Avert culture of entitlement

The ST editorial today talked about averting the entitlement culture with respect to COE. The demand for cars is going up but not the supply. As more and more people, especially the rich foreign talents, are brought in, you can expect the squeeze on the few COEs available. It is normal and natural, no one’s fault, just market forces. Do you want growth? How many believe in this crap?

Then again, Sinkies must get use to this kind of philosophy. You are not entitled to anything with your citizenship. No one, not even the govt, is responsible to your basic needs. It is all determined by market forces and affordability ie if you can pay for it.

Sinkies must erase this entitlement mentality. Don’t think you are entitled to public housing. Don’t think your children are entitled to a place in the universities or schools. Don’t think that you are entitled to a job, especially a good job. There are millions or hungry and more talented mercenaries out there waiting to take your place. Their rights and passport to a job here is their talent, meritocracy. If you are not meritorious enough, sorry, the job goes to the best man or woman even if that is a foreigner.

Is there anything else that Sinkies believed they are entitled to? The return of their life savings? Keep hoping. The only thing they are entitled to perhaps are doing National Service and be compelled by all the compulsory payment schemes by the govt. No, they are not taxes. Swear. They are good for you. These compulsory payment schemes are your entitlements as citizens.

Oh, you are entitled to the world’s best paid govt that will take very good care of your welfare, second only to the meritorious foreigners who are more meritocratic and deserving to jobs, car ownerships and home ownerships and whatever that is of value. Entitlement here, regardless of whether you are a citizen or not, is based on meritocracy.

So, please don’t talk or think entitlement anymore just because you hold the pink IC.

Is this an official message?


Anonymous said...

Do you know your continue increase the supply of labour to a small countries already overcrowded and overpopulation?

You can see eateries everywhere? These type of labour intensive business or cheap labour industries?

The more citizens you bring in the more new citizens and locals will be out of jobs, there is a limit you can create jobs and create only low pay jobs, as inflation are keep rising?

Which seriously affected birthrate, don't continue to give excuses, you are the highest pay in the world and claimed to be most talent?

If you can't solve the problem, other can why want so much pay?

Nordic have the highest standard of living and low gini coefficiency?

And high birthrate, SIngapore is in contrast yet they want the highest pay in the world?

With the every increase in supply of labour, the demand of jobs will go down? Foreigners can put their children in their cheaper countries and leave Singapore, many Singaporean can't?

With the most talent ministers and the highest pay, you can't find other solutions to grow the economy except increase the population, please don't jokes?

Why other countries like the Nordic and Estonia, can find solutions in increase their productivity and designs, make better products SIngapore can't, only continue need to rely on cheap and cheaper labour and increasing populations way?

This type of standard still want to draw the highest pay and claim to be most talented?

Anonymous said...

Your claim to be highly talent and get the most pay in the world, should have no problem solving Singapore low birthrate, please don't continue to give excuses and collect the highest pay?

And please also solve the Gini coefficiey which linked to the Singapore standard, more people come the standard of living will drop or go up?

Please don't keep on giving excuses and claim your all are the most talented, let in the oppositions give better ideas?

Anonymous said...

How far will you go to defend their million dollar salaries and million dollar homes?

How far will you go to follow the orders of your Millionaire Generals?

How far will you go in supporting the political party founded by a Chinese guy who worked as a “translator” for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War Two?

patriot said...

I noticed one big fallacy here.






Anonymous said...

Oppositions parties and critics come in, is to give better ideas and solutions, not to take away your jobs or threat your pay, if your pay really too high you got to reduce it competitive to other developed countries ministers base on the population?

Opposition and critics is not a threat, it is a complementary solutions to help the common people?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hmmm, Patriot is angry.

Anonymous said...

If I were to pay a monkey in millions, I will expect the monkey to perform for the money's worth.

How could a monkey collect millions and do fark all?

Anonymous said...

You want and know how to get the highest people too want to get a good pay and the children better future, not to be affected by oversupply of cheap labour?

And get more foreigners to vote for you and levies?

patriot said...

Chin Leng and All;

Good morning, cool and nice.

Yes, me very angry but, not emotional.

The Traitors and Prostitutes do not see the Sin they are committing on their subjects.

They will get the Repercussion and hopefully, one Old Man gets to witness it. It will be the Ultimate Gift from his Fellow Singaporeans.



Anonymous said...

It is all for GDP growth lah. You want growth or not?

Anonymous said...

/// You want growth or not? ///

We do not want growth on these terms.
Vote them out in GE 2016.

patriot said...

If Sinkies vote the Pappies that manipulate, exploit and hence bully them, again, then they deserve the Fate they bring upon themselves.
Let's see if they have consideration of (for) the wellbeing of their offsprings whence they next vote in the GE.


Anonymous said...

More oppositions will increase the efficiency of Singapore, with a single party system, price likely to go high as no or little competitions, so little need to innovate and inefficiency and wastage?

As problems slowly creeping up?

Hougang, Punggol East and Aljunied GRC joined together to run, as cost efficiency and economic of the scale, which run more cost efficiency then the other GRCs?

Now the WP may not want to speak too much and concentrate on solving their 7 constituency problems first, to prove they can run more cost efficient then the main party?

With opposition in, the main party got to work double harder to win back the constituency from oppositions? For the price of one oppositions you get a free main party MP?

So it is a good idea to vote for the oppositions, to buy one get to concept?

Singapore should model against the Nordic and Swiss model multi party system, with much higher efficiency, and don't need to pay the ministers the world highest pay to get month levies from cheap foreign workers to pay their salaries?

Pay them the highest pay when the commoner life improve is ok, but it go worse and worse with more foreigners need to come and depress local and take away their jobs?

As many can't find jobs or retrenched got to work as property brokers, insurance agent, cab drivers, security, gardeners and cleaners etc?

If more cheaper foreigners import in, the average SIngaporean standard of living could continue to drop further?

What is the next after the CPF locked up schemes for life?

Anonymous said...

These dickheads in that poo paper should also avert the culture of salary increments to adjust for inflation.

See if that will raise their heckles!


Anonymous said...

The oppositions parties can't afford to talk too much, with only 7 seats out of 87 seats, they got to work harder and more united?

And the oppositions with more then 40 percent of the votes in 2011 have only 8 percent of the seats?

Oppositions have clear disadvantage of the massive machinery of the main party? This might change, in the vote passing type of systems where the more votes candidate can pass to the below 50 percent votes candidates system?

Which is the laughing stock of the western world?

What happen if old man get sicker, don't want to retire and continue to drag on?

Against the mighty machinery of the main party MSM, they got to work extra hard to talk to every members of the public, so to gather feedback and explain to them the single party danger?

The check and balance, insurance against one party failure? The Swiss and Nordic model of successful multi parties system?

The co driver wake up the main driver concept?

The danger of using too much cheaper foreigners to replace the new citizens and their childrens?

The oversupply of labour, overpopulation?

They got to work extra hard behind the scene, not much time keep arguing with the main party?

Anonymous said...

Oppositions is bring more ladies candidates for the future elections, like Lina Charm, Jeanette, Nicole Seah & Glenda Han and more to come to balance the contest?

It is good so they can bring up more debate like birth rate, gini coefficiency and standard of living foreigners issues, inflation?

Presently the main party brought out the Tin Tin, Grace Foo and LBW type could be the laughing stock of the world?

With this standard wonder how they can get in?

Tin Tin the feet stomping lady, people don't know why she can be a MP, when asked question, don't know what to say?

LBW trying to buy medals from CHina, but failed, everybody know it is China vs CHIna table tennis contest, yet she keep boosting that Singapore won the medals, after the PRC girls left with few millions of taxes payer money?

This could make Singapore the laughing stocks of the world?

Grace Foo, who worried too much of her pay cut, garnered few thousands of comment and critism in her FB?

b said...

Monopolies rule the world.

Veritas said...

PAP are now working on "expectation management". They know they are shit but they want to blame us.

Singaporeans under Chok Tong and Loong are the generations that will be expected to do more badly than their parents and enjoy less material well being, in terms of housing space, car ownership, sexual gratification (more not getting married), family life (even married cannot have kids)....etc.

Instead of blaming their uselessness, PAP blame Singaporeans. Boon Wan is another asshole fake Buddhist, since the departure of the so call pious Catholic George fucking Yeo.

Recently Boon Wan tell us that our fathers married then buy house, trying to blame us for entitlement mentality.

There was a golden age from early 80s to mid 90s where PAP has made it possible to buy house first then marry.

Now housing size are smaller...etc.

Also before graduates will have jobs. Now PAP tell us graduates become hawker and tell us not to study and study not important.

Anyway, you can be sure PAP is a out to make us Dalits. If we accept PAP shit, then PAP will moderate our expectation even lower.

The only career our women have eventually is prostitute and our men are shit collector.