China’s economic policy ‘may backfire’?

This is what an English businessman, Phil Mead, said when China took punitive actions against countries that cross the red line. He quoted the case of Norway whose share of salmon export to China fell from 92% to 29%. The AFP report also mentioned the trickle of Chinese aid to the Philippines during the Haiyan typhoon.

The reaction by China is nothing new. The Americans and many western powers have been doing it practically daily without fear of their image being screwed or bad press by the western media. So what if China is to dismiss those pesky countries for spitting at China at will? See what the Americans did to India and how India reacted?

In the case of the Philippines, they have set their sight to regard China as a foe and even if China would to pour millions into their pocket they would come back to scratch at China. China must put its foot down on such hostile countries and show them the middle finger. China can continue to trade with the rest of the world that are on friendly terms.

What is a Norway or the Philippines, or the British Empire? China should follow the western protocol of power politics and give whoever that comes crashing at its door a bloody knock on the head to keep them away. It has to set an example to a few pests to keep the rest of the hordes at bay.

Just learn from the Americans, carry a big stick.


Anonymous said...

A room for manoevure? Possibly...may be it has been the Chinese culture to deal with issues differently compared to the West.

b said...

'China should follow the western protocol of power politics'

- what china is doing is so much more friendly than what the cowboy is doing. china is only parenting those misbehaving countries by retaining pocket money but the cowboy just bombed people up anyhow.

Anonymous said...

The cowboys are effective. People feared being bombed. Look at the Middle East, absolute control and absolute mess for centuries.

Would Asia and SE Asia would to be like the Middle East, in perpetual wars, economy crippled and people being bombed everyday?

b said...


thats why we need china or rather a strong eurasian union to balance the power from the cowboy. everyone should stand up united and stop being intimidated by them.