Secession in Thailand

This thought must be in the minds of the Thais for a long time but not spoken. Finally it is in their lips and openly spoken as an option to the political crisis. The Yingluck govt may be appearing soft and may be taken for granted by the Democrats and the Bangkok elite. But beneath this apparent weakness and inaction is a very powerful message. It exposes the real thugs and trouble makers and how these people are out to destroy Thailand at all costs. Thailand can be led into turmoil with blood and bodies on the street to achieve their political goals with the support of the minority in Bangkok. The protestors are ignoring all reasons and sensibilities and the welfare of the Thai people. They just want to grab power.

The Yellow shirts are proving themselves to be unreasonable political thugs. The Red Shirts, being the real majority, are now the sensible party, cool, composed, non violent and seeking a govt to be elected constitutionally and democratically by the people. They have been patient and restrained and avoiding a direct and bloody clash with the Yellow Shirts. They are not going to give the army a reason or a chance to stage a coup against a popularly elected govt.

What is the next step or change of event? There could still be a coup or a revolt by the Democrats and the Bangkok elite. What are the options available to the Red Shirts and the majority of the Thais in the rural north? A direct confrontation is possible but this would only lead to more bloodshed and lost of lives and properties. Bangkok and Thailand could be burnt down, shut down. This is an option that the Red Shirts have shown to want to avoid.

A possible option is secession and with Thailand breaking up with the North under the Red Shirts and Bangkok and the South under the Yellow Shirts. Such an alternative could or could not see a civil war. The military could be split and how they would make up is still uncertain. If they are willing to part the country to avoid an open conflict, this secession option could be an ideal option to the impasse. They could still opt to start a civil war that would destroy Thailand and the Thai people. The blood letting would be unprecedented. The cost is huge and would cripple Thailand and not desirable to all Thais.

Which course would the Thais choose if force to decide when the Yingluck govt is forcefully dethroned? The Red Shirts would not take it lightly and would be forced to take a stand. And they are in the majority and have the northern Thaliand on their side. They are playing their cards close to their chest and have so far refrained from posing a direct challenge to the Yellow Shirts. Would the Yellow Shirts believe they have the support of all the Thais and push for a climatic change through the use of violence?

Would Thailand turn into a battle ground for the Thais to fight one another, or would the lesser evil of a parting of the two camps in peace? The Yellow Shirts are stubbornly holding on to an unyielding position, either accept their way or fight. The Red Shirts are trying to negotiate for a compromise without resorting to violence. This only emboldens the Yellow Shirts to dig in thinking that they have the upper hand. Either the Red Shirts be forced to fight or to take the break away path to minimize the casualties on both sides.


Anonymous said...

In the end the people, whether red or yellow, are fighting the battle for those who stand to benefit the most once they come into power. What do the red or yellow shirt supporters get? How long will the one that they supoort last, knowing that Thai politics of late is just like the weather, where political popularity can be lost in the blink of an eye. Silly isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Lim called them crowns, there are reasons to believe? Wonder are we governed by the group of crowns?

One minister said HDB is affordable, by borrowing lots of money to buy, borrowing to buy is affordable? When market correct see is it affordable or not?

On minister, don't know is he suffering from delusion, at one time he hope to send Singapore to the World Cup Soccer, Singapore got difficulties even playing in the Kampong M'sia state or M'sia Cup, want to think of going to the world cup?

The feet stomping member of parliament, when reporter asked her she replied and stomped her food don't know what to said, is Singapore parliament degenerated to this state?

A minster claim that he got operation for $8 and shown people his (2 nuts)to others?

A member of parliament, claimed that the China players playing against each others and claim that one is Singaporean and keep boosting Singapore won the medals, and rewarded the China girl a few $millions, later the China girl saw the situation not so good, better earn enough and go back to her own country at her peak. Hope other countries don't laugh until their tooth drop?

A lady ministers worried during how much she should pay, said she world her pay tilled to much lower, wonder she know that the Nordic minister pay only a tenth of her pay, with the similar population? Garnered thousands of comments on her face book?

One member of parliaament claim he don't know it a discount given, as a civil servant need to be careful not like actress, if people give incentives, he like hawker food never ask why Nasi Padang cost only $2.50 and drinks only 50cents?

2 minister cried speaking in 2011 election about the lower wage workers hardly pay raise all these years, in fact after inflation it is lower purchase powers. Surprise they don't know they are the one engineered so many cheap workers to depress their pay, something wrong isn't? One even wearing a zoro uniform, try to pretend he is a zoro?

The zoro lim even went to the Tin Dai Fung to promote his tooth picks to thanks their head, who didn't reduce too his pay ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a reflection of leadership?
Birds of a feather, flock together.
Clowns will flock around the clown prince.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a reflection of leadership?
Birds of a feather, flock together.
Clowns will flock around the clown prince.

Anonymous said...

Now Singapore AIM to import 1.6 million people from the third world countries, Singapore now have 5.3 million people? By the time Singapore have more then half are foreigners?

Now the foreign workers can't go to little India, so the spread all over Singapore, sleep everywhere, in front of escalator, in front of MRT etc? Maybe urine all over the places? Free lance prostitute follow the foreigners to come to Singapore as there is demand?

Recent two major riot, after not having for many years, the PRC riot at Geylang, and the more serious riot at Little India, the foreigners have bring back riot to Singapore?

The first generations of leaders with the co operation of the people, now the 3 third generations of leaders considered themselves one of the most talented in the world, would bring Singapore from first back to the 3rd world? With rampant prostitutions, casinos, night entertainments, riots?

No wonder they call themselves talented and get the world highest salaries, which the determined to bring Singapore back to the third world after the 1st generation brought it to the first world from third world?

An article said you can see prostitutes from PRC advertising in canada as Singapore citizens, so they gave Singapore citizenships freely to tom, dick and harry?

Singaporean really must thanks them for the influx of foreigners and newer and newer citizens, to bring them back into the 3rd world to depress their wages and takeover their jobs, maybe one of these days hundreds of thousand got sleep in cages houses and the street and became penniless?

Hoping the foreigners vote for them?

With more and more cheaper and younger foreigners come to work everyday and become newer citizens, likely more and more Singaporean and the new citizens out of jobs and their children depressed pay, after spending so much money educating their children?

Thanks to the government wise policies? Hope that they can learn from the Nordic and the Swiss?

Anonymous said...

No lah, there will be no secession.

At most it will be another repeat of the violence in 2010, where Bangkok was burned and power alternateb between the red shirts and yellow shirts.

More like a cycle, rather than secession. Remember in the past for decades, Thailand used to have many coups? But till today, still in one piece, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

"Remember in the past for decades, Thailand used to have many coups? But till today, still in one piece, tio bo?"
Anon 8:28 am

Tiok. The past can be used as a prediction for the future.

So PAP will win big again in 2016. For this, I am 93% sure.

Unless between now and GE 2016, another Sinkie emerge to be more powerful than WP chief Low Thia Khiang lah. But what are the chances, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

With Singapore AIM to have 6.9 millions, to continue to vote for them?

Any tom dick and harry can come to apply, you are welcome?

Recent case of PRC prostitute claimed to be Singaporean?

Singapore citizenships, which used to be proud of, now prostitutes around the world are welcome to apply?

Trying to make up 6.9 million population in a hurry and sell them to the foreigners the HDB?

HDB new 3 rooms flat used sold at around $6K in the 70s, now selling at around a staggering 50 times at some matured estates for around $350K.

No wonder a figure president can make more then $40 millions in his 12 years tenure, with sometimes 8 month bonuses and allowances, a minister in the Nordic countries would be very happy to make $3 millions in his or her 12 years of tenure?

No wonder he and the Heng Heng Heng minister when to Nordic comeback, said the retirement should be increase to 68, later he likely to propose increase it to 73 year old so that he can get more bonuses and other incentives?

Recently he was promoted to Chairman of the Temasek Holdings? Which he propose CPF locked up lifetime?

Many third countries citizens likely to rush in to apply for the Singapore citizenship, because it is easier to go to a develop country, with a Singapore passport?

So next time, when you holiday in developed countries not surprise you meet some prostitutes carrying Singapore passport form the third world?

Singapore citizenships getting cheap and is getting cheaper by the days?

Anonymous said...

Recent case of PRC prostitute claimed to be Singaporean?
Anon 9:17 am

Was it in Canada? If so, they indeed make the Sinkie brand go global, but sorry lah, for the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

Is the next book by the former president likely to be (How to make nothing but money as a politician)?

Since he make an amazing $40 millions in his 12 year tenure, which he could not have make in other countries, even in many lifetime?

Now the former president start writing book on his story?

Anonymous said...

Prostitution should be made a gahmen sanctioned and acceptable economic sector, if it can boost GDP as much as casinos.

Of course 100% foreign talents should serve in this sector lah, and with bored and daft Sinkies as customers.

Anonymous said...

Cannnot lah. Wait business so good Sinkie women complain why they cannot join in. Lagi worse, some may suggest pegging minister salaries to prostitutes how?

b said...

" Bangkok and Thailand could be burnt down, shut down. "

- Sg being the only other non muslim country in this region will benefit a lot if that happens. All the monies from the rich elites thai people will flow in, including their drugs and prostitutes businesses. THis will greatly enhance the value of the lee empire fund foundation.

b said...

"Prostitution should be made a gahmen sanctioned and acceptable economic sector, if it can boost GDP as much as casinos."

- Prostitution and drugs will be made a legit business in time to come. Anything that boost GDP (aka Greed) will be legalised. THis world is led by greed.