Is May 13 coming to Penang?

The forbidden use of the word Allah in Penang is being challenged by the church. It seems that the church or some churches insist on the right to use this word in the course of its practice and communication with its believers. This is angrily contested by the Muslim community who has claimed its exclusive use only by their community. Both sides are not going to compromise on this issue and now the church is being attacked by firebombs. The offensive banner that led to the bombings read, ‘Allah is great, Jesus is the son of Allah’.

Tension is rising very high and the threat of a May 13, which means killing the non Malays, is being used. The non Malays must take note of this and that this matter is really very serious. It is touching very sensitive nerves.

Anwar has stepped in to try to defuse the situation by allaying the fears of Muslims that Islam is not being threatened. The Malay Muslims are an absolute majority in Malaysia and are holding political, military and economic power, in fact all power in the state. There is never any risk that Islam will lose its dominant position as both sides of the political equation are led by the Malay Muslim leaders that are staunched followers of Islam.

The churches must be very careful not to push this matter too far and know when to pull away from the brink. Many innocent lives can be lost if violence breaks out. Great care must be taken and hope Anwar is able to broker an amicable settlement. The Malay Muslims will not give an inch as far as the use of Allah is concerned. The churches would have to give way unless they can call on a higher authority like the Vatican to intercede on their behalf, or God or Allah Himself.

Would Penang burn? Would the keris be drawn and blood flowed?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Religious fighting is more entertaining than UFC. What's more if you kill in the name of your god/ goddess, you become a HERO.

Fight lah.

Anonymous said...

Would Penang burn?

No Lah, Penang will not burn.

Because if Penang burn, not just Penang, but everybody in Matland will get burned.

Meaning even those who want Penang burned will also themselves get burned.

So it is not worth to burn Penang lah.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. If Sinkieland is attacked and burned, those attackers will also get burned and even die a horrible death by Sinkieland's most advanced and destructive missiles and weapons money can buy.

That's why Sinkieland need to spend a lot on defence so that it will be seen as not worth attacking.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Peace Anthem

Fuck your god!

Anonymous said...

Wah liao eh...

U have a chip on your shoulders?
mudland problems u also have issues, abang adek family problems lingering more than two thousands years

Knnccb... less than 48hours, come spring festive holiday. But must continue to curse the papigs

Veritas said...

The Malay in both Malaysia and SG keep ranting that Chinese are racist, without a slightest introspection.

The fact is Malays are among the most mad racist people in this planet. However, I would still like to give them some leeway.

Malay are duped by UMNO. Without the UMNO, Malay could be hospitable people.

In fact, in Kalimantan, the Malay and Dayaks gang up to decapitate the Islamofacist Madurese during the late 90s.

The Dayaks even protect Chinese and declare Chinese as friends-- despite Suharto wanted to scapegoat Chinese.

Unfortunately, the Malay in Malaysia especially are some of the most degenerated people today. While their cousin in Kalimantan kill Islamofacist, the Malaysian Malay are so shit to welcome Islamofacism with both hands.

Not only Christian got shit from these shit Malay racist, but now they declare war on their own Shia.

The Malaysian Malay claim Shia are enemy of Islam bla bla bla... Then their shit head turn and say "Malay are bullied", and also Chinese genociding Malay for 2000 years.

They get orgasm by consuming hate and lies.

The shit head Malaysian Malay got so crazy that they told Sarawak Iban that they are not Bumi. Then they told Indian Muslims that they are going to be made Bumi.

The craziness of Malaysian Malay is getting more and more horrible each passing day.

I will write about this topic more.

Note : Dayak, Malay, Mudurese, Javanese, Sundanese are members of greater Malay race.

Veritas said...

Malaysia is a fucking country who export terrorism in this region. Malaysian Malay are very good in teaching people how to feel victimized, like what a feminist does.

Malaysia is fuck a lot of countries in this region by backing Muslim insurgence. In Malaysian newsapaper.

Ignore the part below of Sabah independence of Chief ministry which need further discussion.

The fact is Malaysia have been supporting Moro Islamist, Southern thailand Islamist. Malaysia is an fucker who tries to destabilize neighbors.

MANILA: Malaysian security forces are now facing battle-tested, Malaysian-trained commanders of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), who know Sabah like the palm of their hands.
Hadji Acmad Bayam, former chief propagandist of the MNLF, revealed this yesterday to the Manila Bulletin, adding that these MNLF forces may have at their disposal a huge arsenal, which they hid deep in Sabah’s rugged terrain when they returned to the Philippines after their rigid training.
Among the firearms are Belgian-made G1 and FAL, which the late Libya leader Colonel Moammar Gadaffi supplied through Malaysia.
Bayam said he was confident the Malaysian authorities were not able to find the hidden MNLF firearms because they were kept very well by the MNLF commanders who stayed behind in Sabah.
During that training, Malaysian military trainers even joked about the firearms at the MNLF training camp on Jampiras Island, off Sabah, as they turned over Gadaffi’s weapons’ supply.
“We are not even sure if the firearms we are giving you will not be turned against,” the Malaysian trainers had said in a jest.
“Well, speaking of self-fulfilling prophecy,” Bayam said, recalling the jokes of the Malaysian trainers.
Now, Filipinos in Sabah, who are not part of the forces of the Sultanate of Sulu, have already joined the fighting in reaction to what they perceived as Malaysian “atrocities” for killing Imam Maas and his four sons at 7:50 p.m. Saturday.
He recalled that Malaysia’s leadership had even suspected the then chief minister of Sabah, Tun Mustapha, a Tausug from Sulu, of “conspiring” with MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari to secede the oil-rich island.

Anonymous said...

The bumis could be more productive and progressive, and less aggressive, if they spend lesser time on religion and all the hyped taboos and prohibitions.

Work on science, engineering and technology rather than theology.

denk said...

if the christians in penang insist on *standing up* to the muslims, if they are willing to die for their god, its fine with me.

trouble is , if racial violence break up, its not only christians who get chopped up, many innocent bystanders, the buddists, taoyists, free thinkers would also kena.

when that moron ex nus scholar n his girl friend posted inflamming craps on the net, he got detained in police station for question. but some unlucky guys got kidnapped by mobs n whacked for his crime.

but this church spat is a biggie, the christian morons might get lots of people killed for their bigoted religious fanatism.

is cia behind this ?
are someone trying to incite a may 13 or worse indon 1965 ?

b said...

God is great but religion can be toxic. religion is created by a small number of men to control, manipulated, mislead a huge population of people. religion and politics when mixed together is like a time bomb waiting to explode.

Anonymous said...

Surprising with Singapore claim to be the first world or developed nation? And one of the richest nation in the world?

Votes top up schemes still exist, which usually these type of practice in third world countries?

With Vote top up schemes of GRC Group Representative Constituency, up Six candidates lump together to contest another 6 candidate, so that the stronger candidates can pull in the weaker candidates?

Which nobody know who pass votes to who, where losers can come in the parliament?

Hope that all these could be dismantle in the 2016 election? And the profit sharing scheme could be given after 2016 election?

33 percent or 28 seats could have gone to the opposition parties, instead went to the main party, out of 87 seats a staggering 93 seats when to the main party instead of 52 seats or 60 percent of the votes, which opposition have 40 percent of the votes, got only 7 percent of the seat or only 6 seats?

What happen when 40 percents of the voters, vote for opposition can't get their 33 percent of 28 seats, out of 35 seat or 40 percent of the seat should go to opposition?

Will Singapore regress further and more social problems, if these practice continue?

Will the world look down on SIngapore, make Singapore the butt of the jokes of the world? Should these GRC revert back to SMC and profit sharing given after GE?

Anonymous said...

As a first world country or a modern developed country should SIngapore give up GRC or the vote passing around scheme or profit sharing scheme during election to keep up with the trend?

With internet become more and more faster and cheaper soon every person will be using internet to get their latest info?

Singapore should bench mark itself against multi parties system of Nordic?

Veritas said...

We must talk about Singapore's conduct towards Malay people also. In my opinion, PAP racial policy is no good.

Malays are actually good people, unfortunately, they got bad leaders in Malaysia. In PAP, they got short changed.

We cannot let Malay people, being the native here, doing too much janitor jobs with so low pay. We cannot see their family breaks down because their pay is low.

I advocate socialism where we transfer wealth and income not just to malay, but to all low income family.

The Malays in Singapore actually are quite patient.

Fuck PAP.

Anonymous said...

After so long period of lull, some restive events may be good for the people in charge.

If such occurred, I may pop a bottle

Knnccb... with crisis cum opportunity.