Lunar New Year in Chinatown - A pictorial essay

Part of Upper Cross Street leading to New Bridge Road at the end with a horse lantern protruding into view. Taken at about 6pm on 28 Jan 14.
Section of New Bridge Road with Majestic Theatre and People's Park on the right. The decor of horse and Chinese coin lanterns lined both New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Road.
Crowds queuing to buy Bak Kwa from Lim Chi Guan. The dried grilled sweet meat cost $55 per kg this year.
Entrance to Chinatown MRT station at Pagoda Street.
Shoppers in the midst of Chinatown, Pagoda Street.
A boy marvelling at the new year decor for sale.
More decorative pieces for sale inside the shop.
A pretty girl selling balloons. Behind her is another famous Bak Kwa store, Mei Chen Xiang.
Chinese calligraphy scrolls for the main entrance to a house or main hall.

More shoppers for the new year goodies in Temple Street, Chinatown.
Buying groundnuts and watermelon seeds as titbits, to eat and chat during the new year visitings.
Wax meat and ducks, a must new year delicacies especially among the Cantonese.
Shoppers and tourists having a good time at Smith Street, Chinatown.
Alfresco dining in Trengganu Street, Chinatown, on a fine tropical evening.
Part of South Bridge Road leading to Maxwell Road with new year decor.
Entrance from Pagoda Street next to the Sri Mariamman Temple. The temple also has a banner to celebrate the Lunar New Year. A common practice in a very tolerant and amicable multi racial and multi religious city. It is getting a bit dark, nearly 7pm local time.


Anonymous said...

Happy Lunar New Year to Uncle Chua and readers of this blog.

Abao said...


Wish you a happy new year!

agongkia said...

I was there at that time and also yesterday night.

Every year selling the same stuff.
Only difference this year is that there plenty of sweet foreign Mei Meis from everywhere .Where are all the local Chiobu?

Keong Hee Huat Chai to everyone here.

b said...

happy cny to everyone.

i am surprised that lky can survive the snake year.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, two hours more, anything can happen.

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to MR CHUA and everybody in this blog.

Anonymous said...

OMFG ....

these r photo of the run-up to the Spring Festive in Chinatown??

knnccb .... papigs policies really removed the festive moods of yesteryear, papigs .. du kao li

patriot said...

Wish Everybody a Healthy and Happy Lunar New Year Of The Horse.


Anonymous said...

RB, happy new year. Your photos are very clear and sharp. The mei mei photo with the kiss me t shirt is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

All nice. my favourite is pic no 7.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, I didn't notice the words were 'Kiss Me'. You are very perceptive.