Ministerial statements for discussion

Minister Masagos: Singaporeans become very wealthy in record time.
Minister Ong Ye Kung: The poor should help themselves.

I happen to see the above two statements in thestatestimesreview and find them very interesting as they would draw a lot of views from Singaporeans. Let me start with Masagoes. Which group of Singaporeans was he referring to that became very wealthy in record time. Not me of course, and not many Singaporeans that I know.

And in the article he asked those Singaporeans who got very rich to contribute to charity. I like that. Now those Singaporeans that got very wealthy and very fast, please be charitable, don’t be shy, just contribute some of your riches to help the needy Singaporeans. I like his targeted approach instead of those charity shows where they expect the poor working class Singaporeans to dig deep into their empty pockets to donate. How about Masagoes and his very rich millionaire ministers start the ball rolling?

And Ong Ye Kung’s comment that the poor should help themselves. I fully agree, if only the poor could write their own pay cheques to help themselves with OPM. Instead, their CPF savings are helped ‘to help themselves’ into buying insurance schemes that they did not ask for, maybe no need for, and they could not help themselves to say no. And some are still trying to help themselves with more of the poor Singaporeans’ CPF savings ‘to help’ the poor Singaporeans to help themselves until they don’t have enough for retirement.

Some may interpret this help themselves as asking the poor to work harder. I believe many are working very hard, to be taxi drivers, security guards and cleaners. But in such professions, no matter how hard they try, they are unlikely to make enough to pay for the high cost of living here.

Like that how ah?

What are your views?


Anonymous said...

These 2 ministers need to wake up, or else Sinkies will ask Matland Dr M come over as foreign talents to elect as opposition party to compete with the ruling party. These 2 fellows need to be thankful or grateful to the dafts Sinkies over here. For the next GE to 10, 20 or 40 years time many things will happen & will the Pray And Pray last forever? Nobody knows lets vto & these whites fellows be made jobless.

Anonymous said...

get rich fast is to gamble.
poor b cos of high rentals.

jjgg said...

Masagos must be referring to himself.. how long did it take him to be earning 1million $ a year.. rich? Ask the 85% hdb lessee.. spent all their savings for a roof over their heads.. he obviously doesn't know the amount of roll over credit card debts around.. how can there be that much wealth around when the majority of Singaporeans are wage earners and not be in the salary bracket as him.. when the banks and government continue to make huge surpluses from their citizens.. get real lah!!

Virgo49 said...

Rich Singaporeans by Masaage Mango -The Pay And Pay Ministers and their MPs and their cronies.

Even their Grassrots volunteers also rich with balls carrying and their con schemes.

The Poor to help the Poor- Otard King.

Now even donations from the Poor to the Poor no more S $5.00

Seen any President, Ministers,MPs donated to charities? ?

Ask Otard King

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The problem here is trying to make sense of some "self-inflicted illusion" of group-think.

"Societies" don't get rich. It's the individuals who get rich. Mostof the time, the remain in their society, so you can count them as members. However, many of them do move to other territories, and take their welath with them.

Another delusion, courtesy of the over-paid, but not overly-clever minister is that I've checked and checked, but could not find any "record times" for achieving wealth. Anyway, what is the metric this "elite blowhard" on about? How much do you need to own, to be able to do, to be "rich"? And what time to "achieve" this arbitrary goal would qualify as "record"?

As usual, they earn lotsof money, courtesy of the taxpayer, but talk a whole lot of IMPRECISE and VAGUE shit which no one,not even themselves can make heads or tail of. Just a bunch of words thrown together...aka...WORD SALAD

But there is no denying the observation: there are many RICH PEOPLE in Singapore.

OK, here is my own metric of what "rich" is:

1. The ability to write a cheque, or do a money transfer equivalent to 1,000 oz of Gold. (truly rich folks are very very LIQUID)

2. Have zero debt, and equivalent of USD 2 million in assets, returning at least 10% annually, growing by at least 10% per year. ie. lots of freecash flow, and increasing "dividend".

So are there peoplewho fit my metric in Singapore? fuck, yeah...quite a significant number and more joining the club at greater rates. i.e. more individuals are becoming rich, thus giving the "illusion" that the whole society is also getting richer. (actually, it is).

However, globalisation is deflationary whilst monetary inflation, low interest rates and "stimulus" are inflationary.

So there are people inthe middle who are caught out. Their wages are stagnant, or have dropped due to globalisation, and the purchasing power of the currency they get paid in has dropped.

I noticed this in Malaysia when I visited about a month ago pre-election. Prices have risen, condos in KL have almost doubled, but wages are down or stagnant...bloody Grab drivers are earning a few ringgit per trip! Something is definitely askew there.

Same in Singapore. If you are rich or in a situation where you're free cash flows are increasing, then you are doing A-OK!. Wash, rinse, repeat...keep on doing and building that pile of cash.

If you are not, then life can get pretty sucky. Singapore is expensive...you'll need to have money to live properly. So...you need a plan, not the govt. ;-)

And fuck that minister lah. He gets paid...a lot...with no competition to worry about. He is in a monopoly, not in the market...where most of the rest of us have no choice but to live....or die there.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

From the way the PAP government runs the country, more and more of the wealth being generated by the economy winds up with the rich to make them richer while the poor struggles to make ends meet. Singapore has become a shit-hole country as income inequality widens and the standard of living of workers declined. But PAP ministers are now fat cows wallowing in cash acquired in double quick time. OYK has certainly helped himself well.

Virgo49 said...

Otard King sold his Soul to be millionaire Minister.

Unlike CSJ, living in a 3-doomed HDB flat.

Ultimately, those who lived in poverty with a clear conscience will find more peace at heart than those covered with riches but tainted with Sins.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies all fucked up lah.

Want change? Have at least 100 sinkies all commit mass suicide outside parliament. Chances of that happening? -100%

Or vote out at least 2 or 3 PAPpy GRCs. Chances of it happening?? Yeah, correct: -100%.

Ches L said...

The whole parliamentary debate is nothing but just a shitload of motherhood statements.
Shouldn't the government being doing this all the time? Exposure for 4G minister?
Waste of time.

Anonymous said...

living in Sg is like that lah

this is.....you die your business society!

no money no talk

money no enough

What can we do from here?

Anonymous said...

A clear indication of Decadence right at the very top of Governance. Helping themselves with taxpayers' money to become obscene millionaires over night, yet got the cheek to tell the poor to help themselves.

These two fat cows must be taught a hard lesson like George Yeo (who is of the Casino-Creation fame) in order to put them toto their rightful shit hole.

Despicable and disgusting speeches in Parliament in order to justify their obscene pay given by the Cancer-Infested Self-declared Aristocat of the Fat Cats.

Anonymous said...

Am I surprised by these statements? These are from the mouths of those who live off the blood, sweat and tears of others while they wallow in the luxury of the ultra rich. Totally out of touch and selfish.

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs a Cultural Revolution, not like the Red China Cultural Revolution by the Gang of Four, but Decency Cultural Revolution to weed out parasites that become too arrogant and out of touch with the reality on the ground. Power must go back to the People, not in the hands of the scheming greedy selfish reverse-psycho elites.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, the Government knows that GST is a burden for the poor, but in Sinkieland the Government claims that GST is to help the poor.

Who is telling the truth and who is lying?

Virgo 49 said...

Malaysia Najib imposed GST because his Wife needed to buy Branded Bags and quickly settled IMDB Finance before anyone find out.

Sink island imposed GST and Up GST because wife lost billions and need to cover back fast b4 anyone queries.

So same motives and both also kena kick out together.

AhKong65 said...

Very well said Matilah Singapura , for this time I agrees with you 101% . I like that part.....you need to have money to live properly .

Anonymous said...

By listening to the speeches made by each and everyone of these self-glorifying, self-enriching, self-praising, self-righteous, self-protecting, afraid to offend their master eunuchs, those with a discerning mind and sincere heart should be able to realise that this bunch of cronies only care about their own positions, their own name and status, their own promotions, their own bonuses and salaries, their own rice bowl and advancement, and their own families. They are never altruistically committed with a heart to really serve the people.

In fact the reverse is true.

They are there to help the Supreme Leeder to con the daft, kia-si, kia-su Sinkies into voting for them and at the same time suck more blood out of the majority of Sinkies through all sorts of new schemes after schemes, under the guise of helping them. In reality, helping to suck more money out of the masses so that the GDP can grow, so that their bonuses and salaries can increase. And their bank accounts fatten.

Cannot trust them any more. It is time to do a Malaysian Malaysia by doing a Singaporean Singapore.

Anonymous said...

luan lai(anyhow do things)..………

never c appointment letter requirement.

Anonymous said...

In the early hours of the morning, Malaysian police reported that they seized 284 boxes containing designer handbags and approximately 72 bags stuffed with cash and jewellery from a private residence linked to former PM Najib Razak.

Wonder, if it was the residences related to Sinkieland PM, what Sinkieland Police would have seized?

Most probably a few lizards and cockroaches?

Anonymous said...

From theindependent:

In the aftermath of the toppling of Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional after 60 years in power, the frontrunner to be Singapore’s next Prime Minister has said a number of things which are strange and bewildering.

What made Chan Chun Sing come up with these puzzles?

Puzzle Number One: Place on record the government’s appreciation for Low Thia Khiang’s contributions.

Low is still a Member of Parliament. He merely passed over the reins of secretary-general of the Workers’ Party to Pritam Singh. Even The Straits Times noted that it was a “rare accolade.” Need we say more?

Puzzle Number Two: Politics is not just about winning votes but about serving the people and the country.

Another head scratcher. To serve the people, you first have to win their votes. So it IS about winning votes first, then comes the service to the nation. Just exactly what was Chan trying to say?

Puzzle Number Three: Winning votes by stoking anger and unhappiness may be a common practice elsewhere, but this is negative politics and not constructive.

So the government decides how political parties should go about trying to win votes? Surely, it is the task of politicians to tap on the angst and unhappiness (and sometimes anger) of voters. By “elsewhere” does Chan mean Malaysia? The tsunami that swept the country towards electoral change is clearly on his mind.

Puzzle Number Four: Agreeing with us (the government) is not a prerequisite. Agreeing to put Singapore first and foremost is the prerequisite.

This is like scoring an own goal! Putting the country first was the reason why the Opposition coalition swept to victory. Malaysians rejected race politics, corruption and oppression. They wanted to start afresh and build a better future for the country. They made Malaysia Boleh! more than a slogan by putting their country first.

So, four puzzles from Chan Chun Sing in a Parliament speech, following the Malaysian elections.

Perhaps he and his colleagues have already done a post-mortem and any spillover effect is cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

"Its always been, had been, and will be foremost in the monopolistic interests of the Pappies, and not the sillyzens since 2nd Gen" then what's said & done fall in place & fit nicely.

Anonymous said...

Collect millions and speak through the nose, as pubic service.

Virgo 49 said...

ST heading: Singaporeans hope for talks with 4G Leaders.

Should not the Heading should be:

4G Leaders hope for Talks with Singaporeans???

Who are the Masters and who are the slaves??

Okok not slaves but servants of the People???


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nowadays I don't bother to read what comes out from the anuses of politicians.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, this is one of their wayang,wayang ploys of gaining your trusts and votes.

Like a salesman or insurance agent before sales talk.

Once concluded, Demeanours changed.

Who's the fark are you??

Especially after the GE Tsunami in Matland, now they find that they are fallible.

Anonymous said...

Nirav Modi in London on Singaporean passport (for rich foreigner criminals?) : ED sources

Despite Enforcement Directorate issuing summons to diamantaire Nirav Modi and his family members to join the investigations in the the multi-crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud, they have chosen to ignore the directive by remaining abroad and out of immediate reach of the investigators.

According to ED sources, Nirav Modi is currently in London on a Singaporean passport while his brother Nishal Modi is in Antwerp on a Belgian passport.

Read more at https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/nirav-modi-london-singaporean-passport-ed-sources-081804262--finance.html

Anonymous said...

Negative value for money. Without them civil service will run the cuntry very well n much cheaper.