6.9m – do you have the people’s consent?

The 6.9m issue is not what 77 MP/ministers think they are big enough to decide. It affects every Sinkie today and into the future. Do they have the consent of the people? Definitely a big NO. Do they want to ask the people for their consent? Another big NO. Do they think they have been given the right to decide for the people on this issue. They want to think so.

The people are saying NO. Would they listen? NO. They are simply snubbing the people, an act of defiance against the people. They know the people are against it and they stubbornly and arrogantly want to go ahead with their decision against the will of the people. Why? Why would they want to go against the people? Is this 6.9m something that must be done and if not something very serious will happen, more serious than losing the vote and confidence of the people that the PAP rather offend the people than not doing it? Did they know something that the people did not know?

This is a democracy, mind you. And a democratically elected govt thinks it can ignore the people, disregard the people’s wishes and still believes confidently that the people will elect them to power, to rule the people, no need to listen to the people, to control the people and to snub the people.

This is definitely uniquely Singapore.

What can the Sinkies do? Absolutely nothing. Come election they will still elect the same people to power and pay them out of this world’s salary and can only pray that the same people will be kinder to them. It is like the govt knows that no matter what, they will continue to be in power somehow. Very eerie.


Anonymous said...


If papigs ever listen to genuine feedback,

We will not b in such dire straits

Knnccb... sob hsien loong, u r a fucking failure.

Anonymous said...

I not against RIGHT-SIZING our population for optimal growth while still able to maintain a happy society with comfortable social lifestyles.

By importing too many new citizens in a short time frame, more than what the society and the infrastructures can cope, will definitely cause strains and pains of yr people.

Just look around us. The social ills and problems are one by one surfacing. I need not mention them.

Sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

What is the similarity between Sinkieland and North Korea? You are asking about the people's consent? You must be joking

Anonymous said...

In a short while, people in Myanmar will have more rights than Sinkies. But the funny thing is that Sinkies, even without their rights are still living happily ever after. Ignorance is real bliss.

b said...

i just wonder sometimes is sg a part of brunei. why are they enjoying all the success of sg (e.g. appreciation of currency) without having all the social ills associated with population growth.

b said...

When all the powers are rested on one party, democracy is dead. The people have the choice to let democracy reincarnated but they opted to bury it.

Anonymous said...

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.
- Adolf Hitler

The world economy is on life support it is still alive due to money printing market manipulation and many people believing in the current system.

Take some time read zerohedge.com or goto maximiser.com.educate yourself on what is really happening in the world economy.wonder how many of us will come out alive going through the coming great depression.or radiation from crippled Fukushima nuclear plant kill us first.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed eerie when we have reach 6.9m population & PAP PM come out to say "If we didn't get it right, I'm sorry. But we will try better the next time" and admit that he has no 20/20 foresight, resulting in problems for the country. Where will the people go from there? Sigh!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I am one fucker here who supports the idea of a larger population.

HOWEVER I do believe that the govt cannot make such a decision unilaterally -- there must be dialogue.

No, the govt doesn't need "consent" per se, becasue some people will support and others will be against. What is needed is discussion -- real substance type, not the name-calling (from both sides) stuff we now currently have.

6.9 and more? Sure, bring it on! But please, respect the voters!

Anonymous said...

@ January 10, 2014 5:15 pm
"HOWEVER I do believe that the govt cannot make such a decision unilaterally -- there must be dialogue."

Who say got no dialogue?
What do you call National Conversation (Our Singapore Conversation)?

What do you call parliamentary debate?
Is that not a dialogue?
After the dialogue, there was even a vote.
And 77 legally elected parliamentarians voted YES.

Maybe not all 77 were legally elected.
Some of them were "nominated" into parliament.

If not happy with this type of dialogue, then who ask you all to be so stupid and vote PAP?
It's not as if you did not have a choice.
Unfortunately for Sinkies, there is no cure for stupidity.
Be prepared for "more good years" under the next generation of Leeders.

Anonymous said...

Sporeans constant complains on pwp, housing, healthcare, internet freedom, ministers obscene pay etc..... but when time to stamp their rights in the ballot box the outcome is anti-climax. When can we really awake from slumber!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the votes a gate way, they are deciding because they can, they are given the power to do so with a majority, why is this a surprise??, have not the ruling been doing the norm, how many years ago was it so, why the unhappiness, from the stop at two to the CPF, everything was a decision made by them, since when did they ever consulted the ppl on anything.

The maggots are there to serve and work, now that we are getting old, in come new breeds, and the cycle goes on, a sickness we have is to sit and wait, waiting for the calling...everything is controlled, everyone is warn, every year its the same, the same words said, the same curse made, the same pay through your ass...no changes, same-o, same-o.

The signs are there, as clear as crystal but our eyes gets cloudy once with the same promise and the same hope, we are strcken because the value of our bird cage will be affected, we are afraid because our jobs are in peril.

RB, how can we talk to those with no ears, their self impose silence, the nods they give until it affects them directly, then they start to mumble, to cry, the best thing to do is to raise your kopi, sit and see what this island with the imported germs and fakes will become.....relax la.

Anonymous said...

consent - what is consent? It is winner take all. If people still can not learn from this cruel fact, 2016 is just a dream.

Anonymous said...

"Very eerie"
Chua Chin Beng

You have duds inside parliament would be real nightmare, not only eerie.

Himalayas said...

"The 6.9m issue is not what 77 MP/ministers think they are big enough to decide."
Chua Chin Beng

If not by parliament by who?

5.5 m people or 3.2m or 2.2 m?

Arrange a meeting for 2.2m pple?

You dud?

Call yrself a political sci grad?

dunno MPs elected to represent the pple?

Himalayas said...

" This is a democracy, mind you. "
Chua Chin Beng

Exactly, dud!

MPs represent the pple in a democracy.

60.1% elected the majority party! It is legally elected and recognised by the world. Who are you tiny puny nobody to tell parliament what to decide? Just u? Online PeeM? Lol

Himalayas said...

6.9 or 9.6 does it matter?

If need to spur up the hide of daft pple till like a porcupine, so be it!

9.6 not enough make it 96!

Anonymous said...


Evening puppet show started already.

Getting more characters! Interesting ......

Anonymous said...

" I am one fucker here who supports the idea of a larger population."
@ 5.15pm

How many c--ks do u have? Can u impregnate 1,000,000 females? Talk only! Nato! U need to work harder to support a larger population! Isn't that your self proclaimed passion by the way! Don't talk big! Just do it.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled, it is actually seven point zero million hor. 7.0 get it daffies.

b said...

This is a world controlled by businesses. All businesses in sg love a larger population.

Anonymous said...

PAP-Chicken Joke
Why did the WHITE chicken cross the road?

None of your damn business.
It's a WHITE chicken.
He does not need to explain himself or get your consent before crossing the road.

Anonymous said...

What can the Sinkies do? Absolutely nothing.


Because talented Sinkies like RB only blog, and not enough of them want to become opposition candidates, or form a party which can contest 100% seats in a GE.

So by default, WP becomes the strongest opposition where its leader even praised PAP govt as competent.

Where in the world can you find this type of opposition, you tell me lah?

No wonder lah, Sinkies, you can't really blame PAP.

If I were PAP, I will tekan Sinkies even more. Hahahahaha.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Himalayas, welcome to the blog.

Let me try to address this dud or daft stuff.

The reasoning given and accepted by the duds and daft is that the people elected the govt, and the govt has the right to do anything it wants. - Dud's and daft's position.

So it is ok and right for the govt to decide on the 6.9m population. Using the same logic of consent, the govt can now bring in 5m foreigners, give them instant citizenship and make the Sinkies a minority, as long as the infrastructure can take it.

The govt also can sell of parts of the country to foreigners or eventually sell the islands one by one away.

Duds and dafts will say sure can. The people elected the govt what.

The govt can make laws to keep your CPF money forever. It is legal as long as they voted for it in parliament.

I rest my case here before I start to think like duds and dafts and believe in their logic.

Anonymous said...

They did not invent words like traitors and treasons for nothing.

When an issue is big enough that cannot be decided by a few dickheads, there is a need to bring it to the people. It is called referendum. Singapore called for a referendum to be part of Malaysia.

To bring in so many foreigners is like giving a part of the country to these foreigners. It is important enough for a referendum.

The 77 dicks cannot vote for such a big decision especially when they know the people are objecting to it. It is pure defiance of the people.

If they believe that the people support it, they would have called for a referendum. Obviously they knew they will not get the consent of the people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a big difference between being a student of political science or any other disciplines. One is just studying to pass exam. The other is to study, to question and to think. University education is not parrot learning.

The difference between a good student and an average student is the ability to think more than what was read. Who does not know how to quote great men and theories? The average stops there. They cannot see anything further or beyond than that.

Now who is a dud or daft?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The reasoning given and accepted by the duds and daft is that the people elected the govt, and the govt has the right to do anything it wants.

Actually, it is not just D & D's position. That is TRUE. Singapore is a REPUBLIC which means The People elect the government to represent the people and to govern. After that, The People have a say, but no longer TOTAL CONTROL on what they THINK they want. The government they've elected fairly and squarely has the FINAL SAY on every issue.

The DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government of The Republic has the RIGHT AND THE RESPONSIBILITY TO DO ANYTHING IT NEEDS TO DO for the proper governance and future of the nation. End of story. Agree or disagree, argue until you drive yourself nuts---it really doesn't matter.

The REAL WORLD, and the reality of your own environment in your own cuntree -- that is what matters.

Like I said, I've discussed the matter with business people, architects and engineers: they all agree that 10 million is possible, perhaps even 15 million if the infrastructure was designed properly and built up over time.

So all the govt needs to do is to allow free wheeling discussion -- and then go ahead with this social experiment.

The great thing about being a Republic, is that if you have brave people running the show, they ought to try different "experiments" with the objective of making the cuntree the best it can be.

So put on you Game Face, Singapore...and to the future we go.

6.9 million? Fuck that shit. Be ambitious. Aim for 10 million!!

Anonymous said...

A quitter trying to screw Sinkies. Please talk some sense. Sinkies are not daft like you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah kotek. I am a Singaporean, right here in my favourite HOTEL.

The uncompetitive, negative-spirited, obsolete-thinking Singaporeans should be "screwed" of of existence.

I'm actually quite flattered that you think I'm good enough to be doing it ;-)

Actually, I don't think I'm that good. I am but a humble heartlander...

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Very eerie indeed!