Singapore needs affirmative actions to protect jobs for its citizens

Below are some paragraphs of an article by Gilbert Goh, again narrating the plight of PMETs unable to find jobs in Singapore when most of the jobs are taken up by foreigners. The employment policies are against Singaporeans. No amount of sweet and silly talks and half baked measures would change this unless the traitors to Singaporeans are gotten rid of.

Read below to have a feel of what it is like to be a rejected Singaporean PMET in a place called home.

"“What’s the use of being a Singaporean, when your livelihood is not secured and you need to compete vigorously with others not born here for a piece of pie in your own turf?!”....

“Recruitors are looking at my age wondering if I will retire soon. They poke at my resume and many of the interviewers are not even Singaporeans!”
I told him that his line of work favours the Indians from India and that recruitors will in all likelihood prefers to hire foreigners as the recruitment fees involved will be much better than if they hire a local like him....

“During the recent London’s Singapore Day, Teo Chee Yuan has persuaded us to return home as the country needs us,” he retorted. “But it all looks like a farce now.”

Our Prime minister and his deputies have gone round the world to try and gather the 200,000-strong overseas Singaporeans together and possibly persuade some to return home but if what David faces is the real challenge many other returning Singaporeans will encounter then they may even want to do what David has seriously considered ie surrender their citizenship and completely cut ties with us....my heart goes out to David who is obviously disappointed that he is rejected by his own country when he returns home – full of promise by our deputy Prime Minister in the recent London’s Singapore Day."

From the above a few things could be done to save the day for Singaporeans if the govt is serious.

1. All HR managers must be Singaporeans, or at least all govt and govt link companies, including stats boards and most important, the staff in MOM must be Singaporeans.
2. No more foreign recruitment agencies except recruiting for MNCs.
3. A temporary freeze on foreign hires and all requests should be channeled to MOM. The people in MOM must be Singaporeans and with a specific brief not to approve foreign hires until all qualified Singaporeans have been seen. A word of caution here, many job requirements are tailored to suit foreigners but not necessary in the job must be filtered out.
4. All CEOs of govt ministries, stats boards and GLCs must be called up to do national service in the employment of Singaporeans first.

There are many other things that can be done before this country is taken over by foreigners.

But there is only one answer to the plight of daft Singaporeans that continue to vote for a govt that pays them lip service but keep on importing foreigners to replace them. Tan ku ku.


Anonymous said...

There is no point kbkp or lamenting bout FT employment scene in Sinkieland. The employers & govt policies r to be blame here for the predicament of local employment scene here. Locals Sinkies r lose out due to NS, family commitments, inequality in employment etc. The Govt & employers always blame the local Sinkies of being choosy, lazy & have high job expections but never know their challenges ahead. Sinkies do hope a Pakatan-Harapan Coalition Leader Mahathir alike will come to their rescue but its so dim. Fortunately, Msia PeeAm Dr M did the right thing by cancelling the HSR project giving a tight slap to Ah Long. Dr M knew the sly Sinkies Long out to make them bankrupt & decided to cancel it. If HSR proceed, more FTs from Msia will cone to Sinkieland to work undercutting job opportunities for Sinkies, its a blessing for Sinkies now but a boo boo for govt development projects at Jurong Lake.

Virgo49 said...

No need to lament further. In a M.O.T, those now gainfully employed will join the ranks of also the unemployed.Or under employed.

First stroke of sinking land gonna sink. The scrapping of the HSR project.Those who capitalise on greed and rush to buy properties at what's Sinkieland Second CBD gonna lose their pants soon.

In time to come, Sinkies gottos wake at 4am to work in JB and not the other way round.High time for a change.

Blamed yourselves for your Stupidity in trusting and voting for the Pay And Pay.

Anonymous said...

Foreigner recruitment consultant Benjamin John Holman,34, punched man multiple times in his face in Raffles Place MRT station

Read more at https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/briton-sentenced-to-four-weeks-jail-after-assaulting-man-in-raffles-place-mrt

Anonymous said...

Crawled to see Trump only to be slapped with Qualcomm moving back to the US. Crawled to see Mat only for Mat to cancel the HSR. Two worthless trips for nothing. What stupid diplomacy is that?

Anonymous said...

These r the Retribution of Sinkieland Ah Long & many more Akan datang. Heaven is teaching the Dishonourable Son of Sinkieland more slapping & kicking his asses & his minions will all get their karmic effects, let's wait & see..

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's more accurate to say: "Singaporeans need to vote Opposition to protect jobs for its citizens" ???

Anonymous said...

Rb, fat hope lar as the country already been taken over!

Anonymous said...

Hope PAP allow more rich FTs in here.

Can easily rent out my 2 condos & increase rental too.

Currently only collecting $8K per month ... Hope to cross 5-dgit soon!!

SSO said...
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Anonymous said...

Wise words from Mahathir in FT interview:

Mr Mahathir said he had no plans to meet the US president for now because “I don’t know how to work with a person who changes his mind overnight”. “For example, he wants to meet the president of North Korea, then he doesn’t want to meet, and now he’s saying maybe it’s going to happen,” he said.

As for Beijing, Mr Mahathir said he had always supported the rise of China before it started enforcing its claims over almost the entire South China Sea, where Malaysia is one of several nations locked in territorial disputes with Beijing. Even as he tries to renegotiate a swath of Chinese investment deals agreed by Mr Najib, Mr Mahathir warns that south-east Asian nations have to be careful about how hard they push back against Beijing. “The powerful will take what they will, the weak will concede what they have, what they must,” he said.

Mr Mahathir, who has always enjoyed needling neighbouring Singapore and its long-ruling People’s Action party, said the electoral earthquake in Malaysia would reverberate across the narrow Straits of Johor. “I think the people of Singapore, like the people in Malaysia, must be tired of having the same government, the same party since independence,” he said.

Virgo 49 said...

Yes 12.01

8K passive incomes.Mortgages 16K.

Hope you have a wonderful life living on the miseries of others.

One fine day, two prostitutes found murdered in your Condos.

Brothel condos cursed for three generations. Gambling dens, whole units on fire.

Save the rentals for your funeral expenses. Children replaced by FTs.

Sell front and back sides.

Soon, retributions soon.

SSO said...

Revamping The Singapore Government

What Singaporeans (and Singapore) need is a complete and total revamp/overhaul of the government that has, over the last 53 years of one-party rule (no difference from a communist state) become:

1. Too blatantly dictatorial and authoritarian - treating the people as digits, slaves, milk-cows and money-macines, and taking the people for granted. E.g no presidential election and tweeking the Constitution to suit certain political objectives of the PAP leadership (not PAP).

2. Too fat, complacent and clumsy with over-staffed ministries, divisions, departments, branches, agencies and organs of state, and statutory boards at all levels, especially at Multi-Million Dollars Ministerial Level with unnecessary second ministers, senior ministers of state and ministers without portfolios.

Where in the world can you find a Prime Minister's Office staffed with 8 ministers!?

3. Too expensive to maintain and sustain - overly well paid until they become entitle-minded with tthick-skin shameless greedy ministers and MPs complaining openly about no pay increase for 3 years and too much time occupied in Parliament.

4. Too arrogant and over-confident until they shaft everything down the people's throats, taking exceptions to become their norms, especially in unpopular decisions that are in conflict to the people's interests, such as compulsory insurance scams to suck money out of the masses' already stagnant or low pay, unable to cope with inflation generated by the government itself.

5. Too extravagantly over-spendthrift until Ministers can come out with mega projects such as Changi Airport Terminal Five, Tuas Mega Deep Port, High-Speed Rail, etc with open-ended budgets that are as stupid as a fool writing blank cheques (taxpayers' money) for some cunning "fox" to spend without limits. Where in the world can you find a project management without a fixed budget to control over-spending? Only in Singapore!

6. The PAP has become too powerful for its own good, and for the good of the country and people.

Unfettered Absolute Power in the hands of anyone, no matter how he paints himself, is bound to absolutely corrupt the whole system of government and lead to sycophantic behaviour, cronyism, fascism, nepotism and absolutism. This is an extremely unhealthy state of affairs for all and sundry, foreigners included, for the present generation and the future.

Is there the political will of the people to do it? Is there the courage of the leaders to come forth to act upon it? Will anyone rise up (other than dead body burnt to ashes) for this occasion to lead the country in the next leap forward?

PAPIGS 81 (Politically Apathetic Post Independence Generation Sinkies 81) said...

@ Virgo 49 May 29, 2018 12:39 pm
¥£€$♧♢♡♤>>> Yes 12.01

8K passive incomes.Mortgages 16K.

...... you ..... living on the miseries of others.
........, two prostitutes found ...... in your Condos.
Brothel condos ...... Gambling dens, ........
........ Children replaced by FTs.

Sell front and back sides.
........ <<<♤♡♢♧$€£¥


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Affirmative action in Singapore for jobs for the locals? 🤣 Dream on lah! Next thing you want free transport and free makan...

Singapore has a reputation for being politically stable, and no-nonsense from the docile population. Also a free market for labour---free in the sense that if you are the paying BOSS you can essentially hire anyone and pay them anything, as long as both parties agree.

LKY said that Singaporeans were not hard strivin' enough, that's why the necessity for foreign toe-to-toe competition. Also, there is structural changes---mainly due to TECH. Those jobs are not coming back---ever.

Affirmative action never "saved" anyone. Singapore's MERITOCRACY is probably going to be around for a long, long time. Which means if you are smart about it, you can make a decent amount of coin 😉🤑

@ Adam of Eve 1246:

Like I said before, there is a standing joke amongst people in the finance and economic community:

Singapore is THE BEST RUN Communist Cuntry in all of human history

People already know the score lah. They adjust, adapt and accommodate the "realities" of what Singapore is and isn't, and just get on with life

As I've said countless of times: The POLITICS won't change until the CULTURE changes. Politics is derived from; emanates from culture. Both politics and culture are emergent properties. (See---"Complexity Theory", and you'll understand better)

PAPIGS 81 said...

@ 12.46pm //Is there the political will of the people to do it? Is there the courage of the leaders to come forth to act upon it? Will anyone rise up (other than dead body burnt to ashes) for this occasion to lead the country in the next leap forward?//

2 Feb 2018 FB MParader

“Had a good, warm chat with former Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Dr Tayebnia. He is our first LKY Exchange Fellow from Iran. I recalled my two visits to Iran fondly, the first as Prime Minister and the second, as Senior Minister. Both of us now ‘watch’ things happen, and coincidentally share a common title. He serves as Senior Advisor to his President while I serve as Senior Advisor to MAS!”

--- GCT

"Leave the clearing (of shits of the PG & BBG) to the PG & BBG."
- PAPIGS 81 (Politically Apathetic Post Independence Generation Sinkies 81)

Anonymous said...

/////Dr Tan Cheng Bock had much criticism for the present-day PAP and its 4th Generation PAP at the Future of Singapore (FOSG) dialogue session yesterday (16 Dec).

Comparing the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to his son, current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Dr Tan said that LKY would “never run from a fight”.

But, his son apparently prefers not to even engage, as seen in how Deputy Prime Minister first spoke on his behalf regarding the reserved elections debate in parliament, then how Minister in the PMO Chan Chun Sing spoke for DPM Teo, and how Law Minister K Shanmugam had to speak for Maj-Gen Chan.

He also took a swipe at the prime minister’s wife, Ho Ching, saying he opposed her appointment (as head of Temasek Holdings).

He said that the wife of the prime minister is an “important” position and must not be seen to have any conflict of interest, and history has shown that there have been such conflicts.

Dr Tan said that there is a sense of “insecurity” in the current PAP leadership.

He criticised the PAP’s 4th gen leaders for being “soldiers” cut from the same mould and as such think and function alike.

Comparing them to the PAP old guard, Dr Tan said that the likes of Lim Kim San, Hon Sui Sen and Rajaratnam were a “very stable” group of leaders under the stewardship of LKY.

Dr Tan added that the Group Representation Scheme, which was formed with the intention of ensuring minority rights and a scheme that he had personally approved of, has since become a tool to coat-tail people into office.

Dr Tan said the PAP’s brand of politics has created “obedient” citizens whose lives are defined by “fear” and “insecurity”.

This, because of the pervasiveness of the government’s control, which causes them to consider their livelihoods when deciding on dissent.

He questioned, rhetorically:

“What kind of society will we have if fear defines our lives?”

A former PAP member of 26 years, Dr Tan said that some of his former PAP colleagues also share his views, but are afraid to voice their opinions.

Before a crowd-of about 200 people, some of which called for him to be a “unifying figure”, Dr Tan Cheng Bock revealed that he is planning to mentor what would hopefully be a new generation of political leaders.

“I want to be a mentor to teach people how to win elections”.

He said that he is willing to mentor “anybody who wants to learn”, whether they are from the PAP or the opposition.

“Quite a number have approached me to mentor them, and I will be meeting with them.”

With regards to contesting in the next General Election, Dr Tan said he is keeping his options open./////

--- http://redwiretimes.com/singapore-in-brief/tan-cheng-bock-whacks-paps-4th-gen-leaders-insecure-soldiers-compared-to-lkys-old-guard/

Anonymous said...

Actually, for ordinary Singaporeans, the HSR is of little benefit to them, just like Changi Airport Terminal 5, or the 200 kilometres of sheltered walkways, some in ridiculous places for ridiculous purposes. Like hundreds of metres leading to a traffic junction and it stops right there. For what if they cannot provide shelter across the road?

For ordinary people in Hougang, the PAP even refused to give them a MRT station because they voted for WP, despite paying taxes and young men serving NS like every other Singaporean. Yet they are prepared to spend hundreds of millions to build the HSR to benefit mostly Malaysians working here. This is karma from the most unlikely source.

When China is done with the road and belt up North, Sinkieland will be isolated without fast connection to that new trade route. And our strategic location will no more be that strategic down the road.

Anonymous said...

Majority sinkies are enjoying life with fat pay. They don't want any affirmative action or anything to change status quo.

Only a few % sinkies who are suffering but they are inconsequential to majority sinkies. Not my problem & nimby.

Anonymous said...

Majority enjoying life with fat pay are foreigners and new citizens, and a small percentage of PAP running dogs.

Majority of Singaporeans are suffering in one way or another. Even some of the rich Singaporeans are suffering but they suffer in silence. Majority are suffering in silence.

Virgo49 said...

Posted as received from one unknown source:-

Part One:-
Very Interesting Read.. reality sets in.. behind the curtain of SG - KL HSR cancellation.. hidden hand of Justo's case.. etc.. Let's continue our story about how Singapore, supposedly a clean and incorruptible nation, secretly helped ex-PM Najib Razak during the peak of the 1MDB scandal.

The plausible possibility that the Government of Singapore was the hidden hands behind the blackmailing of Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo to change his story has since gotten The Straits Times extremely worry.

As the world's 3rd top financial centre (behind London and New York), it's an insult to the peoples intelligence that Singapore didn't know the documents supplied by 1MDB relating to its Brazen Sky Limited account were false bank statements. The Monetary Authority of Singapore knew that Arul Kanda was bullshitting when he claimed US$1.103 billion cash was kept at BSI Bank Limited,Singapore.

Besides the United States, Switzerland and Luxembourg, it's believed that najib and his wife Rosmah keep their ill-gotten money in Singapore as well. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong loved Najib simply because such corrupted Malaysian leader can be easily manipulated and controlled.

As a financial centre, Singapore does not discriminate against dirty or laundered money.The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur 350-km high-speed rail (HSR) link project which had been inked in 2016 under the previous PM Najib Razak was inflated to include kickbacks. As revealed by newly installed Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the project was designed in such a way that Malaysia will be penalised close to RM500 million if they withdraw from it.

In actuality, Singapore does not need the HSR project. After all, more than 90% of the railroad will be on Malaysian soil. It's amazing that Singapore gets to pocket half a billion ringgit in the event the contract is cancelled considering the island's involvement is less than 10%.

Consider this the 688-km East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project costs RM55 billion but the shorter 350-km HSR project will cost RM 110 billion. Obviously, something is fishy when it costs almost double for a shorter railway project. Should not China be awarded the HSR project since they could build it at half the price, or 50% discount? It appears that Singapore could have benefited massively from the high-speed rail project, possibly even kickbacks, after the â hidden hands blackmailed Xavier Andre Justo to change his story.

Contd Part Two

Virgo49 said...

Part Two

Unfortunately, both Najib Razak and Lee Hsien Loong, as they happily scratching each other's s back, did not anticipate that the 93-year-old Mahathir Mohamad could unseat the Barisan Nasional coalition government after being in power for 61 years since independence in 1957.

All hell breaks loose when Pakatan Harapan coalition made a stunning victory. In normal circumstances, Mahathir should be the one flying to Singapore begging PM Lee Hsien Loong to cancel, or at least reconsider, the RM110 billion HSR project. Instead, it was the panicked Mr. Lee who flew to Malaysia to meet Mr. Mahathir. Even then, the Singaporean prime minister was given a short 30 minutes for the meeting, before the humiliated PM Lee left Mahathirâ s office.

Lee Hsien Loong wanted to talk about HSR with Mahathir, but the Malaysian leader simply told him that HSR will be scrapped, one way or another. With tail between legs, the Singaporean leader left. Today (Monday, May 28th), Mahathir unilaterally announced to the world that Malaysia will scrap the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail project.

Singapore Lee Hsien Loong Visits Malaysia Mahathir Mohamah Mahathir said It is a final decision, but it will take time because we have an agreement with Singapore. It's not beneficial. It's s going to cost us a huge sum of money. We will make no money at all from this arrangement. It is only a short track. It is only going to save people one hour by taking the HSR. To lose RM500 million in penalty for cancelling the project is better than to spend RM110 billion on a mega-project which is doomed to fail. The ticket price for the HSR trip will be too expensive for ordinary Malaysians. However, based on Mahathir's track record, he is not going to bend over and flash half a billion of ringgit to Lee Hsien Loong without a fight.If Mahathir had previously given Lee Kuan Yew a run for his money, chances are the old man is going to do the same to his son now. The Malaysian prime minister has already hinted that his administration will haggle and most likely drag his feet about the final compensation figures for Singapore.

Malaysia-Singapore HSR - High Speed Railway Heck, Mahathir might even just offer Hsien Loong a small token of compensation for cancelling the project, and there's nothing Singapore can do about it. Will Singapore drag Malaysia to the international court and in the process spill the beans about how the unfavorable terms were made between scandal-plagued Najib Razak and his Singapore buddy?

Hsien Loong is easy meat to Mahathir. When push comes to shove, Malaysia can easily threaten Singapore over its national security by allowing China to deploy its radar surveillance and missile system in Johor, essentially spying on the little island. Last year, Beijing offered AR3 multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) to be positioned in Johor, Malaysia. Conventional wisdom says it would be wise for Singapore to forget about insisting on the RM500 million penalties, in the interest of maintaining good relationship between both countries.

It's better for Mahathir to owe Lee Hsien Loong a favour than to start a confrontation. Singapore's reputation will be at stake if the country is openly mentioned as the hidden hand behind Justo blackmail in Thailand. 1MDB Scandal - Xavier Andre Justo Arrested in Thailand.

Mathtahir maths better than our dumb Pee Ayam as below:-

Cost of HSR Rail- KL-SG-RM110,000,000,000.00- (RM 110b)

10 car trains with 100 pax/car=1000 passengers per trip

Say 18 trips KL-Sin-daily=18,000.00 passengers

Say RM100.00 ticket per trip
=RM1,800,000.00 (RM1.8m) income per day
will take 61,111 days or 167 years to break even with conditions of-

-Zero maintenance
Zero Energy
Zero staff salaries
Zero breakdowns
Full capacity and trips.

Ask Alamak Senior to be the Chief and Lt-Generals to run the shows

Anonymous said...

Pinky is easy meat to Mahathir.

Najib is easy meat to Pinky.

Sadly, it is the wrong sequence down the road.

4G is like taking candy from a child to Mahathir.

Somebolee need to rise up from the grave now.

PAPIGS 81 (Politically Apathetic Post Independence Generation Sinkies 81) said...

@ Anonymous May 29, 2018 8:23 pm
>>>Majority enjoying life with fat pay are foreigners and new citizens, and a small percentage of PAP running dogs.

Majority of Singaporeans are suffering in one way or another. Even some of the rich Singaporeans are suffering but they suffer in silence. Majority are suffering in silence.<<<


Anonymous said...

The general feeling is that at least matlanders have leaders who are willing to right the wrongs and subdue the monsters from their creation such as their 93-yo "Messiah"

Alas, in "pink" dot, the PG bo lp chee liao ...

Dr "Messiah", regardless of the eventual outcome after 509, at least in the end can rest in peace and eyes close shut but those bo lp chee PG will be hoping their eyes can close when the black and white Mr cow & mr horse face come to "hook their souls" in "pink" dot. Hopefully Mr Cow and Mr Horse Face wont ask them to account for their "missing lp chee" ...

Anonymous said...

Do not curse the
Some are living in regrets, others trying to make amend and repent.
They were naive and innocent in their younger days.
Please be forgiving though their mistakes are horrendous.

Virgo49 said...

Hello why you 3G and 4G generations always think it its our faults that caused you poor Bats rads 3G and 4G generations shits of troubles???

Do you not know that the majority of the Protesters and Blogers are mainly from the PG Generations???

Without the PG First Echelon Leaderships and also the PG and 2G generations, you fuckers think you got so good lives today???

Starbucks, Buck Teeths and Bouzouki, oops ZOUKS.???

What's bloody contributions you 3G and 4G Generations contributed to Society??
Just maybe smarter in handling your 3G and 4G Handphones and even walking like Blind Bats knocked into the PG and 2G citizens!!!

Riding skate boards and E-scooters and banging into old folks!!!

It's because of your 3G and 4G generations DUDS that caused the downfall of Singapore which we painstakingly built for years.

Just because you can GOGGLED better you think you are SMART??? These are just the tools of commercial trade and values.- Nothing Else, you UNDERSTAND???

I Can also just GOGGLED just as good in Genting Resorts.

You 3G and 4G duds want to blame us for all your woes. All wants part time, free lance and contract works so that can enjoy enjoy. Know where id the Best Buffets and what's Ramen and Suziyaki. In no time with the blink of an eye you are already 60s with NO SAVINGS,NO CPFs and NO Nothing. The time for you yo go and pick cardboard.

The 3G and 4G Leaders so greedy that they slaughtered you. Our PG Leaders GKS,LKS and etc no slaughter us.

See Mahathatir, he 1G or 2G, How smart!!! Better than all the 3G and 4G Leaders.

You yourselves VOTED for your 3G and 4G Leaders in the last few ERECTIONS and you want to blame us?? PG, many already sold salted eggs and no need voting.


Virgo49 said...

See your STUPID 3G and 4G Leaders.
Built.non stop MRTs and LRTs.

Later? Said wrong choices. Just built and built without costing the costs and whether can be viable or NOT

Breakdowns also said must increased fares as these got nothing to do with breakdowns.

See Mad Hater.Just Medical Degree from then Singapore's Medical College at College Road.

He can estimated and calculated whether HSR can be viable or not.

Your 3G and 4G duds ministers with string of paper degrees only good for toilet papers.Only wisdom is how to con and trick the masses.

Mahatahir can said we won't made a cents.Takes 167 years to just recover costs. Also no spending on maintenance,salaries and lay time.

Your Pee Ayam, degrees in Mathematics and don't even know what's one and two is??

Some more Scholars.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 30, 2018 10:41 am
//Do not curse the PG//

Got curse meh? Which part of the comment cursing pple?

As for PG like Cha Tao, CB Ayer Rajah Abdullah, Tong Ting Dow, FlipFlop Yo LP etc, old man famous saying is such sinkies need Spurs in their HIDES lah

Otherwise how to catch up with next door Dr M and emerge in the Jiang Hoo to right the wrongs than lazying and idling around hugging mei mei or thaigalmachine and rotting away ...?

Remember one Mr Toothpick "famous" slogan:

"Cheaper, Better, Faster"?

So, PG like Cha Tao, CB Abdullah Ayer Rajah, Dow Tong Tiam, Yo Fliplip etc, need spurs into their hides to wake up and be "Cheaper! BETTER! Faster!"?

Virgo 49 said...

What's you mentioned are the latter batch not PG leaders.

Some silver serpents.

We passed thru the period ao we know better.

Learn your History

Anonymous said...

@ 3.21pm
//Learn your history//

On the record, any sin-ka-put-lang born 1949 and bef are given PG card. Tiok bor?

Leaders + born 1949 & before = PG


Dui Bu Dui?

Poo-lick-tee-tions or superman scale not leaders?

Old man once said anyth happened then superman scale will step in as interim caretakers?

U nvr read "history bks" aka "From 3rd World to 1st World", "xxxxTruths" etc?

Now some schs SS lessons need read "history bks" hor if not chers ask dunno malu de ...

Btw, since your history so goooood, can pray tell bef WW1, which are the countries at present in Europe that made up the Austrian-Hungary Empire and which are the countries in the Middle-East at present that made up the Ottoman Empire?

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, learn more local cultures.

Don't be a banana and learn Europe and what's Ottoman Empire.

That's don't concern you. No wonder our Daft 4G Leaders want to celebrate what's Raffles Mininimenial. WASTE OF MOINES.


Too much bananas had high potassium not Good for Health.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 May 30, 2018 6:24 pm
//Aiyo, learn more local cultures.
Don't be a banana and learn Europe and what's Ottoman Empire.
That's don't concern you. ......... REAL BANANAS. Too much bananas had high potassium not Good for Health.//

Aiyo ... are you calling those who wrote blog posts about problems in Middle East &/ or Europe names?

Now we know why some "Asian" people look so "FAIR" ...

According to one Virgo49 theory, ate too much bananas ... until skin also more whitish than yellow liao ...

As to "local cultures", you "flip" very fast hor?

From "Learn your history" to "learn local cultures" ...?

Apparently u dunno how the unis structure their courses nowadays.

Undergrad want to take any modules/ units on "local culture" or "local history" also dun have

Even at JC also no such syllabus

Mb Pri sch or sec?

The history u recommend too short liao by the time in JC already no hv le ...

As for learning other history like Ottoman or Austria-Hungary, they say to do well in politics, the bigger the audience, the lower the intellect the speeches have to be ...

So if throw 10,000 stones oso cannot hit anybolee lah if you try to find out

You mentioned "history" for a while thought you those type not inside the 10,000 stones cannot hit one

Forget ever mentioned about Ottoman or Austria-Hungary

Since u PG and contributed a lot, dun mind to discourse on "Ottopus and All-Hungry" simple topics if u prefer ...

b said...

Singaporeans are there to protect foreigners and foreigners assets and foreigners jobs. So many years of ns also cannot understand? Really got no cure.