A news headline can be taken seriously

Take this headline in the Straits Times for discussion, “Briton and family leave for Perth amid threats”?

What would the readers think if they did not have the full story? Would they think that this City state is not safe for foreigners and foreigners are being threatened with serious harms and forced to move out for their own safety? If one is a foreigner in the US or UK or Australia, and planning to come here as a mercenary, to find paradise on earth, would one be having second thoughts?

Would the embassies be sending out travel warnings to their citizens to warn them of the risk if they come here? Or this is intentional, to tell the foreigner not to come here?

This is a very interesting and controversial headline indeed. Maybe a bit of sensationalism but with selected truth. It is true that Anton claimed that he was threatened. Anyone done any investigation that this is indeed true? What kind of threat, life threatening, serious, genuine, or some bloggers sputting nonsense in the net using Anonymous like the hackers?

Still a good headline to catch the attention of the readers.  Maybe I shall write an article with a headline, ‘Xenophobic Sinkie hordes threaten life of talented expat to run for his life from Paradise’? Would this be sensationalism, a bit of half truth?


Singaporean said...

Maybe Anton Casey interpreted "go and die" as a death threat. His Singaporean wife should have explained to him that its just local lingo lah.

Anonymous said...

Why don't have this headline:

"Sinkies Leave For Perth Amid Threats to Jobs & Livelihood by Britons and other Foreigners?"

Anonymous said...

He didn't know that Sinkies are regretting and want to have him back. Please come back and help us to be rich like you. We want to drive Porches too and live in condominium.

We also don't like the stench in the public transport.

We will lay the red carpet and beg you to return. We are sorry to be rude to you. Please be kind to us. For you, we have specially started a kindness to foreign talent campaign as proof that we are serious.

Anonymous said...

Yes pls come back. We will offer other miss s for u not those from vintage year but fresh one

Sgcynic said...

"Singapore Kindness Movement Takes Singaporeans to Task for Lacking Empathy"
How's this?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take your laxative, bend over and take your movement seriously.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyoh, this Dr William Wan- si-Botak looked like a RETARD in Petain Road.

Used his Botak head to lubricate the birds at Petain Road.

Anonymous said...

Whinging poms like mr Casey are treated with disdain in Aussieland.

The said...

Threats? Or something else?

Crossinvest insisted that it did not fire Anton, but agreed to a parting of ways. Parting of way due to Anton's poor judgement and values, or because of poor performance and destroying investors' value?


Anonymous said...

@ The
January 26, 2014 1:46 pm

Now that Anton Casey has left CrossInvest.
(IQ at CrossInvest has thus increased 30 points)

Anton Casey should become a Singaporean and join Temasek Holdings.
(IQ at Temasek Holdings will similarly also increase by another 30 points)

b said...

the whole thing is fishy and only proven one point - sinkies are not ready for 'freedom of speech'. overreacting on the untruth and non reacting of truth such as the fare increase.

Anonymous said...

even crossinvest is fishy. another money laundering or tax evading entity?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah. Perth got several thousand Singaporeans lah. Also got RSAF airbase. Wah, we can all gang up and hantam this fucker :-))

@b is right. Singaporeans are still far too reactive to be able to handle freedom of speech AND expression.
The guy cracked a few rather unfunny jokes. and people, including the Law Minister got "offended".

Please lah...relac Singapore. Have more sex. Yu guys are too uptight ;-)