Trump Kim Summit – How to trust Trump and the Americans?

Trump has backed out from the Iran denuclearization pact. Trumps had backed out from the Paris Climate Pact and also from the TTP. In a short span of a year, Trump tore away three major international agreements and is planning to back out from many more international agreements and treaties.
What does all this say of the trustworthiness of the Americans and American Presidents? It says no one can trust the Americans or American Presidents. They would back away from any agreements as and when they like.

Trump is going to meet Kim to sign an agreement for the denuclearization of North Korea. Kim’s base position is that the Americans/Trump must guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or attacked, and many other terms like no more sanctions, no more war games and other military threats for giving up his nuclear weapons. Kim is giving up the security of his country from an invasion, give up his nuclear weapons, just for an American guarantee. Is that sensible? What have the Americans given up? Nothing.

Can the Americans be trusted, can Trump be trusted? This is a no brainer question by how callously the Americans broke away from international agreements, breaking their own words and trust.
So, where would Kim go from here, the Americans have proven themselves to be untrustworthy?

Would a China guarantee be good enough, ie for China to be part of the signatories, taking a position that an attack on North Korea would be an attack on China and China would retaliate? Would China want to take such a responsibility, risking a nuclear war with the USA? What kind of guarantee is Kim hoping to get from the untrustworthy Americans?


Anonymous said...

they also know how precious staying
safe.yet its country pocesses destructive weapons.(again...if god only gave me 3 wishes.)

Anonymous said...

Action speaks louder than words.

Giving up nuclear weapons is an action. Kim is taking action.

Agreements are mere words. Trump is giving his words to guarantee.

Trump's actions already demonstrated he cannot be trusted. Therefore, the US can never be trusted as far as words (agreements) are concerned.

USA has already shown many actions - bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, invadion of Iraq, Afghanistan's, Libya and other countries, bombings of Syria, Yemen, China's Embassy, etc, reimposed sanctions on Cuba, cancelled peace agreement with Cuba, and many others.

Conclusion: Trump and All US Presidents CANNOT BE TRUSTED AT ALL, NO MATTER WHAT!

southernglory1 said...

The treacheries of the white Americans knew no bounds. The British gave independence to the White Americans which then consisted of only thirteen states of about six hundred thousand square miles. The rest of the land were self governing native American states under British jurisdiction. But the independent white Americans of the thirteen states consistently made inroads into the self governing native states. Their harassments and attacks were always repulsed by the natives. Treaties were signed between the white Americans and the natives. But the white Americans always illilaterally tore up those treaties at it earliest convenience. The native Americans soon realised that peace treaties with the white men were meaningless and had no substance. The white men used the period of peace to build up their military and fortified their positions. Then using treachery to sow discord and dissension among the various native tribes causing them not only to fight the treacherous white men but also battle among themselves. Thus when the natives were considerably weakened by this white men's dirty stratagem they were always attacked with full force and their lands invaded, conquered and the natives genocided by the hundreds of thousands. The native Americans have learnt too late that white men cannot be trusted for they said white men speak with fork tongues.

The white Americans have never changed in their treacherous behaviour. No country should ever trust the Americans. Trust them at your own peril. The only way for all countries to be safe from the marauding evil white Americans is to be fully well armed and especially with nuclear weapons. The whole world of non white countries need to unite cohesively against the Evil Empire.


Monday, 14th May, 2018

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't forget the more than 20 chip engineers and experts in missing MH370. Who do you think took them or murdered them?

southernglory1 said...

RE: MH370

Observing the all round circumstance I have always maintained that MH370 was hijacked by CIA / PENTAGON and flown to the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. Besides the more than 20 Chinese chip engineers and electronic experts the plane seemed also to be carrying a few tons of gold destined for Beijing. In Diego Garcia the plane was towed to underground cave hangar where all the 278 passengers mainly Chinese were gassified to death in the most brutal and wanton inhuman manner. China and the world must make the white men of the Evil Empire pay for their crimes one day in the not too distant future.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The evil Uncle Sam subscribes to one dictum: Might Is Right. The native Americans learnt belatedly that palefaces speak with fork tongues. So did the Russians, the Vietnamese and the Koreans. The Chinese never trusted the foreign devils from the very beginning. Diplomacy equals Deception in western minds. Kim should not be beguiled by Trump. That dotard has neither credibility nor integrity.

jjgg said...

So early in the week and you start cussing eh... real question to be asking is whether the latest wayang kulit will bring peace in our time.. if it does.. why not.. at the end of the day all governments fall back on the same old BS phrase .. THE SITUATION WARRANTS IT .. look at all the BS of the past n present PAP government .. from operation coldstore to operation Marxist.. from imposing COE to ERP.. from cutting off ppl's ability to father children to trimming hair n banning songs.. from passing one ridiculous law to another.. the Malaysian spring came overnight ..can it ever be prevented .. anybody ever predict it.. Singapore spring will come .. not if.. but when

Virgo 49 said...

Farking White Devils can blamed Kim for backtracking when they conducted military exercises with the traitorous South near their borders.

Bye bye Loony Loong for your egoistic International Stature.

The Summit in Sinkies Land not going to happen just to boost your Ego.

Country burning down and you still pandering to your bipolar disorder.

For donkey years, blind eye to what's Inequality and now hypocritically Harped on this issue.