Power of the internet took its first scalp

Do not ignore the power of the internet and the voice of the people, even if they are daft Sinkies. At times, in the most unusual of places, they can strike and get their target down. Think Punggol East.

Over the last few days, the uproar in the internet over an insult to Sinkies brought things to bear on the trespasser. It was a public lynching of sort on an unsuspecting victim who thought of nothing like the foreigner cyclist threatening a woman Sinkie driver in broad daylight, or those that beat up Sinkies to let off steam. The angmoh cyclist got to walk away like a world boxing champion and strutting his stuff with a big ego. Beware you asshole, the next time you try that on a Sinkie it could be very different. The govt may not come out to defend the rights of Sinkies and their dignity, but the netizens will be very unforgiving.

Kindness begets kindness, as a minister said. And shits will beget shits.  Or is it that whatever the Sinkies do it will only beget shits? There is a new mood in the air. Call it xenophobia, yes, I think it is. It was xenophobia of the rich elite in cahoots with the foreigners to spit at poor Sinkies, thumping poor Sinkies as daft and wuss. The poor Sinkies will not take that lying down anymore and will turn it around to the foreigners who attempted to do so.

This is people’s power in a non violent way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But don’t bet on it that it doesn’t work all the time. It would be too late to say sorry.

While this event has aroused the daft Sinkies to be more assertive, the Ah Q mentality of the meek Chinese is resurfacing again. In today’s Sunday Times, an article by Chua Mui Hoong tried to justify the Anton Casey episode the way Ah Q would do to claim some psychological consolation after being kicked in the ass. The argument goes like this, ‘…by showing contempt for and mocking ordinary people, Mr Casey has insulted and disrespected himself more than he has Singaporeans. By his own hand, in his own words, he has shown the world what an intolerant person he is, chockful of conceit.’

Singaporeans that are being beaten or shitted on by foreigners should recite this everyday and they will feel much better, that they are superior to Mr Asshole, just like Ah Q. This dismissive trait of the Chinese to address their attackers respectfully is a very silly thing and they duly deserved to be treated that way no matter how much dignity money can buy them.

Remember what LKY told his young PPS, that he had to look them in the eyes or they would not respect him. How does this compares to the Ah Q’s way of dealing with his bashers? Would Ah Q gain more respect from Mr foreigners by being meek and consoling himself with more silly justifications short of saying thank you?

Kopi level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Karma..... karma is a bitch.

Look at the old fart... kuan yew; he is good example

From descendant to his current physical state ...

Will he repent for his past actions or follow the footsteps of his japenis masters, still in denial?

knnccb.... of course karma will catch up with me too. Maybe even knocks at the front door in the wee hours.

Anonymous said...

11.11am, u curse some more and write like that, of course some people will knock your door at night to visit u lor so be afraid

Anonymous said...

Maybe in GE 2016
Sinkies will vote against the politicians who call them daft?
Can or not?

Can Sinkies be trained to vote for politicians who will help Sinkies?
Instead of voting for traitor-politicians who are only serving their own self interest and the interest of the foreigners?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Story of Ah Q was a socio political satire written by famous Chinese author Lu Xun. It depicted the sick mentality of the Chinese at the lowest level of Chinese history in the 19th qne 20th centuries, invaded by foreigners, treated like dogs by foreigners, a country bankrupt of ideas, and in ruins.

And some of the poor and pathetic peasants that were left to fend for themselves and fell victims to foreigners and the rich had only to live a life of lies that things are ok, being poor is ok, being violated, beaten and spitted and insulted is ok. Just try to reason it out that one is superior to the abuser and life goes on.

Sinkies should not regress to such a state that it is ok to be poor, to lose their jobs to foreigners, to be discriminated, insulted and beaten by foreigners in their own country.

Today the new lie is to tell Sinkies to live in smaller and smaller flats is good quality living. Taking public transport is good, cars are not needed. Sinkies are daft and need foreigners to help them. No foreigners, Sinkies will sink deeper into poverty, becoming maids and all kinds of shits.

Sinkies must stand up for their own right and dignity and stop sinking. Once it hits the abyss, there is no chance of crawling out from the deep hole.

Anonymous said...

Omfg... u r absolutely correct.

I felt dampness down under after your reminder

However........ It's not only wet but sticky as well

Guess wat? I cummed n spontaneously I exclaimed
Oh god I cummed

Knnccb.... fucking bastards papigs return our cpf@55. Du li hum kar chan


oldhorse42 said...

I notice your coffee level is yellow. So through the courtesy of your page, I took another trip to Shangdong.
I hope this will boost your coffee level to green again.
By the way, I also read a piece written by an angmoin in the papers today.
He said that the comments by the Casey guy if posted in any city in the world would have been ignored.
Only in this sinkie land these comments attracted an uproar that caused Casey his job.
He ssid that there was an unintended collateral damage. A singaporean mother and child are forced to leave elsewhere!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks oldhorse and all for the kopi. It is at green level now.

I think the angmoh would think they are still living in Old Shanghai and the Sinkies here cannot tahan a few kicks in the groin.

And in some places they would love to be screwed by angmoh and would say thank you.