Anton’s gone, but read the warning signs

If this is what things are going to be, the signs are in the ST forum pages. They chose their articles and letters very carefully and one must read the hidden messages that are being communicated.

Two letters in the Today paper in the Voices column are asking the authority to come down hard on Sinkies that spoke out against foreigners. This is what a June Cheah-Nicholas wrote, quoting a Devadas Krishnadas, ‘If it is seditious for foreigners to provoke disharmony with the locals, then it is equally seditious for locals to provoke disharmony with foreigners here’.

Another letter by a Darius Lee, ‘While Mr Casey did not commit a crime, threats to him or his family are criminal offences. Under the Penal Code, whoever threatens another with any injury to his person, reputation, property or family commits criminal intimidation. To be fair and consistent, the same standards should apply to everyone. The authorities should act against those who threatened Mr Casey, especially those who threatened his family.’

Sedition is indeed a very serious crime. Many times more serious than insulting Sinkies for sure. And criminal intimidation is just as serious, or at least more serious than beating a taxi driver. The latter, the law will just ask you to take up a civil suit against the basher.

Now that Casey has ran away for safety in Perth, it is time to go after the daft Sinkies. Cane a few so that they will not be rude to foreigners. So Sinkies who are blacklisted, better do an escape from paradise to join Casey in Perth before the dragnet closes in. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

"Now that Casey has ran away for safety in Perth, it is time to go after the daft Sinkies."

No need lah. With or without the likes of Anton Casey, daft Sinkies have already been punished lah, and even more severely, the more daft they are.

And daft Sinkies being punished is a separate issue from all other issues. Please do not get mixed and confused.

Anonymous said...

"Now that Casey has ran away for safety in Perth, it is time to go after the daft Sinkies."

No lah. They are just trying the shift the focus away from WW. It's simple Damage Control 101 lah. Please do not get mixed and confused.

oldhorse42 said...

Dear dear, I hope they will not cane dear RB. How it he going to write all these delightful insights for us to read with a sore bottom.
You know when you flame the FTs, it is our leaders and elites who feel the pain like you have stepped on their favourite poodle.
See how many times our minister have dialogue with the FWs after the riot.
Did any of our leaders visit the local woman who was just doing her job when she was set upon by the rioters.
No I would not scoot to Perth, I would rather go to a Chinese city where the authorities treat the locals better than the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

But what about these ex-pats and their opinions?


Anonymous said...

Everyday Sinkies get punished by PAP Millionaires who don't want to return back our CPF money.

Some more.
Got to do national service to protect all the Singapore Millionaires and their bungalows.
And sell my daughters to marry ang moh.

Who look after Bernice Wong's parents now that she run to Australia with Anton Casey?
Gahmen got sue Bernice Wong for not looking after her parents or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> But what about these ex-pats and their opinions?

As I've said before: IT'S ALL OPINION, not the truth, occasionally humorous, with an "artistic license" to embellish and dramatise.

Singapore and Singaporeans are full of quirks -- plenty of fodder to make jokes about :-)

There is no such thing as a "taboo" subject in the world of humour. The only criteria of a joke is that is has to be FUNNY. Unfortunately for Anton, his jokes are not funny. He needs to work on his "latent talent" - if he has any.

The best part: he is still rich, and the stinky Singaporeans are still taking SMRT!!

Anonymous said...

Is poor more offensive than daft?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Great question. "Offense" is a judgement. YOU and only YOU make the judgement, and then construct the interpretation (aka "make meaning") in your own head.

Also there's plenty of latitude in jokes -- in the context, and especially in sweeping generalisations.

E.G. When it is said "Singaporeans are poor/ daft/ complainers" -- the context is the assumption that ALL Singaporeans are all of the above.

That is clearly not the case. However, for the sake of the joke, artistic license is granted, otherwise the joke won't work.

A joke only works when the person who hears the joke creates an "emotional response". Otherwise your joke is an epic fail. For a joke to be funny, you the recipient have to interpret it as "funny. Similarly for the joke to be "offensive", the recipient has to interpret and make meaning so that the joke does become "offensive".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Many jokes are based on irony.

E.G. Isn't it ironical that Anton Casey cracks a few unfunny jokes about Singapore, then runs away like a typical Singaporean failure to Perth? Anton Casey is nothing but a QUITTER! Anyway, it is great for his chap-cheng kid. She'll be in great company with all the other Singaporean chap-cheng kids in Perth, who have to accept the fact that their parents were quitters! Ah...justice!

Scoot jumps into the action!

Anonymous said...

Eh quitter, why slap your own face?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


A clown has to sacrifice for the sake of humour.

No big deal lah. Joke only wat!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah,

Your scoot economy class very affordable.

Less 50% some more. Fuxking wealthy senior wealth manager taking economy class some more.

Last month on the way back from HK by Cathay Pacific in the economy class which we sinkies can afford.

Was sandwiched by three bloody whites, two males and one female. Still behaving like colonial masters.

Every half hour shouted to the hostesses "WINE PLEASE" "WINE PLEASE"

We, sinkies only asked for plain water when they asked us whether we need anything.

Economy class drink WINE from plane took off until landed.


Gang Ping!!!!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

re: Scoot.

I've ben using them since they started in Sydney 18 months ago. Very good deal. Their "Business" fare -- excellent value. Huge seats, with legroom to spare. Good carry-on allowance. Well done lah, Hotel Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Run away doesn't mean underlying problem solved. OK, swept under the carpet also can say lah. But hor, the stink may become intolerable is left forgotten under the carpet. Then the problem becomes more serious.

Same with the Indian workers being deported. Don't assume the problem has been solved. Far from it.

b said...

thats the problem of sinkies - always behaving like any three year old and let their hearts ruled their heads. they are ruining any chance of seeking justice in this unjust world when they issued death threats this way. instead they should unite themselves and demand the sedition act to be execised on him so that it can be a warning to the rest of the foreign communities. hope they can learn from this episode and do it the right way next time so people especially those foreigners can start to respect you.

Anonymous said...

I would seriously suggest that discerning readers do not trust what is portrayed by the Spore media. I, for one, did not read any "death threats" to this guy, his son or the rest of his family. And I have been reading what is likely to be the most vocal of alternative media, the emeritus thingy. If anybody could point me to a realistic death threat, please do me a favour and tell me where I can read it? Or have the words been twisted out of all reality by our esteemed 146th media?

Now, moving next to the "apology". There is no need to scrutinize the apology itself, just look at what the gentleman did. He fled to Australia, knowing full well that he has no opportunity for employment in Singapore. And then he laid the BLAME on death threats, which at the moment, I have deemed to be fictitious. That amounts to a class-action slander against Singapore society. When somebody slanders your whole society, why bother to argue about his "apology"?

And finally, for those who say move on, are they blind not to see he has slandered us and the media is in collusion?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Need to depend on the media or police to make clear what kind of threats he received and how real they are. Sinkies are not so wild to threaten people's life just because of this.

b said...

maybe it is a conspiracy to make sinkies sound so uncivilised and tarnished our reputation right from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Death threats ? No lah, Sinkies not so brave or daring lah. The most they will say is KNNBCCB lah, Keongkan lah !

Anonymous said...

Thank you all very much for your responses, that was my post above of January 27, 2014 8:05 pm.

It would appear that I'm not the only one who have not seen any death threats. Therefore I'm so very glad that I posted my suspicions that the threats were fictitious. Let us keep our eyes open for more slants by the local media. They have fooled us long enough, it would be our own fault if we let ourselves continue to be fooled.