Singapore severely constrained by space – Lawrence Wong

Singapore constrained by space? I thought I heard many wise men and wise women talking about Singapore big enough to accommodate 6.9m people, some said 10m, some said 15m and some said even more. Now we only have a miserable 5.6m and Lawrence Wong is saying in Parliament that Singapore is severely constrained by space, so cannot anyhow extend the lease of HDB flats. Who is telling the truth, who is spreading fake news, who is lying? Or all of them are telling the truth?

When Lawrence Wong said Singapore is constrained by space, what was his basis? Based on 5.6m, 10m or 15m?

The extention of HDB lease after the expiry of 99 years is a complex problem. There is a big problem of not enough land for public housing in the future for our children and grandchildren. He went on to say ‘The govt must grapple with these questions, study the matter and do the responsible thing.’ What responsible thing? Like bringing in more foreigners to increase the population to 6.9m, to 10m or more?

What action is responsible and what is irresponsible? What action would lead to a severely constraint in space for public housing? And who is the irresponsible one to cause this severely constrained problem for Singaporeans?

Can this problem be avoided? Is it so difficult to prevent this problem?

I am now so confused? Really ah, got severely constrained space problem ah? How can that be when so many wise men and wise women are advocating a population of 6.9m, 10m or 15m or more? Who is talking rubbish?

How convinced and convicted is Lawrence Wong about the problem of severe constraint in space? If he believes what he is saying, should not he be telling Parliament to stop the influx of more foreigners into the country immediately and also telling those that are peddling for 10m or 20m population to have their heads checked? Or he does not believe in what he was saying, so say say only. No need to take any action because it is not true?

What is the truth?


Anonymous said...

This fake Lawrence of Arabia is following his father Wong Can't Sing footstep in illogical logical logic. For example, "Mas Selamat is either in Singapore or outside Singapore"!

Three times in a row in Parliament he has used illogical logical logic to try to confuse the public and the parliamentarians. This is his established trade-mark from now on.

Not to worry too much. Just dismiss him totally. He is insignificantly pathetic, trying to earn his undeserved millionaire salary. Trying to score point by barking anyhow.

Anonymous said...

When answer A suits position n self interests, answer is A. But if answer B suits position n self interests, answer is B. If if A is exact opposite of B. This is public service with the world highest salaries n bonuses, no shame, no backbone attitude lah.

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs to import FTs and immigrants to grow GDP. The government says so, it MUST be true. Foreigners imported into Singapore will provide jobs for the locals. That is also true. The government says so, it MUST be true.

jjgg said...

Good morning RB.. got problem? Solve it the government's way.. switch his portfolio.. overnight problem will no longer exist. Don't believe me? The portfolios with same stick in the mud ministers always got BIG problems ..MOD TRANSPORT CULTURE .. i can almost guarantee that if we change this Wong chap.. the problem will disappear with him. As RB suggested.. what problem? Just don't take in more people la.. want more people rejoin Malaysia and overnight you will see the inundation of Singaporeans and all the problems that goes along with it. Trouble is Malaysia may not want us.. hehe

Anonymous said...

What's Lauland is saying : Sinkieland is Land no enough so may need to dig underground or landfill. Another word is like Ah Heng yelling " ..we r money no enough Lah..eh Sai bo? ..buay Sai or buay song let's dig more Sai Kang or up the taxes ho boh?"
See they r smart not like the Jib guy they tell u upfront money no enough Leh..

Anonymous said...

Singapore has a mountain of gold, unmentionable reserves that nobody knows how much.
Now one by one telling Sinkies Singapore got no money, money no enough.

What is real? No money liao? What happened to the billions and trillions? Gone in smokes? A mirage?

Anonymous said...

As the red Indian said white man speak with forked tongue and so are Politicians lar. The other politician strategy is ambiguous foggy scenario so that everything looks blur that can be changed at a later stage to suit the situation lor 😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Every once in awhile, a "seeker of the truth" has to evaluate their positions.

I have long been a proponent of open borders, however I am no longer one. I also used to be 100% Anti-Trump. Again, I've reversed my position on that, I'm 70% pro, 30 % anti. The reason for my Trump support is in that the nearly 2 years in the oval orifice, he has been consistent on 2 things,

1. Freedom of speech
2. Freedom to own firearms

....i.e. The 1st and 2nd Amendments to The US Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. IMO, he's done his job. The rest of his activities...I don't really care if they are total disasters and dumpster fires...tax cuts, increased debt, bombing of places like Syria for no valid reason, American embassy in Jerusalem, banging porn stars...fuck it, I don't care.

About Open Borders: I've reversed my position in the light of new data and evidence. Or old data and evidence I didn't evaluate.

We live in a global fiat currency system, and because of recent events in the last 20-30 years, motherfucking central banks have been printing truck-loads of currency, mainly to keep the damn system from collapsing. Money printing causes problems. Very soon so much credit is created no one has any money left to pay-off their loans, and "assets" keep getting more "valuable". No new wealth has been created, no increase in productivity....just asset values keep going up.

So the only solution, usually after a big "liquidity crisis" (aka a crash due to not enough money to cover the sins of too much money), the only solution is to PRINT MORE MONEY to keep people, companies and governments from GOING BUST, which would result in anarchy, failed states, civil unrest, civil and cross border WARS.

This fiat currency system, coupled with fractional reserve banking, upsets the price mechanism and causes people, corporations and governments to make BAD DECISIONS based on DISTORTED DATA.

Therefore planning something like 10-20 million for a small place like Singapore where even those who are not as "smart as an overpaid minister" know fucking well that fucking space is fucking limited in our very fucking small island, and making those plans are detrimental, because chances are they are WRONG.

Money printing is INFLATIONARY (i.e. stuff will cost more per unit currency). However globalised toe-to-toe competition in labour markets is DEFLATIONARY (i.e. the pay per unit of labour will decrease).

Therefore the average wage-earning Singaporean will be hit TWICE: first, his purchasing power per dollar goes down, (i.e. he gets less goods for his money), and then his job and pay is in jeopardy because of increased competition from people willing to work cheaper, and to make matters worse...the sheer number of those people. (double whammy: price competition, plus huge supply...result either no job or lower pay).

I think we're not paying ministers enough. If we paid more money, we'd get smarter people, instead of fuckers just stating THE OBVIOUS and trying to make that some kind of "brilliant insight/ discovery".

Chow cheebye lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One of Matilah's rare moments of sanity and telling the truth with honest opinions of the reality.

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim is now in Indonesia attending the "Reformasi" Anniversary with ex-Indonesian President BJ Habibie.

Anwar has just fired a warning shot at Najib - telling him to get a good defence lawyer.

With billions of dollars at his disposal, I think hiring ten or twenty World's Top lawyers should not be a problem at all to Najib.

The big problem is that Najib will not be able to hire his Judges or Prosecutors and witnesses. I may be wrong. Maybe he still can use his billions to "influence" the final outcome?

Anonymous said...

Bang Najib, you die your business. You are down, no more friends.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My view of Trump is still unchanged, in fact stronger. He is godsend to destroy the evil Empire. I like him. I hope he gets a second term as President of the USA.

He has destroyed all the goodwill with Nato, Japan, India and Australia with his America First and Israel Second policies.

Good job, Trump.

Anonymous said...

Hello Redbean, one question please. CCS has been touted as the next PM. There are many here and elsewhere that say he is not the man for the job. Since Singapore is open to all who wish to come here to work, why the government does not just hire a PM from overseas? Surely there must be people on this planet who are well qualifies for this position.

Anonymous said...


" Keeping people stupid is key to stability
and stability is good for the LIEgime because with stability, nothing
changes and if nothing changes, then the LIE Dynasty rules forever.
Hence Stability is the key virtue for dynasties. "

The link,
I came, I saw, I solved it.: Stupidest govt of all time

Framing Issues Without Context- a common tactic used by PAP ...

'Creating Wealth' Through Debt: the West's Finance-Capitalist Road

Veritas: Singapore asset inflation 1: PAP the wizards of bubbleland

Did Najib accept Singapore's High Speed Rail project to hide ...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am thinking of writing an article about the mechanical mindset or process of leadership renewal when PM is appointed based on a mechanical formula, ie, from one G to the next G, or 3G to 4G, not because a more capable man is found.

Everyone is saying that Tharman is a better man, but cannot be the next PM because he is from the 3G. Being 3G means disqualified, no matter how capable.

This is Uniquely Singapore, or is it a joke?

Anonymous said...

Singapore can import experts and highly qualified FTs to run banks, big enterprises, big government departments, so why not import a PM??

What is the difference?? Tell me Uncle RB.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Lawrence said that 96% of HDB will not get SERS because no potential for redevelopment.

Now he says if don't take back all HDB & further redevelop / intensification of use, then future generation homeless?!?!

So which is which?? Got potential to redevelop or not?!?!

And if got potential, then why no SERS??!?!

And if no potential to redevelop, then how can future generation be homeless ... Coz with today's single-child or zero-child families ... Number of future families will be lesser & lesser.

2 families today producing only 1 future family (or even zero family) ... Parents passing down their flats to the next generation is more than enough flats liao.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the import of new citizens? Every new citizen will bring in his wife and children. In addition, the husband wiil also bring in his two parents. His wife will also subsequently (once she obtained pr or citizenship) bring in her two parents. Total number of people imported for each new citizen means at least six persons (based on two children per family).

Anonymous said...

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Most of these Cross-National "Escort" agencies are actually human trafficking-linked organizations, highly professional and well-connected.

Some are disguised as "Marriage" agencies or are linked to geniune "Match-Making agencies.

It is impossible for ICA to be able to screen and detect everyone of them. They follow the rules and regulations. They fulfill the pre-requires. So, how can anyone fault them?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Kolkata? Never heard of leh

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies are so daft that they don't even know how to "google"?

Truly pathetic and tragic! What kind of world best education that Singapore can boast of so frequently without shame?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Heard of Mother Theresa?

Anonymous said...

8.44pm, I am afraid I never heard of leh. I only heard of motherfucker😀

Anonymous said...

Can ypu all now imagine the extent of damages CECA can do to Singapore?

This example here, directly in your face, is only the tip of the gigantic iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Knn, the Indian Che bye wanted to charge almost s$300 per hour in India Sama Sama the white girls charges. I think only the white men will be interested. Wonder how they get to invade Rb blog

Anonymous said...

7.18 pm, u very smart is it. So u already Google and jerk off liao? Very efficient for an old man leh! A dirty old man no doubt!

Anonymous said...

3G n 4G not only grossly grossly overpaid with public money but poor value for money n incompetent, worse of all screw citizens with the trophy with all kinds of escalating taxes, tariffs, rentals, etc to achieve 5years in a row title as most expensive city in the world. Adding further insults are loongJinx fund mgt of kakicratocy in opaqueness, cpf not your money, subsidized-eat you hdb pricing n gripping control of main media mouthing propaganda n stupidity n open-leg ft policy of your sons serve army n jobs for ft.

Virgo49 said...

Now they want to diagloue with the Singaporeans.

But the phasing is that they are giving face to Sinkies to listen to them.

ST heading : Singaporeans hoped to have diagloue with the 4G Leaders.

It should be 4G Leaders hope to have diagloue with Singaporeans.

What's man, just donate photographs for donations.

Donate some dough lah. What's goes in can not come out.

Anonymous said...

The state media is implying that the next prime minister must come from the ruling party from the almost daily media exposure and propaganda

This is as good as telling you they will win the next elections for sure 100%.

If not why the media especially on TV 8 news cum talk show it is always without fail they will get ministers from ruling party to come in.

Like that is not democratic to deny opposition party the same media exposure that is accorded to them.

Basically they are in way starting their year long unfair exposure to the voters
to eventually to vote for them after the lengthy 'advertisement' by the time of election.

So effectively you can say their campaign period has started unofficially.

A question to ask ourselves - should the media law be revised to ensure fairness to all legislatIve representatives of the people ?

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