Najib, (but) that morning, he was deprived of going to the office,” Dr Mahathir said.

Abdul Gani, who had been heading a task force to investigate the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal, was abruptly terminated on July 27, 2015.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa had said Abdul Gani’s removal was due to health reasons.

Last Friday, the MACC served a notice to Najib compelling him to turn up at its headquarters next Tuesday for questioning in relation to ongoing SRC International investigations.

MACC officers turned up at the embattled former premier’s house yesterday to serve him the notice.

Najib allegedly received RM42 million from SRC International into his personal accounts between December 2014 and February 2015.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When he is in power, controls the police and judiciary, he can say anything he wants and he is right because no one can challenge him. Onsce he falls from power, from grace, all the rights and no wrong done, would be all wrong and justice will prevail.

The powerful may think they are the law and above the law. This will not last forever and time will catch up with them and they will face the music. Najib is no exception. All his cronies would go to jail with him. There is no need to pity them as they were all his accomplices, enjoying the loot and stealing the people's money and the wealth of the country, abusing their position of trust and power.

Anonymous said...

That is why hanging on to power is important if you do wrong.

Stepping down when you are certain to face punishment is not an option.

But Najib thought he could not lose, after getting rid of those who wanted to use the law to depose him, he thought he could hold on to power and was untouchable. He was even given the feedback that UMNO will be able to get a two thirds majority in GE14. That was how confident he and his cronies were, prior to his downfall.

Alas he was given only 'feel good' feedback and not what is really happening on the ground. That was also why 'run road' was not on his mind until after he realised he had lost and tried to escape. It was a expensive miscalculation.

Anonymous said...

No wonder someboLee said he is not ready to hand over power to someone else and keeps delaying appointing new deputy PMs. Still hanging onto the two old out-dated and cowardly DPMs, who must be exceedingly grateful to be able to continue looting from taxpayers' coffers their obscene millions. I hope their descendants will reap the bad karma that they have sow.

SSO said...

Singaporeans must wake up.

Though someone at the top is trying to paint that the circumstances between Malaysia and Singapore are different, but corruption is the same in essence regardless of circumstances.

Only the methods of ripping off the people's money are different.

Only the forms are different.

But the essence of corruption is always constant : stealing money that belong to the people and state for personal benefits and the benefits of cronies, who are actually the accessories and accomplices of crimes at high places.

SSO said...

Corruption is an infectious disease of the heart and an addictive drug to the mind.

Anonymous said...

Excessive taxing is no different from large-scale corruption at the national level.

The idea behind the extra taxing comes from someone at the top. If that someone is unable to justify for the excessive taxing, it is corruption.

By just saying that the excessive increase in taxes is due to increase in expenditure is not a justification.

Expenditure can be controlled.

Overspending and spendthrift behaviour are the main reasons that led to increase in expenditure.

Mismanagement and maladministration of funds and budgets contribute to overspending, and therefore, increase in expenditure.

Habitual uncontrolled spending beyond yearly or targeted budgets are usually the cause for excessive overspending.

The Youth Olympic is a case in point - uncontrolled spending by five times beyond the budget allocated.

Keppel's corruption that lead to being fined hundreds of millions of dollars of shareholders' funds also lead to unnecessary overspending.

Anonymous said...

I think they are telling the truth about increased in expenditure. Look at how many millionaire politicians and top garment employees and GLC employees being paid in the millions and so many dead wood still collecting their millions with all kinds of appointments that practically do nothing.

The increased in expenditure to pay these millionaires is very real. The people can tighten their belts, but these millionaires cannot or it would affect the lifestyle of their families.

And there is also the bottomless pit called reserves that money can go in but cannot come out, it is pitch dark down the bottom of the hole. You cannot see anything in there.

Anonymous said...

There are three bottomless pits:

1. Exhorbitant, obscene, unconscionable ministerial, top civil servants, paper generals and cover-asses agents SALARY, BONUSES and PERKS.

2. Temaseek Ho's Ding Buy-High Sell-Low Gambling With OPM Dis-investments.

3. GIC or Generals-Infested Corporation's secretive dealings only God knows WYF is happening, except that they pay themselves exceedingly well.

These three bottomless pits are spending money like water, like there is no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If u look at the time fatty Kim took power, he was just plumb. But now he has put on so much weight after all the lobsters that he likes that would eventually killed him with a heart Attack. Fatty Kim knows very well that a USA guarantee is not worth anything. Just look at Iraq, Libya and Syria or afghan , Suka Suka bomb u to Stone Age. Only a security guarantee from China and Russia is worth something. Fatty Kim should only agree to move the nuke and the personnel to China and invite China to station troops in North Korea like the USA js troops in South Korea to balance the situation. Of course he may run a risk of China getting rid of him but then without nuke, China can get rid of him anytime. So it's a better option and with this arrangement, USA can not complain.😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. Both Kim and Trump are fucking CLOWNS. Performing monkeys in the Circus of Geopolitics creating entertaining WAYANG.
They are both con men, and ego-maniacs. Let's see who can con who ... and which "special interest" gangs get payday/ boomtime Charlie🤑 💰

Anonymous said...

Unless it is passed into law like the Taiwan relations act,there is no guarantee at all just look at the nuclear deal with Iran .

Wikipedia -

Agreements between Iran US China The Iran nuclear deal framework was a preliminary framework agreement reached in 2015 between the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of world powers: the P5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China—plus Germany) and the European Union.wiki

Like flipping pancakes with international agreements then there is no reason why Singapore future government cannot do the same with ceca agreement with republic of India .

Anonymous said...

There is a world of difference between the Iran deal and the CECA deal. The Iran deal is good for Iran, good for peace.

The CECA is good for India but a cancer planted to destroy Singapore, turning Singapore from a first world to a third world country, stealing jobs from Singaporeans to provide employment to the hordes of unemployed from India.

Anonymous said...

If ceca is detrimental for Singapore professionals and workers and more like a job guarantee for republic of India pmet like journalists, I T workers , bank execs n many others, to land a job here with that agreement in exchange for investments opportunities by temasek holding which does not benefit Singaporeans workers really other than seeing our massive funds from TH pouring India investments with no guaranteed returns .

Then we should review it what.

The ascendas India trust just spent sing dollars 270 Millions to buy 7 properties in India per today news in business times Singapore.

This agreement is bad for Singapore professionals and workers as their republic of India counterpart is given unfair advAntage in the job search as there is guarAnteed quota per agreement isn't it?

Anonymous said...

When there is a country and citizens, people who betrayed a country and its citizens are called a traitors.

When there is no country, no citizens, but locals, then the word traitor is no longer relevant. People who sold their non countries and the interests of non citizens are honourable geniuses.