Heng ah, I was not born in Singapore – FT

Ng Kok Lim wrote an article on this in TRE and I quote his first paragraph, ‘During the last election, Minister Lim Swee Say said heng ah, he was born in Singapore and many Singaporeans agreed with him. But the truth is that you don’t have to be born in Singapore to be heng in Singapore.’


I fully agree with what Kok Lim said. He went on to quote those who were not born in Singapore and very heng here, like Boon Wan, Amy Khor, Piyush Gupta, Olivia Lum and many others including table tennis players, swimmers and half past six footballers. And there are more than 2m heng foreigners here helping to grow our economy by 2%, if not our economy will go into recession.


And all the foreign born Singaporeans and FTs must be singing in chorus, heng ah, we were not born in Singapore, no need to pay for the expensive and damn stressful education system only to end up with no marketable skills and good enough to be security guards, taxi drivers and crane drivers. And if still cannot get such jobs, to go for further training at public expenses of course. This one really heng, the govt is using public money to subsidise their trainings so that they can be useful in 3rd world countries, to take the place of the 3rd world FTs who are here, in their 3rd world countries getting paid 3rd world salaries with 3rd world currencies. See how heng are Singaporeans born here. And their 3rd world counter parts are here to replace them, get their jobs, their women, and get paid high salaries in Singapore dollars.


And the FTs are also saying heng ah, no need to waste 2 and a half year charging up Pengkang Hill, not sure if the hill is heng enough to remain there or mowed down to build HDB flats, no need to serve NS, no reservist training, just doing anything and tell the daft Sinkies, I also do NS and join the elite of this daft city.


Now, who is more heng, the Singaporeans born here or the foreigners who are going home after their stint in paradise to be rich land owners and living in big landed properties? And they need not worry about Benjamin or their sons doing NS to defend and protect the million dollar properties here that they cannot afford to smell.


Are Singaporeans heng or sway? You tell me lah. Sure some of you will be very heng but many would be very sway, like Benjamin and his family and those ended up as punching bags for the very heng foreigners here or losing their well paying jobs to the very heng foreigners.


Parrots, please, I am not asking you. Stop parroting. Just repeat after me, ‘Heng ah’.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans heng or sway?

Of course very very very heng lah!

Cannot get top top top jobs or being replaced by FTs/retrenched still
can fall back to become security guards, taxi drivers, crane drivers
and cleaners.

Not bad leh! Not bad leh!

They said, things and services here are very very "affordable"!

They said, $1000 $1000 $1000 income can afford to BUY HDB flat!

We must shout together........................

Huat Ah! Heng Ah! Huat Ah! Heng Ah! Huat Ah!............


Veritas said...

Actually these days most engineers of Electrical Engineering is unemployable. They are simply fuck up. This is the opinion I talked to many of the industry people.

The industries has also no room for apprenticeship as PAP has jack up business cost too high.

At the same time, PAP keep recruiting foreigners to study post grads, writing lots of garbage papers, and make NTU/NUS looks like a good school.

Our professors has basically given up on undergraduates.

Veritas said...

I see similar thing is Chinese language education. Most Singaporean students are fuck up in Chinese due to irresponsible policies of MOE, and also due to their parents despising Chinese culture.

And now, there is a death of Chinese teacher. So what PAP did was to import teachers and NIE students from China. Problem solved.

PAP never want to solve the roots of the problem, which is the failure of their policies.

And this FT policies actually give PAP a free hand to screw and mess up every of our education system, because there are always foreigners will some caliber willing to come in and bail them out.

But this cannot run forever as salary of top China city is catching up.

Anonymous said...

living in this tiny city state is like that......

what can you say.........what to do..........

when 70% said OK and thank you very very much sirs......

this is Singaporeans.........

huat ah...............

Anonymous said...

But this cannot run forever as salary of top China city is catching up.
February 29, 2016 10:12 am

If China's mandarin teachers are too expensive, than we bring in Mandarin teachers from India lah.
If Indian IT experts can safely write the software for our banking system, then they can also teach our children how to speak Mandarin.

Anonymous said...

You mean the engineers from the third world countries are better than our engineers? Look at their countries you will know what kind of standard are these engineers.

Anonymous said...

Ministers who deal with billions of dollars cannot be paid low salaries without risking a system malfunction. Low salaries will not attract able men who are or can be successful in their professions or business. Low salaries will draw in the hypocrites who sweet talk their way into power in the name of public services, but once in charge will show their true colour, and ruin the country. This has happened in many countries.

You all should be grateful that our million dollar salaried PAP Ministers are not creating a system malfunction in Singapore.

- our MRT train system is working well
- our Singapore banks are headed by Singaporean bankers
- our Singaporean graduates have no problems finding jobs
- our PMETs are not working as taxi drivers
- our citizens can walk safely in the street without being beaten up by Foreigners

Trust in our 'ONLY SOURCE of WISDOM in the WORLD".

Anonymous said...

It's true --- Sinkies are hopeless. That's why need ah neh, cheena, Burmese, peenois, etc from their villages to come here and show Sinkies how it is done.

Anonymous said...

What is the use of being HENG only?

Heng without HUAT is useless!

Heng can only survive.

Huat can be wealthy and powerful.

Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

"That's why need ah neh, cheena, Burmese, peenois, etc from their villages to come here and show Sinkies how it is done."
February 29, 2016 10:37 am

Is it true that PAP Millionaires are brought up by their maids from "ah neh, cheena, Burmese, peenois, etc" ?
- Did these maids teach our PAP Millionaires everything they needed to know when they are children?

Is that why PAP MAP Millionaires when they become adults; they trust people from 3rd World countries more than they trust Singaporeans?

Veritas said...

People do not know that PRC, Taiwan has better engineers than Singapore. PRC technologies in certain areas is far more advance than Singapore, and probably even better than USA in some areas.

It is not possible for SG to meet the kind of breadth of PRC but we still can find our niche. Unfortunatey OUR engineering industries are screwed by political managers and amakudari.

I got this feeling why LOCAL engineers are so fuck up, so scum and so without moral values. The reason is the senior managers are rotten. Hence, they hire weaklings in order that no one threaten them. EVERYONE play politics.

After many decades of self exhaustion, we got a fuck up culture.

PAP always think things still running when they put stupid generals or ex-civil servant to head Astar of other engineering companies.

My impression is these parasite CANNOT make ENGINEERING decision and always want their underlings engineers to advise them and meanwhile want people to give them reverance even though the managers are fuck up.

They cannot make on the spot decision and small thing need to go through reiteratiions.

Good engineers are direct person, and these people are make into a clown, by dishing out low appraisal or deprive of promotions. Meanwhil assholes are prmoted.

That is why SG engineer communities sucks while Taiwan, China Korea Japan really have good technology base.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Oh come on people, get a life lah...

Why are you worrying about stuff you cannot control? Adapt lah motherfuckers, adapt...or don't and eat shit, and die out in extinction. Who will miss you? Fucking no one! 😜

You could not control where your pregnant slut-mother πŸ™‹πŸΏ parked her stinky fat arse when she shit you out of her chow chee bye...could be in Singapore, could be anywhere else...you can't control, so stop bitching about it or thinking that when she cunt-pooped you out in Singapore, somehow it makes you "special" or "ENTITLED".

Fuck you all. Get a life, you insipid cum guzzlers...πŸ‘Ή

Anonymous said...

"Heng ah, I was not born in Singapore – FT"
"Even more Heng ah. I was not born in Singapore but I was invited to a PAP tea party – FT"

Anonymous said...

'Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
Oh come on people, get a life lah...

You could not control where your pregnant slut-mother ���� parked her stinky fat arse when she shit you out of her chow chee bye...could be in Singapore, could be anywhere else...you can't control, so stop bitching about it or thinking that when she cunt-pooped you out in Singapore, somehow it makes you "special" or "ENTITLED".'

Talking bad about your mother again. Why hate your mother so much? Is she really a slut?

Anonymous said...

Do thanks the Madames.

They made up the Majority
of the 70%.

Anonymous said...

In USA, if you are not in america, you cannot be the American President.
"Heng ah, I was not born in Singapore, but I can still be a PAP MP and a PAP Minister – FT"
- can a person who is not born in Singapore, be a Prime Minister or the President of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

In USA, if you are not BORN in america, you cannot be the American President.

Anonymous said...

What about the Singapore Executive President?

Can a President who does not know how much money is in the reserves still be a President?

agongkia said...

Very suay to be born here with too many local Chia leow bees still not replace by hard-working Foreign talents.
My lakopi kaki just told me he signed the rental form with HDB 4 weeks ago to rent his new BTO flat for reno as his second appointment is just 6 weeks later.Now Oredi left with 2 weeks to hand over old flat key and move in .Not enough time for reno .Still no news today.See MP oso no use.Chia leow Bee HDB staff only good in causing inconvenience to Sinkies .
Heng if you can join them kheowkaryeolampa or yeoCB.
And these are local born Sinkie staff.
Very suay to stay with Chia leow Bee .
Only khongcum will say Heng and keep supporting these Chia leow bees.Get FT to replace them then can say Heng lah.

Anonymous said...

@ agongkia @ February 29, 2016 3:09 pm

The elephant in the room is this;
- if HDB flat belongs to you, why do you still need to get HDB's permission (sign rental form with HDB) to rent out your own property?

If it is really your property, you should be able to rent it out to a dozen Geylang whores without having to ask for permission tio bo?
- and get discount every time you go collect the rent tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.33pm

FYI, u don't need to get a discount. U can get free service lar. Angkokia should be able to advise you. Or matilar can offer his Wife or sisters or daughters when he is not abusing them

agongkia said...

@ anon 3.09
Khongcum cannot understand my English ar? Not me.Its my lakopi kaki.
Hdb take time to transfer so he understand.But he was promise that as the only option since it take time.Deposit paid.
Now because of these chialeowbee,his wife think he never chase after hdb N quarrel with him causing another coming divorce case.Told me he may not want the flat anymore because stay new BTO Not Heng.
Since when flat belong to you.
Another huanchu you are.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Yew.
Whenever something goes wrong in Singapore
Just say "Fuck Yew"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 333 confused about the word "ownership":

>> The elephant in the room is this;
- if HDB flat belongs to you, why do you still need to get HDB's permission (sign rental form with HDB) to rent out your own property?

The HDB flat does not belong to you. What you have "bought" is a LEASE---i.e. whatever time remains on an original 99-year lease.

What you are is essentially a signatory and a party to a contract---the lease. You pay money, you get to use the flat as domicile until the lease expires; or until you transfer the lease to a new "owner" in exchange for money.

The phrase: "I sold my HDB to so-and-so" is INCORRECT.

What actually happened is "I exchanged the remaining time on the lease and current occupancy of the HDB for money, and transferred the lease to some other SUCKER."

In Singapore, the only true ownership of real estate property is to buy something which has freehold title. Take comfort, if you have the bucks, you can still own freehold property in Singapore.

In Hong Kong, there is virtually no freehold land available for private ownership. Except for a few small freehold lots, HK land is "owned" in entirely by The State, and the govt. leases out land to developers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Since the HDB lease is a contract, naturally it will come with CONDITIONS. One being that you cannot suka suka rent out your flat without HDB approval.

Anonymous said...

But uncle matilah
If HDB owns my HDB flat, then;
- why do I have to co-pay for the lift (upgrading) which does not belong to me?
- why must I pay for the spalling concrete in my HDB flat?

In private property rentals, all these expenses are paid by the owner-landlord.

I have to pay because I voted for PAP in GE 2015 is it?

agongkia said...

Yalor Sifu
Nong nong time ago my bortartcheh ah Kong got resettled and told us that we are moving in to ChengHooChu,meaning Garmen house.
Bortartcheh know.Those so claim literate and educated fail to know.See,go U oso chialeowbee.

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, your lar kopi friend can rent out his new BTO flat??

Wah must be PAP Grassrot member, no need five years occupation.

Many cha leow bee gng png flat owners rented out flats at random and caused so many social problems in their estates.

These are the very parasites who are the Papies supporters.

My estate RC member told me boh pian leh these owners needed the monies so they rented out short term and long term to pimps, prostitutes and what have you.

Also cannot said anything as the RC top elcheon all ah nehs.
Our MP is also Ah Neh. Law somemore.

Yellow sinkiea always bear the short brunt of the sticks.

Somemore majority. That's why Veritas always said.

They got the most benefits and yet they always think we discriminate them.

Anonymous said...

Problems, problems, problems.
Fark Yew.

Anonymous said...

HDB belongs to me. I pay property tax mah.
This country belongs to everyone, ooooh, solly, this country belongs to me, I do NS mah.

Virgo 49 said...

You must be one of those that got sting by my remarks.

Gian png chiak leow bee parasites.

Still outting5 on an arrogant front that you had arrived.

Soon you be begging on streets for subsidies.

Heng Ah no eyes to see your sinking sinker land.

Enjoying my stay with the hospitality of your poorer Malaysian cousins who are many times richer than you poor sinkies.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goh said...

Lao chek Virgo.
Hdb cannot give him key before the 2nd appt.so final option is to let him rent his own new flat from Hdb for renovation.
No reply after 4 weeks .
Now left with 2 week to move out from his old house.Not enuf time for reno but Chia leow Bee still no reply.Cannot say cannot but they just full of empty promise.
Let me check who he vote last time n tell you.

Anonymous said...

Look people, its clear things are not great but we are in denial. Even our leaders are sounding pretty downbeat about Singapore, asking the older folks to basically forget about retiring(despite CPFs promises) and our kids to forgo a higher education, low growth going fwd. Its pretty defeatist.

I am often reminded that a army with a great general and hopeless soldiers can always defeat a hopeless general leading great warriors. This is because a great general always inspire his troops, while an effed up SAF general always blames his soldiers for his own stupid ideas.

Anonymous said...

In any ponzi scheme, it is ALWAYS NOT about if but when .......

Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese phrase:

" ηΊΈζ˜―εŒ…δΈδ½η« " 。。。。。

Anonymous said...

Given current development ( on the ground ), the "payout" for Samuel Huntington to win his bet against old man is increasing exponentially every passing day .........?

Anonymous said...

While the olds guards were the best among their era, those who succeeded are just a bunch of "ι₯­ζ¨‹" to be proven true by history and a matter of time .......?

Anonymous said...

I thought the Singapore EDB or Miti is infalliable in deciding how many Engineers, Doctors or lawyers or Biotech scientist this country needs?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, what shit?

The name already implied?


Anonymous said...

The name already stated VERY CLEARLY and EXPLICITLY who the flats belong to?

What is the name in front of the word "flats"?

How come not called "public flats" since the opposite is called "private properties" such as "private apartments"?

Anonymous said...

How come not called for example Redbean flats to signify that they belong to the occupants or those paying the monthly mortgage?

It is not even called Daft Sinkies flats bcos at the end of the day every flat does not belong to them though all have to slave and pay for it throughout their working lifetime?

What is the name in front of the word "flats" again?


Any volunteer?

Pls kee chiu!

Anonymous said...

To tell the daft beans or sinkies the hard truth, even the old guards like GKS and TCC part of the scam ...... oops ..... scheme to call the public flats HDB flats bcos that is what it means at the end of the day regardless who paying for it and will all belong to ........ yes that's right ...... HDB ....... LEEGALLY. ......?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tua Gong, Yeoh YEWR LC lah?

Anonymous said...

No lah?

Yew know who to call MF?

Even 16-yo knows YEW kongcum laoahpek dunno?

No wonder one laoahpek called YEW all DAFT ........ publicly?

Without any slightest shame, remorse or regret?

Somemore publicly said leave YEW all to ruminate and repent?


Anonymous said...

Btw, very ( SIA ) SUAY to live in a cuntry with a name so daft, do YEW know?

Anonymous said...

Imagine a father or MF naming his new born "ε“© Ah 呆"?

So everybolee in nursery, kindergarten, school, army, work call this "ε“© Ah 呆" 。。。。。 ι˜Ώε‘†?

What can this fella be in the end except a "呆子"?

Anonymous said...

Oso .......

Very SUAY .......





Anonymous said...

At the rate and under current conditions, where else but to liquidate everything including the C(ronies) P(ersonal) F(und) and sin(king) citizenship to faster ( kin kin, mai tan liao ) retire blissfully in Matland?

Anonymous said...

Rb // Are Singaporeans heng or sway? You tell me lah. //

To tell YEW THE HARDTRUTHS, actually very SUAY?

Whether Ah Suay or Ah Heng as AMPEE or ministir, to have this type of "ι₯­ζ‘Ά" in charge is itself SUAY ka kow Peh ( and kow boo )?

No believe, in ( due ) time YEW will see sin(king) city sinking deeper and deeper each passing day with these two MFs in charge?

They are just "MUDDLING through wayang wayang" everyday so as to collect millions $$$ salaries and 24 to 30 months ( or 2 to 3 years ) BONU$E$ ( $$$$$$$$$ JUAY JUAY ) year in year out?

They have "no intent to solve the problem" cos "they are "ι₯­ζ‘Ά" and CANNOT solve the problem" but "pretend to solve" the problem as that they can "LEEgally" hand LONG LOOOOOOOONG collect the millions $$$$$$ taxpayers $$$$$$$$$ ( for doing nothing and mb even create more problems for future generations ) by simply MUDDLING THROUGH and WAYANG WAYANG everyday?

Anonymous said...

So YEW say "Heng" or "Suay" th have these type of "ι₯­ζ‘Ά"?

It's a NO-BRAINER, rt?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "jaded" 1242:

>> Look people, its clear things are not great but we are in denial. [...]. Its pretty defeatist. <<

Aiyah, you quit too easily lah. Cheer up, it's not that bad. If you slash the wealth in Singapore by 30% across the board, the cuntry and its inhabitants will still be RICH by regional and global standards.

Singapore culture has to adapt, and adopt "new standards" (ideas...culture is a collection of commonly-held ideas), such as:

1. Look on the bright side, but don't deny the truth.
2. Do whatever it is you need to do to improve your situation
3. Learn how to make the best out of any situation, even if it's just to "lessen" something negative.
4. Support each other---instead of "you die your business" which is simply bad economics and inefficient. Cooperation creates wealth, and SAFETY.
5. Smile. Like the Thais. Make it better than the Thais. And like the Thais, greet one another. Your mouth is not just for sucking cock. Once in awhile, use your dick-gobbler to speak and acknowledge others.

Ahh...But I must return to reality. Instead of getting my false hopes up too high, a more expedient solution would be to simply REPLACE Singaporeans with "exotic" foreigners who already have these "new standards", and they've been practicing their culture for CENTURIES.

People complain about "locals" going extinct. IMO, about fucking time πŸ˜‚ Anything I can do to speed up the process...please let me know, I'll be so glad to help.πŸ˜‚

I have consistently argued that THE CUNTRY is far more important than The People. People come and go. Human life is tenuous, short-lived, fragile and chaotic. Most of them are ASSHOLES. When the cuntry is in danger, we send humans to "die to protect their cuntry". The cuntry can sacrifice humans, if needed. No ethical issues there.

So as far as I'm concerned, The State and whatever benevolent dictator is at the head, can do anything they like to SECURE the Cuntry...including human sacrifice.😹

Let the reaping continue!😈