ElderShield - Do no evil

My apologies, I forgot where I copied this from, probably TOC or TREmeritus. Could also be from the main media.

The #ElderShield Review Committee (ESRC) shared their interim recommendations today, after getting feedback from more than 800 #Singaporeans from all walks of life over 26 focus group sessions. To help Singaporeans prepare for their long term care needs, the Committee has recommended that the enhanced ElderShield should be a universal and inclusive scheme for cohorts aged 40 and below when the scheme takes effect. Policyholders will join the scheme from age 30 so they can spread their premiums over a longer period while they are working, to enjoy lifetime coverage after they have grown old and retired. At the start of the enhanced ElderShield scheme, those aged between 31 and 40 will be included as these cohorts are not covered by the existing ElderShield 400 scheme. The ESRC further recommended that the enhanced scheme be administered by the Government as a key pillar of our social safety net. The Committee has also made some useful recommendations on how to make the claims process more accessible and convenient for policyholders and their caregivers.

I welcome the Committee’s interim recommendations. The enhanced ElderShield will enable Singaporeans to pool our risks and resources in preparation for old age, when one faces higher risks of becoming severely disabled. It is an important pillar of #Singapore’s social safety net as our society ages. The Government will look at providing premiums subsidies to keep the premiums affordable for lower and middle-income Singaporeans. This reflects our values in building an inclusive society, where we help and care for one another.
I thank Mr Chaly Mah and the ESRC members for their hard work in engaging different groups of stakeholders and developing their recommendations. We look forward to receiving the Committee’s final recommendations by the middle of this year. -- Hong Tat

I just have one word for these young punks. Do no evil. Stealing the people's life savings without their permission is a very evil thing no matter how it is cloaked or disguised. Remember, retribution will come, it is a matter of when, not if. Look at what is happening to Najib and his cronies and learn to be sincere, honest and really care for the people.

Do not steal the people's life savings. It is their money, they earned by their sweat, blood and tears.

Any govt that have designs on the people's life savings and started to steal the people's life savings has lost its moral authority to rule. The mandate of heaven would soon be taken away from them. Malaysia is a case in point. And many of the accomplices of crimes against the people would be brought to justice and live in shame when the day arrives.


Virgo49 said...

They have to keep fleecing the People's of their life savings and CPF's funds just to keep the lid of Sinkieland 1IMDM from blowing off.

Seeing so much withdrawal funds that can toppled them overnight, they have to think all sorts of ways to suck you dry so that withdrawals are manageable.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You mean withdrawals are a trickle, not manageable, I think.

The whole CPF savings have been hijacked in so many ways that it does not really belong to the people anymore.

The people are saving all for nothing while the govt is spending their savings. Think million dollar public flats, insurance schemes, minimum sums plus minimum sums. What is left for the people who saved for a life time?

Anonymous said...

Manipulating the people's life savings without their permission is a human right violation.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Mr RB, what I meant "manageable" is that they allowed only a trickle that they cannot really hold or find a loop hole to hold in refunding your own monies back so that it won't be a RUN on them in the case that withdrawals may be massive that they cannot fulfilled the withdrawal amount.

That's will be the DEATH KNELL for them.

Tks for correcting me.

Anonymous said...

I am an octogenarian of eighty one years old. A few years back I wanted to use my medisave to offset my medical bills. I was told that I got no more medisave because I had exhausted it. Then I requested about using my medishield or eldershielld. I was totally flabbergasted when I was told I could not use it unless I come under certain qualified conditions. I can't remember exactly what they are but roughly they are either I must be bedridden, cannot feed myself, lost an eye or an arm or a leg or whatever. I told the billing clerk to give my feedback to the authority that what need of the medishield or eldershield people still have when they are about to kick the bucket. When you need the money most they impose clauses and strict conditions to prevent you from using your insurance cover. I concluded that if elected leaders in authority have no integrity and conscience and do not sincerely want to serve the people of their rightful needs then they have no business to be part of the governing authority. Finally I come to believe what I have always heard and read that all these so call insurance schemes like the medishield and the eldershield are ponzi schemes to suck the people's money. Of what use and values do the leaders have when they have no conscience and integrity.

Sad and deeply disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I would rather take out every cent in the CPF and put in the bank with 0 interest. At least I can use the money anytime I want it. Money in the CPF that you cannot use is not your money. Worse when other people are spending it for you without your permission.

Anonymous said...

One clear fact bout Cpf eldershield-- Daylight Robbery of People monies by the govt!
The govt has no solution for these elderly who will turn old & sick, their solution is to rob people monies so as to protect their own pockets!

Virgo49 said...

Dear Octogenarian.

Eldershield from age 40 below collecting premiums will be many many times more than the increase of the GST.

This is DOWN right Day Lights Robberies. Just imagine the collections from these category of working population and even those not fully employed. You have to find a way to service the premium.

The worst us that the claims though patrly is so stringent that it will be easier to strike the Singapore Sweep and Toto than claim against them.

For a Doctor to certify that you are qualified to the claims is as good as you are DEAD.

Which Doctor will risks his licence and livelihood if he were to certify in error a really disable or incapacitated person when out of the blue, this patient happened to recover and able to move and feed himself or herself.

They think that the doc is in league with that patient.

The onus of getting a decent claim is really impossible.

Only that CB Tat said can and thank you for collaborating with us.

You shall be Rewarded.

Virgo 49 said...

The Young Generation of today is already Stressed with the High Cost of living.

What's with they have also families to take care. You heartlessly still wants to deplete their Balance CPF's savings????

Recently there is a Report that nearly 6 Billions were deposited into the Eldersshield Fund due to surplus.

This clearly shown that the claims are so limited that they even have this massive surplus.

You still wants to ROB more for what's additional surplus for yourselves???

This shown that the Scheme is not in favour of the Insured.

Still wants to implement more robberies???

Alarm Clock said...

Hope Singapore can join Malaysia again. This independence thing is going nowhere. Only meaningful for the top 1% of elites.

The rest of the people's life may look comfortable for some in the short-term but they should think for their future generations.

Medishield, Medisave, CPF, HDB Leased Dwellings, Absurdity of ERP, Exhorbitant COE, increase in GST, Waterborn Tax, Sudden Increase of Water Price by 30%, Non-budgetted Mega Projects for T5 Changi Airport and Tuas Mega Seaport, Huge Losses in Temasek Holdings and GIC, Walk-over Mocked-Up President, Parliament replacing High Court to clear allegations of corruption, imposing Parking Fee In Schools for Teachers, increase in Transport Fares despite hefty profits by SMRT and SBS-Transit, High Ministerial Salary and Bonuses, and many more -


Wake up! Wake UP! WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Eldershield claim's condition are ridiculous and downright immoral. Bedridden and cannot feed oneself etc means one is almost putting one leg in the coffin. On top of that, claims have to wait a month for evaluation (I may be out of date) by which time the person is already dead, buried or burnt to ashes.

Now, I understand one can only claim for 5 years. What happens after that? Again it is you die your business, since they already collected the premiums in advance.

I would not bet on anything good coming out of the review, except to tell us premiums will have to increase blah, blah, blah....

What I do understand is that they are making piles of money out of this scheme because not many have succeeded in their claims due to the onerous conditions. Not that I do not know, because many of my relatives passed away without being able to fulfil the three onerous conditions.

Think about it!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The people should take up a class action to sue the govt for forcing the people to pay for insurance without their consent but by legislation.

Lim Tean should pursue this case on behalf of the poor and hapless people.

Anonymous said...

When some people do evil and gotten away with it, because they have not suffered the consequences or karma, many will follow suit, having witnessed the non accountability of immediate punishment.

Those that believe in karma knows that their time is not ripe yet in this life time.

Ever wonder why some people are born into rich families and some in abject poverty? Why are some people born enjoying the 'Swiss Standard of Living' in Switzerland while some are born living inside the 'Black hole of Calcutta' or bushes of Africa? Why are some people born as rulers of nations while some are born into families of refugees? Why are some people born with good health throughout their lives while some are born with all kinds of sicknesses and ailments from young?

If all human beings are supposed to be born equal, why such inequality exists when one is born? There must be something amiss!

Anonymous said...

I went for an operation lately, the claim for MediShield is about 50% of the bill. Another 25% paid by Medisave and the rest by cash. Very jialat

Anonymous said...

This force scheme of compulsory subscription to the Medishield or Eldershield irrespective of whether the people have the means to pay or not and without allowing the people to make a choice or decision is utterly abhorrent and contemptible and clearly shows the naked shame of the government which is wrongly and illegally using the institution of the government to legalise taking ever more money from the people under the false notion and pretext that it is for the good of the people. These ponzi schemes are executed with complete disregard and contempt of the people's feelings. There is total abhorrence in these insurance schemes and the government's wrong ways have shown its unthinking dictatorship has clearly infringed on the Mandate of Heaven which they should not disregard or else they would have to eventually pay a price. In whatever governments the leaders must show transparency in their integrity, conscience, ability and sincerity in wanting to serve the people and the country and not just their egos and their pockets.

Anonymous said...

My parent even lagi worst after deductible and co sharing, zero payout.

Anonymous said...

When they take the law into their own hands to fleece the people, it is as good as lawlessness. When they used the law to take advantage of the people, this is daylight robbery.


Only heaven can deal with these demons.

Anonymous said...

If u look at Malaysia, no need heaven lar. If opposition won, csj is home affairs minister, then they Kena Lor

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are damn stupid ... always believing whatever PAPies tell you.

In other developed countries, high taxes are known as high taxes.

In return they get disability welfare, unemployment benefits, free education, free medical (lifetime or at least from 65), lifetime pension with built-in inflation increase (amount depends on how much you contribute during working life).

In Sinkieland, high taxes are known as CPF (only a few hundred $ a month) and market-subsidy HDB (that nobody wants to buy after 40yrs & eventually is worthless).

Furthermore, PAPies are intending to start CPF payout at later & later age. Last time was 55, then 60, then 62, 63, 64, 65 .... Now they ask you to voluntary start at 70. Soon it will be compulsory and somemore even later age ... 75, 80.

Anonymous said...


Yah ... And in preparation for later CPF payout, PAP is changing the law again to get sinkies to work beyond 67... Keechiu Chan has been quoted on TV to look into this.

They don't care whether how many companies willing to hire after 65 or what kind of jobs or what kind of salary ... PAP can always use law to point finger at you & say you are lazy and choosy and you should accept any kind of work and work even harder.

As it is now, companies unwilling to employ above 45, let alone above 65... PAP has been very condescending on this issue for the past 20 years already ... No solution and they want to make the problem even worse.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the trend, Ah Chan will ask Sinkies work until 93 years old ! How? He wud says " ..u see that PeeAm of M'sia, at 93 he still working Leh?..when my turn be PeeAm I also wanna work till this age provided I am healthy la of cos.."
So Sinkies better prepare to work to 93 yo or till u drop dead, as for CeePuiFxx -- u can't even touch it or smell it, it's juz ur coffin monies that's all.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

After writing about the pitfalls of state-run "welfare" systems overr these years, I am pleased to conclude from rigourous observation that peolple never learn.

State-run anything are simply instruments of political manipulation, mass control and deception...designed to buy your vote during election, keep you in place and obedient after they win, and later on fail you when you go to collect. (You da Sucker man!)

Here's what is likely to happen. Bear in mind that throughoutthe entire process, you are beig manipulated/ socially engineered.

First, the govt will gather data on its latest scam the Eldershield program, a form of social-welfare medical insurance for old cocks like me, where the rules can change and do change, but our premiums only go up and we have to keep on payin'. Eldershield is partnered by the private sector---and we know what happens when the govt/ state enters into or partners with the private sector: NOTHING GOOD.

Conflict Of Interest much? ;-)

Next the govt will look at all the bitchin', whinin', comlainin' and shit-talkin' from Singaporeans on and off the net.

They will do their "magic calculations" and then adjust the Eldershield scheme to be more "in line" with people's expectations.

In other words, you ask for $1, they give you 20 cents, but you're so gian peng from scarcity-bias in your brain, you are positively HAPPY with the lousy 20 cents...and next GE you end up voting PAP again...one foot in the grave and medical expenses be damned.

PAP are master manipulators and social engineers. Now they have that A.I. from IBM (Watson) working for them.

You got what? Kopi tiam uncle philosophy. Fat lot of good that's going to do you when you become sick :-)

Anonymous said...

Now that they found out eldershield is so profitable, they want to administer it themselves rather than giving it to the insurance companies.

You see how smart they are? Let others be the gynae pigs and if favourable, take it back. And as we all know, they will come up with some other new schemes to skim away our coffin money.

And as the entry age gets younger and younger down the road, one day they will run out of names for it. Maybe 'cradle to the grave' shield would not ever be outdated.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 3.50

25%,cash is lots of Monies.Especiallly for the more expensive operations.

Unless you have covered an Assist Rider or other Riders.

My Assist Rider is 10% of the Costs.

Like to advise even with Riders, beat to choose the lowest class of wards.Not just you have a rider to cover you chose the highest luxury wards. Unless you have Full Riders.

I,initally chose B1 and the estimated charges came to nearly 20K. Was asked to place a 6plus K deposit.

Later, also counsel that followup check ups be private rates.

Switch to B2 and no deposit required after estimation of Integrated Shield and Medisave.

Also, was in High Dependency Ward for a day. B1 and B2 or C class rates are very vast difference.

My Integrated Shield with rider in choosing B2 or below also has hospital benefits of Cash 75.00per day of stay.

MC of one week but already retired.Doc still gave me the MC chit.

Maybe as to the insurance clauses that u have read, they also reimbursed medical leave with cash.

Hopefully so as have extra for my next Genting trips.

Already missed one.