A lesson from the Rakhine state in Myanmar

There is a documentary serial in Channel News Asia hosted by a Dr Farish Noor called Cross Borders. His last episode was on Myanmar and he visited the Rakhine state where the Rohingyas lived. The Rohingyas are muslims and originated from Bangladesh. They are very different from the Buddhist Myanmese in look, culture, religion and way of life.

There is an on going war or persecution against the Rohingyas by some sectors of the Myanmese population. The Rohingyas are not welcomed by both states of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Many are running away, risking their lives as boat people rather than remaining in Rakhine. They are not wanted by Bangladesh as well. And they are lucky if they survived their journey by small fishing boats.

What makes the Rohingyas intolerable to the Myanmese is their claim for an independent state from Myanmar. No Myanmese govt is going to carve out a piece of their land for them for sure. They are not Myanmese but migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh, some kind of equivalent to the untouchables of India.

At the end of the documentary, Dr Farish expressed his gratefulness for having a country to go back to. The Rohingyas are people without a country.

What is the lesson to be learnt? Sinkies better treasure this little island they have and called home. And they deserved to be boat people if they are careless, complacent and disinterested in protecting their rights as citizens of this island. The silliness of inviting so many foreigners as citizens could one day be the source of their own downfall and be evicted out of this island, their homeland.

The lesson of Rakhine is that when a group of people becomes big enough, with a critical mass, they are going to demand for more rights as a group. They would demand for recognition for their way of life, language, culture, a TV channel and religion, and in the case of the Rohingyas, a separate state. If we mindlessly and irresponsibly allow so many foreigners to come into our homeland, one day they are going to make demands on us when they are big enough and to stake a claim to this land.

By then all the kpkb would be useless, futile. By then, Sinkies would have to fight for every inch of their land and every privilege as citizens of this island with these foreigners turned citizens.

Do not be complacent, do not be stupid and give up your rights to this land so easily. Do not be daft. Do not be conned by the daft against your interests. You will pay a very heavy price for it. Your children will curse you for your stupidity and indifference when you can stop the change, when you can stop losing your country to foreigners.

It is not easy to have a country of our own. Bringing in foreigners is as good as giving a part of our country to them, giving our country away. It is not as innocent as you think. The consequences are far reaching and very serious to our own well being.

PS: And don't forget your kopi. According to google my kopi level is at a critically low level. Just spare me 10 sec will do.



Anonymous said...

People who don't understand history will continue to commit the mistakes of history.

Politicians can be as daft and as stupid as ordinary citizens and could sell away the country without even knowing it. But this is fair as many politicians are simply idiots. So it is ok to forgive them.

But some are so scheming that they will sell the country and waiting to run away with the loot. This is intolerable and must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

"The silliness of inviting so many foreigners as citizens could one day be the source of their own downfall and be evicted out of this island, their homeland."

In theory yes, but in practice no lah.


Because PAP govt, for all their unpopular policies with some 40% Sinkies, are not silly people for sure.

They know what they are doing, although sometimes what they are doing seem like crazy or mad for 40% Sinkies. And the 60% who voted for PAP are also not silly for sure.

If anything, there is method to their madness.

And with Kee chiu as potential future leader, Sinkieland is in safe and strategic hands.

And do you know Kee Chiu is in the Hall of fame at the US Army Command and Staff College, and also was conferred the "Distinguished Master Strategist Award" when he was a student there?

So Sinkies not to worry, he very strategic one.

Anonymous said...

I think all who join PAP are strategic one.

agongkia said...

Must remind those kaykhiang not to keep claiming exploitation of FWs first.Those so call mathematic expert and so claim humanitarian dafts must be advise that spoiling those FWs here would make them turn out to be as bad as the boat people.Today they may overturn Garmen cars,tomorrow they will claim dormitories is theirs ...

You want kopi must also learn a lesson and get to understand the ground better ,put up those sweet mei mei and chiobu photo pen pal advertisement,else how to contribute kopi.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As for the adverts, I leave it to Google. I think there were some this morning on sweet Vietnamese mei meis. You must have missed them.

Just keep your eyes open for these lovely adverts.

Anonymous said...

What is their agenda?

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, never allow soldiers to rule.
No matter how talented a soldier is, he will rule with his guns, not with humanities.
It never wise to put militaryman in government in any regime, unless one chooses to be ruled by the guns.

Anonymous said...

Well our Opposition MPs dare not STAND UP.. and slap the drivers..and instead they keep quiet and keep the $16,000 allowance for themselves.

b said...

It is very sad that people are made to believe that race and religion are the reasons behind all those wars, killings, bombings. All along the main reason has been the greed of the different rulers. It has always been a fight between the rulers and using the innocent people for their own selfish means.

Anonymous said...

Can sg guys seek asylum for forced military conscription? Lampedusa disaster: Why men flee Eritrea?Mr Kidane, like many young Eritreans, fled his country's forced, indefinite military conscription, a system which requires all citizens to serve in the army for an unlimited amount of time.

Human rights groups have condemned the practice as akin to slavery, claiming that a lack of freedom of press and expression, and widespread arbitrary detention and torture, mean that the only real way to avoid conscription is to flee the country.