Anton Casey, I disagree with your remark

I want to disagree with Anton Casey for his ‘poor people’ remark.

Singapore is one of the richest country in the world. And half of all Singaporeans, or Sinkies in short, are millionaires with their HDB flats costing at least half a million or more. How can Sinkies be called poor? The only thing they don’t have is cash. But that is also not a problem because the govt has many assistance and subsidies schemes to give money to the millionaire Sinkies.

Sinkies have a lot more money in their CPF savings which they would not want to spend. They enjoy smiling quietly to themselves every time they received the monthly statements to show how rich they are, like money written on the walls.

And all Sinkies can afford cars. How not when earning $1000 a month already can afford to buy public flats? The prices of cars, including COEs, are definitely affordable. But Sinkies are prudent and would not want to spend their money on expensive cars. They want to have a lot of money to live till 100 years.

Sinkies also love to take public transport to be gracious. And the squeeze in the trains is what they are looking forward to everyday. And many are buying expensive bikes, not because they cannot afford to buy cars, but for healthy living.

Sinkies are also green conscious and do not want to live in big houses. They have an obsession to live in shoebox flats, costing a bomb too, so as not to waste precious land and space. Their quality of life will not be affected even if they live in flats the size of a dog’s kennel. The experts have double confirmed that this is true.

Sinkies are not poor, just got no money in the pocket that is all. All their monies are in their flats and in their CPF savings. Sinkies are very rich, many are millionaires, on paper only lah.


Anonymous said...

RB, after reading this article, I got depressed again lar. I think I should go read the shit times that I have not read the last 6 months for the right stuff to cheer me up rather then reading the wrong stuff depressing news lor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What say, this article is supposed to pep up Sinkie millionaires. Looks like I have failed.

You are right. Read the ST and get the feel good feeling. Everything is so fine, so perfect.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean a man of mirth and a master of irony. I like belly muck.

oldhorse42 said...

I am not surprise that you or any sinkie disagree with this angmo's remarks.
But the fact is this angmo FT is having a good life: a cushy job in the financial sector, a beauty queen for a wife; a posh car that is beyond the reach of most sinkie RB included.
Compare to him sinkie are indeed poor.
Why do we elect a govt that make Foreigner rich and sinkie poor? And a minister that is more interested in having dialogues with foreigners than sinkie?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is so sad that the silly Sinkies did not know what the foreigners really said and thought of them behind their backs.

This is only a peep into the ugly truths.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry..the PAP/WP MP agreed with him...and dare not raised any objections..and maybe "laughing all the way to the bank.."

Gintai_昇泰 said...

RM is correct. We very rich on paper only. That’s a fact. He's speaking the truth.

b said...

sinkies are daft and poor lah. it hurts but truth hurts. any average malaysian can have a freehold landed house, a nice car, a secure job. but what can sinkies have? rented flats, public transport, lousy job? why many small countries like luxembourg and brunei no need to increase population like crazy but still can provide good benefits to citizens? the answer is we have a bunch of wolves running the government.

Anonymous said...

With this govt, if the population does not grow at a high rate the economy will collapse immediately. The whole ponzi scheme is based on population growth.

Anonymous said...

On the whole, the Hongkong government and civil service is 10 times better than ours ...see if any angmoh dare to do this there ...

Anonymous said...

We are now a Shanghai Foreigner Concession. Foreigners are the top dogs in the concession. No dogs and no Sinkies allowed.

Anonymous said...

60% are rich lah, even cash rich.

Or else they won't be happy and will not vote PAP one.

60% only lah, but very good already.

U want 100% to be rich? Only in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Singapore International Settlement. Dilarang masuk.

Anonymous said...

All will be equal in Heaven.

b said...

Unfortunately, it is the sinkies who voted in the traitors to run the government.

Anonymous said...

Singapore faced serious brain drain it could got more acute as most of Singapore $300K most intelligent and highest educated left?

Many have years of experiences, because of the GRC system the can't contribute to Singapore success they got to contribute to foreign countries success?

Next election the GRC system especially the 6 candidate GRC system should be dismantled is a joke, and not as excuses, profit sharing schemes, should not be given during election, should be given after election?

Which lead Singapore to this sorry state after GRC it was developed which prevent the genuine oppositions MP to propose good ideas like the Nordic and Swiss? Singapore need to develop another the manufacturing wing after the service wing or tourism?

Singapore started sliding downwards after the GRC formed?

Where under GRC undeserved MP can come in, topped up by the votes of the high votes candidates?

Singapore could reach the Swiss or Nordic standard of living the cleaners and construction workers pay are few thousand per month?

Instead of the cleaner and the lower end of the workers borrowing from credit companies to stay afloat and it will get work as the CPF locked scheme for life?

GRC is a serious hindrance to Singapore became a really advanced and recognized country?

The cleaners pay had been around $700 per month for more then a decade, around 100K of them living in poverty below the inflation level?

Many of them were skilled workers because of their jobs taken by cheaper foreigners they become cleaners many were indebted?

How can you call among the richest nation in the world, with such disparities, so many living below inflation rates? This is the jokes of the world? How they calculated the statistics?

Without the GRC system or the profit sharing scheme many of the brightest Singaporean could not have left and they may joining the oppositions party, like the Nordic or Swiss, to contribute to Singapore?

SIx different candidates join together to vote in a GRC to vote, not one to one, what a joke to democracy? Pulling 3 losers in?

And Singapore will not have so much social problems, look behind the backyard you will see all these enormous social problems waiting to be manifested more - Suicides, low pay, inflation, dysfunctional families, prostitution, gambling, casino, drug addictions, credit companies & loan sharks?

One of the GRC form is to curtain opposition, so they can get the highest income in the world, bonuses, pensions, allowances?

Many of the family were seriously affected by the cheaper foreigners, the brightest left their families leaving their old age parent behind?

Anonymous said...

Your attempt at humour has failed badly.

This episode is not about economics or politics but about a yokel who has insulted us.

Anonymous said...

We poor Sinkies are now not only labelled by our political leadership who called us draft but also by our FT trash who called us poor because we take public transport.

This is what Singapore has become.

Anonymous said...

Only a PAP government can gives us such goodies like Anton Casey.
Still want to vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

To prevent himself from being PNG, he may want to quickly apply for citizenship. Then he may even stand for election as an MP.

Anonymous said...

Grc is an exciuse with Singapore population only 8 percent are Indian the proportion of Indian in the parliament are 25 percent , they can put the proportion of other race in the parliament as NMP if not enough is elected junk came in smc there is no reason to use the grc system? Jbj came in smc?

Anonymous said...

Should grc revert back to single seat, that people not laugh at is as a vote passing around parliament and become the laughing stock of the world?

Anonymous said...

Listen Anton Cssey, all Sinkies after selling their HDB flats will have enough cash to crush your Porsche until it looks like roti prata.

b said...

they are not foreign talents, they are just economic migrants just like those rioting in little india.