Another achievement or empty glory?

‘Singapore tops IB exam in region for fourth year’, screams a headline in the Today paper and maybe other papers as well. The first para, ‘For the fourth consecutive year, Singapore has topped the Asia Pacific region in the International Baccalaureate(IB) diploma examination. Of the 1,747 students here who took the IB diploma exam last year, there were 43 who scored a perfect 45 points – two more compared to a year ago.’ The report went on to show how well the rest of the students have done with an average of 36.53%, higher than the global average of 29.95%.

With such an achievement, not only in IB but in O level, A level as well, Singapore must be teeming with very clever and talented people. The achievements of the young citizens must translate to a pool of very intelligent adults and talented workforce.

Unfortunately the truth is far from it. Singapore has been proven to be lack of local talents and had to import feverishly from the regional countries for talents to help the dull and untalented locals. And many of these students who have perfect scores in IB, O and A level, will eventually work under the supervision of talents from 3rd World countries with average academic scores or even fake certificates.

What went wrong with the education system and the scintillating academic achievements? Don’t ask me. All I can see is crap. Either the exam results are craps or the students are craps or the employment scene is crap. Something must be crazily wrong.

I would want to believe that the students genuinely did very well academically and it is the silly system that allowed foreign craps to rule over local talents that is at fault. And you have silly people creating such a system to disadvantage the local talents and driving many to joblessness, unemployment or to depression.

What to do?


Anonymous said...

What is the use of being the best in world when jobs are given to cheap FTs? We are robbed of our rights and priviledges right under our nose!

Anonymous said...

Quite synonymous with what is the use of gaining everything only to lose the soul.
First World to work under supervision of Third World Immigrants.

Anonymous said...

It is fate set on the citizens.

However, must say that Sinkies are most willing to be programmed and manipulated by their rulers.

agongkia said...

Told you how many times paper are not important now and study so much for what?Get a job and do one's best is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Times had changed we are no longer in the 60s, where lot of them no or little education or poor, no internet only rely on MSM?

Nowaday most people had handphone and handheld internet devises, they can spread the news very fast, like the Punggol East or Aljunied GRC?

The GRC may be useful at that time, but now is 21 century internet age, we got to keep pace with change and move forward, most are better off, many are well educated?

Its time to revert back the GRC which, wass outdated to back to SMC or single seat system where one against one, no more passing of votes around?

Many third world countries with multi racial parties, don't give the excuses to implement and copy our country system, they know is not workable?

We called ourself a first world countries got to be in line with the develop countries standard?

In a democracy system all got to vote, but Tanjong Pagar because many can't vote even in the 40s or 50s, why call us a democracy and a developed country?

Many of the 28 seats, with 40 percents of the votes going to the oppositions, but only 8 percents of seats went to oppositions in the parliament, mean something wrong with this systems, suppose to have 35 seats represent the oppositions?

How are Singapore going to compete with other countries if 28 oppositions view suppose to be heard, can't heard, they are doing their job, in proposing better ideas or competing ideas, not one sided ideas or excuses? Many of the advanced nation like the Nordic, Swiss and New Zealand had multi party systems?

How can it adequately address the alternative views, suppose these 28 oppositions seat, went to the main party, which the main party pass their excess votes to those, who were unable to come in?

Most of those persons who come in by the back doors, will like to come in by the front, they can't forever come in by the back door and hide behind somebody, they need to hold their head high, and face their friends and relatives, and not made to be the laughing stocks of the world?

That we still practicing the third world type of democracy as we keep claiming we are the developed nation, with one of the highest GDP? And many keep laughing behind our back?

Will other countries respect us, last time police wear shorts?

Time had changed we need to move ahead not regressing?

Anonymous said...

Just look at the local construction scene, the engineers, safety officers, clerk of works etc, foreign talents. .... talk about experiences!

not claiming local are better, at least they r around to bear responsibility

Knnccb.... fuck hsien loong

Anonymous said...

Why are you complaining? They built a lot of HDB flats in India, Ppines and China. Sure got experience mah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No big deal lah. Singapore students consistently whack students fro other nations in international academic measurements.

It is not "empty glory". It is simply achievement in the NARROW CONTEXT of some academic metric. It simply means exactly what the facts state: that Singapore students are top when it comes to acing exams.

This doesn't mean that they will succeed in life as well-adjusted human beings, or that they will be good people or anything. At least one thing is certain: they are attending school, and paying attention, and studying....which is the main fucking objective anyway.

Compare that to say a rich, "developed" and "democratic" cuntree like Arsetrailer: you have teenage girls getting pregnant, 12 year old boys dealing drugs, and 16 year olds assaulting their parents...and nearly everyone harbouring an ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY, with the hands stretched out permanently ready to grab anything they can from the WELFARE STATE.

Nah. Fuck that shit. I support the Singapore educational system anyday.

Well done, teachers and students. Have your celebration. Celebrate academic achievement for its own sake. It is not "life". It is just SCHOOL.

Anonymous said...

Of foreign workers has clear advantages over Singaporean, their 3rd world countries, less then few hundreds dollars can survived a month, their graduate pay only a few hundred dollars per month?

Singaporean is a high cost countries, parents spent hundred of thousand to educate their children? The cost of living is around $1500 per person and his getting higher and higher, with more and more foreigners influx, how Singaporean and their children can complete with the cheaper foreigners from third world countries? A moderation is need?

Sooner or later, more and more when the grow older and replaced by cheaper and younger foreigners, with the wrong policies of keep importing foreigners to be newer and newer citizens, to 6.9 millions from 5.3m, will live in the street or cages house like the Hong Kong?

With got oversupply of foreigners create jobs, simple supply and demand economic, those persons will these theory something wrong? The more supply the less demand?

Anonymous said...

Lan jiao.... with so many types of Bursaries, I also try n achieve.

Pity those non performers having to pay full fees, to subsidise their high flyers.

Knnccb..... sob hsien loong, return our cpf @ 55.

Virgo49 said...

Right on!!;

See the buildings collapsed in India.

b said...

A check with MOE will tell you that most of these high scorers will leave sg soon after. Most of these high scorers will not want to stay in a place whereby it is filled with third world workers, oppression, pseudo slavery, facism, most greedy ministers etc. Except a few that ended up in political appointments because of their sadistic inclination, most will leave for a kinder pasture.

FL said...

Oh, we are worrying tat more & more foreigners r committing crimes in SG. Hope this is not the new trend. I think there's no escape for Sinkies, eh?