The big bangs that went poofs

There were several big bangs that were supposed to cause a big excitement or causes for jubilation. The first was the attack on the WP in the cleaning of hawker centre ceilings. If the accusations stick, it will definitely undermine the credibility of the rising political star party. Unfortunately the story had to come to a premature ending when some notes in the minutes were not in order. Nothing was heard since then.

Next came the PAP’s end of the year party caucus that was meant to be a battle cry, to raise the tempo ahead of the next GE. The young turks led by Chan Chun Sing declared that the party would take the fight to the people, to every corner of the island, to win the right to be the ruling party again. Again things did not go that way when the whole campaign was hijacked or thrown aside by the once in 50 year unexpected riot in Little India. That event shook the very core of the social fabric and got everyone’s attention. The pronouncement at the party caucus became a non event, forgotten, pissssed.

More bangs were lined up but fizzled out along the way. The Media Corp big bang at the Marina Bay year end celebration was meant to be another big PR event on how far and how successful we have been. It suffered the fate of another failed event when it was attacked for having too many Channel 8 artistes present and the use of Mandarin in a Channel 5 event even though Mandarin is an official language. It just did not go down well with the Channel 5 viewers and ended with many excuses and damage control measures.

A big party was also arranged in the 8th Wonder of the World, though a miniature one in the form of the most expensive stretch of expressway cutting under the sea. It was touted as a great engineering feat and architectural wonder only to be bashed by the most massive traffic congestion the next morning. A great PR event, never mind the money spent, to create free flow of traffic ended with a 3 hour traffic jam and many angry motorists paying to be in the jam. No more harping about how great it was meant to be.

There are several other big bangs that were worth crowing about but faded into oblivion. Just to mention another piece, the wonder Jewel to be built at Changi Airport, touted as a game changer with a billion dollar price tag to propel Changi as the choice destination for air travelers was shot down by many quarters for a failed concept. A weak attempt to deflect the negative comments soon faded away as well.
These big bang potential events marked the closing chapter of 2013 and the new chapter of 2014. The big bangs went poof. Nothing much to cheer about or to jump in joy.

The latest follow-ups, the farmer festival in Little India, yesterday’s Thaipusam and the coming Chinese New Year could bring a little joy and normalcy back to a city trying to celebrate and party the whole year round, signs of more good years and more good times. A nation in perpetual celebration and joy.

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Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Migrant labour pains for Singapore]

"DESPITE improved govt efforts,
Singapore and its people are still paying a heavy price for having too many migrant workers.

Even as it sped up the building of more flats and shortened applicant queues,
2 other problems related to overcrowding have popped up.

They had been around for some time
but resurfaced with a bang in the first few days of 2014."


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There's no such thing as 100% success 100% of the time.

All these fizzled out "big bangs" were not even big bangs to begin with. They were more like "little farts" -- aka minute explosive gas emissions from the anus, which briefly smell a little, then disperse in the air. No big deal. I let off a few of these everyday in the lifts and MRT. Especially after curry and beer.

Singapore's "normal" is it's awesomeness and rock-attitude. It is A-OK. As a vigilant Hotel Guest, I am always on the lookout for any "threats" that would diminish the value of my wonderful island paradise.

So far -- no problems. Some claim to have problems, but IMO they've allowed their emotions to rule their heads, and thus have a "negative spirit" not just about Singapore, but the entire universe.

I say : FUCK THEM. Living well is the best revenge

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, the mother of all BIG BANG will be the coming BIG GE when the white outfits shall lower their heads looking on the floors not knowing what hit them with premature results that they are losing on all fronts in all the constituencies.

Just like Georgie boy leaving the counting station phoning his wifey that hope is very dimmed and he has to look for a job soon.

Maybe no more job as they had been all replaced by the foreign talents that they had brought in

Anonymous said...

Whether big bang, small bang or no bang, but do u think the strongest opposition party can be ready to be govt by 2016?

Or can another party emerge by 2016 which can contest 100% seats as one party in the GE?

Because 60% Sinkies will only respect such a party and vote for it. It means such a party is ready to be govt. No need to say one.

Anonymous said...

"Or can another party emerge by 2016 which can contest 100% seats as one party in the GE?"
Anon 10:34 am

Alamak. Even give birth also must need 7 to 9 months. And no matter how much resources put in, can only be done by one person only. U mean can shorten the time meh?

Anonymous said...

The biggest ultimate knock-out bang will come in 2016. PAP will be bangedddd out of Parliament

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Daft Sinkies should just learn from the quitter sage here. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and hope everything is fine. Don't look further than the tip of your nose. Enjoy, have fun.

Just believe that we have the best govt and the best talents in govt.

Just believe our economic and political formula are the best and working fine.

Just believe that all the foreigners are the best talents to replace daft Sinkies and their qualifications are real.

Everything is so perfect when you give up on your brain, or is it the other way, your brain gives up on you?

Anonymous said...

Imagine the Nordic following the Singapore way, pay their ministers the most expensive salaries?

Birthrate will plunge to the lower and lower level like SIngapore?

More and more people will be under income like Singapore, later more and more will sleep in the street?

WIth the massive churning of foreigners in SIngapore need to find more source of revenue to support their highest salaries in the world?

Little long term support for the population, Singapore recently got to give excuses to locked up the CPF for life?

Maybe can be use in 2016 for the massive handouts or profit sharing schemes, hoping to get themselves re elected again?

Imagine you put money in the bank can only take out interest, but not the principals?

As more and more of Singapore well trained, well educated and brightest move to contribute to other countries success, Singapore could be in crisis, sooner or later?

Unlike the first generation of leaders Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam & Toh Chin Chye etc are thrifty and live within their means?

The ministers around 2011 election get staggering 8 months bonuses, allowances and pensions as some ministers and MP want to retire from politics for their golden parachute?

The figure head president get a staggering $40 millions in his 12 years tenure? Even $2 million will be happy for other countries politicians?

With income ten times that of the Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand ministers pay?

The need to entice old people to act as a lookout, which the use neighbood schemes, incentiv, so that oppositions and critics are render ineffective?

They as their same patterns, once the oppositions ineffective they will give excuses to increase their income?

The low wages workers hardly make end meet and the standard of living dropping or stagnant all these years, and many need to borrow?

Nordic standard of living will drop except their ministers, many will fear to born babies as more and more cheaper foreigners came in to take away their jobs and push up the prices?

Nowadays not like the snail mails or news can be control by the MSM as last time?

Lesser and lesser MSM because internet provide more balance comments, and sooner internet and handheld device mostly used?

News spread very fast like the Punggol East many were foreigners are well educated, as foreigners usually prefer outlying area like their country more space and cheaper?

If the Nordic will adopt Singapore system, more and more foreigners need to entice to vote for them?

The Nordic will not able to concentrate giving their local free educations all money to channel to the tops, and continue to give more excuses?

As more of Singapore flaw policies appeared, like recent serious riot, casinos, more frequent flood, as more land need to accommodate more people, less and less vegetation to run the rain water off?

Rampant prostitutions, credit and loan sharks, more divorcees and suicide, with unable to cope with rising costs and job lost due to foreigner workers to collect levies?

Imagine Nordic, the Swiss have only one party system, it will be chaos?

The lower pay worker will not be able to get few thousand dollar pay like the cleaners and construction workers in SIngapore?

Their leaders will give excuses to the medias that they owned, policies that support their world highest salaries, those things that need taxes to bring up the child like free education will not be much support?

Because of the revenue collected need to support their incredible income like their pensions, allowances, bonuses and salaries?

They will claim taxes is low but actually indirect taxes are highest?

In future MSM will be rendered obsolete, with the advent of handheld device?

Most likely to use only handheld devices as their are fastest to get balance info?

As technology get cheaper and faster soon the population will be saturated with internet device like the mobile phone now many children carry mobile phone?

Anonymous said...

The next big bang will be when the old fart ups the lorry. Tong cheng, tong cheng, cymbals and drums banging. The part that always goes poof is the date it will happen. Will it be before or after the next GE?

Anonymous said...

Last time policemen wear pants?

New discoveries will render present technology obsolete?

Sooner or later few will read the MSM? Because as more and more handheld internet enable device flood the market and saturated the market like the mobile phones?

Many or all can get a more balance and faster info from the internet almost immediately, whereas MSM owned by the govt, sometime took months or didn’t report the news as they had their limits?

With more and more use the internet, the govt now know that multi-parties is the right ways of looking after the best interest of the majority of the people?

Opposition parties complement the main party in the Nordic and Swiss that why they are so successful with less negative like SIngapore?

The Nordic recognised the oppositions parties give valuable feebacks of the health of the system?

Multi parties system is the best system in the world it brought the Swiss and Nordic to the highest level in the world and enomorous success?

They provide check and balance feedback if the system not doing well, like the co driver? Imagine if the driver is sleeping, no co driver around, what will happen?

With more opposition coming in the main party will work double hard to win back the vote of the people they will reduce their pay and therefore reduce the pressure on business and reduce the indirect taxes, all were interlinked?

The idea of voting one opposition MP getting two MP to work for you is a very good idea? Buy one and get one free?

Imagine one of these day Singapore had 70 percent foreigners in 2030, which they calculated need to vote them in again?

Imagine Nordic have only one party system, which most of the negative news are not broadcasted? Only listen and see to the right stuff? What will happen?

The Nordic and the Swiss recognised it need checks and balances in the parliament?

The can’t pay their leaders excessively, as the commoners will be heavily burdened by all the indirect taxes?

Business will mitigate looking for cheaper and cheaper foreigners to take over the locals and new citizens to survive?

With many new citizens and local can’t have confident of their future how can they born more babies?

There is different having own children to take care of their parent and looking for foreigners to take care of their parent, I wonder the foreigners will take care of the SIngapore old?

With 30K every year of new citizens need to import in, to vote for the main party pay indirect taxes and depress the local & new citizens pay so that they can continue to get their highest pay in the world?

Imagine the Nordic which they have the most advance system in the world need to continue to look for old people to join their system to look out or reduce for the oppositions and critic, which opposition and critic are treat as necessary feedbacks to the system?

Anonymous said...

Those big bangs sound weaker than the noise of sinkies who did the 打小人 every now and then.

Anonymous said...

With the many flawed policies of continue importing newer and newer citizens, to vote for them so that they can continue to enjoy the world highest pay?

The Nordic and Swiss continue to spend money take care of the local?

With CPF locked schemes for life, need to give massive handouts or profit sharing schemes in the 2016.

To get themselves elected again and pay themselves, bonuses, pensions, various incentives and giving massive incentives for those who had supported them and want to retire in 2016 and try to entice more supporters or votes?

One generation later local population could end, as many of SIngapore brightest , most educated & best trained $300,000 of population have left and born children in other countries?

And many want to leave because of the flawed policies?

Because more and more foreigners need come in, to be replaced those who vote against them with various flawed policies became more obvious by the days?

Many will leave Singapore especially those well educated left behind their old parent, nobody look after them, or those who don't want to have children?

With so many young people left, who want to look after the old people? With so many don't want to born children?

As the old saying, first generations of leaders, work hard and succeed, 2nd generation maintain it, third generation spend it all?

The first generation of leader and the people co operate heart to heart brought SIngapore to its success in the 80s, later after the GRC system were developed?

Singapore began it decline, with many of the problems affecting Singapore in the 60s resurface again and getting worse?

Because they fear high cost of living and cheaper foreigners took away their jobs?

Another generation you could hardly see any children born by locals?

Anonymous said...

The first big bang that went poof.
When LHL became Prime Minister.

The 2nd big bang to go poof.
LKY going away permanently.

The 3rd big bang to go poof.
PAP loses two more GRCs and more Ministers in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

All these BANGS are costing you, the tax payers, big BUCKS.

Anonymous said...

Take 4 years and give 1 year?

After the massive profit sharing and incentives in 2011, all the money need to take back and plus double it so to pay themselves the highest pay in the world?

From 2011 after the election, everything need to increase to 2015 tapering off for 2016, keep on giving and relaxing policies to make people happy forgot about those 4 years of taking and indirect taxes?

After 2016 continue the same pattern, everything need to take back and double what was given, if not how to support their highest pay in the world?

As it is predictable, as MR Brown was terminated after saying in 2006 after election everything gone up?

As these since they took over the population keep growing from 60s one plus millions to 2030 6.9 millions, a staggering 5 fold increasing importing people to vote for them and maintain the pay?

As more and more new citizens need to import and vote for them?

Anonymous said...

Singapore don't have enough talents?

Singapore don't have enough talents for multi parties systems?

Of course if you have the world highest salaries you will said that Singapore don't have enough talent for multi-parties system?

If more opposition parties come in to complete, they won't get these amount of pay, they are likely automatically reduce to that of the equivalent of the Nordic ministers pay?

If Singapore to have multi-parties system, they will not enjoy the type of pay of the having the multi millions salaries, which was ten time that of the Nordic and the Swiss ministers?

The Nordic ministers pay average around $200k a year and it is clean wages little or no corruption? Why the Nordic and others advanced countries able have multi parties system with only a few millions populations?

The Nordic ministers if they able to earn $3 millions in their lifetime as a politician they are happy?

The Singapore figure head president earn a staggering $40 millions, income, bonuses, allowances etc. in a 12 years tenure, taking photos shaking hands, many lifetimes his families also can't use finish, if they are not over extravagant?

Anonymous said...

Bigger the bang bigger the buck. Tariffs and levies on the move - up.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, why worry. Just start with a lot of bangs and ending with a whimper is the way things always turn out. There is nothing else that has not been done to win votes, but the result is either a shot on the own foot or lets move on and forget about it.

Now what else is new? Just get the new bloods to recycle the old tricks and see if they will still work. Same old same old lah!

Anonymous said...

...meanwhile just pay, pay and pay. Cannot don't pay pay.

Anonymous said...

Knnbccb.... the mother of all bangs will the day singaponang waking up n see their elected govt not around.

The the claimed reserves are merely some magic figures.

Knnccb.. hopefully old uncle rotten corpse already eaten by fishes or rats

Papigs ... knnbccb

b said...

Its not their money in the first place and so they can spend freely and outsource all services to their cronies and made their cronies rich as well and at the same time take in a huge facilitation fee.

Anonymous said...

種瓜得瓜, 種豆得豆, 遲早會自食其果.