Spending OPM is so easy

Singapore would be spending more than $2b to upgrade the fleet of F16s in service now. With better avionics and weapons system, would the upgraded F16s be good enough to stand in for the trouble stricken F35s until they are proven to be as good as they are made out to be? Or would this $2b plus be on top of the several billions earmarked for the f35s? It would definitely be a nice fit to have the most expensive fighter aircraft on earth to match the most expensive salaries of the ministers.

Sure it is no problem when a fake garden cost easily just as much and a 5km expressway cost more than double the amount. It is chicken feat. And if money not enough, the citizens are always there happy to contribute to the kitty. A lot of money in the CPF, really, no joke, just spend.

Why would not Singapore consider the Russian MiGs and Sukhois that have proven to be as good, or even better than the trouble infested F35s? The Russians not willing to sell? Or there is no choice and we must give the money to the Americans? Or we are just a part of the American pivot strategy and must operate the same aircraft to fit into their game plan? If this is the case, shouldn’t the Americans be subsidizing the cost of our aircraft as they are the one getting a free ride from us, a safe and dependable base and probably with our flyboys at their disposals?

Are the F15s, F18s, F22s, all inferior to the Russian fighters? If so, why not buy Russians? Would the $2b plus allow us to buy brand new Russian fighter aircraft that are superior to the F16s and the whole lot of American aircraft? Would it be better to have another brand new top of the range Russian fighter aircraft and diversified our defence needs to more than just one source?

It is easy to demand the best when it is not your money you are spending. What if the best is not the best and why pay so much for something that is not the best?


Anonymous said...

"What if the best is not the best and why pay so much for something that is not the best?"

It is not about the best but the best available lah.

Is PAP the best govt? No, tio bo?

Is PAP the best available party to be govt? Yes, 60% think so. So PAP become govt lah. And that's democracy. And democracy must prevail. We cannot follow Thailand.

Anonymous said...

When PAP is the govt, they have the mandate to decide the best available fighter aircraft to buy lah.

Not just aircraft but also decide for Sinkies the best available for anything, for that matter.

Sinkies who don't like it have only themselves to blame for making PAP the best available party to be govt in Sinkieland.

In fact it is even entirely within the control and power of Sinkies to form a better and stronger party than PAP.

That it did not happen speaks volumes about the calibre and quality of Sinkies. And for this alone, Sinkies deserved to be replaced by foreign talents. And deserved to be sold expensive and not the best fighter aircraft.

Anonymous said...

How much indirect taxes need to pay the most expensive ministers in the world?

While most of the Nordic countries direct taxes pay for the children free education. And develop their potential to the highest level, they have 1.8 birthrate the highest in developed nations? Singapore birthrate keep dropping to among the lowest around 1.2?

They use most of the direct taxes to develop the child, many become nobel prizes winners, olympic champions and run their own multi national companies, develop new and better product and designs?

While Singapore indirect taxes got to pay the world most expensive ministers pays, bonus, allowances, pensions etc.?

Many of Singapore low pay workers had been depressed or stagnant for many years due to inflation and in debted, now make worse they are not able to take back their blood,sweat & tear savings the CPF like last time, to tide over the jobless period?

As the Nordic provide jobless benefit, Singaporean need to depend on their savings?

As many credit companies, banks and long sharks became very lucrative they able to make a striving business?

Due to many Singaporean lost their jobs to foreigners? And unable to cope with inflation?

Singapore got one of the highest indirect taxes, to pay the most expensive ministers pay in the world, bonuses, pension and allowance etc.?

Should the Singapore ministers volunteering reduce the pay in line to the Nordic, Swiss?

So that not to heavily overburden the population especially the low wage workers, which need foreigner workers levies to support the ministers pay?

When more foreigners became new citizens, many put their children at home, fear of NS, create a great disadvantage for Singaporean and their children?

Many of the Singaporean married doesn't want to born children, because fear of higher and higher inflation, create by they most expensive ministers in the world?

Many of the Singaporean who married doesn't want to born babies or don't want to marry, simply because the cost living and bring up the babies is too high?

And worried they can't compete with the third world cheaper foreign workers?

The money save from deduction of the ministers salaries can be channel toward develop the children of Singapore, which able to invent, innovate and design machinery like the Nordic, which in turn less dependent on cheaper foreigners, which can take away Singaporean jobs and depress their pay?

As less minister less revenue need so less taxes or indirectly, free the business from employing too many foreigners?

The Nordic ministers pay is very reasonable, with the amount of population it govern similiar to Singapore?

jjgg said...

Good morning rb..did you just get a Russian agency for fighter planes? It's been tried and tested that American planes last longer in the Aussie deserts ..we've had years of experience parking our fighters in Perth ..you rather we park our planes in Siberia? Mighty cold up there..for all intents n purposes all the early warning systems in place are just to ensure our MIW can hightail it out of here to set up a government in exile in aussieland...hehe..actually..how do you defend an indefensible piece of rock? Better teach the citizenry the art of catapulting..if we can't hit a plane, we may bag a bird for dinner..have a great day ahead

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies make lots of money.

With lots of money, they will have a good life.

And when they have a good life, why would they care which party is govt, let alone fight or replace the govt?

And I think majority of Sinkies are smart.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How nice if I got a Russian agency to boot. All aircraft have a short lifespan. Practically every part, including the skin, has a life. They are not meant to last more than 10 years with the same parts. And 20 years, they will be obsolete with the speed newer aircraft are put for sale.

According to the numbers in the media, it costs more than $20m or is it $40m to upgrade each F16 with new radars plus a few extras. I think for the same money you can get brand Su 27 or better complete.

How could the upgrades of radar and a few equipment cost more than a completely new aircraft that is more superior in many ways and with the full complements of weapons system?

Anonymous said...

If you want to get the best defence value out of $2 billion dollars.
Better use that money to recruit a fresh bunch of leaders to replace this current bunch of "best available" clowns.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Those folks who like giving OPM to price-gouging military contractors need a nice lesson.

I can't wait to see a video of an RSAF F35 falling out of the sky. I am skeptical of the success of the F35. I think it is an expensive piece of shit, existing primarily for the benefit of people spending OPM, who are often lured by dreamers and their unsubstantiated claims.

The F16's are proven and reliable. Singapore has the infrastructure and training well in place. Buying MiGs or Sukhois means RSAF will have to set up new admin and infrastructure, training, logistics etc. Best move: upgrade the Fighting Falcons.

BTW MiGs and Sukhois are available for private purchase. The Russians, as it turns out, are much more "free market" than the US when it comes to selling weapons to willing buyers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The communists become capitalists and free trade advocates. The capitalists become communists and practised protectionism. The good guys become the bad guys and vice versa.

For the price of one piece of crappy F35 you can get 10 to 20 pieces of the best Sukhois or MiGs, why not?

It is crazy to buy those F35s at more than $200m each. Any accident is costly.

And now a radar is costing more than an aircraft? What the fuck is happening?

b said...

"If so, why not buy Russians?"

- If sg jumps camp, sinkies will die tomorrow. $2b is small price for sg to pay for big brother protection.

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