Do not meddle with our money. You need our consent!

The increasing frequency in the govt meddling with the people’s savings in the CPF is not a joke anymore. It concerns hundreds of thousands of an individual’s life savings that they earned through blood, sweat and tears. No one, not the govt, should think it can take liberty with the people’s life savings under whatever excuses. It is simply not the govt’s money. No one shall be allowed to decide how much of the people’s money to be held back almost indefinitely or how to spend it by compulsory schemes other than the owners of the money. How could anyone think he could do that with other people’s money without the owner’s consent? It is not your grandfather’s money you know?

This is not your money. This is the people’s money, individuals out there who earned it. If the money were given to the people by whatever bonuses from govt surpluses, fair enough, the govt can decide how and where it should go to. The people did not elect a govt to mess around with their life savings. This message must be brought to bear on the govt, that they better back off from the people’s savings, and if they insist to ignore this, they should be voted out.

Any political party that comes to power must be made to respect the people’s right to their money. This is something that bothers on human rights, the right to one’s safety, liberty and possession. Who is so outrageous to think that the people’s money is for them to do as they wished?
If the present govt is mistaken, that the people indeed elected them to mess around with their money, the people must make this known to the govt that this is not so, must not be so.

How on earth could this happen for so long and the amount that are kept away from the people’s reach is getting so huge and so unreasonable? The message to the govt must be loud and clear, return our money as promised. This govt is getting carried away by what it thinks it is within its right to do so just by passing laws in Parliament. Worse, now they don’t even need to discuss in the Parliament or pass any law on what they want to do with the people’s savings. They just change the rules as they deemed fit.

Can you beat that? Are you going to accept it meekly? The time has come to say NO to the govt. The people’s money in the CPF is OB to the govt. It is sacrosanct, the sacred right of the owners.


Anonymous said...

redbean says;
"Do not meddle with our money. You need our consent!"

PAPigs say;
National CONversation.
Where we pretend to listen.
And you pretend to believe us.
GE 2016.
Where we pretend to care.
And you pretend to believe your vote matters and you can really change the government.


Anonymous said...

RB, don't blame them. Truth is we may not have any money in the kitty. No?

Anonymous said...

"This message must be brought to bear on the govt, that they better back off from the people’s savings, and if they insist to ignore this, they should be voted out."

Tell this to the 60%.

Tell this to the WP to get ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Problems is 60% are so smart that they make lots of money.

So they depend on their bank account for money rather than their CPF account.

Anonymous said...

"So they depend on their bank account for money rather than their CPF account."
Anon 8:44 am


If their bank account got lots of $$, most likely CPF account also have a lot. If a lot, can even withdraw from CPF account lah, tio bo?

Those whose bank account have little $$ most likely CPF also not much. So cannot withdraw from CPF lah. That's why they kpkb.

Therein lies the irony. Those who no need their CPF $$ can withdraw while those who need badly can't withdraw because CPF $$ no enough.

Anonymous said...

That's why smart SInkies want to make money, rather than to vote PAP out.

Because only money can solve Sinkie problems. Vote PAP out may not, if WP takes over.

Anonymous said...

Should the main party consider resigning, if situation keep getting worse? Singapore will honour them and give them the advisors roles?

In the 80 and 90 Singapore golden years, where standard of living seem to get higher, and Singapore workers were praised to be the best in the world, and many accolades around the world?

Now the present situation seem to got worse after the the 97 crisis and 2000, Singapore had many recessions as reveal by a minister, which Singapore did not anticipate the impact of China opening up.

Later Singapore unable to bear it, decided to have not one but two, usually place like Las Vegas and Macau, which no other ways to boost it economy depend of casinos and have these type and magnitude of casinos.

With the $16 billions injected in the economy, the economy revived, it was a split decisions, many objected it because of the social cost?

Singapore all these years depend on cheaper then others?

Whereas many economy, when they overcome their initial stages of been cheaper than others they continue to invest on their own people and innovate, made better products, design better products, develop their SMC to be the world class multi national companies?

But Singapore continue to rely on foreign investment and which depend on cheap labour ?

Should circumstances arise, the main party resign and let the Tan Jee Say, Chen Show Mao, Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim or DR Ang to take over they have a heart for the people, which they have proven in their previous capacity?

As days pass because of keep importing people to grow the economy, 30K each year?

Singapore now face with mounting problems, which had solved or reduced in the 80s or 90s, maybe due to the difficulties of the opposition parties coming for voicing out or checks and balance?

The problems Singapore face doesn't go away because of less opposition parties, which is difficult for the oppositions parties to voice out, oppositions play a key role to the success of the Nordic, which oppositions play a key role in supplement new and better ideas, it manifest more seriously presently or later.

Seem like Singapore facing mounting problems as day go by?

Recent serious riots, the geylang and tekka riot, now heavy shortage of hospital facilities or other facilities, gambling, drug addiction, prostitution, divorces, suicides, dysfunctional families, debt ridden youth, job loss, under employment, mental illness, inflation, congestion, MRT frequent breakdown and others etc.

Which seem to surface like the 60s?

It is ok for the present party to resign to hand over to other opposition, all the ideas should be explore to keep Singapore moving in a new or better future?

If they resign, they will be given a honourable title like Emeritius?

And appoint as advisors to the new govt?

The type of scenarios is not uncommon in the west or advanced economy, even in an advanced economy , Japan a party ruled more then 50 years lost to a opposition party?

Anonymous said...

The government must reveal all the reserves and where they are kept. It must also reveal the total number of directors from Chairman and CEO downwards in each of the government linked companies for example GIC and Temasek Holdings and shown in detail their salaries. If it is known that Singapore has strong reserves of thousands of billions of dollars which in large part is largely hyped from illogical and monstrous COEs, ERPs and GSTs and from highly inflated land and housing prices then why does the government need to illegally retain the workers' CPF. Or is the government desperate in holding and retaining the people's CPF money as hostage due to the incalculable losses of investing the reserves wrongly in toxic American assets and in other failed ventures. The government should come clean and open with the people and the city and not keep on hiding. It is just simply not right. It is dishonourable.

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

redbean says;
"Do not meddle with our money. You need our consent!"

PAPigs say:
CPF money.
Where we pretend it is your money.
And you pretend to believe that the money exist and it really belongs to you.

Vote PAP
And you end up paying and paying.
But you keep voting for us.
So we keep making you pay and pay.
We are giving you what you voted for.
So why you kpkb here?

Anonymous said...

If I were the govt and have so much money, I will be throwing money at the people. No need to keep scheming to take more money from the people, especially their life savings.

You think they have the money?

Anonymous said...

This CPF thing is going out of hand. The anger will be shown in the next GE. Too much at stake to play play.

Anonymous said...

"The anger will be shown in the next GE."
Anon 10:47 am

But at most only 40%, just like last GE.


Because PAP govt may be no good in 2011, but it did not get worse since 2011, tio bo? So how can 40% become worse, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

PAP will sapu more votes in the next ge as the oppositions have proven that they are incapable of taking over.
They are but a bunch of loose sands that get wash by the tides and flow with it.

Anonymous said...

We want our money back, just like we want our country back.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Good luck trying ;-) I do however notice, that so far you are...how should we say...spectacularly less than successful?

Stay positive. :-)

Anonymous said...

Money matters touch the hearts of every Sinkie. The PAP thinks it can get away with it by messing around with the people's hard earned money?

Anonymous said...

Before we can say no, you must convince the remaining 60% to vote wisely. Otherwise, tang ku ku lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Actually, the facts show that the PAP do indeed "get away" by messing with people's hard earned money. They've been doing this for decades, with the COMPLETE APPROVAL of the people.

Occasionally, a minute number of people complain and attempt to alert the others of a possible "scam". However, after awhile this "panic" is interpreted as a "false signal"...and everything returns to the way it's been going for several decades.

In Singapore the government can do anything to any person or thing or entity at anytime for any reason.

You must be still sleeping, and living in some dream-world ;-)

In Singapore, the government requires NO CONSENT FROM ANYONE -- foreign, domsestic or international.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.36pm :/// In Singapore the government can do anything to any person or thing or entity at anytime for any reason. ///


b said...

I think they must have made huge losses on their investments so they made us cough up our CPF.

If being judge on regime, sg is still third world.

Anonymous said...

CPF is a national social security savings scheme. Name me one country in the entire world that requires consent from the scheme members? Or that allows members to do what they want with the old age savings?

Just name ONE country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> CPF is a national social security savings scheme.

You forgot to add: "In NAME only"