One reason that can make the Jewel a destination

I want to claim copyright to this idea. As many have said, why the hell is there a need for another shopping mall in Changi when you have shopping malls all round the island and in all the terminals and all the airports around the world? Why don’t they think of something more innovative and less run of the mill type of ideas?

I think the Jewel can have a great chance of success if it is not just another ordinary shopping mall but a Jewel in the form of a Medical Mall. Sell it as a top notch medical centre with top notch facilities but Asian prices. And with its convenient location at the airport, it will be so convenient for medical tourists to have the best medical services at walking distance from the planes. Some day surgery patients could stop by, do their stuff and off they go in the same waiting plane or the next flight.

No need to elaborate too much as the attractiveness of such an idea, an excellent Medical Hub at the airport, is self explanatory.

What do you think CAG? No need to copy all the other malls as another shopping centre selling the same stuff. And yes, the Jewel will become a destination for medical tourists.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, it's just only 20 minutes from airport to a 5 star private hospital in town, so medical mall in Jewel for what?

Unless, and to make sense of your idea, it's another 5 star private hospital at Jewel lah.

Anonymous said...

The reasons need so many foreigners because their pay is too high, the Nordic only around $200K per year, their ministers pay?

Which make Singapore less and less competitive?

To make up all the excess pay, it need to get from the foreigners because average Singapore pay is low compare to the Nordic, their cleaners and constructions pay is few thousands? Even with their higher direct taxes which are their savings, still they can save quite a sum?

Those taxes go to free education, job loss benefits & old age benefits, health benefits?

Bringing more people need to maintain them when they grow?

So you need to continue to churn the foreigners in to replace the earlier new citizens, so that you can pay yourself the 10 times amount the equivalent pays?

Every year from the 1960s Singapore population of 1 plus millions to possibly 2030 6.9M , not to count the foreigners workers and PR?

Foreigners need to bring in to replace those who vote the oppositions? Like the Punggol East?

At the same time the can depress the local pay?

With many COE, GST, ERP and levies need the foreigners to support?

No jokes if a company got to pay another comapany the similiar job ten time the amount, they must make ten times the amount, can these be sustain in long run? These could be one reason the GRC is formed?

With the unexpected defeat in Punggol East to to the panic stricken hurried brought out White Paper to increase the population every year so they can vote for them?

The MSM need to help out to to see and hear the right stuff?

Anonymous said...

Make the Jewel a 1st Class Brothel with international prostitutes serving an international clientele.


Anonymous said...


I remember a news report saying a famous foreign actor even thought he was in 5 star hotel when he was doing medical checkup at a private hospital.

Anonymous said...

Piss lah.... they should make it into the equivalent of the japenis yasucunti shrine .... but all Chinese n Koreans have to pay homage to on arrival n departure, by putting the carcass of the japenis translator for public viewing.

Knnccb.... papigs return our cpf money @55.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean has come up with a gem, I mean jewel of an idea.

A quick one-stop, fly in, fly out medical facility for short jobs like lasik surgery, botox, body implants, and chee bye tightening for all the baby boomer aunties from around the region whose vagina's can't even grip a jar, let alone a pencil ;-)

Got stir coffee? No? Buy redbean a cup of kopi anyway. And stop thinking of slack, sloppy vaginas ;-)

Anonymous said...

Make sure the nurses and doctors are better looking than the SIA hostesses. Really top top medical centre. Like that can or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Bloody hell, Matilah. The gem in your hands becomes so sticky.

Anonymous said...

just heard from radio that the police had arrested two men in connection with a case of kidnapping......

really no joke.....long time no hear......

Anonymous said...

Just the right place to built Ah Kong's Mausoleum stuff full with souvenirs

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The kidnapping is reported in CNA. 79 year old lady kidnapped and asking for $20m. Son paid $2m.

Two men arrested. Kudos to the police. Better don't be soft with so many foreigners here thinking they could copycat. Hang them fast to make a statement.

Make sure this is not the new normal.

Anonymous said...

If the fucking Jewel is such a great idea.
Why not build it in the North Pole.
Then everybody will fly to North Pole just to shop there.

Stop wasting my CPF money.
Give it back to me.

Anonymous said...

This kidnapping law is to protect rich people lah!
redbean no need to worry.
Everybody know remisers don't make much money nowadays.
So will not kidnap you.

So who are the millionaires in Singapore who may be kidnapped?
You think I care?
I die they don't care.
They kena kidnapped you think I care?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4.53pm.....pls note...

the kidnappers may get the wrong person (the poor one).......


PSS said...

Part 1

Project Jewel Revisited - Globalisation and Management Perspectives


First and foremost, to draw an analogy, "Project Jewel" could be the "fusion" of "Ion, Dhoby Ghaut MRT Interchange, Raffles Hotel and CAG airport services" into one entity and location.

Ion is a big success in every sense of the word and together with Ngee Ann City, they form the iconic symbols in Orchard Road.

For Dhoby Ghaut MRT Interchange, it connects the Red North-South Line, the Purple North-East Line and the Yellow Circle Line. Next to it is the almost 40 years old Plaza Singapura. But the connecting "Hub" effect certainly rubs off on Plaza Sing. The buzz and vibrancy in Plaza Sing on most of the days easily puts it among the top 5 shopping nodes in this little red dot.

With a hotel and airport services segments, Project Jewel when completed in 2018, could easily round off as another almost sure winner and roaring success icon of Singapore Inc.

Anonymous said...

Why they able to earn the salaries ten times of that of Nordic ministers salaries?

Many Nordic ministers serve because they have a heart for the commoners?

After success operations against the oppositions and developed the GRC system, like Charm See Tong and Low Thia Kiang? Many of the GRC are walk over, and the medias didn't said anything?

So GRC was design and it make it difficult for the opposition parties to coming in? As much as a 6 members in GRC group, sharing votes together and passing around votes and helping? each for the texes?

I wonder if the Nordic ministers raise some excuses and want the GRC imagine how the whole world keep laughing until they tooth drop?

You can laugh like children play games passing around votes? Normally developed or matured economy don't claimed that and passing of votes never practiced?

It is true, but it is the mockery of democratic systems? Where out of 80 parliament only one or two are oppositions members? 98 percents of the seat are the main party, in the previous elections?

Singapore become the laugh stock of the world?

So with little oppositions in the parliament, when they raise their own salaries, staggering pensions or up to 8 month bonuses what can the oppositions do, nobody can oppose it, and the whip?

Even they against and speak out no used, they can continue to increase they pay whenever they find some excuses? So the salaries keep increasing to the staggering amount?

So all these indirect taxes got to keep increase to support their staggering income, where the figure head president, earn $40 millions in 12 years tenure, many lifetime his whole family can't spend finish?

PSS said...

Part 2

In Singapore, at current social and political climate, money should not be the number one consideration when projects are undertaken by government bodies or government link companies. The human factor should be number one consideration. Commercial reasons should come a close second. In this instance, the development and construction of this project should not in any way directly affect the population at large except of course the inconvenience of the construction phase from 2H 2014 to 2018. At the same time, parking capacity near Terminal One might be an issue before the underground car park in Project Jewel come on stream in 2018 as scheduled.

But the implications of constructing and developing Project Jewel as part of Changi Airport aviation hub arguably go far beyond its offering of modern shopping, entertainment, recreation, food and beverage etc. Other than the reasons stated by CAG that it would be a connecting node for Terminals 1, 2, 3 and the future Terminal 4 which naturally would enhance the connectivity and convenience in one of Singapore's most important gateways to the rest of the world, there are several strategic reasons in its conception and eventual construction and development.


Many might want to ask themselves this question: "What exactly is globalisation and what are its implications going forward given the current international settings are already cut-throat ultra-competitive and many up and coming countries waiting in the wing to 'eat our lunch'?"

One aspect that many would likely agree its the phenomenon of the ubiquitous presence and mushrooming of multinational corporations ( MNCs ). There are many theories and arguments forming the spectrum of the convergent and divergent concepts of globalisation. With many countries copying the early days model of Singapore's success via the MNCs route, competition for FDIs and retaining their operations are fast becoming an extremely uphill task especially in the coming two decades or so. As competition heats up for FDIs and with it the high value-added job opportunities, net positive aggregate demand creation, global interconnected network opportunities, economic vibrancy etc, Singapore's previous competitive advantages such as low direct corporate tax regime, efficient business friendly environment, social/ political stability, information technology and telecommunication infrastructures, transport systems etc may get less attractive over time and feature less in the decision making process of MNCs senior managements. Before Singapore's FDIs start dwindling unabated, essentially the state as a whole need to think and plan ahead to add and build even more competitive advantages to maintain the gap if not widen it further between this little red dot and its nearest rivals.

PSS said...

Part 3:

As the world becomes more globalised, the concept of nation states and national borders get blurred. MNCs in the future may not be associated with any particular country but a network of various node countries to serve its myriad purposes. Decisions to base certain operations/ functions in which node country are likely to be based on many factors and these variables are not constant and are continuously evolving. With the AEC ( ASEAN Economic Community ) common market becoming a reality starting from 2015, Singapore's attractions as an aviation hub and gateway to the regional market can only be enhanced by the building of Project Jewel, not lessened.

MNCs Airport Meetings

For a global MNC with businesses spanning across the globe, managing of its various operations in different parts of the world and ensuring well coordinated strategies across different countries, different markets, different cultures etc pose tremendous challenges. Having a strategically located node country plugged into the international market would likely facilitate many competitive advantages and lessen the difficulties of managing a global conglomerate empire.

For instance, airport meetings concept going forward is likely to intensify as the world further globalised and MNCs honchos may just have enough time to fly in to a node country airport, conduct their meetings, stay overnight in the airport hotel, take some short quick but power-packed breaks in the airport hub, even bringing their families on such trip and go about their meetings while family members can get their entertainment and recreation within the airport compound. The list goes on. After finishing their meetings, the MNCs honchos can just fly off the next day or the very same day to their next destination. Under such trend and development, having this Project Jewel up and ready by 2018 would offer this Lion City a huge competitive advantage over other destinations when MNCs are considering all factors to decide the recipient country of their next investment.

Increasing the lead over nearest rivals

Besides, with increasing transit passengers going through Changi Airport, having Project Jewel as the central node of the entire aviation hub would highly likely rake in tremendous shopping dollars as well as laying the ground for future designated specific tour visits.

By taking advantage of some political uncertainty in other South East Asia hubs, building Project Jewel would likely enable the Lion City to maintain a comfortable lead if not enlarging its lead over its rivalling hubs and cement its position as the default destination in South East Asia, if not even the entire Asia.

Anonymous said...

U still dun get it?

if the action is spontaneous, it not a crime

Knnccb.... sob hsien loong, please return our cpf @55.
From the msm photo of kuan yew, he might outlive u, khcccb

b said...

What about this one: Just legalize drugs such as marijuana and weeds and make it a one stop pot shop. Already legalizing so many vices, drugs will be the next one on the list. Sell propaganda under the heading can increase GDP and create employment and thwart drug cartels.

Anonymous said...

Jewel; a costly ornament.

Anonymous said...

So what if the FUCKING Jewel is a success?
How will it benefit me?

Can put money in my pocket meh?
Can create more jobs for Singaporeans meh?
Can return my CPF money back to me meh?

I see the PAPigs and their foreign whores benefiting.
But I don't see how Singaporeans will benefit.

Anonymous said...

You mean all the 3 terminals are not selling anything useful and need a jewel to do the job? Are the 3 terminals selling things that nobody wants or needs?

A shopping mall if successful will take biz from the other shopping malls. Some will have to close.

Veritas said...

hi guys, sorry for my absence, as I take some rest.

Also I gone to China quite often for business trip. They got firewall.

I have written a new blog entries regarding SAP schools.

I admire RB for his work in the blog. Its not easy.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Third white elephants in a row built in quick succeesion each costing billions !

Anonymous said...

Seriously, your idea is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Third useless white elephants built in quick succession each costing billions !

Yet that political party refused to return your hard earned money 血汗钱 back to you !

patriot said...


How does the Jewel benefit Sinkies?

Good question!

I think it may have a few more jobs for some old Sinkies as cleaners.


Anonymous said...

there's also this idea posted to a Jewel article in TRE. It'll make us the talk of the world!!

January 6, 2014 at 6:58 am Tien(Quote)
Casinos are so common these days. Shops selling namebrand goods are a dime a dozen. Let’s be truly imaginative. Let’s be bold, daring.

If the govt really wants this shopping centre to draw folks from all over, if it really wants it to be a game changer, the govt should consider allowing the sale of something that you cannot find at other airports, and certainly not easily in other countries – drugs.

Every recreational drug and more in the world should be sold at the Jewel, legally too. You name it, it’ll be there, available – to anyone, of any age. All genuine, of course. No fakes. No watered down stuff. No impurities. Awards could even be given out to those who come up with new mixes.

This could give a boost to the bioscience industry. Manufacturing will take on a whole new meaning. Hey, it could be a fillip for farming, as whatever needs to be grown can be grown at the Jewel. And of course, medical tourism would benefit. In fact, we may need many new hospitals to cater to those who overdose when they indulge. So there’ll be something in it for construction too.

VA:F [1.9.22_1171]

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Brilliant! But not only that: HUMANE

When drugs are legalised, they become cheap. The state can tax them, but they'll still be cheaper than if drugs remained illegal and only available on the black market.

Legal drugs are HUMANE too. They are manufactured "professionally" to high standards. Illegal drugs are dangerous and kill people due to inconsistent strength and toxic impurities and/ or contamination.

So yeah. Anon 1042 --He/ she has a WORKABLE idea.

Just imagine: "Singapore -- Stoner's Stopover"