Time to be selfish

A new year and a new beginning. How many Sinkies are willing to share their homes with foreigners? How many Sinkies are willing to share their spouses with foreigners? There is a limit to sharing and some things just cannot be shared or be given away at our own expense. How many of you are willing to share the good jobs with foreigners while you end up jobless, underemployed? How many willing to share university places with foreigners so that you can send your children overseas? How many of you willing to share your country with foreigners and risk being kick out by the foreigners one day?

Tomorrow is not going to be better if Sinkies continue to be so generous in sharing everything they own or should be theirs with foreigners. Sinkies cannot keep doing charity to foreigners. The foreigners are not going to be charitable to Sinkies in return. Mark my words. We have heard so many horror stories of foreigners exploiting, abusing, discriminating and cheating Sinkies blatantly, right in their faces.

Sinkies have to be selfish for their own survival in their home country. Sinkies need to think of self first. When Sinkies are well provided only then can Sinkies afford to be charitable. Let the rich Sinkies and elite be charitable as they have the means and extras to be charitable. The rest of the Sinkies must think selfish if they are going to live better and if their children are going to live better.

Selfishness is good. Selfishness is a kind of defensive mechanism. What happens to Kiasuism? Selfishness is kiasuism in another form.


Anonymous said...

Where got selfish?

Now we even gonna welcome 11-year-old PRC girl who beat and threw baby toddler off 25th storey building in Chongqing.


Anonymous said...

Right, it is the government lead by PM Lee HL who is selfish, not giving to the people except for his own people.

Anonymous said...

All these 30K of new ciizens came to Singapore per year, excluding the permanent resident and the foreign workers, need jobs, of course they got to take away jobs and depress their pay, from the older new citizens and the citizens of Singapore, there is no way they come and don't take away some of the jobs away?

The reasons they came is to need to votes for the main party and indirectly got to may for the indirect taxes, they got to pay for the COE, ERP, GST, Levies, CPF locked up schemes for life and many other indirect taxes, all these most expensive ministers of the world salaries, need lot of money to maintain, if they can't get directly they got to get it indirectly through many sources, of course from the citizens?

The best way is the ministers lower their salaries to the equivalent of the Nordic minister salaries, so they don't need to burden the population and the new citizens, and need so many new citizens to make up their salaries?

SL said they are crown, are they?

Anonymous said...

The tourists came is ok they really create value, they came to spend and they go back they don't complete for the local for everything?

Anonymous said...

Heng Ah, last time I suggest CPF to be locked up until 68 year old, previously, we give back at 55, now I was promoted to Chairman of Temasek HOldings?

I and the ceremony president go to the Nordic cameback just give some excuses, they promoted me, as the help them alot and the president also lucky the got at least $40 millions just 12 years, so happy, if he is in other countries he work many life time as a ceremony president also can't get these amount of money?

Next time I suggest locked up the CPF until 72, maybe can get even more incentives and bonuses?

Next time I act and cried more during 2016, I might get more bonuses and incentives? Thanks everyone Heng Heng Heng to you? Please contribute more CPF to me?

Maybe next time I need to engaged a professional artiste in mediacorp to guide how to cry to look more genuine, so I can get the maximium benefits?

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home. It's pure commonsense that one should ensure that family member's interests are being taken care of first, before you talk about helping others. This is not selfishness but being responsible and it's the right thing to do.

One is really selfish when you let in strangers or any TOM, Dick and Harry to occupy your house leaving your family members homeless or let them take away everything and leaving your loved ones penniless. I fear this is already happening in our homeland.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who hope to come by the back doors, but got difficulties coming through the front doors, please come forward to register early?

We will access your abilities to suggestions and make money for us. If you got good ideas to make money for us, we will pull through the back door ( The GRC way), even if you can't come by the front doors?

Anonymous said...

We were not selfish all these years. The greedy government take and take. That is Ok. After all we voted them in. Now, the government not only take from us but give what is supposed to be ours to foreigners who have lower education and standards just because they are cheap. As a result we have been sidelined. How not to be selfish? You tell me!

Anonymous said...

/// How many Sinkies are willing to share their homes with foreigners? ///

Never mind foreigners ah!
How many Sinkies are willing to share Singapore with the PAPigs?

Vote them out in GE 2016!

Anonymous said...

Bringing in the foreigners to replace Sinkies will be PAP's own undoing and one of the main causes of its downfall.

The most impt cause will be the de facto control of the poeple's CPF savings. This crime is inexcusable and unforgiveable by every Sinkie.