Only 300 Sinkies against fare hike

Gilbert Goh’s protest gathering at the Hong Lim Park only drew a miserable 300 protesters. How to read this? One way is to declare that only 300 Sinkies are unhappy with the fare hike. The silent majority are supportive of the fare hike. Tiok boh?

It is so lucky that 300 turned up. If only a handful, then it could be safely concluded that no one is protesting and the fare hike must be reasonable and welcomed by the commuters.

When the first protest movement of more than 5000 people turned up at Hong Lim against the PWP, it was hardly reported in the main media. Yesterday’s protest was reported and with photos too. What is the sublime message? Go figure.

Do not underestimate the power of the media.


Anonymous said...

RB, the 300 are the 300 Spartacus mah. The one that can bring the whole army down in ancient time. Don't know the 300 same or not

Virgo49 said...

Bro, hopefully, these 300 becomes three million in the coming GE.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, even if 100% Sinkies are against fare hike but only 300 protesting at HLP are 2 separate issues.

Just like Gerard Ee had said fare hike and MRT breakdowns are 2 separate issues.

It is time Sinkies learn how to discern issues as separate ones, especially the issue of 60% voting PAP and Sinkies suffering under PAP.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. Sinkies, please accept them as separate issues.

Ignore it at your own peril and suffering.

Anonymous said...

Now the hottest Sinkie catch phrase is "They are separate issues".

Ministers drawing million dollar pay but not performing are separate issues.

Eat mee siam regularly and asking for mee siam mai hum are separate issues.

Humpalang (everything) issues can be separate issues lah, if u want it to be separate, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Being a Member of Parliament
Showing up for Meet-the-People session
are two separate issues.

Doing National Service
Fighting for my country
Also two separate issues?

Anonymous said...

I think to term the turn out as poor is a huge understatement vs other countries, as the population is not proportionate, to put it into perspective having 10k people was ground shattering, and having 500 or 300 would be considered justified.

Within the span of a year calling the people on 4 occasion seems destined to fail, the numbers represent that the media should be change to boost the numbers up, a poll could and can be used instead. In fact this can be a media that is more inviting if we can put aside the feeling of the lack of personal touches.

Putting this call to show at this point in time so close to new year iand then calling those that did not show as unconcern s rather cruel, attending 2 of the rallies but still seeing the same conclusion being dish out is very disappointing, sinkies are dormant ppl and trying to change them into fire breathing dragons just cannot work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gilbert
This is why your Hong Lim protests will always fail:

It's all part of a 50 year plan to turn Sinkies into economic digits.
With no sense of loyalty or family towards fellow Singaporeans.

When every Singaporean does not feel any kinship towards his fellow citizens.
Then the only icon of national unity are the famiLee organizations.

That is why all Singaporean heroes like Lim Bo Seng, Elizabeth Choy and Lt Adnan must be downplayed.
Because they are not PAP icons.

There is no Singapore.
There is only PAP.
You are either for us or against us.

This is not a country.
This is a business park.

Anonymous said...

Your effort to protest against the fare hike at HLP is definitely not wasted. It is the fire to light up the journey to 2016.

Anonymous said...

Yr fellow blogger gintai claims that 3 to 6 cts fare increase is reasonable boh!
He has forgotten that smrt made 120 millions.
Maybe, he is thinking abt his colleagues in smrt though he is
no more wth them.

Anonymous said...

Yep, gintai even wrote that hikes in costs of healthcare etc may not be true as claimed by most.
Wow, looks like gintai has spoken his mind.

Anonymous said...

Well, he claims that it is a mob mentality, probably meaning that Sinkies are not very rational beans.

b said...

people are brainwashed that protest is useless.

Anonymous said...

Dun understand y u guys still read gintai's things, the comparision with char kuay teow threw me off, and telling the world he would choose his knckles while mentioning his son on the same page is plain dumb, those that follow him should stop so, this guy can no longer write....period.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think there are more than 300 losers in Singapore.

Anyway, that was a wonderful show of wishful thinking.

Please lah, for what you have to pay, the public transport system is top-value lah.

Complain what?

Anonymous said...

Evil prevails when good people do nothing. One vote is all it takes to decide a winner in a 49-49 result.

Anonymous said...

Advance in technology, news viral around the world very fast?

GRC may have some good intent, but the negative impact could seriously damage Singapore reputation, if everyone around the world know about it?

Candidates with more votes can topped up those candidate with not enough votes to come in, so that they can come, these work both way the oppositions too?

Ifthe wrong MP came in and devise the flaw types of policies? Which lead to inflation, Singapore might not reach the Arab Spring stage, but need to take precaution?

Election in 2016 the GRC scheme should be dissolved and revert back to the one to one more equitable contest SMC? So that the persons with higher votes can’t give votes to the loser candidates?

Singapore reputation could go down the drain, as no countries in the world use the GRC system, many countries with many races don’t use, which is too ridiculous, even a child know it is funny?

The worry about racial problems, is unfounded with today advance in technology, gone are the days where communication is backward and misunderstand rise because majority were uneducated and little education?

Up to 6 persons are lump together to vote for in a contest against, the world may think Singapore is still in the ancient China stage?

How to know which one won which one lost, in a western democracy no such thing, but in the GRC system a loser can be a MP, because of the average votes among the 6 candidates is higher then other six oppositions? Which bring the losers in?

As much as 3 opposition could have come in the 6 to 6 man contest,if in the GRC contests, because of one with very high vote can pass his excess votes to as much as 3 candidates so the 3 losers MP if in a Single seats contest, can’t came though one to one contest able to come in?

Is just like the children playground, playing toys, you friend me I friend you, you don’t friend I don’t friend you?

Singapore always claim how good we are to the world keep boosting our success to outside, should not be make the butt of the jokes of the world?

We should not be the disgrace to the world using these type of maybe third type of system, to bring undeserving ?

We are the first world country, we are developed we should uphold and benchmark against the standard of the western democracy and not to make our country been look down by everyone in the world?

Still practice the outmoded system? And the profit sharing scheme should not be paid during the election?

GRC because of one or two candidates with high votes bring out the average votes of the up to 5 or 6 candidates?

Proportion of main party candidates with only 60 pc of the votes in 2011 got 93 pc of the seats, how the 40 percent of the oppos votes been represented? Only 6 seats or 7pc went to opp?

They want the proportion of other races candidate be represent in the parliament?

The better ideas is to reserves NMP and NCMP to top up the other race quota if not enough other races candidate come in the one to one contest?

Anonymous said...

The main party could revert back to the SMC system in the past and the profit sharing scheme maybe pay after the 2016 election?

Base on 2011 Election compare to the Punggol East By Election, nobody know how much the $1k given during the 2011 election, that might distort the 2011 result, Punggol East By Election show there might be some distortion during the 2011 Election?

The last minute technical glitch led to the disqualification of the TP opposition party, so all the vote went to the main party 60 percent votes in 2011 election?

So the estimated opposition walkover votes is around 3 percent if the were allow to vote? Many of the voters in their late have not vote in their life with so many walkovers?

Opposition could get 43 percent of the votes without the TP walkover and if the profit sharing scheme is pay after the 2011 election?

The estimate main party votes around 57 percents, could be lower without the profit sharing scheme during the election?

The main party votes without the profit schemes estimate to be around 43 percent, it still retain majority and form the govt, but weaker?

Singapore could have multi parties system like the Swiss or Nordic if without the GRC or the profit sharing schemes?

Even without these schemes the main party still could have won, with other 4 major parties WP, SPP, NSP & SDP, still not strong enough to form the govt, but maybe coalition govt like the west?

2016 election lots of things could change?

Without the GRC base on 2011 28 oppositions MP could came in? Because of the topped up of the votes by the better candidate estimated 28 oppositions were prevented to come in?

Anonymous said...

IF without the GRC system and the profit sharing scheme, the main party still can get around 43 percents estimated votes, still a very decent achievement, down from the 60 percent? Compare to the west? Still a good performance?

But more MP came in they got to work much harder and reduce the cost of govt?

They still form the govt, but likely the cut down their pay and reduce various indirect tax and give back the CPF at 55, concentrate like the Nordic multi party system, boost up the birthrate, reduce the wages disparities and improve the standard of living?

If base on the present of 60 percent or the vote with only 52 MP without the GRC?With the GRC system they get 93 percent of the seats or 81 seats?

The main party if with only 43 percent of the votes still form the govt, still consider did well by the western standard, with are 37 MP the rest of the 50 MP went to the various opposition parties MP?

patriot said...

Read Gintai Latest Blog about Anton Crazy's sneers at Sinkies.

Find the revelation that Anton resided at Sentosa Cove and driving a very expensive car, give me the feeling this Anton guy had made a big fortune here. Hence, it is extremely ungrateful of him to look down or more correctly, to disparage Singaporeans.

Gintai had added his personal takes from his angle and provided more dimensions to the discussions. It is kind of refreshing to read over a stale issue.


Anonymous said...

Yes, patriot, that's the way he should write, the guts, the bold feel, not the pussy words which he left how he felt, the reason why i stick to red bean is simple, he's bold but never revealing, you can sense his frustration but he remains clam most of the time....that to me is a person who could and can lead you into any story.

Gintai's article for once has enough grit that we could see his fangs......well done!

Anonymous said...

Without the GRC votes topped up system, as now racial issues is not relevant in the internet context? And the profit sharing scheme during the 2011 election?

GRC and the profit sharing scheme, vote topped up systems could distort about or more then 28 to 50 oppositions MP coming in?

It could be as much as 5 major parties like the multi parties systems of the Nordic or the Swiss?

Main party could get only about 43 percent of the votes as in the Punggol East BE?

Base on 43pc or 37 seats main party, the opposition had around 50 seats to divide about themselves?

If base on 40 percent without the GRC vote topping system and profit sharing scheme, the WP could have as much as 11 seats and NSP as much as 11 seats base on 13 percent of the vote, and SPP could have as much as 6 seats?

Parliament will be more lively competition and MP got to be on their toe and not absent?

Singapore will go the high tech and not depend foreigner?

Each party will bring and foster their best candidate with the highest capabilities to represent them, so more and more better opposition candidates with the heart to serve will come forward?

After Punggol East and WP new candidates with the professors and highly successful individuals coming to join the opposition?

With more capable opposition coming Singapore will have a higher chance to reach the Nordic and Swiss standard?

With more oppositions MP, Singapore will be on the way to an advanced nation.

Less depend on third world less educated workfore, productivity continue to drop due to employ to many less qualified cheaper third world workers?

As more oppositions candidates came more resources were channel toward developing the local capabilities, innovative skills, creative skills and designing scheme, to build the local SMC to multi national companies?

GRC system losers MP can come in being their votes topped up by a higher votes candidates, Singapore is going down hill with so many social problems propping up?

With more oppositions parties candidate voted in, talents can coming from different parties like the Nordic?

As competition heated up the Ministers salaries, allowances, pensions and 8 month bonuses could be around the Nordic or Swiss level of averaging $200K per year?

With WP, NSP, SPP, SDP coming in the parliament, like got to work hard to improve the birthrate, reduce the income disparities, the standard of living like the Nordic and not giving too much excuses?

Could be voted out, so the local could not worry their children difficult to find jobs competing with cheaper third world workers?

So the less indirect taxes need to pay them such amount of money?

With WP, NSP, SPP, SDP came in the main party got to work harder to stay in the game?

With WP introducing the vote one MP concept you get 2 MP to work for you concept catch on?

Less revenue to support such high minister income the inflation likely to be lesser, so business more likely to employ more local jobs with lowering of business cos

FL said...

I think most of the peoples are preparing for CNY which is less than a week to go. Hence, a smaller crowd. Also, I think the notice given is too short for message to be spread around. Perhaps, volunteers can help to distribute pamphlets in housing estates for future events.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should not use the GRC as an excuse to top up vote of loser candidate not only at expense of oppositions candidates, but at the expenses of 40 percents of the those who votes the oppositions?

Who need their voices to be heard and could not be heard as in the advanced healthy multi parties system in the west?

With the vote topping up system, many of the problem were not solve and swept under the carpet, which could manifest more serious later?

We need to advance and not regress? And follow the international standard one to one contest system? We are a first country and some consider one of the richest?

It is no excuse for a must to bring in other race candidates, at the expense of 40 percent of the oppositions voices, if they don't have the merit to come in through the normal one to one contest, it could seriously damage Singapore reputation in the world?

Previously many other race candidate can coming in by themselves don't need the GRC system to pull them in?

As they can come in as NMP and NCMP to topped up their quota if not enough other race candidates come in? So the other race problems can be heard?

It is very damaging to Singapore reputation in the long times and causes many other serious problem too?

Because opposition voices can't be heard, which manifest today massive gambling culture, loan shark, rampant prostitution, suicide, joblessness or underwork, high inflation divorce, low birthrate, high income disparities and other social ill etc?

Anonymous said...

/// It is very damaging to Singapore reputation in the long times and causes many other serious problem too? ///
January 26, 2014 11:28 pm

Who cares?
As long as we can stay in power forever.
Who cares about Singapore and Singaporeans?

Self interest of the political party comes first.
Interest of Singapore comes second.
And Singaporeans' welfare comes last.